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MYOKORE – The most versatile portable gym

MYOKORE – The most versatile portable gym
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MYOKORE is the first to seamlessly integrate Bodyweight & Resistance Band Training into portable fitness through the vision and design of former NASA Engineer & MYOKORE Founder/CEO Joshua Hunter. As MYOKORE officially enters the market, we seek the Kickstarter Community’s help in funding our product line and in spreading the word that MYOKORE is scientifically proven as the most effective tool in functional training.

Through biometric practices of muscle stimulation electroencephalogram (EEG) testing, the MYOKORE Trainers won out in all categories for workout optimization and with the combined practices of high intensity interval training (HIIT), becomes the most effective fat burning functional trainer program on the market.

MYOKORE – Industry Partners

We plan accomplish this production and expansion through our multiple partnerships with manufacturing experts from BeachBody and accreditation through the leading global fitness authority, the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and list keeps growing!

MYOKORE Membership – Online Workout Instruction

“Training Method Just at Important as the Product”

Like any great personal trainer, we are here to motivate you the way! It is not enough to just give you the BEST fitness product, but it is equally as important to give you the BEST path to reach your goal. We have done that.

Collaborating with the top athletes, trainers, and kinesiologists, we will be releasing the MYOKORE Membership – Online Training Platform starting in January 2017, which will include:

Workouts of the Day (WOD) – Our Master Trainer Modu Seye Daily Challenges – Single 15-30 Minute HIIT and Bungee Burnout Workouts Transformational Programs – 30 to 90 Day Programs – MYOKORE Method Personal Trainer Certification worth 7 CEUs of Credit on the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)

We know everyone’s fitness goals are different and that is why our Membership will continuously find the best in every category to create hundreds of Daily Challenges and Transformation Programs.

Morning Grind, Date Night (Quick Slim down), Master your Muscle Up, Train for the Games (CrossFit), This is Sparta (Endurance Race Training), Drop the Baby Weight, and Hundreds MORE…

But as a company, MYOKORE didn’t stop there being best in category, we refined the design and maintained only the necessary elements. In the end, MYOKORE built the most portable, versatile, and fun exercise tool for the personal trainer, gyms, and fitness enthusiasts of all levels; a less than 4 lbs. Gym-in-a-bag built with the highest quality materials with NASA design techniques to be used at home, in a park, at the gym, and on the road.

MYOKORE – Science of It All

Focusing on the body’s foundation, MYOKORE’s Scientific 30 Day Challenge aims at rebuilding at the core and moving outward for a total body transformation using our Patent Pending MYOKORE Trainers, in-house High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) techniques, bodyweight and resistance band training in a way that only that MYOKORE can offer through our burnout method.

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