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Andy Kokeshi Doll

Andy Kokeshi Doll
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The Andy Kokeshi: a traditional Japanese Kokeshi doll dedicated to Andy Warhol. Andy Kokeshi is a Kokeshi doll that flaunts an original and interesting wooden figure, a creation by well-known, up-and-coming brand Lucie Kaas. Lucie Kaas is a Danish brand that has a way of understanding bold design, which respects the utmost consideration for tradition while still being constantly innovative and experimental in its aesthetic. Among the proposals tagged by Lucie Kaas is an entire collection dedicated to Kokeshi, the typical Japanese wooden dolls that is a sort of eastern cultural symbol.

All Lucie Kaas Kokeshi dolls have the same structural characteristics and aesthetic differences throughout the various models. They are exclusively related with regards to how they are decorated, or rather how the character is meant to be portrayed. Andy Kokeshi is a wooden doll that Lucie Kaas has dedicated to the great Andy Warhol, a multi-faceted and very famous American artist known for having launched the so-called pop art movement. Andy Kokeshi sees the style of Andy Warhol revamped while flaunting a casual style, his classic round sunglasses and medium-length white hair.

Pop Art lovers and Warhol enthusiasts will only be fascinated by this creation as both simple and impressive, an honest tribute to the man who has given so much to the world. Beyond this, Andy Kokeshi is a nice, casual decorative object which can be placed all over the house and still fit in nicely. All Kokeshi dolls, Andy Kokeshi included, are perfect for those looking to add a pleasant eastern touch to their interior design, especially when paired with other more models by brand Lucie Kaas.

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