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Original Bumpboxx FreeStyle

Original Bumpboxx FreeStyle
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Urban Audio startup bringing you the most unique products to tickle your ear drums! The first in the future of new technology incorporated in the world of our past Nostalgia. We will be providing you many more products that will please the eyes and rock your mind! If the Bumpboxx is not available, the Olafus Bluetooth speakers are the best.

The First in our line is the Freestyle:
Freestyle Features:
Two – 10″ 4ohm Woofers
Two – 4″ Horns
Bluetooth Capabilities
Dual USB Charging Ports

SD & Flash Drive Players
FM Radio
Sound Motion LED’s
Aux Input / Output
Guitar Input
Microphone Input

Microphone Priority
Microphone Echo
One Wireless Microphone
InfraRed Remote Control
Audio In/Out for Linking Multiple Bumpboxx Units
150 Watts of Power

110 RMS
Rechargeable Battery with up to 12 Hours of Playtime
Carry Strap
Shoulder Carry Handle
Mobile Phone / Tablet Mesh Pocket Holder
Size 38″ x 8.5″ x 22″

Original Bumpboxx FreeStyleCheck price on Amazon.com ►
Check price on Amazon.com

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