Topography Plate – Kyouei Design

Topography Plate – Kyouei Design
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Capturing every dip, curve and peak of the surface shape of the land, topography can be highly symbolic of a love for the earth in general, for a specific city or simply for the beauty of the lines themselves. The Topography Plate by Kyouei design celebrates this field of science in a highly engaging, visual way.this plate is based on a landscape and the possibilities in arranging food on it are endless.the designer prompts us to pour the soup into this plate to complete the mountain range and lake, and then, enjoy the taste, the landscape and the topography of the plate.additionally, we can use it as a salad dish, and turn it into a forest, or pour in dip sauce to make it look like a volcano. The Topography Plate by Kyouei brings the landscape of our choice to our table.material: Ceramic.Dimensions: 21 x 32 x 65 cm.weight: 1 kg.

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