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ZeroSoil Mini Indoor Garden

ZeroSoil Mini Indoor Garden
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The ZeroSoil Mini Indoor Garden brings you the latest in water control technology and hydroponic techniques. Just plant your seeds, seedlings, or bulbs in the organic, nutrient rich, soil-less planting mix and add water. No more worrying about under or over watering as in traditional planters. Our Mini Indoor Garden will automatically remind you when to add more water. Plus, our organic soil-less grow medium includes all the nutrients your plants will need so you don’t have to mess with complicated nutrient solutions! The compact design makes the ZeroSoil Mini Indoor Garden perfect for both home or office and is ideal for all levels of gardeners!

Water control system automatically waters your plants.
No more worrying about under watering or over watering. The ZeroSoil Mini Indoor Garden provides optimum water levels and will even remind you when you need to top off with more water.

Two separate grow chambers allow you to grow a variety of plant or flowers.
Can’t decide what to grow? The dual chamber growing system allows you to grow two types of varieties or more of your favorite!

Nutrient-rich organic grow medium automatically feeds your plants.
No need to hassle with complicated mixes or fertilizers. All the nutrition your plants or flowers will need is included in our organic soilless grow medium.

Compact design perfect for desktops, tabletops, or countertops.
The ZeroSoil Mini Garden is the perfect size for any desk, table, counter, or window. The grow chambers provide plenty of space for a variety of plants and flowers.

Combines self-watering planter and hydroponic techniques for perfect conditions.
The perfect blend of science and technology provides an ideal home for your favorite flower or plant.

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