Nest Knitted Bean Bag

Nest Knitted Bean Bag
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Get cozy and comfy with this unique Nest Knitted Bean Bag!

The bean bag comes with a hand-woven soft cotton cushion inside. The bean bag is also stuffed with recycled expanded polystyrene (EPS) materials, so you can refill if and when you wish.

These soft and sustainable materials make this bean bag a perfect choice to relax comfortably and catch up on your nap (I’m starting to think this would be a good addition to my office as well).

The inner cushion of the bean bag is hand-knitted in Nepal and made out of genuine New Zealand wool.

The outer part of the Nest Bean Bag features the soft New Zealand wool for extra cushion and comforts.

Just as each home is different and diverse from each other, the hand knitted bean bags are also distinct from each other and are one of a kind.

The Nest Knitted Bean Bag comes in different shades of grey which perfectly suits conveniently with any interior home decor or design.

Each of the bean bags is one of a kind and comes labeled with a number to ensure that you are the proud owner of a unique piece.

Get the Nest Knitted Bean Bag and you will find that it serves as a useful and lovely addition in enhancing the interior decor of your home.

You can own this exceptional bean bag and place it on your bed in your bedroom or your couch and ease your body.

Even if you keep knitted bean bag anywhere inside your home, it will still look lovely, inviting and irresistible at all times of the day.

Specs & details

  • Made with soft and sustainable materials
  • Weight: 12 kg
  • Hand made in Nepal
  • Made of New Zealand Wool
  • Can be refilled

The Nest Knitted Bean Bag is the perfect addition to every home. It is the perfect accessory for you to relax. Who says that rainy days are boring? With this bean bag you can take the perfect nap(and we all love a good afternoon nap!)

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