TEMPORARY TATTOO Calla Floral Tattoo Various Patterns /

TEMPORARY TATTOO  Calla Floral Tattoo  Various Patterns /
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Size: picture 1 (White Calla Lily) – size a: approx. 3″ x 1.75″ (7.6cm x 4.45cm) size b: approx. 5″ x 3.25″ (12.7cm x 8.25cm) picture 2 (Orange Calla Lily) – size a: approx. 3″ x 1.5″ (7.6cm x 3.8cm) size b: size b: approx. 6″ x 2″ (15cm x 5cm) how to apply: (Pls. pay attention to Step 8 & 9) 1. Place the item in the fridge before applying so the plastic film is easier to peel off without stickiness. (may skip this step if weather is not hot) 2. Decide Where you want to apply the Tattoo. Exfoliate your skin before applying your tattoo with a rough-surfaced mitt that will remove dead skin and prepare your skin for a cleaner application. If you are planning to place the tattoo in an area that is hairy, shaving the area will help to smooth the application. 3. Cut the tattoo out as the edge as possible. 4. Make sure your hands are not wet. Peel off the clear plastic surface that protects the tattoo. 5. Remove the clear sheet and place your tattoo on your skin face down. 6. Wet the paper with a wet towel or sponge and wait 30 seconds 7. Carefully remove the paper to check if it has transferred. If not, press a little longer. Be sure not to twist or stretch the skin until the tattoo has time to set. 8. Pat dry with wet cloth/sponge. Once dried, Cover your tattoo with petroleum jelly or water base lotion, which can act as a sealant. (Don’t rub, pat lightly) 9. The tattoo will be slightly tacky to the touch. So let it dry then apply a light dusting of translucent matte makeup powder (corn starch, or talcum powder) over the tattoo with a powder brush. This will also prevent lint from sticking to your tattoo. Spray the tattoo with hairspray. Hold a can of hairspray 1216 inches away from your tattoo, and spray over the entire thing. Make sure to thoroughly coat the tattoo. Use a tissue to carefully wipe away any extra hairspray around the tattoo. Wait for the hairspray to dry. (You can redo this after a shower or a swim to help make your tattoo last longer) how to make your temporary tattoo last longer: 1. When your temporary tattoo gets wet, you should always pat dry, not rub. Also, try to avoid hot water as much as possible. (Cover your tattoo with petroleum jelly before shower) 2. Don’t use soap, oil, sunscreen or perfume on your temporary tattoo. 3. Avoid placing tattoos in area that are regularly exposed to water or sweating. If wearing jewelry, watches, please pay attention away from them. …………………………………………………………………………………………………. how to remove your temporary tattoo: You can use any kind of oil or alcohol or tape to remove your temporary tattoo. It can better integrate with the Plastic, Ceramic, Metal, Glass and Cloth surface. It can present more vivid colors, less likely to be scraped off, and keep longer time. What could not be better is that the tattoo stickers can be affixed to the back of the phone along with a transparent protective shell. Due to the difference Between Different Monitors, The Picture May Not Reflect The Actual Color Of the Item. Thank you!

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