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Chrysalis – A beautifully illustrated story for all ages

Chrysalis – A beautifully illustrated story for all ages
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Chrysalis is a beautifully illustrated story for kids and adults of all ages to discover the power of meditation, mantras and mindfulness in a fun and engaging way. With stimulating visuals and layers of mystical mythology the story weaves an enchanting tale through time, space and the inner self. By engaging with the main characters at regular intervals the reader is encouraged to practice a variety of relaxation techniques and emotional learning to present the reader with a unique way of finding a little inner peace in a colourful and charming medium.

The narrative follows the life of Mooki, a brave young warrior monkey whose time has come to become a man. Mooki is tasked by his tribe to protect the all powerful Violet Lotus from Kunga, a tyrannical gorilla who wishes to use the power of the lotus to reign supreme over the seven kingdoms of Soluta.

His arduos quest takes him on a journey through each of the seven kingdoms of Soluta where he encounters the destructive after effects left behind by Kungas manic march towards the Violet Lotus. Leaving a trail of wake and destruction Kunga has left the natives and their lands in a state of disharmony and imbalance.

With each new encounter Mookis knowledge and strength grows as he learns to use new found wisdoms to help restore peace and harmony to each of the kingdoms as he progresses towards his ultimate showdown with his arch nemesis: – The power hungry and destructive Kunga.

The seven kingdoms of Soluta represent a visualisation of the seven main energy centres found in the human body – Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown (Violet Lotus).

By using the kingdoms in this way we present the over arcing story as a visual metaphor for the journey that each human soul must make in order to achieve enlightenment and ultimately escape the cycle of reincarnation. To achieve this mechanic we insert regular moments in the narrative where the reader can engage with one of the stories three main pillars:-

As you practice and discover new ways of restoring and maintaining balance and harmony throughout the story we see our hero evolve spiritually and mentally towards becoming the enlightened being that he is destined to be.

In discovering the three ‘M’s in this fun and engaging way we hope the book can be enjoyed and experienced by the reader as a method of bringing a little balance and harmony into their world in a simple and charming way.

The 100+ pages of bristling illutrations will be printed on the finest Proline uncoated paper – designed specifically to enhance the texture and colour of hand crafted art.

Chrysalis has been lovingly put together over the past two years by a small team based out of a small independent design studio in the east end of London. Heading up the team is Clarke Noone, creative director and lead script writer for Chrysalis. Helping him to keep the plates spinning is project manager and co-writer Marie Evripidou who brings a wealth of management and planning experience to ensure Chrysalis is delivered on time and on budget. Working with a dedicated team of illustrators, animators and scriptwriters from across the globe we cannot wait to bring this fantastic story to the world and devote every second of our spare time to making it happen!

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