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The Original Copper Flask 14 oz

The Original Copper Flask 14 oz
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14 oz. Original Copper Flask

Introducing our new 14 oz. Moscow Copper Flask – The perfect vessel to hold your spirits.
Imagine…all of your friends are lounging around the fire after you posted up your tents and collected wood for the evening. You’ve worked hard to create your home base for your mancation. You’ve all earned a drink.

Mike pulls out his tin flask with his frat letters on it. Joe’s got his whiskey in a water bottle because he didn’t want to bring the glass bottle to the campsite but you came prepared. You pull out your hammered copper flask from your duffle…eyes go wide and jaws drop. You pass it around with pride as everyone enjoys what you know to be truth: every spirit tastes better out of 100% pure copper (with a food safe stainless steel lining of course).

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