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Street Culture

Street Culture
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Street Culture is “A Lifestyle of Authenticity”. A coffee table book featuring the most inspiring, unique and creative individuals.

In 2009, street style was fairly new to the fashion industry. Hannan Saleh was presented the opportunity to shoot for and curate a weekly segment which later became a hub for fashion inspiration. This evolution helped with the liberation of personal style and platformed many bloggers and influencers.

After years of covering street style, she realized she had an amazing archive of timeless images that needed to be shared. Her passion for self expression is what drives her work. For the last three years she dedicated her time and energy to produce her first book that represents her vision.

Street Culture is a reflection of an undeniable creative force. It is music, graffiti, colors and textures that surround you each and everyday! It’s how you live, how you grew up and everything adding on top of each other, like layers on layers of this miraculous masterpiece which is you!

It is all fleet memories, that still flash by even today that creates nostalgia. It is individuality, style, grace and beauty. It is what you eat, what you study and what you believe. It is the depth of our soul that shines brighter than a iridescent opal.

This intricate weave of experiences creates who you are. This book is a recognition to those who live “A Lifestyle of Authenticity”. This coffee table book is full of vivid and beautiful images of creative muses who are fearless in what they do. It is my honor to celebrate them with you.

So please join us as we raise funds for the printing with pre-orders and special gifts on our 30 day Street Culture Kickstarter. To encourage engagement and activity we will do daily social media post of our #IMCAMPAIGN highlighting some of our favorite muses. You’ll get a glimpse into who they are and the energy they put into this lovely universe. We hope this campaign will inspire supporters to donate to see the book come to life.

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