The Efflorescent Tarot Deck: Black and White Cards

The Efflorescent Tarot Deck: Black and White Cards
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Produced over a period of 2 years, between 2009 and 2011, The Efflorescent (adj; bursting into flower) Tarot is a fully functional deck illustrated in the Rider-Waite tradition. Comprised of characters, objects, and places that exist in their own world, the deck is an examination of archetype, of entity beyond personhood. The cards are powerful because they become players in human drama; they act as triggers for personal truths. The cards, like all myths and fables, provide a marginal space between a real world and an interior landscape. They become allegory for love, loss, hardship, reward; they allow one to see one’s own path in symbols and stories. These color decks contain 78 unique cards, in 4 suits with major arcana. Cards are 3.5×5 inches, on heavy full-gloss paperstock, and have a black and white floral back design. They come in a white 2-piece box with the back design as cover.

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