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u/Airazz · 1020 pointsr/Damnthatsinteresting

It's a failed project. The key component here is a water pump, it's very loud and it uses a lot of power. They hide it in their promotional videos. You'll notice that they use voice-overs or music when showing how the bin works.

Edit: also, their website doesn't list any technical specs at all. Literally all they say is that it uses an electric pump, either 110, 240 or 24 volts. No details about water flow, power consumption, noise, maintenance, estimated lifetime of the pump. It's just stock photos and inspirational stuff about saving the world and all that.

Their Indiegogo campaign said that deliveries will start in 2016, yet the product is still not finished. Estimated retail price is $3,800. Very similar products can be bought for a $100.

Edit2: Here is their Indiegogo campaign from 2016. They exceeded their goal by a significant margin, yet they never shipped any bins.

u/Gobias_Industries · 47 pointsr/pics

Say each tub is this size:

Filled weight is 2700 lbs. Seven in the picture makes 18900 lbs. Hopefully that roof can support an extra 9 tons (not counting the tubs we can't see).

u/pmuschi · 46 pointsr/mildlyinteresting

You might want to get a critter-safe skimmer cover.


u/anossov · 29 pointsr/whatisthisthing
u/HuskyTalesOfMischief · 28 pointsr/powerwashingporn

Amazon Pool Rx

OP you need this product. Stick in your pump basket, but, skip the recharge kit and buy another one in 6 months. If you shock the pool with powdered chlorine, predissolve it thoroughly. Can cause a stain/shadow for a few days but fades eventually. This has cut chlorine consumption drastically. We were skeptical about carrying this product. But damn it works.

u/Edge_effect · 10 pointsr/Permaculture

I just came across this research on seawater greenhouses for a global water class.

My feeling is that it would be easier to focus on plants and animals that are native to that ecosystem. Look into halophytes. Other good crops could be kangkong or New Zealand spinach. Here is some research that was done on both of those crops under various saline concentrations. You will want to get an idea of the salt concentration you are dealing with. Might want to search for that info or order a salt test kit.

I would seriously reflect on non-traditional crops since the wont tolerate much imperfection in their environment. I feel that organisms that live in these saline environments have developed very good cellular machinery to regulate their homeostasis and should be looked at. Ions build up to toxic levels in many normal crops even at low concentrations of salts. Tossing in crops that are not adapted means that you will have to provide all of that energy to change their local environment. It could be done at a cost but its not really a permaculture way of doing it. It's easier to change the crops.

The idea is good though. Kristopher Hite posted an article on Scientific American on using plants to capture runoff nitrates from the Mississippi River. It would be useful if we could create something like a floating farm. Bill Mollison used to talk about how our city's are designs to dump nutrients out to sea, and future generations are going to have go out and bring it back.

u/littleecho12 · 10 pointsr/Swimming

Tbh at my pool at the Y we run our chlorine mostly between 3-5. As said previously, higher bather load (more swimmers) usually means 5-10ppm. They meant chlorine at 1.5, a 1.5 pH would be absolutely incredible and dangerous. I consider 1.5 to be low, but we would not close our pool over it, just add more. 1 is closing.

You can get one of these testers at any pool store or Walmart for pretty cheap peace of mind. They have instructions inside that are very easy to follow. I'd be slightly offended if you tested my pool, but I also check the chemicals hourly and I'd know what they are if you asked me, so I doubt your lifeguards will say anything. Clearly they don't keep good records. You should complain about that. Not trying to make you paranoid, but the ones who don't check chemicals are not necessarily the best lifeguards either.

If it's cloudy, good call not to swim. If it smells strongly or makes your eyes water from deck, don't swim. I'll add that if you do get a tester and the pH is not between 7.2-7.8, then don't swim.

Can I ask what the hours of your pool are? IMO 3 times a day is not enough if it's open relatively 24/7.

Edit: You can totally buy strips. Never used them before, but they are also probably at any pool store or walmart. I would probably be amused if you did this at my pool. It's probably a lot subtler than the dropper-testers.

Edit 2: I feel like I should add that I would let you test my pool if you wanted to, even if it would hurt my feelings. I feel like up top there I insinuated that it wouldn't be okay, but it would be fine. I have nothing to hide.

u/JustOneSexQuestion · 9 pointsr/Coffee

Like most super powers, you can buy it for under $20

*first result I got on amazon. I'm not sure how good it is.

u/VioletDirge · 7 pointsr/hmmm

Apparently, it's meant to be a [portable sauna.] (

u/offensive_one · 7 pointsr/DIY

I have the same one. TDS meter reads in single digits.

u/thredith · 6 pointsr/blursedimages

It is a portable sauna. The product description has been edited. Same product from Amazon.

u/schuldig · 6 pointsr/whatisthisthing
u/og_skywalker · 6 pointsr/microgrowery

Honestly, you can do much better for your money... There are kits in the Starter Shopping Lists to the right on the sidebar.

I was wondering the other day what exactly I would need for a turn-key grow setup, and put the following together. Mind you, this is not TOP of the line shit, but it will absolutely get you into the hobby!

600W Tube / Timer / MH & HPS Bulbs / Hangars / Ballast - $157.50

6 Inch Carbon Filter / 440CFM Fan - $149.75

25 Ft. 6 Inch Ducting - $19.10

48 x 48 x 78 Tent - $139.99

FFOF - $18.99

General Hydroponics Go Box Starter Kit - $35.95


Smart Pot Container - Pack of Five - $20.65

Micro-Tip Pruning Snip - $10.19

Light Duty Soft Wire Tie - $7.84

PH & Temperature Meter - $79.95

Water Quality TDS Tester - $15.59

LED Handheld Microscope - $16.81

Total just under 700$ and you are getting a LOT more for your money.

Don't blindly take that list, shop around, deal hunt, and do the research! There are many hidden costs associated with growing ><

u/Hexorg · 5 pointsr/BetterEveryLoop

To be fair, tap water commonly has some ions in it - some salt, some rust. Which makes it conductive. Depending on a lake it can be less conductive than tap water. But that "depending" is pretty much the key. Unless you bring solid particle tester with you everywhere - you can't be sure.

u/edman007 · 5 pointsr/SavageGarden

It measures the total dissolved solids in the water, which for the most part is what matters, buy one, stick it in the water. If it reads under 50ppm it's fine. If it's over it's no good.

u/Jovankat · 4 pointsr/BurningMan

We have a kitchen cupboard full of Nuun electrolyte tablets because my SO subscribed to them on Amazon and never unsubscribed. I'm looking forward to them being used. They are super great though.

I've been meaning to go through this thread from last year to see what people recommended.

My recomendations are;

A big vacuum insulated growler (why is that the American word for drink bottle?!) to put in your bike basket/pannier so you can have a cold drink after hours of riding around.

This screw top pot of smelly stuff for clearing your sinuses. It's herbs that smell like vix vapor rub and it's great, especially on the playa.

This battery operated personal mister that goes in the cup holder my bike already had.

Pickle flavored candy canes. These didn't even make it to the playa last year. I ate them all within a day of them being delivered.

If you use rebar (like for monkey huts, I don't think lag bolts are really an alternative there) this will be your favorite thing at pack down.

u/johnnychronicseed · 4 pointsr/microgrowery

Id rather use hard water than soft water. Too much salt buildup kills plants.

Take a sample to your local fish store if possible (Or purchase a PPM/PH meter) to find out your PPM and PH.

Anything above 300ppm gets a little sketchy and you will want an RO system.

PH can be altered but anything over a PH of 9 you will be using a ton of PH down.

If your PH and PPM are both below what I stated above I would still recommend something like a Small Boy filter for Chlorine/Chloramine and undissolved particles.

u/jmmyerz · 3 pointsr/Homebrewing

Grab a TDS meter and see what the water looks like.

RO/DI water is great to use!

u/Spankyman · 3 pointsr/microgrowery

After you transplant leave your light off for 24 hours to help with the shock. Sometimes hydro shops have used bulbs they will sell for cheap, depending on your ballast your should be able to run a 250 watt bulb if that's all you can find and afford. If the plants aren't in cubes I suggest letting the roots stay in the small clump of soil around them. You could wash the roots off but it will stress them more and when exposing them to lights you risk killing the roots. After you transplant fill right up to the bottom of the leaves that are growing. If you don't have a ph meter I suggest something like this. Its fairly inexpensive and very easy to use. If all you have is less than $30 to spend I suggest the meter over a mh bulb and pick up a thermometer. Also since the plants will be in shock once you transplant them foiler feed with water (spray down the tops and bottoms of the leaves with clean soft water)

I'd make a tea from the soil your not using. Its not going to be the best but will give you some nutes if you can't afford to pick up bottles.

u/wishninja2012 · 3 pointsr/microgrowery

Well those roots look healthy to me. Just try the flushing. Here is a TDS I use for $16. Even if you do not go for the calibration solution gotta have it if you want to grow the dro.

u/Harriv · 3 pointsr/Suomi
u/StumpyMcStump · 3 pointsr/swimmingpools

Let me provide a solution:

Salamanders and the very odd mouse are pretty much all I find in my pool now. It used to be chipmunks and frogs on an almost daily basis. I've watched a chipmunk use one of mine..

u/CableShark123 · 3 pointsr/me_irl
u/aldernon · 3 pointsr/aves

I run for my local shows- you can unscrew the mouthpiece off a camelbak then lean forward to refill it too, which is super convenient.

Planning on picking up one of the bigger units like for Vegas though, more reservoir means less refilling and more sharing. Have to get backup spray nozzles for this type though- had one where the nozzle fell off and was lost forever at Beyond Wonderland, Bay Area.

Also have a camelbak attachment that may or may not work, ran into a guy with one at a show last year. (

Taking no chances this year.

u/baby_monitor1 · 3 pointsr/pools
  • KNOWLEDGE. Go to TroubleFreePool's Pool School and READ, READ, READ. Learn to take care of your pool by yourself and save literally thousands of dollars, so you don't need a 'pool guy' and you don't need the pool store. Buy a real test kit (a TF-100 from with the XL option and the SpeedStir) is exactly what the doctor ordered. I spend maybe 10 minutes every other day making sure my chemical levels are good and skimming the surface, and maybe 1 hour/week brushing the sides and bottom. My pool stays ultra-clear and sparkling (really, it looks like a glowing, shimmering crystal when the sun hits it) and all my chemicals are within range, with a minimum of effort or money. Not only should you learn the chemistry behind it, it's a good idea to learn about all the basic maintenance. After you're comfortable maintaining it manually for awhile, think about setting up some automation. But learning the how and why, first, is important.

  • Get yourself a large umbrella policy as part of your insurance coverage. Even with a pool fence, people can still drown in your pool (especially young children). There was a post in /r/insurance awhile back from someone who had a mentally handicapped person climb their pool fence and drown in their pool. There's also this thread in /r/legaladvice from someone who had neighborhood kids continually climb his yard's 8ft privacy fence, including using ladders to get over it, to use his pool without his permission, even after calling the police. If those kids were to drown in the pool, even with all that, you'd be damn sure the parents would sue.

  • I'd recommend you get a pool fence to help keep young children out of your pool if there's ever a chance that they will be near it. Pools are death traps for small kids -- unintentional drowning is the #1 cause of death in children ages 1-4 and the #2 cause of death for ages 5-9. You've got to watch them like a hawk! At least 4ft tall with a gate that swings open away from the pool, auto-closing hinges, and an auto-locking latch. Most gates on fences these days come with auto-closing hinges, and you can get a Magnalatch for $50 on Amazon. It comes with 2 keys, by the way. Install it up out of reach of young kids. I installed my pool fence for about $3,700 for about 170+/- linear-ft of fencing. It was lots of work (multiple weekends!), even with a friend, but I saved a ton of money over hiring a fencing contractor.

  • Probably a 4th return jet just to help keep the water moving and eliminate dead spots, and possibly a 3rd skimmer.

  • I'd get a cleaning robot, especially if you have trees nearby. I don't have one yet so I'm manually vacuuming out dirt and leaves that don't make it to the skimmers, and I'm hoping to get one before autumn or else I won't be able to keep up with the leaves as they fall.

  • A variable-speed pump is good for saving money on electricity but the payback period can be awhile vs. a traditional pump. My normal pool pump uses about 1,700-watts of power and that's the only speed option. You can run a variable-speed pump on as low as ~150-watts to keep the water moving and you can generally program times and speeds (ie: 6am-8am 750rpm, 12pm-4pm 2000rpm, 6pm-9pm 1250rpm etc). Huge energy savings, but large up-front cost. I replaced my motor recently for $130; a high-quality variable-speed pump goes for $800+. You'll save money on your electric bill but it will be a few years before you recoup the upfront cost.

  • Try to keep the equipment near the pool and away from your house. No one wants to hear the pump droning on for hours. Also, the closer the equipment is to the pool, the less head loss you'll have with your pump. But keep it where kids can't get to it.

  • Make sure the pool and all the equipment are properly electrically bonded, and properly grounded. The pool itself, all the ladders and handles, and the equipment, should all connect to each other with a big copper wire so they share a common ground and don't potentially build up a voltage between them. No one wants to drown because they were electrocuted while getting into the pool.

  • A heater will be nice depending on your climate and when you want to open/close your pool, and a bypass valve so that you don't constantly have water flowing through it if you're not using it.

  • Speaking of valves, don't cheap out, get the good stuff.

  • You'll get to know your local wildlife very well, because a lot of it might end up dead in your pool or skimmer baskets, especially if you live near a wooded area. Toads, frogs, mice, rats, spiders, beetles, birds, bird nests, turtles...I've found all of those dead in my pool (except the turtle, it was still alive). Find a way to pull your skimmer baskets up out of the skimmers without having to dunk your hand into the leaves and muck. No one wants to accidentally pick up a dead mouse or get bitten by a spider just because the skimmers need emptying. Keep your chlorine levels in line and diseases and other issue won't be a problem from dead animals. Even so, I felt better doubling my normal chlorine dose after I found a dead rat in my pool a few weeks ago. These are supposedly pretty good for helping reduce dead animals in your pool since it gives them an escape route. I'll buy some soon.

  • Be prepared to have higher than average utility bills, especially if you run your heater at the start/end of the season. I have a 22,000-gallon pool and that amount of water takes a lot of energy to warm up and keep warm if the ground around it hasn't warmed up yet. Figure out the minimum amount of time your pump needs to run to keep your pool clean and don't run it any longer. Your pump has to run for the heater to work so if you're heating the pool, you're getting the double-whammy on your electric/gas bill. A solar heating system might be a good idea if you're in an area that supports it.
u/FloatTankGuru · 3 pointsr/FloatTank

"Epsom salt" is actually magnesium sulfate, which is not a corrosive substance. (It's good for your skin and does not cause chemical burns.)

Because water conducts electricity, most wet or submerged electronics will not work properly unless they are sealed and water-tight.

If a circuit board gets wet and is not dried quickly and completely, the water will mix with oxygen in the air and cause oxidation, often resulting in permanent damage to the circuit board.

It might be possible to find a water-tight keyboard and mouse that would work while submerged, but my guess is they would be awkard to use since your arms would naturally float to the surface of the water.

A voice-controlled AI like Siri, Alexa, or whatever would probably be more practical. Until AI assistants improve, you will be limited in the type of work you’re able to do—but that’s always true if you’re in a float tank.

You might be interested in an adjustable height desk, which allows you to alternate between standing and sitting throughout the day.

Or, you could try a treadmill desk. I have one myself and personally recommend it. You wouldn’t want to walk on it all day, but it’s great for 90 minutes or so.

Or, if you wanna keep it weird, you could try a personal infrared sauna:

Good luck brainstorming. If you’re still thinking about a vertical float tank, consider one that has only the bottom half of your body submerged that you would use in a sitting or kneeling position. It would still be more comfortable than a regular chair, and you wouldn’t need to submerge your electronics.

Keep in mind, with any float tank, you’re going to get powdery white epsom salt all over the place whenever you drip after exiting the tank. When desigining your float room, it’s best if you can position the shower right next to the entering/exiting point of the tank.

Go do a vertical float and think it over. There are plenty of challenges, but it’s not impossible.

u/helpimnaked · 3 pointsr/Cardinals
u/crilen · 3 pointsr/CanadaPolitics

Yea, if you really want to be sure, just bring a testing kit everywhere you go.

u/schoolforrobots · 3 pointsr/Lyme

I will also add that Calms magnesium powder in tea is amazing and puts me to sleep much of the time. Alka-seltzer Gold, aspirin and naproxen have helped with migraines and inflammation, but to a much lesser extent than the cannabis, so I haven't even thought of using those again since I started this regimen. I also recommend one of those personal saunas, relaxes my muscles and warms up my constantly cold feet. Baths with epsom salt an help.

u/stonecats · 3 pointsr/GoodValue

> run the water for a few seconds to get it to be clear.

then you should DEFINITELY get a 2 stage system (otherwise you'll burn threw expensive cartridges for nothing) one dedicated to particulates. to determine what unseen contaminants you may have, first buy a water test kit, then get the 2nd stage filter to address what it reveals. (if you are not good at following directions PRECISELY then have a friend come over and help you)

look, it really boils down to this - if you simply want a piece of mind placebo, then get the culligan your friends like. if you actually want to know what exactly is wrong with your drinking water, and filter precisely for it's now understood flaws, then listen to the voice of reason...

u/dannoffs1 · 3 pointsr/Coffee

It's just as possible that your tap water has too many minerals. My tap water supply can sometimes have 6-9 times the optimal level. Short of having a full water test done, you can buy a cheap TDS meter off amazon (we use these) but I'm sure any of them are fine. You're looking for an target of about 150ppm but I've had great cups from 100-350ish. You might find it might be a good idea to mix some distilled and tap, preferably filtered if your water has any distinct taste to it.

For no cost (aside from coffee and water) you could just try a 10%tap 90%distilled batch, a 50/50 batch, and a 100% tap batch and just make some adjustments from whichever you like the most.

u/HerbLion · 3 pointsr/microgrowery

I run a DWC and use this for a PPM meter. Does the job. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions or want to chat.

u/hoodectomy · 3 pointsr/Hydroponics

>With the raft, don't the roots sit in water?


Yes and no. What you want to do is get enough foam so that about half of inch sits outside the water at all time. This allows the roots to breath outside of the water (like the DWC). Again, don’t let this part get dry or it can cause air pruning. You can do this by allowing the net pot to sit a little higher in the foam, planting higher in the net pot, or getting a little thicker foam.


I am attaching a link to MPH Gardener. I would say look over his stuff. He is pretty freakin’ awsome.


>Can you recommend all the testing equipment I need or provide an Amazon link?


You will need a PPM and pH meter. These are two cheap version I use. You can go as crazy as you want, just remember the cheaper the more you replace them.




pH Callibration Liquid:




>With lettuce greens, I think the raft would work. Perhaps I'll do DWC with tomatoes; I think it would be hard with greens.


That sounds great. Watch the MPH Gardener on his Dutch bucket tomatoes first. I will preface with he does use MiracleGro for his nutrients, which is a highly debated topic. So take the nutrients with a grain of salt.


>How do you swap out water? Do you just do a 100% water change? Is that cost-effective with the price of nutrients?


I do do a 100% water change every two weeks. You can check the level of nutrients and try adding them; however, I have an outside garden during the summer and just put the nutrients there which does wonders for them.


Also, it gives me a chance to add in bacteria as I need it.


There are methods for balancing the pH, nutrients, and keeping the same water; however, as a beginner I would not get into this. If you want to we can talk but just swap the nutrients out as you go.


And this is where I will highlight that you want a shallow reservoir because you want to keep the minimum water you need to not to waste nutrients. I would say go to a hardware store and ikea and see what bins will work.


>Do I need to paint my plastic bin black to deter mold growth? Thanks so much for your help!


Yes and no. There are ways to go around managing algae with either pond products or barley straw mats, but to be honest sealing off holes and painting things black is the easiest.


Keep in mind that if you are going to have high heat in the room a white reservoir might be better than black.

u/JohnTM3 · 3 pointsr/explainlikeimfive

Invest in some calcium hypochlorite. One pound purifies 10,000 gallons.

u/kroc253 · 2 pointsr/pools

You need this guy:

Probably the single best purchase I’ve ever made in my entire life. Total game changer. I’d easily pay ten times the amount.

-NW Florida with an uncovered pool.

u/err0r_404 · 2 pointsr/BuyItForLife

I have this model Several friends of mine have had this model for 7-8 years. It is simple and cheap to repair also.

u/Swimmingbird3 · 2 pointsr/hydro

You should consider buying a TDS meter like this one. It allows you to accurately keep track of the solution strength.

Don't worry about buying a more expensive one, you won't need much for a home project.

u/treesmightbenice · 2 pointsr/microgrowery

I got the pH meter above, and this TDS meter, whilst my cabinet is monitored inside and at exhaust exit with this temp/humidity gauge with min/max for all fields.

Combined price is < $60.

Seems to work just fine.

But I do like the gizmo you linked to. Maybe for a hydro setup?

u/curry_killer · 2 pointsr/gifs

I have struggled keeping my pool algae free for five years. I have poured enormous amounts of chemicals and shocked it so many times and nothing had worked. But this year I tried this product and boom it's crystal clean blue water. I have not seen a single patch of algae anywhere after 2 day of it being in the pool. Here is the link of the stuff on Amazon

u/Time_To_Rebuild · 2 pointsr/pools

I absolutely love my Kreepy Krauly Great White. It scrubs the algae spots and sucks up all of the oak leaves that fall in. Its also very simple and doesnt require electricity or anything. It even cleans the walls (I have a rounded edge).

u/dcimonline · 2 pointsr/microgrowery

Alright taking into consideration the 12 plant limit here, my previous setup was too big for so few plants. So with some downsizing hopefully saves even more!

Tent - GROWNEER 48"x36"x72" Lodge Propagation Tent

Lights - HLG65 lm301b and red 660nm hydroponic grow light 4000K x 2

Kingbrite 240W samsung lm301h 288v3 quantum board X1

Fan - AC Infinity CLOUDLINE S4, Quiet 4” Inline Duct Fan with Speed Controller

PH Meter - Wellcows Digital PH Meter

PPM Meter - HM Digital TDS-EZ Water Quality TDS Tester

Carbon Filter - VIVOSUN 4 Inch Air Carbon Filter

Ducting - VIVOSUN 2-PACK 4 Inch 8 Feet Non-Insulated Flex Air Aluminum Ducting

Nutrients - MEGA Crop (2500g)

Botanicare CAL-MAG Plus Plant Supplement 2-0-0 Formula, 1 Quart

PH Control - General Hydroponics pH Control Kit

Soil - PREMIER HORTICULTURE 20380RG PRO-Mix HP High Porosity Grower Mix

Pots - Gardzen 10-Pack 1 Gallon Grow Bags x 2

Cloning Machine - CLONE KING 25

Total - 880.62 (includes shipping)

So with this setup ill keep 1 or 2 mother plants and then run the rest in SoG in 1 gallon pots. Using the 2 4000k lights for the mother plant and the cloning station and the 240w for the SoG area of the tent. Its a small setup but I think it'll work. Any idea what kinds of yeilds this could achieve? Any further input would be greatly appreciated.

u/ryancp89 · 2 pointsr/homeowners

I would be more concerned about making sure its cleaned out. There is this cleaner you can get that will clear out the jets and remove grime from the piping. . I moved into my place 2 years ago and it came with a hot tub from the 90's. After using the cleaner, there was a ton of nasty buildup in the pipes. Once that's done, drain it and give it a good scrub down. Then change the filter.

Download the manual for your hot tub and read it to make sure you are performing proper weekly maintenance and using the correct chemicals. For example, some tubs take bromine tablets, some don't. There may also be some other cool features that you might not know about.

Get some hot tub test strips

Use them once or twice a week depending on hot tub usage. Then add any chemicals as needed. Make sure you fill up your hot tub once a week at least to make sure your jets are covered.

u/moomoocowbrow · 2 pointsr/Lyme

Was she ever on antibiotics for the lyme?

I would recommend epsom salt baths and an infrared sauna. You can buy a home one for like $140. It helps tremendously with that "poison in the blood" feeling and other detox issues.

Where do you guys live?

u/13Deth13 · 2 pointsr/microgrowery

I don't know very much about lights to be honest just that usually you can expect a yield (when grown right) of approx 1 gram per watt. Most led panels overrate their lights an you have to read the fine print, the one your buying puts out 96 watts of light so you can expect a yield similar to that. The good thing about lights tho is you can always add more later and keep using the ones you have so it might be good to start with. Also i bought this thermometer which has the remote sensor. My only complaint is the sensor part has a little blinking red light I had to cover (as any small amounts of especially red light during night cycle can hurt your plants). But other than that it works fantastically. If I could find one with a much smaller sensor part (like one you could put into your curing jars to see what's going on inside) I would go with that one instead.

u/MrWm · 2 pointsr/powerwashingporn

IIRC, it's frowned in most subs upon unless a disclaimer was made. Otherwise, there'd be a flood of spammy affiliate links.

I just looked at the link. The ref code might just be an auto generated one rather than affiliate. ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awdb_t1_H0BVDbFKSW7HT

u/lief101 · 2 pointsr/pools

You'll need one of these:

Also, any test kit that includes a CYA test should be good. The K2006 is a pretty standard kit that test all aspects of water chemistry (except for salt concentration) If you have a salt generator, you'll probably need to manually boost your CYA levels that would normally come from chlorine.

u/noooonan · 2 pointsr/ReefTank

It is possible that you could have pretty decent tap water. Your best bet would be to get a TDS meter to determine the amount of total dissolved solids. Preferably you would want less than 5ppm.

People have successfully kept saltwater aquariums without RO/DI, but using RO/DI water limits the chance of any nuisance algae and poor water quality as some tap water already has ammonia/nitrite/nitrate in it. I would recommend using RO/DI water, but if you don't want to have to buy a unit - you could always buy RO/DI water from your local fish store. It's usually ~$1 per gallon. I would advise against any prepackaged "Natural Sea Water" though... which is like $15 for 4 gallons, so you'll know the difference.

u/peanuts_abc · 2 pointsr/preppers

I would think it would give you a basic idea of quality.

$15.37 HM Digital TDS-EZ Water Quality TDS Tester, 0-9990 ppm Measurement Range , 1 ppm Resolution, +/- 3% Readout Accuracy

u/garzalaw · 2 pointsr/swimmingpools

We bought this one last summer and it was a work horse. Easily climbs walls and maps your pool. Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner with Easy to Clean Large Top Load Filter Cartridges and Tangle-Free Swivel Cord, Ideal for In-ground Swimming Pools up to 50 Feet.

u/bisnicks · 2 pointsr/SavageGarden

Thanks for the shoutout! Glad I could be of some help!

Ok, so let's get started.

First, what part of Texas are you in? I believe you have native CP's closer to the eastern part of the state.

Now to answer your questions:

  1. Here's a summary of CP expert Barry Rice's trip to eastern Texas. It has various CPs listed. I'm not certain about non-CP Texas natives.

  2. I use this brand of Sphagnum Peat Moss exclusively. It's higher quality than many other brands. It also expands to about 4cu ft from what I understand.
    As far as the next ingredient, I go with Silica Sand which is also called pool filter sand. Do not use play sand, paver sand, etc. only Silica Sand/ Pool Filter sand. This is the brand that I use. I've hear Quikrete makes some, but it's not available in my area. I typically do a 50/50 or 60/40 mix. If your area is fairly dry, I'd probably do a 60 Sphagnum/ 40 Sand mix. You can add perlite if you'd like, but I'm not sure it's necessary. Other optional additions are long pine needles and long fiber sphagnum top layer. Long fiber sphagnum as a top layer would be good if your climate is fairly dry as it will supplement the plants with some humidity.

  3. When you say large mini-bog, are you meaning that you want to keep it in a container like I have, or do you actually want to build it in ground? As far as in ground, I'm really not experienced with this. As far as water goes, get yourself a rain barrel. Make sure you test it with a TDS meter before using it (should be under 45 or so PPM). 1 inch of rain on a 1000 sq/ft roof will yield around 600 gallons. You can often make a rain barrel easily from a food-grade 55 gallon drum. Just check your local craigslist and you can pick them up for around $10-$20 and there are many guides on how to transform them for around another $20. These will cut down greatly on water costs. If you get fancy with it, you could possibly hook up a drip irrigation system that would be buried in the bog and water could release from the rain barrel with a hose valve timer. This would water from underneath and would simulate their natural habitat.
u/ctrlFpeace · 2 pointsr/pools

Try this. I have it as a secondary skimmer and find that it catches more that the main one.


u/ClosetWeed · 2 pointsr/ClosetWeed

Yeah I didn't go into it expecting much (an ounce or two) so we'll see what it comes out too, i'll be happy to get that.

Here are the links for the meters I get. I tested the ph meter and compared it to drops and it is spot on. Not sure about the ppm one but it got good reviews.

PPM Meter

PH Meter

Thanks for checking out my grow!

u/BigForShort · 2 pointsr/bonnaroo

I took this last year. I took it out of the case and put it in a backpack with my camelbak. Didn't have to pump it very often and the tank lasted at least as long as my water supply did.

u/pewouipew · 2 pointsr/bettafish

They can also be referred to as total dissolved solids or TDS. You can purchase a TDS/TSS meter to measure that, but you should do some research first to understand what you're measuring and what your TDS is in your water source.

If you want shrimp for algae control, look at amano shrimp, which are usually large enough to fend for themselves when housed with a betta. In a 5 gal, one would certainly do the trick.

u/jeremy4444 · 2 pointsr/whatisthisthing

I just purchased a water testing kit

I will post back here once I test it. Thank you for all of your help.

u/birdyroger · 2 pointsr/coldshowers

I had the very same thought as your title earlier today.

I do both hot and cold, and I intend to buy one of those cheap, portable saunas at Amazon, like this:

Heat has it's own therapeutic value. There is no law against doing both.

u/Frozty23 · 2 pointsr/homeowners

Looks a lot like ours. (Your "holding tank" is a mate to ours -- I assume it's a settling tank; can't think of any other real function for it).

Here's what I use for the pH adjustment:

Same sized tank, and I use 2 teaspoons for each fill, though your mileage may vary, depending on your starting pH and pump I suppose. I think each teaspoon makes the equivalent of a gallon of bleach (I need to find a source for that, but that's what's in my head).

u/iScardinius · 2 pointsr/SpaceBuckets

I topped the plant after the 4th node and performed some LST. Where I live, the RH in the winter is very low. In my basement where I grow, the RH was around 20% - 25%. The leaves were curling and basically looked off. I use these in my Spacebuckets to keep an eye on temperature and humidity > .
After getting the humidity up to around 40% - 50%, my plant did well and grew very quickly. Low temperature was another problem so I hooked up a small space heater close to the SB.

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/microgrowery

I have this one, works well for me and apparnetly measures 0-9990 ppm.

u/wkrick · 2 pointsr/aww

I have one of these Critter Skimmers in my pool. It works great for saving bugs and small animals from the skimmer. The make several sizes as well as a round version...

u/stupidinternetname · 1 pointr/AdviceAnimals

They most certainly do, however there's no way 4 people are sitting in there comfortably. Two is the max for me.

u/NotHaraku · 1 pointr/electricians

The little things with thumbscrews for setting the time. If they're not all of the way on to the clock, they don't like to reach the lever.

u/DuckieNukeEm · 1 pointr/ImagineMusicFestival
u/vespa59 · 1 pointr/Coachella

I'm not going to Coachella this year, and I already have one of these, so no need to send me one, but I highly recommend this personal mister. I can't even begin to tell you how downright fucking delightful this thing is to have when you're just sitting around being hot. It lasts a long time and you can just fill it up every time you're at the water station.

u/limitz · 1 pointr/HomeImprovement

Cheap TDS (total dissolved solids) testing kit:

Or any meter that measures EC/TDS.

u/H2obotanist · 1 pointr/shrimptank

I tested the distilled i was using and it read less than 5. Then my tap was 400, my shrimp tnak was 385 and my 20 gallon fish tank was at 550. So i think it was reading right. I ordered this one.
Im not sure there is a way to change it and i think it only measures PPM

u/Optimoprimo · 1 pointr/aquaponics

El cheapo:

These cheap ones don't adjust to temperature, so you'll have to consider that if you're reporting your values for some kind of project. They calibrate it at 25 degrees C, so any temp lower than that is going to over-estimate your TDS.

pH is as simple as getting a test kit at a pet store.

u/halcyondoze · 1 pointr/gardening

I add 3 tablespoons per gallon or 12ml/liter of FloraGro into my water for an aggressive vegetative growth period. This is basically all of the time, because of what I'm growing - herbs and lettuce that is constantly harvesting and never flowering.

In the guide and video I made, I bought soil starts that were a bit beyond seedlings to speed up the process, but I would recommend just starting with seed in the system so you avoid any dirt and bacteria that the soil might bring in. I get the brown jelly going on every now and then, and I think it's one of these:

  • Water too hot
  • Too much light entering reservoir
  • Debris from the dirt transplant

    As for changing the nutrients, I do a recirculating system where I only replace the water that gets used by the plants. So I fill it up once to start and then add water as necessary. I keep a 5 gallon barrel of water that is perfectly pH'd with nutrients added to make it a LOT easier.

    To check the amount of nutrients you have going on you can spend 15 bucks and get this. It will let you know the parts per million of nutrient in your solution.

    As for pH, it really doesn't fluctuate very much. I check it every now and then but as long as you pH correctly at the start, add the proper amount of nutrients to the water and refill as necessary then you are balancing pretty damn well.

    I'm a bit confused on the science question, could you let me know what you mean by that?

u/Solid716 · 1 pointr/swimmingpools

This is the salt tester I use it works great and is very accurate:

If I had the time I would always use the test kit for Salt which you can find here:

Also, if you are using strips you might want to consider going towards an actual test kit that is reliable such as this:

The cheapest option would be to purchase the test kit for salt and continue using the strips. I recommend no strips and using the salt test kit and a normal Taylor test kit.

u/joe183288 · 1 pointr/Lyme

Radiant Saunas BSA6310 Rejuvenator Portable Sauna

u/nmzj123 · 1 pointr/swimmingpools

Or buy this: Intex 77in PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set

I get about 3 years of use before I have to replace it.

u/istuntmanmike · 1 pointr/TheBrewery

Dunno how accurate/precise you need to be but this seems to work for me. I use this and BrunWater to do my water chemistry.

u/amphibian87 · 1 pointr/EatCheapAndHealthy

No one has mentioned it so I will:

Get a Parts Per Million meter. It doesn't have to be a fancy one, and actually see what's going on. My water tastes and smells pretty bad, but is only around 170ppm total dissolved solids. If I simply let it sit in a jug overnight, it tastes way better because the chlorine evaporates.

Also, request an analysis from your local water company. In my state, they are required by law to send one annually. It's a list of every molecule in their sample, but with Flint demonstrating, the testers may "pre-flush" the pipes before taking a sample, so if you don't trust the municipality or private water works, you can get your own sample relatively cheap (Home Depot does them for free where I am).

All in all a reverse osmosis system, or even just a passive charcoal one, should help tons. The former can actually take out chemically bonded impurities, while the later removes suspended particulate.

u/sittingbulloch · 1 pointr/hyperthermia

Glad to hear the hyperthermia is still working for you. I am still using it too, with some benefits. It isn’t fixing it all, but it does make me feel better.

I wish that the fasting was doing more for you. :(

I was debating on purchasing this personal infrared sauna to try out. Not sure though.

u/Dzunner · 1 pointr/microgrowery

You will want this. Tap water you say? That is the likely culprit. So you will need this, and this. After this your troubles should be gone.

u/TheBeeman · 1 pointr/phoenix

>Where would one get such a meter?

This is the one I bought.
HM Digital TDS-EZ Water Quality TDS Tester, 0-9990 ppm Measurement Range , 1 ppm Resolution, +/- 3% Readout Accuracy

u/enigmical · 1 pointr/pics

There's also this wonderful invention that keeps frogs from making themselves into soup in your filter!

u/Ralierwe · 1 pointr/Aquariums

My take on this:

Make a choice: either continue as you do it now (salt hard water, attempt to use water softener system, without reading what it does to the water and tank inhabitants), or monitor results of each your action, by testing (GH, KH, pH, TDS) and do quick search for anything you would like to implement. Like water softener system and aquarium, what to do for reducing GH in aquarium water, and do not do that without testing results. I'm not attempting to lecture in any way, if it seems so, my apologies, was not intended to. Only this seems to me to be the main source of a problem.

Not the best, but good enough flow chart of connections between water parameters and what to change them, is here. pH and alkalinity are connected.

To know them, you will need GH/KH test kit, pH test kit, and, if you feel generous ($25), TDS meter and calibrating solution from the same seller, 342 ppm TDS. Why know TDS is here, scroll down to kidneys.

Each kind of aquatic animals has own limit of tolerances, if you place soft water tetra in Tanganyika water, it wouldn't be happy, I would expect it to die. See what animals you have and what are their requirements (fast online search for a name and GH, TDS).

Know your tap water, if you are using it. Test the same: GH, KH, pH, TDS, and nitrates.

Ask here, in separate thread or in quick questions thread, if this water could be used for your fish without altering it. If yes, you are good, use it without changing anything.

If not, now you have to figure out what would you do: changing your tap water or create artificial water, using RO water and remineralizer, creating water, suitable for your fish.

For USA, reverse osmosis system with carbon block for chloramines could be as low as $133 at Home Depot, don't know its gpd. There is cheaper RO Buddie, read from their manufacturer about chloramines, compare the size and cost of cartridges and make informed choice.

If use RO water, it could be used for diluting too hard tap water or for mixing it with remineralizer.

Mixing RO with remineralizer:

  • For neutral to moderately hard water fish, Salty Shrimp GH/KH+, Aquarium Mineral or Shrimp Mineral, or any other GH/KH+.

  • For African cichlids, another kind, made for them. I know Seachem makes something for them, but not details.

  • For soft water fish, ask. My way will be too expensive for a 50-100 gal tank: using active substrate, designed to keep certain pH stable. UpAqua Shrimp Sand for pH 6.5, ADA Amazonia for pH 6, you don't need lower. Remineralizer for it should be GH+ (not GH/KH+), the same Salty Shrimp or any other brand.

    If you will need diluting hard water, control result by testing, and test ratio first in a small container (jar, glass).

    Any changes in the tank should be slow, to avoid shocking fish. Powders should never be added to the tank, see manufacturer's directions.

    Some are using Seachem Neutral Regulator to recrease water hardness by precipitating Ca and Mg, but you have to monitor results by testing, or you can overdose and kill animals this way. Not familiar with it, read FAQ there and Seachem Support forums for it. No guessing or assumptions, know what you are doing, after running trial in a separate vessel.

    It took some time for me to come to this too, you are not alone in this.
u/5D_Chessmaster · 1 pointr/swimmingpools

Try this one thing before anything else, get yourself one of these:

I have a really clean pool but at the peak of summer I started getting the same algae and fought it for a while before I found that Pool RX product.

It instantly killed that algae and it stayed gone for the whole season. I reduced my chlorine by about half and still ZERO algae.

Another major bonus is it makes the water sparkle this certain way, I can't explain it. Like, you think you had a clean pool but this product just makes the water sooo clear it's really nice.

Pretty much overnight I was blown away by the difference.

Its like $60 and now this season I bought a new one and just holding it until either I see that same algae again, or once it starts hitting like 90's and 100's.

u/fire_shits · 1 pointr/Coffee

Yeah def. grab one of these off amazon they are super cheap and usefull.

Works great.

u/MetalGrand · 1 pointr/homeowners

This has taken my attention. Not sure how well they actually work though, but certainly cheaper.

u/WhyNotZoidbergMaybe · 1 pointr/LosAngeles

Tds tester from amazon

HM Digital TDS-EZ Water Quality TDS Tester, 0-9990 ppm Measurement Range , 1 ppm Resolution, +/- 3% Readout Accuracy

u/Celtic_Queen · 1 pointr/JUSTNOMIL

Maybe someone should buy MIL some of these as a late Mother's Day present.

u/d8ne4m6 · 1 pointr/shrimptank

HM Digital (brand) TDS meter with 342 ppm calibration solution for it. On the back it has to have "Calibrate with NaCl" screw. This one was available locally.

u/SirEDCaLot · 1 pointr/news
u/demhippies · 1 pointr/bonnaroo

I have a Misty Mate and a Frogg Toggs Towel. I can't handle Bonnaroo heat so I arm myself to the teeth with ways to cool down.

u/UnexpectedEOF · 1 pointr/Austin

Aside from a good filtering setup, a cheap TDS tester like will tell you if there's any increase in stuff in your water. You can measure your baseline for a while and if there's ever a perceptible change, you can test again. It won't tell you definitively what's dissolved in the water, but it can help you check.

u/Zermus · 1 pointr/wylie

Posting the same thing I did in /r/Plano on this since all of our water around here comes from NTMWD (Which has a purification plant in Wylie). While some may argue we're "within acceptable standards" I've always said on here when this comes up year after year when the lakes turn over and they load the water with chlorine there should be more science on what is acceptable for drinking water. Before that it smelled like swamp water when the lakes turned over, and this is like choosing between the lesser of two evils, I know. Would you rather drink bacteria or chlorine? I don't want to drink either, and that's why I bought a reverse osmosis filter.

Just like in recent history more science lead to the removal of lead in gasoline and paint. I personally don't drink the local water without reverse osmosis, filtering it first because I don't like the idea of putting "trace amounts" of carcinogens in mine or my kids bodies because some agency says the levels are "acceptable" and when very little information on what scientific studies were done for them to come up with what is "acceptable".

It also doesn't dispute the fact that our area has some of the highest concentration of PPM crap in our water than most of the nation. If you don't believe me buy a PPM pen off amazon ( and test your water. Compare to the rest of the US: My tap water usually tests between 300-350 PPM. That's beyond red for that water redness map there and doesn't accurately reflect what our area tests.

If more science comes up with a warning that we should probably be reverse osmosis filtering our water before drinking until they can fix the supply problem, I'm fine with that. At least the information is out there for us. If not, I guess maybe when people die early from some form of cancer because they thought people like me were crackpot conspiracy theorists arguing on what is "acceptable", I guess that's just Darwinism in action.

Make no mistake, there probably won't be an easy long term fix. There are massive differences in how we treat water here compared to other states. For example on how corners are cut here, compare what they have in California for their intake, a cement lined reservoir:

To ours, a dirt reservoir:

Dirt brings algae and bacteria and drives TDS up. You have to treat that with Chlorine and other chemicals.

Just my 2 cents on why I drink RO water living here.

u/mfinn · 1 pointr/PostCollapse

Still pretty readily available in the northeast for me, but you can get it cheap from Amazon from a number of vendors.

Is a good example. 6 lbs for 33 bucks plus shipping is essentially 60k gallons of water. You can probably find it in cheaper or smaller quantities, I just grabbed the first thing I saw.

u/sbay · 1 pointr/explainlikeimfive

I am using this device:

I used this device on :

  1. Water tap : 50 PPT

  2. Filtered water gallons that I filled in one of these machines in safeways : 7 PPT

  3. Brita water filter: 80 PPT

    To answer your question:

  4. The filter is 1 week old. ( I did follow the steps of empying 3 full loads before start using it).

  5. ?

  6. Yes, that is possible
u/Pannanana · 1 pointr/gardening

Hey, I'm looking at amazing water test kits now -- what exactly should I be testing for? pH? something like this?

or this maybe?

u/imsnowbear · 1 pointr/Coffee

When it was first introduced I wondered about the connected version. Couldn't see the difference between buttons on the brewer vs buttons on your phone. The fact that the price is lowered seems to substantiate my opinion. It's a "gee whiz look at what I can do" feature regardless of whether the feature makes any sense.

As far as water quality there's a difference between hardness (measured in grains) vs total dissolved solids per whatever(tds). There are kits to measure only hardness, but I think this device will tell you more about your water:

The common wisdom seems to be not to use softened water as it will not extract the tastes from the coffee properly. Rather, filter out the tds.

I use a Zerofilter, and Brita filtered water to bring the tds up to 75-100 or so which is the level I think I saw Behmor recommend at one point somewhere.

u/deepwaterculture · 1 pointr/microgrowery

I honestly don't know where I read every 7 days but it seemed to make sense, re-fresh the water at least once a week. Are you saying it should be changed more often or less often?

I bought a PPM meter, this one, 515 reviews and still 4 1/2 stars. Hopefully it works, I've had no luck in the past with digital PH meters and just use the chemical test kit from General Hydroponics.

After reading everyones comments I'm definitely gonna set up a PH adjusted plain water reservoir. However I grow different strains at the same time (different finish dates, some like more or less nutes than others) so I can't use one general reservoir, which is why I decided upon DWC instead of other hydro options in the first place.

Do the nutrient bottles tell you what the desired PPM is? What happens if you don't have a filtration system and your starting out at about 300 ppm from my regular well water.

u/F-That · 1 pointr/hydro

I think you should be fine using the maxigrow and cal-mag for now. I would not recommend using the rockdust or azomite though. You should get all you need in the maxigrow for now.

As for the TDS tester, I use this one It is cheap and works fine. It converts the PPM to EC by dividing the reading by 500. For example... 750PPM is going to give you a 1.5 EC. Some TDS testers in other countries will use a different conversion rate to get you the correct EC. EC is universal.

So lets say your peppers need to be at a EC from 1.3 - 1.8 "depending on the size." With the TDS meter I sent a link to, you would want your water to be at 650 PPM to 900 PPM. If your tap water is coming out of the tap already with a bunch of minerals already in it like 300 PPM worth, then you want to add your cal-mag and Maxigro until you hit that 650 to 900 PPM range.

As for your pH, you want to keep it as close to 6 as possible for peppers.

u/Justintime233 · 1 pointr/microgrowery

I edited it in. This one.

u/SteveKap_IATSE · 1 pointr/Homebrewing

I've considered it, but given that the water report I received from the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power states that while "most of the time" I'll receive water from one source, there is a chance that I'll receive water from two others, both of which have different mineral and chemical profiles. I was thinking about getting the LaMotte Basic Water Test Kit, but then wondered what it was going to cost to keep the reagents up to date.

u/Cocoa-Butter-Kisses · 1 pointr/microgrowery

Here. It is by no means a "lab grade" device but gives great reference readings when analyzing how much your plant is eating (for my DWC setup anyways). I've never grown in soil but see people run a sort of "reference flush" to compare their previous runoff from the last time they watered to judge if their plants are consuming more nutes or more water so they can adjust their amendments accordingly. I do the same sort of thing on my hempy buckets but it is just so much easier since my medium is inert.

u/kungfumaniac · 1 pointr/DIY

To schedule and turn on/off outdoor lights with from my phone. I couldn't find a dedicated product intended to replace standard outdoor timers, which are clunky, noisy, awkward.

Basically I can control lights, music, and temperature everywhere in my home from my phone. There's even products to time sprinklers from a phone, but I've gotta fiddle around with these to get the lighting right.

u/Poop-Balls · 1 pointr/microgrowery

I'm not really sure what scale tbh, here is a link to the pen I got on Amazon if that helps at all. It might appear a lot lighter than it actually is due to my light in the tent being so bright white. Here are some pics with the tent light off and my phone flash on. I'm not sure if that's the right shade of green or not. I just watered them again after reading some info online with recommendations on Coco watering. I adjusted it to have some calmag in it and increased the Flora Grow and lowered the Flora Micro. Had a ppm of about 580 this time. Hoping it will make them happier.

u/megamanxoxo · -15 pointsr/redneckengineering

> Show me a "proper engineered" version for cheaper.

Sure thing. This is exponentially cheaper as it doesn't require a several thousand dollar car for its containment / support. It's also engineered much better, by real engineers, to contain and keep water warm.

> Got the degree.

Considering your demeanor, extensive comment history, and the subs you are most active on, that is extremely unlikely. Sounds like you're a mechanic or tradesman of some sort. But if it makes you feel better you're welcome to keep telling yourself that.