Ultimate Novel Planning Workbook 2019 Edition Companion

Ultimate Novel Planning Workbook  2019 Edition Companion
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These are the bestselling companion worksheets to the popular revised and expanded 2019 Edition of the Ultimate Novel Planning Workbook. Great for all ages and with over 90 pages of worksheets. This is the ultimate kit to kick start your writing project, whether it be a book in a month for nanowrimo or your long term project. Facts are easy to keep track of when they are all in the same place. Teachers, use this kit in your classroom. Resize to fit in your Happy Planner. Over 90 Unique Printable 8.5x11inch pdf pages Cover page in case you want to assemble and bind as a workbook Brainstorming ideas Character Archetypes Detailed character worksheets Grid paper for a floor plan of your character’s house Grid paper for a map plan of your character’s world Character list summary – for easy reference of where and who each character is Setting Worksheet ‘Just keep writing’ – Editing notes for later Plot timeline trackers for different styles Research notes Family Tree/This is Your life Story/Plot brainstorm worksheet – with prompts New Romance Writing worksheets (including plotting, conflict, attraction and more) ‘Best lines from your best authors’ note page Month to a spread word count planner & To do list (fill in your own dates) Year to a spread planning calendar Scene worksheets Chapter timeline tracker World Building and Setting Worksheets (Everything that you can find in this kit:

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