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My Territory Downy Stone Bed

My Territory Downy Stone Bed
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MY TERRITORY is designed using the same manner with human-furniture by bending steel frames to hold the form of a cushion to lean on and to feel ruggedness and the image of luxury. In summer, considering the habits of animals that prefer a well-ventilated material, we use a more practical idea of replacing cushions and hammocks (mesh fabrics) with one iron frame. Here is a way comfortable bed for your dog

ONE SIZE : 27.5 inch * 21.5 inch * 11 inch

MY TERRITORY can be separated into three fillers and covers, and the cover can be cleaned hand-wash or wool-wash option with a mild detergent when a washing machine is used.
The inside of MY TERRITORY cushion consists of a built-in microfiber cover and filler used in luxury bedding so t

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