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Tablework Dining Table from Studio Lorier

Tablework Dining Table from Studio Lorier
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Tableworks is a combination of the best properties of a dinner table and desk. It is a simple and elegant table, with hidden features. The two separate tabletops can slide out to unveil a large storage space underneath. Ideal for storing most used items or to organize all clutter and cables. Simply switch from a working table to a dinner table in less than a minute. The sliding tabletop also accommodates placing an extra top to extend the table, when more space is needed.The color is spray painted, and available in many configurations and dimensions. Handmade to order. Please contact the Pamono team for more information about customization options. The tabletops can be removed and switched and are available in many colors. Made of locally sourced beech multiplex and finished with a waterproof matte lacquer.

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