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Best Ever Social Media Analytics Platform

Best Ever Social Media Analytics Platform
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VOICES ANALYTICS is the first self-provisioning platform for Social Media Listening, Big Data Analytics and Data Mashup created by a University startup company. As such, the underlying statistical engine in based on the most accurate algorithms available to date and grounded on solid statistical theory.


VOICES ANALYTICS® is unique in at least three aspects: Data Visualization, User Experience and Accuracy, but it also offers a variety of unique tools that you will not find in any other platform available on the market.

The User Experience

We spent an incredible amount of time with our Web and software designers to create the best user experience ever for a social media platform. From the visual data query to the visualization of the results through an interactive dashboard so that all the data are under control of your clicks.

You can create Projects which, no matter how complex they are, will always be under your control through the visual dashboard where all the workflows and relationships, as well as the progress of your analyses, are represented in a visual and interactive way.

VOICES ANALYTICS® is by far the richest platform for Social Media Listening and Analytics. You can perform curated (i.e. human supervised) sentiment and opinion analysis using our patent pending technology iSA© (see below) along multiple dimensions (i.e., do you like iPhone X, Why yes? Why Not? Will you buy it?) and crosstab the results.

You can see and explore interactively the network of people discussing some topic through Social Network Analysis.

You can discover the topics and latest trends about some topics through topic discovering analysis.

You can perform Social Net Promoter Score (NPS) Analysis to compare your brand or product against your competitors.

You can monitor and evaluate campaigns through data mashup between social media data and company’s data (e.g., revenues).

You can build you own geolocalized social media index which runs daily and tells you important information about a given topic of interest.

You can cross-correlate social media data, company’s data and other timeseries data (GDP, etc) and discover unexpected leader-lagger effects (who is driving who?).

And much more!

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