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Nutmeg Grinder

Nutmeg Grinder
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For flavoring white sauces, custards, baked goods, spinach, potatoes, squash, eggnog, and coffee drinks such as cappuccino, nutmeg is indispensable. The fullness of nutmeg’s delicate benediction, however, is only found in fresh gratings or shavings. Preground or powdered nutmeg is a faint imitation. Grating hard, brown little nutmegs, however, imperils soft, pink little fingertips.

This solid, sturdy, compact nutmeg mill eliminates the danger. Turn a smooth-action chrome crank and from a corrosion-resistant shaver in the mill’s chrome bottom cascade tiny, precise nutmeg bits.

And the mill comes fully stocked–five nutmegs await their turns in storage beneath a tough, clear acrylic top. Impaled on prongs, a sixth is thrust against the shaver by a strong spring. A simple twist separates the mill’s top and bottom when it’s time to impale another nutmeg. Band-Aids not included, because they’re not needed.

Shaves whole nutmeg for fresh flavor in cooking, eggnog, coffee drinks
Easy-turning crank provides precise amounts
Eliminates danger to fingers posed by nutmeg graters
Comes with six whole nutmegs
Lifetime warranty against defects

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