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Tempo Drop Weather Forecasting Storm Glass

Tempo Drop Weather Forecasting Storm Glass
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Storm glass is a weather forecasting device composed of a sealed glass container filled with liquid such as distilled water, camphor and ethanol. The appearance of the liquid transformin from clear to cloudy to crystal flakes predict whether the weather will be clear, cloudy, or filled with thunderstorms. Modern science still can’t say for sure if it works but feel free to experiment and tell us your findings. Either way the patterns created are gorgeous and makes for an excellent centerpiece on any dinning room table as cristal object. come with beech wooden seat compound liquid: distilled water, camphor, ethanoldistilled water, Ammonium chloride and potassium nitrate.

Time to crystallize depends on your environment. Newly installed It takes one to two weeks and to stabilize
Storm glass reacts to changes in temperature, especially
Where the air conditioner is not exposed to direct, where prone changes in temperature, such as the entrance is recommended for the installation site
Because there is a risk of fire caused by the lens effect, please do not install the unit in direct sunlight
Please do not do the rapid cooling and heating. There is a risk of explosion

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