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Compact Fishing System by
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This package would be primarily configured for top position, and for both open and closed face reels, e.g.: “Bait cast” and “level wind” reels and “spin cast” reels. The trigger can be removed from the axis. Without it, we can fish with a lower-positioned reels and a low spring.

It’s ideal for those who want a truly impressive “weapon”. The ergonomic wooden handle positioning is assisted by a lock nut. The trigger gives a firm grip, the handle grip fits into the palm of your hand. When assembled, its length is 60cm. It’s a real experience fishing with, it in coastal bushes or even on a sailing ship’s rigging.
In this package, the MEDIUM PowerPole consisting of 8 arcs is the most sensitive yet powerful spring. Strong, yet sensitive, it’s suitable for a versatile use.

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