Holleyweb Inflatable Bubble House

Holleyweb Inflatable Bubble House
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  • The inflatable tent is used for sports, tourism, business, cultural undertakings, especially the film and television work scene, the large-scale trading shows the live and leisure entertainment, the resort.
  • Compared to the general building, the inflatable buildings are low in input, make, use convenient, the appearance is beautiful, the color is gorgeous, create a kind of brand-new space effect.
  • Adopt high quality environmental health material, no irritant to skin, non – toxic.
  • Professional inflatable cloth, good cold resistance, can reach -40 degree low temperature; Good flame retardancy.
  • The main functions of inflatable tent are: rainproof, moisture-proof, anti-cold, thermal protection, windshield, sunshade, dampness, anti-mosquito, low input.
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