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Trunkster Smart Luggage

Trunkster Smart Luggage
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Trunkster Smart Luggage- Luggage Reimagined.

Zipperless Entry
Trunksters crown jewel is a sliding rolltop door, representing the first major update to the core industrial design of luggage since wheels. Durable and water resistant, the rolltop door lets you instantly access your belongings in one swift motion. Rolltop entry is a road warriors best friend, specifically engineered to withstand the perils of baggage handling, and providing an enhanced level of theft protection, unlike vulnerable zippers.

Location Tracking / “Trunkster Tracker” (Optional Add-On)
Now you don’t have to worry about losing your bag, whether it’s unexpectedly gate checked, or you’re checking for a long journey. Powered by LugLoc, Trunkster Tracker traces your case anywhere in the world with GSM coverage, no subscription necessary. Best of all, the device is removable so you can share with friends and family, or leave behind when not needed. Each Trunkster Tracker comes preloaded with 3 traces. If you are looking for a compact travel case that will fit inside the cabin of any carrier, the London Fog trave case is the perfect choice.

USB Charging
No longer will you be one of those desperate people huddled around a plug at the airport. Trunksters power bank is removable and can be used independently of Trunkster to charge your devices wherever. If you need more power, simply upgrade with any USB compatible power bank (only available for carry-on).

Digital Scale
Weight restrictions vary drastically by airline, and often even by the route. Get ahead of the curve with our integrated digital scale, built directly into the cargo handle. Trunksters scale is the first of its kind, featuring heavy-duty sensor protection and patent pending technology for unprecedented durability.

Complete control handle
Trunkster features a robust, full-width handle that gives you enhanced control and balance through many grip positions. Plus, the handle’s special design allows for an uninterrupted cargo space for an optimized packing experience.Effortless maneuvering.

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