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WeMo Wi-Fi Light Switch by Belkin - $50

Ever wished you could turn the lights off while you’re in bed? The Belkin WeMo wi-fi light switch allows you to do just that – and more. It connects to your wi-fi network and then you can use the free app to control the light switches from wherever you are.

You don’t even have to be at home at all! And of course, you can use the app to check if you forgot a light on after leaving home and if that’s the case, you can turn it off with just a tap.

The WeMo wi-fi light switch is compatible with both Android (4.0+) and iOS (5+), it’s easy to install and will easily become one of the most useful (and used) items in your home.

And there’s more: you can even set schedules for when no one’s home or the opposite: you can make sure the lights are on when you come back from work in the evening. Stop worrying about thieves breaking in while you’re on vacation: you can set your WeMo to turn on the lights so that it will look like someone’s home.