Winter on the Glen

Winter on the Glen
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Life can be very unpredictable at times; moment’s we thought would last forever are taken away in the blink of an eye. Life tells us and teaches so many lessons not fear the unknown but always imagine what if. I lost contact with my two daughters when they were very young but I never gave up hope, hope that I would find them someday, and try being a part of their life. I dreamed of that day for so many years, what I would say what would they say how would we all react to each other. The hardest part along this road of difficulty was the not knowing But ever year on their birthday I wished them a happy birthday speaking it out into the universe hoping the universe would hear me.

Though the grace of God and Facebook we found each other all these years we were both looking wondering about each other. Over the course of my life I have written many poems held on to them many have been lost. But this small book of poems is for my two daughters. It is some of my written pleas for this world. It is my voice trying to make sense of this wonderful world we all share but most of all it is their book. I truly hope my readers find some comfort within these pages as each and every one of us share in our own personal losses and gains. Thank you. Author Eugene Williams 2017

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