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Rey: a Star Wars Origin fan film

Rey: a Star Wars Origin fan film
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Have you wondered how Rey became stuck on Jakku? What did she mean when she said she was a pilot? How strong is the force in her? These are all question many of us fans of Star Wars have about Rey and what she was like as a child. Our goal with this film project is to fill in these answers. Become a part of Rey’s journey as we discover her origin story.

The first episode follows Rey as a child aboard a small space craft with a very loyal crew. We also discover the reason why she was left on Jakku. You’ll be introduced to new characters as well. A group of space pirates, led by a ruthless leader, Rykker, are in search of relics from the old empire. They will stop at nothing to get what they are looking for – no matter who stands in their way.

This Star Wars story is being created by fans for fans with every bit of intrigue and humanity that the Star Wars Universe has to offer. We want you to feel the same excitement you feel when seeing the originals on the big screen. This is why we have devoted so much time and effort in producing something you’ll enjoy.

The Star Wars Universe and saga has mesmerized people of all ages for decades. Many of us have become filmmakers because of them. This project is being created as way to share our passion to the Star Wars community and all their fans. We wanted to expand on a subject matter that has everyone’s curiosity peaked. There are so many great backstories that haven’t been told due to film time limitations and we wanted to just take a look into the “How they became who they are”.

We need your help to bring this episode to life. Making films can be really expensive and there numerous costs involved with doing a project well. This includes location, sets, actors, crew, visual effects, props and editing. To put things in perspective, we’re asking for less than 1/20000th of the budget for the upcoming Star Wars movie.

We want to create something that you’ll be proud to be a part of. To create this, we have structured our budget to be cost effective and maximize the quality of the film. Over the last three years of making YouTube videos, we’ve learned to be resourceful and creative with our budgets. Every dollar raised for this project is going into the production, so the more we raise, the bigger we can go with this and future projects.

Don’t forget – if we raise $20,000 or more we will produce the second episode in Rey’s Origin.

By pledging any amount, you will be eligible to receive rewards exclusive to those pledging through this Kickstarter page. Take a look at the rewards column on the right. Think of pledging as placing a pre-order for a product once the project is done.

You can also help by sharing this project with everyone you know and encouraging them to make a pledge. Similar to a PBS pledge but more exciting because this is Star Wars! Your support means so much to us!

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