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X PlusOne HD Pro Drone

X PlusOne HD Pro Drone
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The X PlusOne HD Pro is completely self-contained. It includes everything you need to start flying like an expert. Plug in one of 2 included batteries, turn on your RunCam HD, and capture stabilized footage using the 2-axis gimbal.

Fully Autonomous Flight Plans: Plan your missions using a Google Maps like interface and let the X PlusOne HD fly the entire mission, takeoff to landing, without any user input.
Follow-Me: Have the X PlusOne auto-follow your Android device using the included telemetry module and the Tower app.

Return-to-Launch: When the battery is low or the radio signal is lost, the X PlusOne HD Pro will automatically return to the launch position and land.
Loiter Mode: Automatically holds GPS position and altitude for easy, quadcopter flying.
Auto-Land: Let the X PlusOne Platinum handle landings for you.
Laptop or Tablet Control: In the field, direct the X PlusOne from your laptop or tablet.
Expanded Polyolefin (EPO) Construction: A lightweight yet durable material allowing the X PlusOne to fly at maximum speed and strong enough to take a hit or two.

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