Victrola Bluetooth Speaker Table

Victrola Bluetooth Speaker Table
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Victrola Bluetooth Speaker Table blends state-of-the-art technology to your home decor! Like music, Victrola has also transcended time and sustained the advancement of modern technology.

This table gives a vintage look coupled with unmatched sound quality and impeccable craftsmanship, thus presenting you with the ultimate listening experience for many years to come.

It brings back the echo of the warm and classic sound alive from the past right to your home. And what is better than being lazy in a comfortable bed while listening to your favorite music?

Victrola Bluetooth Speaker Table has some really cool features:

Simple yet useful

The Victrola Bluetooth Speaker Table is simple, yet it gives out a compelling 360 degree surround sound projection through the Bluetooth wireless connection.

You can easily stream music wirelessly from up to 33 feet away from the table. You can also use the 3.5mm auxiliary cable for other non-Bluetooth gadgets.

Wireless charging

The speaker table also features the in-built rechargeable 6600 mAh battery which functions as a power bank. You can charge your devices through the dual USB ports. It also has a wireless charger for all your wireless charging enabled phones.

If you need to charge your wireless charging enabled devices, place them on top of the speaker table and it will instantly start charging.

This table keeps away all your device cables or chargers, giving your room a neater look.

Sturdy black walnut wood

This multi-purpose speaker table is made out of high-grade hard black walnut wood and functions as a coffee table and a stylish nightstand.

At the same time, the 360 degrees surround speaker is wrapped in heather-grayish fabric.

Portable design

With a 6600 mAh built-in battery and continuous music playback duration of 7 hours without charging, you can effortlessly shift this table anywhere around your rooms.

Playback control

The table has four buttons allowing you to have complete music playback buttons. These buttons let you to power on or off, play or pause, manage volumes, and even answer phone calls.

You can find more interesting details of the Victrola Bluetooth Speaker Table in this video:

Regardless of whether you are a die-hard music lover or a casual listener, you will find that the Victrola Bluetooth Speaker Table is not just a means of listening to music, but also a statement.

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