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Touchless Garlic Chopper and Slicer

Touchless Garlic Chopper and Slicer
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The innovative garlic press mini chopper for chopping garlic, slicing vegetable, and chopping nuts

– Interchangeable slicing, dicing, chopping, and mincing garlic, vegetables and other soft foods.
– Blades conveniently clamp inside of nut chopper, garlic mincer, mini food chopper for storage in any convenient kitchen draw
– Bottom of storage container is indented to act as a micro grater for soft foods
Chop walnuts and other toppings for your ice cream and dessert toppings

– Use the nut chopper to dice and mince walnuts, and other soft nuts to use as topping for ice cream and desserts
No more garlic smelling hands

– When you use the garlic press and slicer your hands and finger do not touch the garlic, and your hands and fingers will not smell of garlic.
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