World Coffee Sampler Whole Beans & Ground Coffee

World Coffee Sampler Whole Beans & Ground Coffee
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Great gift for a coffee lover! Driftaway Coffee is eco-friendly and sustainable, both for people and planet. World Coffee Sampler includes four different coffees, each with a different taste profile. Perfect for people trying to learn more about coffee and how coffees from different parts of the world taste! Whole bean coffee and ground coffee available. Freshly roasted, single origin coffee. Roasted in Brooklyn and ships in eco-friendly compostable coffee bags. Each bag contributes to sustainable livelihoods for coffee farmers via World Coffee Research. Driftaway operations are carbon-neutral. Please see for more sustainability information. coffee profiles 1. Fruity – light roast usually from African origin countries with fruity and floral tasting notes 2. Classic – medium roast usually from Central or South America with nutty tasting notes 3. Balanced – light-medium roast usually from Central America with chocolatey and fruity notes 4. Bold – medium-dark roast usually from Central or South America with dark cocoa notes cold brew kit profiles All cold brew coffees are shipped in ready-to-brew mesh bags. Just place in water and leave aside for 16 hours. 1. Bright – Typically African coffees with fruity and floral notes and a refreshing taste. Perfect for a sunny afternoon pick-me-up! 2. Balanced – Light-medium roast from Central America, striking that perfect balance between chocolate notes & citrus-like acidity 3. Bold – Dark roasted coffees with bold, rich flavors like dark chocolate and cocoa. Goes well with milk or sugar!

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