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Unico Smartbrush Oral Hygiene Device

Unico Smartbrush Oral Hygiene Device
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Change your habits for the better.

Unico smartbrush is the only oral hygiene device in the world that can perform toothbrushing perfectly in just 3 seconds.

Thanks to the antibacterial silicone material with the right flexibility, the mouth unit of Unico™ fits comfortably into all the dental arches of both men and women.We have studied and verified that there is a direct correlation between people’s heights and the size of their mouths. For this reason we have created four formats of mouth units (for both children and adults, with or without braces).

Unico™ smartbrush is equipped with a system that injects the right portion of toothpaste directly on the teeth by leveraging the perforated rotating pin of the various brushes.

UV Lamp Technology
We are currently used to rinsing our toothbrushes under the water before placing it in a non-hermetic container. This is also a harmful habit since water does not disinfect, on the contrary, it favors the proliferation of bacteria and molds. That is why we have designed the Unico™ Dock & UV Station with a separate UV rack for each Mouth Unit (1.5W, 100–240V, 50/60Hz, ≥2000uw) This way you will always be 100% sure that you are placing a clean and sterilized unit in your mouth.

Connect it to Any Smartphone
We are creating an app for iOS, Android and Microsoft devices that you can download for free from your store. Unico™ app is simple and intuitive. It will allow you to connect your smartphone to Unico™ setting washing time and speed of brushes rotation as you wish. Settings can be changed and saved for each couple/family member. The app will also allow you to have direct access to our website to receive any kind of support and to purchase accessories.

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