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Tupac Hanger from Studio Deusdara

Tupac Hanger from Studio Deusdara
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The Tupac Hanger is a contemporary and very simple piece but also extremely versatile and upbeat. It can turn the simple act of hanging a coat into a playful one. It has a very urban feel to it, greeting everyone humorously. Tupac came to be as a merge of two current investigations: the development of objects that move people, that somehow make us laugh and interact on an emotional level with the things around us and the growing need to better use all that is left or thrown away from the woodworking business, to transform scrap into design.As such, the final object is a deconstruction of the wood itself, often regarded as a very stiff and austere material that here is present in a more fluid way, with great movement, that only reaches its full potential once touched by someone.

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