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Vivi-Flex 756 – A revolutionary LED lighting innovation

Vivi-Flex 756 – A revolutionary LED lighting innovation
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A new generation portable lighting product that sets a new standard in illumination brilliance and power-up flexibility.

Hello, my name is Kyler Bakey and I invented the Vivi-Flex 756.

My inspiration for this product was the need to have more light, which wouldn’t get in my way, under the dash of automobiles while installing remote starters in frigid Minnesota.

While the original need was to just help me do my job better, it has evolved into something much bigger. I quickly realized that this product could benefit so many people.

My true motivation for moving this invention from an idea into a marketable product was my daughter’s dream, from the time she was eight years old, to become a trauma surgeon. But until I saw the potential of Vivi-Flex 756, I didn’t think our family could ever come up with the resources to make her dream come true.

That glimmer of hope, that I might find a way to bring Vivi-Flex to market, has given me the inspiration to embark on what has been a challenging journey.

I did my research and narrowed it down to a New Product Development Consultant with a lot of experience, and a winning track record of bringing new products to market. In fact, I discovered that this company, VenturSource, has generated more than $500 million in retail sales for all the new products they have developed.

I struggle with Asbergers Syndrome, which makes me uncomfortable in what most people consider normal social situations, and it is often a challenge to stay focused on a single train of thought. VenturSource has helped so much in those areas.

After eight months, I now have a patent pending trademark, and a comprehensive business plan under construction. Ventursource also involved their long-time marketing creative resource, Conception who brought to market the visual branding, product packaging and all the other creative assets I needed.

My consultant found the perfect production facility in Taiwan where they helped me develop the unique flexible circuit that could be mass produced with LEDs attached to it. We were able to convince the factory to do a pilot production run of 300, and they have all been received with great enthusiasm.

So the reason that I am pursuing this Kickstarter campaign is to raise enough funds to take my product into full production. VenturSource has been in business for more than 35 years and has relationships with hundreds of buyers both in the United States and internationally, so I know that with their production and marketing expertise, we can move quickly into the mass market. When that happens, my 15 year old daughter will be able to realize her dream of becoming a trauma surgeon… and this adventure will have made it possible.

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