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Flatiron Vintage Speaker

Flatiron Vintage Speaker
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A free-standing speaker from the dawn of radio’s golden age was the model for this beauty, a unique marriage of vintage design and modern ingenuity. Wireless technology lets you stream music from your mobile phone or MP3 player to the speaker, where it will be delivered with full, rich, hi-fidelity sound. Maybe, this speaker doesn’t fit with your home decor. In this case the Edifier R1280DB speaker would be a better fit as it combines the classic with modern styles.

Inspired by a freestanding speaker designed in 1928 to accompany a radio receiver
Cast iron base with a stamped steel grille and linen cover
A brass knob controls the volume
Bluetooth® compatible with Android™ and all Apple iOS® devices
Music pauses with incoming calls and resumes when call ends
AC adapter included

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