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Personal Brewery Machine by BrewBot

Personal Brewery Machine by BrewBot
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Brew beer with Brewbot, the world’s smartest personal brewery.
Beer is good. Making your own beer is even better. And you don’t need a PHD in brewing to make your own craft beer either thanks to the BrewBot.

Easier than a coffee maker and twice as functional, the Brewbot nearly crafts your beer for you while you monitor the progress via iPhone, letting you focus on the finer points of the process—like drinking more beer.
The system currently produces 18 litres depending on the type of beer you are producing (stronger beers may produce less). This is the perfect volume to fill a Brewbot keg.

The process of brewing takes 4-5 hours. During this time you need to spend about 20 minutes interacting with Brewbot. Fermentation and conditioning time depends on the beer you are brewing. This can be anything from 2 weeks to 1 year+!

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