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u/kstryker · 71 pointsr/BuyItForLife

You're no longer looking for a "mechanical pencil" but a lead holder. Fuck .9 mm, come join the big boys with 2 mm. Get a lead sharpener and prepare to write.


u/G33Kinator · 28 pointsr/AskEngineers

Oh man, nobody's mentioned the rOtring 600 yet?! It's the love of my life. I had a Uni Kuru Toga 0.5mm for a little over a year beforehand and it was awesome, too. My only complaint about it was the compliance in the tip made it annoying to precisely predict how tiny lines would end up (I write very small). The 0.5mm rOtring doesn't spin the lead or anything fancy like the Kuru Toga, but it is so heavy, so well balanced, and the tolerances are just awesome. I've tried the rOtring 800 with the retractable tip, but the tolerance stackup of the moving parts just made it feel of lower quality than the 600.

u/Progstu · 22 pointsr/mechanicalpencils

Coukd be who was working, the particular warehouse or any number of things but youre welcome to give it a go. Its a good price for it right now anyway.

u/Flonkers · 19 pointsr/BuyItForLife

Uni Kuru Toga The rotating lead means a sharp point and less lead breakages. Largest size is 0.7 but these are cheap enough that you can give one a go and see if it is going to work for you.
How much do I like these? I would have given away at least 20 in the last year to fellow stationery appreciators.

u/Blamore · 18 pointsr/anime_irl

>using pleb tier mechanical pencils

Absolutely not me_irl... If you wish to be a patrician weeb student, you have to get some dope ass pentel drafting pencils.

This one has retractable tip, but it is heavy

Pentel Graph Gear 1000 Automatic Drafting Pencil, 0.5mm Lead Size, Brushed Metal Barrel, 1 Each (PG1015A)

This one does not have retractable tip, but it is light and high quality.

Pentel Drafting Pencil Graph for Pro, 0.5mm (PG1005)

This one is the legendary pentel smash, you must have it for ultimate weeb status, it will ship from japan.

Pentel Mechanical Pencil Smash, 0.5mm (Q1005-1)

All are cheaper than 10 bucks, no excuse not to buy one.

u/MikeVladimirov · 17 pointsr/PenmanshipPorn

It's a $70-ish pen. Realistically, that's equivalent to two nights out, if you go to college in a big city. Or, if you're in a rural area, that's three nights out.

When I saw this post, I thought that I'd found the rare college kids that values a relatively obscure hobby enough that he or she makes it a financial priority, and thought it was both endearing and admirable.

But your abrasive comment completely changed my mind!


For what it's worth, I spent all four years of engineering undergrad using a $30 drafting pencil. I used it for another three years after graduation, until the plastic portion of the barrel literally fell apart. I then bought another, identical pencil but for only $10 this time and use it almost daily. That's cheaper than a 12 pack of the standard 0.5mm mechanical pencil, which I guarantee you won't last you a year and, sure as hell, won't last you 7 years.

Assuming you don't get obsessive about it, having good writing tools is much cheaper, in the long run, than buying disposable tools. When you have a quality tool that fits your needs perfectly, you grow to love that tool and, believe me, you won't lose it. It becomes almost like your phone - you always know exactly where it is. And, again trust me, until you've used a writing tool that perfectly fits your needs, you don't realize how much you're missing out on. Writing suddenly becomes a joy and taking notes, completing assignments, or writing essays on exams often ceases to be just an annoying task you have to get out of the way and becomes something you almost look forward to.

No joke, it can really be a life changer.

u/randymaniacbishop · 17 pointsr/BuyItForLife

I've been using an Alvin Draftmatic pencil for more than 15 years.

u/notmyname1 · 17 pointsr/chromeos

If you're looking for a larger stylus for longer writing/drawing sessions, the Staedtler Digital Pencil ($15) works great. Also, with either this or the included stylus, Squid is amazing. Zero lag.

u/felipedelafesek · 15 pointsr/AskEngineers

Pentel GraphGear 500 Automatic Drafting Pencil Black (PG525A)

u/KillerFuzzball · 15 pointsr/BuyItForLife
u/kogeliz · 14 pointsr/circlejerk

Can we talk about the Dixon Ticonderoga for a minute?

It is, by far, the best pencil on the market. And let me tell you why: because the little nub of rubber on top of it actually erases things. I'm sure that other pencils had this feature too, long ago, but at some point in history, pencilmakers everywhere decided that instead of a useful eraser, what consumers really wanted on top of their pencil was a shitty little piece of plastic that left a pinkish, streaky mess all over the paper.

But not Dixon. The Ticonderoga still can actually erase. And for that, I salute you, Dixon.

EDIT: Thanks for the gold. But for less than the price of reddit gold, you could have bought a fresh, new pack of Ticonderogas and almost had enough money left over for another fresh, new pack of Ticonderogas.

EDIT 2: Lots of people trashing the Ticonderoga and trying to push the Palamaladingdong Black Wing 602. These cost $1.90 per pencil. And that is ridiculous. The good people at Dixon aren't going to rip you off like that. And you know what? They make a black Ticonderoga that is equally sexy, IF NOT SEXIER, than the Black Wing 602. AND a black Ticonderoga will only run you about 21 cents per pencil, which is a much better deal.

EDIT 3: Some people are trying to push mechanical pencils. Sure, people can use those. Mechanical pencils are all well and good. But here is why the Dixon Ticonderoga is better than any mechanical pencil.

#1. The Ticonderoga has its graphite embedded inside of it. This guarantees that the graphite will never slip up inside of the pencil body if you press down too hard, which tends to happen frequently with low-end mechanical pencils. It may happen less frequently with high-grade ones, but it will never happen with a Ticonderoga.

#2. You must sharpen the Ticonderoga. Some people may think that this is a weakness, but I assure you that it is a strength. After writing a few pages, you'll see that your once-sharp tip is now a dull nub. It's a fine indication of all of the work you've done thus far. That dull nub tells you that you've accomplished something. And once you've sharpened it and started writing again? Boy oh boy, there is no finer feeling that using a freshly-sharpened pencil.

#3. Sharpening the Ticonderoga releases a delectable wood scent into the air. The wood used in Dixon brand Ticonderogas is of a high quality, and is pleasant to smell. This cannot be achieved while using a mechanical pencil without also purchasing some sort of artificial wood scent spray.

#4. The Ticonderoga is made of wood. This means that the pencil is always pleasant to the touch. It has a solid, natural feel to it, which you can't get with low-grade mechanical pencils, which are made of plastic. High-end mech pencils tend to be metal. When I wake up first thing in the morning, and grab one of my several Ticonderogas to start the day's crossword puzzle, do you know what I don't feel? The biting cold of a metallic pencil body against my fingers. What a way to ruin a perfectly good morning.

EDIT 4: If anyone from the good people at Dixon are reading this: I would love some free pencils.

EDIT 5: The good folks at Dixon just contacted me and are going to send me a box of sweet, sweet Ticonderogas. Either that, or I just gave my home address to a random redditor. In either case, I'll let you guys know when they get here.

EDIT 6: They came in!

Just for the record, I don't work for Dixon, nor did anyone from their company ask me to make any of these posts. I'm just a simple man who loves good-quality, affordable pencils.

u/Dennaldo · 13 pointsr/AskEngineers

I always use a Kuru Toga pencil for anything I can do in pencil. The lead automatically rotates in the barrel as you write so you always have a sharp point. I use the metal version, they make cheaper plastic versions which write just as nicely.

My pen of choice is pretty much any gel ink pen in black. If I can't get that, whatever else the office supply closet has (as someone else said).

u/[deleted] · 12 pointsr/AskReddit

A quality mechanical pencil. I recommend the Pentel Sharp Kerry ($14 on amazon). Makes writing so much more pleasant.

u/wackjob3322 · 11 pointsr/uwo

Western's first year computer science courses are pretty easy, there's not much prep you need to do for them. That being said, university-level mathematics can be a pain and since it's a skill that you kinda learn for life, you could start learning university level calculus, algebra, and geometry.

Rather than prepare for academics though, I'd prepare for the challenges that are university as a whole. I'm gonna give a bunch of advice, some questionable, some maaaaybe offensive, and some tame. IMO, they're all good advice though you may have to pick and choose depending on your home situation.

  • I'll start with a really questionable one off the bat. If you see yourself drinking at some point in the future (even if it's like one glass of wine for formality at a banquet), I'd recommend figuring out what level of alcohol you can take responsibly even if you're academically rigorous. FWIW, my first year roommate who maintained a high 90 average in medsci had two nights where he let loose between then and now. If your parents are chill or only school-strict, ask them to supervise you (drinking scotch over a nice movie is pretty fun). Otherwise, find a day where you can sneak to a responsible friend's place for 12-14 hours. It's better to know that you can only handle 4 shots/4 beer cans going in than to have a rough surprise of getting knocked out by 7 shots or alcohol poisoned at 9.

  • If your parents don't set you up with an allowance or if they're strict about how they let you spend their money, pick up a part time job over the summer. It sucks to have money as a constraint. If you can put away even $4000, then you can put a bunch of that towards your OSAP loans AND still have some "fun" money left over. Having $500 to do whatever with in first year is amazing, after that it's somewhat marginally-diminishing, but it's better to have than have-not when your friends are haves.

  • If your parents aren't on your case all summer long, then be honest and analyze your habits. Do you wake up at 11 every day? If so, I can make a bet with you that you will hate 8:30/9:30 classes. Just because you had them in high school doesn't mean you'll be disciplined enough to go to them in university. If you're (honestly) a morning person than take morning classes, but otherwise don't set yourself up for pain if you can avoid it. This will also help you figure out when your body enjoys having lunch and dinner, like for me I'm a 2 PM lunch kinda guy so that's when my breaks are nowadays. You could be similar without realizing it.

  • Everyone's university experience is different, but frankly, Hollywood tends to get various aspects about the college life and people-in-general right. Watch 90s-00s acclaimed films and observe how the actors act. I found that my mannerisms were all really adapted for my local area - I was somewhat awkward in this new region-diverse campus at first. It takes most people some time to adapt, but you can get a headstart by watching non-franchise movies starring very high profile actors like George Clooney, Robert De Niro, and Tom Hanks. I believe 90s-00s films were the most honest about how people are and that's why I recommend that time slot specifically.

  • I said it once, I'll say it again. Learn and review some math. It's so damn crucial to computer science and lots of other faculties if you choose to transfer/dual major. The average calculus mark is a mid 60, yet so many degrees/majors are barred if you score under 75% or 85% in calculus. Don't let yourself be in a situation where you're forced to do a 5th year because your calculus mark wasn't good enough.

  • If you had no hobbies in high school, the summer is the best time to pick something up. Your summer is at least 2 months long, 60 days. If you find 2 hours a day to practice/learn some easy hobby, you'll have something to impress people with when you arrive to your dorm and you'll have something to pass the time on days where your bored and your friends all have midterms. Really easy, cheap, and impressive hobbies to pursue can be things like card tricks (and magic in general), sports like basketball or volleyball, photography (okay maybe not impressive AND cheap if your phone is over 3 years old but it's just one idea). Go search on askreddit for easy/cheap hobby threads if none of these are interesting you to you, there's a thousand suggestions on there.

  • This isn't academics, but it's incredibly relevant to you since you're pursuing compsci. If you're trying to become a software engineer, you need to understand that you're going to be a tiny fish in a ginormous pond where everyone will have stuff on their resume. Since you're not at an Ivy league-tier institution nor at Waterloo, just having high grades won't cut it. It's important that you start building your resume yesterday. This is a beautiful post I saw a while ago, I've had it saved even though it's not step-by-step applicable to me. Read it, understand it, and follow it. THIS is how you get a $150K USD software engineering job at Google or Microsoft or Apple:

  • Develop a thick skin. If you're a libtard, watch FULL videos of Ben Shapiro explaining his points. You don't need to agree with it but you should at least be able to understand where he's coming from so you understand where your opposing peers next year will be coming from. If you're a cuckservative, look for the smart people that give outrageous dumb soundbites (your media exposes you to a lot of them) and watch full talks by those people and understand where they're coming from for the same reason. Outrage culture isn't as bad in Canada as it is in the USA, but there's still a fair number of morons on both sides of the aisle here so you'll want to prepare yourself ahead of time so they're not a surprise to you.

  • Work out. If you're a fat guy, do cardio, lose some weight while building muscle. If you're a skinny guy, do cardio, gain some weight while building muscle. If you're in the middle, I'm jealous of you and still do cardio and build some muscle. If you're a girl, same thing as the last sentence but replace guy with girl. No, you won't look like Jay Cutler or Chyna after one (or even multiple) summers of lifting unless you're taking supplements, probably roids, and spending hundreds of hours a year lifting and researching nutrition/bodybuilding plans. It's good to be healthy, it's good to be fit, and it's a habit that thousands of extraordinarily successful people recommend. A summer is enough time to build a habit, a habit will turn into a discipline, and that discipline will help you spawn discipline in other subjects while making you healthy and good looking at the same time.

  • There's going to be lots of times where you have trouble understanding people. Maybe your technical-writing professor has a super thick Mongolian accent. Maybe you're at a party with loud bumping music and you're trying to talk to a cute guy/girl. Or, maybe you're talking to a guy with the worst case of Scarborough mandem-talk. This won't help as much for that last case, but something that helped me with situations like this is toss on really unintelligible rap-music or soca and try your hardest to follow along with the lyrics. Eventually you'll get good at it, and likewise you'll be able to easier understand people who don't talk like you.

    I'll come back later to update this post; got some stuff in runescape I must attend to now. If you've got any questions, ask and I'll respond. If it's case-specific or personal, you can PM me and I'll be helpful, honest, and descriptive. And if anyone has any criticism, I'm more than happy to defend any of my suggestions.

    EDIT: More advice!:

  • If you're coming to Western with a friend as your roommate, consider planning to throw a party early into the year. I'm not saying to host Western's next Project X themed party, but it's really easy to make friends if you throw on chill party-vibes music and invite your whole floor to come over to your room/suite. Personally I wouldn't recommend doing much that could break rez rules since you haven't established a relationship with your future RA yet (so don't have a beerpong table out and if you have drinks, be discrete and especially don't share during O-Week). I'm not advocating you do this during O-Week since it is a dry week, but when I was a soph, I did let it slip that that was the best time to meet as many of your floormates as possible ;)

  • This is really a big me thing, but I spent a week in the summer looking for the pencil and now I have a pencil that I've exclusively used for anything writing. Never broken down once! You're gonna do a lot of writing so you might as well find a really comfy pencil :) I recommend the Uni Kuru Toga. They're somewhat pricy, but imo it was a great investment on my part.

  • If you've spent the last 12 years studying at home, schedule 3 consecutive 8-hour day this summer to read an acclaimed college prep book. You're gonna have at least one bad week where you'll have 4 midterms when everyone else is having fun. You should know how to study in a public space since you may have to do that one day.
u/thewanderingway · 10 pointsr/breakingbad

Really good work.

If I can give some suggestions, I know mechanical pencils are kind of ubiquitous in schools, but I would try drawing more with thicker leads. Wooden pencils, woodless pencils, or staedtler mechanical pencils will help you with form and depth. Also using different lead types can help you in the long run. You seem to have a heavy hand (or really dark lead, going to guess it's 2B), playing around with 2H lead might help you save more time of drawing and erasing. (If you want more info let me know, I'm going to stop here because I feel like I'm rambling).

Keep at it, and never fall into the trap of being insecure about your work.

u/darth_hotdog · 10 pointsr/mildlyinteresting

>2) Someone mentioned Black Wing pencils being expensive, which are those and why were they expensive?

There's two types, the original which are expensive because they're discontinued so people are hording the last available and selling them for hundreds of dollars:

And then a company bought the rights to that type of pencil and tried to recreate them, but I think they're a bit different, some say not as good, but I have no idea I've never used either of them:

u/imreallynotthatcool · 9 pointsr/drawing
u/Uncle_Erik · 9 pointsr/pencils

I'm a huge fan of the Pentel Sharp Kerry. I have had one for over 20 years (back when it was called the 5) and it has held up and performed beautifully. You won't find another pencil with a cap, either.

u/UnderwaterTelephone · 9 pointsr/malefashionadvice

I have been down that road. Trust me, it is not worth it. First of all, you don't need to have multiple pens and mechanical pencils on you at all times. You are probably really prone to losing them, as I was, so you think you need a bunch.

Instead, get a single, nicer pen or pencil and keep it in a bag. Since it is the only one you have and it cost four freaking dollars you won't lose it.

Also, strongly consider ditching the lanyard. You will not look back on it fondly.

u/HMS_Hexapuma · 9 pointsr/EDC

Interesting challenge! Of course, EDC depends on your personal needs and I'm going to assume you're in the US since you're making the challenge in Dollars. Unless informed otherwise I'm going to assume I don't need to buy a watch.

Arc lighter - I don't smoke but it's always good to be able to make fire - $10.99

Travelambo RFID shielded slim wallet - I insist on RFID shielding these days! - $14.99

Jackery mini battery bank - I always carry power these days - $11.99

Now I want a charging cable bracelet but I don't know which phone you have. Either the MicroUSB version or the Lightning version
$1 - $3

Staedtler Mars 780 Technical Mechanical Pencil - I love these because they have an inbuilt sharpener and a more substantial lead - $9.04

CRKT Journeyer - You have to have a knife and this is a good budget model. I would prefer the straight blade version but this one is cheaper - $26.87

NiteCore Tube - You can't have an EDC without a lightsource - $9.25

Rite in the Rain All-Weather Soft Cover Pocket Notebook, 3 1/2" x 5" - I know Fieldnotes are the gold standard, but I like a waterproof notebook - $7.40

Total = $94 (Roughly)

u/dinosaurmachine · 9 pointsr/DnD Blackwings. Read somewhere they were the best pencil, and my wife got them for me for Christmas. They are definitely awesome.

u/The_Gleam · 9 pointsr/pics

In his defense fountain pens are awesome!

My personal favorite starter pen

My favorite pencil

u/Winged_Waffle · 9 pointsr/mechanicalpencils

Oh boy. That's the Rotring 600. Probably the go to recommendation of this sub.

u/iguy2345 · 8 pointsr/mechanicalpencils

I am assuming you mean .7 mm lead size.

The Uni Kuru Toga starter set is a good option with extra lead and erasers along with the Kuru Toga pencil that has a rotating lead mechanism to keep the lead thickness consistent.
Amazon link

If you want a large eraser, the Pentel Twist Erase has the largest common mechanical pencil eraser.
Amazon link

If you hate when your lead breaks get the Zebra Delguard. This pencil has a unique mechanism that protects your lead and makes sure it doesn't break when writing.
Amazon link

For a pencil that has stood the test of time, the Pentel Sharp is a standard, no-frills, basic mechanical pencil.
Amazon link

Otherwise go to for an excellent selection of mechanical pencils

u/Morophin3 · 7 pointsr/GetStudying

I use 3x5 cards. I also keep them in a pile for each subject. After a lot of them get stacked up or the semester is over, I put them in ziplock bags and put them together with my notebooks in a box for future reference if I need it. Btw I just use regular composition notebooks for notes (graph paper ones for math), these pencils and these pens. I just have a few of them and buy the refill packs instead of all new pens. I'm not sure why Amazon only seems to have them by the dozen and doesn't have the 2 packs.

u/spling44 · 7 pointsr/math

This beautiful Uni Mechanical pencil with the "Kurutoga engine." This rotates your lead a few degrees each time you lift the pencil off the paper, which results in an awesome consistent line weight and eliminates the "broad-siding" of the lead. Paired with these fantastic leads and I haven't accidentally broken a lead while writing since September.

u/porkbullet · 7 pointsr/EDC

Korutoga by Uni. Metal body, 0.5mm lead, and probably one of the best functioning mechanical pencils around. Sharpens the lead as you write.

u/Jlocke98 · 7 pointsr/EngineeringStudents

they have it on amazon for cheaper. kuru toga roulette: accept no substitutes.

u/SWIMMlNG · 7 pointsr/mechanicalpencils

Pencil shown is a Uni Kuru Toga M510171P.43, ordered from

u/ArtAndCraftBeers · 7 pointsr/mildlyinfuriating

In case you haven't seen the u/chicklepip rewarded rant on this issue:

>Can we talk about the Dixon Ticonderoga for a minute?

>It is, by far, the best pencil on the market. And let me tell you why: because the little nub of rubber on top of it actually erases things. I'm sure that other pencils had this feature too, long ago, but at some point in history, pencilmakers everywhere decided that instead of a useful eraser, what consumers really wanted on top of their pencil was a shitty little piece of plastic that left a pinkish, streaky mess all over the paper.

>But not Dixon. The Ticonderoga still can actually erase. And for that, I salute you, Dixon.

>EDIT: Thanks for the gold. But for less than the price of reddit gold, you could have bought a fresh, new pack of Ticonderogas and almost had enough money left over for another fresh, new pack of Ticonderogas.

>EDIT 2: Lots of people trashing the Ticonderoga and trying to push the Palamaladingdong Black Wing 602. These cost $1.90 per pencil. And that is ridiculous. The good people at Dixon aren't going to rip you off like that. And you know what? They make a black Ticonderoga that is equally sexy, IF NOT SEXIER, than the Black Wing 602. AND a black Ticonderoga will only run you about 21 cents per pencil, which is a much better deal.

>EDIT 3: Some people are trying to push mechanical pencils. Sure, people can use those. Mechanical pencils are all well and good. But here is why the Dixon Ticonderoga is better than any mechanical pencil.

>#1. The Ticonderoga has its graphite embedded inside of it. This guarantees that the graphite will never slip up inside of the pencil body if you press down too hard, which tends to happen frequently with low-end mechanical pencils. It may happen less frequently with high-grade ones, but it will never happen with a Ticonderoga.

>#2. You must sharpen the Ticonderoga. Some people may think that this is a weakness, but I assure you that it is a strength. After writing a few pages, you'll see that your once-sharp tip is now a dull nub. It's a fine indication of all of the work you've done thus far. That dull nub tells you that you've accomplished something. And once you've sharpened it and started writing again? Boy oh boy, there is no finer feeling that using a freshly-sharpened pencil.

>#3. Sharpening the Ticonderoga releases a delectable wood scent into the air. The wood used in Dixon brand Ticonderogas is of a high quality, and is pleasant to smell. This cannot be achieved while using a mechanical pencil without also purchasing some sort of artificial wood scent spray.

>#4. The Ticonderoga is made of wood. This means that the pencil is always pleasant to the touch. It has a solid, natural feel to it, which you can't get with low-grade mechanical pencils, which are made of plastic. High-end mech pencils tend to be metal. When I wake up first thing in the morning, and grab one of my several Ticonderogas to start the day's crossword puzzle, do you know what I don't feel? The biting cold of a metallic pencil body against my fingers. What a way to ruin a perfectly good morning.

>EDIT 4: If anyone from the good people at Dixon are reading this: I would love some free pencils.

>EDIT 5: The good folks at Dixon just contacted me and are going to send me a box of sweet, sweet Ticonderogas. Either that, or I just gave my home address to a random redditor. In either case, I'll let you guys know when they get here.

>EDIT 6: They came! Thanks, Dixon!

>Just for the record, I don't work for Dixon, nor did anyone from their company ask me to make any of these posts. I'm just a simple man who loves good-quality, affordable pencils.

u/DarkDevildog · 6 pointsr/blackmagicfuckery

Can be found here for those interested

u/omccloud · 6 pointsr/pencils

Welcome my friend, my only real advice is don't let it become an obsession, at the end if the day, the lead you choose has a far larger impact on your writing enjoyment. Getting that out of the way, I highly recommend the pentel kerry. It has the unique design of being a capped mechanical pencil which makes it completely pocket safe yet has a fixed sleeve so there is no tip wobble when being used. I find that for everyday use, 0.5 mm lead in grade B (which is slightly softer then the common HB (aka #2) grade) is a solid choice because it puts down a slightly darker line. I have had my Kerry for 11 years now and I had to get it repaired once due to my own fault. Pentel repaired it free of cost in one week.

I also suggest a Lamy Scribble if you prefer 0.7 mm lead size. It has a great feel to it, though is slightly thicker than the Kerry. There is something special about the scribble that just makes you want to pick it up and start writing with it. I will say that I do find lead breakage in the advance mechanism of the scribble more often than the Kerry.

Both are great pencils and you can't go wrong with either of them for everyday use.

Let me know if you have any questions, I would be glad to recommend some others if neither of those fit your fancy.

u/Evayne · 6 pointsr/learnart

These are stupidly amazing. I kept seeing them mentioned everywhere, so I decided to pick one up (plus a sharpener which they call 'lead pointer' and some different grade leads). I don't think I'll ever use another pencil again unless I need a specific grade they don't make.

These have a nice weight in your hand, you can sharpen them to a needle tip easily without ever experiencing any breakage, you can turn them on their side to shade large areas, you don't have to deal with wood shavings, and the graphite is super high quality and always constant.

I've purchased 3 more since that first one.

Also a good tip: the lead refills come with differently colored caps (2B is purple, HB black, etc). You can pull the original cap off a pencil and replace it with the color cap of the lead you're going to put in it, so you always know which pencil hosts which grade lead.

u/wlc · 6 pointsr/sandiego

Awesome, /u/Runaway_5.

I recently picked up a bunch of Ticonderoga #2 pencils to donate to my local school. The teachers really like the pencils because they have quality lead that doesn't constantly break, and they sharpen nicely. The erasers also work better than the smudgy ones cheap pencils have. (I'm not calling the ones in the photo cheap). If anyone is interested in buying them to donate to Vic or anyone else, they're on sale right now at Walmart:

96CT for $6.92, so around 7 cents a pencil for good quality pencils

EDIT: Amazon also has them on sale

u/Autolycus25 · 6 pointsr/Atlanta

You should seriously consider swapping that drafting pencil for a Uni-ball Kuru Toga. Auto lead rotation really does help.

u/perfextiiion · 6 pointsr/stationery

Have some stuff Muji coming in as well but decided to post now :)

List of items - Uni Kuru Toga Roulette:

Tombow Mono Graph:

Arch Eraser:

Shitajiki Writing Board:

Pilot Hi-Tec-C Maica:

Pilot G-Tec-C Gel Pen:

Mono Eraser:

Kokuyo Campus Loose Leaf Paper:

Stalogy A6 Editors Notebook:

Kokuyo Campus Notebook Set:

Rotring 600:

Kiki’s Delivery Service Kuru Toga Pencil:

Pilot Hi-Tec-C:

u/Sypheck · 5 pointsr/graphic_design

Flicknm's comment really need more upvotes. For a graphic designer you can never go wrong with books about design whether its about becoming a designer, books about a specific designer, or simply reference books on stuff like logos/typography/print/websites. Books are probably the best gift you can give to any designer, pro or student.

However a tablet isn't a bad idea as someone already mentioned. If she's got strong artistic ability (drawing/painting at a professional level) an intuous4 would not be a bad choice and would be a valuable tool for years to come. However if she does not feel like venturing into stuff like digital painting or simply doesn't have profound drawing ability a bamboo is more than she'll ever need and also pretty cheap and extremely versatile.

As a student she'll eventually explore packaging design or have to create physical mock-ups so perhaps a set of quality tools like exacto knives with a couple different blades (next to the standard blade I use scoring blades a lot for thick material), large self-healing cutting mat, folding bone for perfect creases on paper (these days you see some with added features like a cutting blade), large metal straight edge ideal for cutting (with corked back), long reach stapler, spray mount, super glue, and my personal best friend: the lead holder (also referred to as a clutch pencil) with a sharpener for it. All of this along with a drafting table will always be useful.

If she doesn't own a wide format printer and you feel she might like the convenience of one I highly recommend an Epson Stylus R1400 printer. I often see these on sale with rebates which will lower the overall cost to $200ish however that's kinda based on luck. It prints great pictures as big as 13x19 inches (great for poster or magazine spread mock-ups). A very handy but rarely used feature it has that made me look like a fucking superstar in classes is its ability to print labels on printable CDs. However, as great as this feature is it takes a bit of experimentation to get the alignment right and to be able to print as close to the border of the CD as possible. This feature is also a huge ink-guzzler but prints beautifully (always use max settings or else colors will look faded). Printable CDs can come in both Matte and Glossy finishes (I'm particularly fond of Taiyo Yuden Watershield CDs).

If your girlfriend happens to enjoy PC games then a gaming mouse could potentially be a fantastic gift. I'd recommend something along the lines of Logitech's G700 gaming mouse. Reason I recommend a gaming mouse is because you can record keystrokes and assign those macros to any of the additional buttons making any work on common programs like Illustrator/Photoshop/In-Design a lot more streamlined. This particular mouse can record up to 5 different profiles at once so she can have her favorite keyboard shortcuts macro'd for pretty much all her favorite programs. This mouse also works as both wired and wireless (which I'd NEVER recommend for gaming lol) and uses a rechargable AA battery and has a little compartment in there for the wireless reciever. Basically this mouse is a godsend to me but even as just a mouse for design work I think its pretty awesome. I highly recommend Logitech products since they're very well made and have great customer service.

Someone already mentioned it but sketchbooks are always nice, as a student I noticed a lot of people weren't into the habit of planning designs on pencil and paper, if she's one of those people then she really needs to change that and have something like a moleskine sketchbook or some other form of sketch diary (get a nice hardcovered one). You can have all the best technology in the world but nothing will ever trump the mighty pencil (again I highly recommend a clutch pencil) since this is where all design HAS TO begin. If she already does that and happens to like drawing I'd look into an Earthbound sketchbook or other equivalent. Basically this is just a sketchbook that has recycled toned (brown) pages which makes it great for adding highlights on drawings with a white colored pencil or gel pen. The norm for designers is almost always plain & gridded Moleskine sketchbooks though. I've seen other sketch diaries that have a dot grid on them which I'd love on a moleskine but I don't think they have anything outside a normal grid sketchbook.

There's also other gimmicky crap out there for graphic designers however I'm just listing stuff that are actually useful and can be appreciated. You can probably just cruise around r/design and r/graphic_design to see those things since that's all I ever tend to see from those subreddits these days.

Hopefully this helps.

u/Mirror_Sybok · 5 pointsr/mechanicalpencils

In that case it might interest you to know that Pentel Kerries are on sale half off on Amazon right now!

u/TCMGhost · 5 pointsr/EDC

If you don't need a metal body I recommend one of these.

Pentel Sharp Kerry Automatic Pencil, 0.5mm Lead Size, Black Barrel, 1 Each (P1035A)

I carry this, a Fisher space pen, and a Kaweco Lilliput. They are all very close in size with the Kerry being a little longer when capped.

u/sailerboy · 5 pointsr/AskEngineers

Can't believe no one mentioned the zebra m-301 (amazon link).

Solid feel, has some weight so it sits in your hand nicely, $16 (w/ shipping) for 12 pencils and durable (I have one going on 1.5 yrs like a champ). Enough quality to be a daily user but cheap enough you don't fret if you loose one.

u/AnotherSoulessGinger · 5 pointsr/rupaulsdragrace

They are just really good ones. And they are BLENDABLE !

u/LittleHelperRobot · 5 pointsr/EDC


^That's ^why ^I'm ^here, ^I ^don't ^judge ^you. ^PM ^/u/xl0 ^if ^I'm ^causing ^any ^trouble. ^WUT?

u/Battler14 · 5 pointsr/Journaling

I usually use a pilot metropolitan fountain pen, but of late I have been really enjoying my Uni KuruToga pencil. It rotates the lead every time you press the pencil to paper, and I enjoy the hell out of that for whatever reason.

*edit to add that I am left-handed as well, so I understand your pains.

u/OwThatHertz · 5 pointsr/fountainpens

I'd love to hear what other folks are using. Ideally, I'd like a case that can fit a total of 16-20 fountain pens, but hopefully with a smaller footprint. The 96-slot Global Art Leather Pencil Case is almost perfect... but they changed their design since I bought mine and they now have only one loop per slot instead of two. (I utilize both loops for smaller things, like pencil leads, wax stamps, etc.)

My current case contains the following items, but as you can see I'm just about out of room!


Side A: Pencils


  1. rOtring 800 in .05
  2. Uni Kuru Toga Pipe Slide in .05 with red nano dia lead
  3. Uni Kuru Toga Pipe Slide in .05 with blue nano dia lead
  4. Uni Kuru Toga Pipe Slide in .05 with green nano dia lead
  5. Erasers: refills for the General Pencil Co. Factis BM-2 mechanical erasers, plus some for the Kuru Toga
  6. A pair of General Pencil Co. Factis BM-2 mechanical erasers (a nice, thin eraser capable of area or detail erasing)
  7. Extra red, green, and blue Uni nano dia lead
  8. Extra black Uni nano dia lead (in a spare Pentel container)
  9. Alumicolor 6" engineer pocket scale, standard (used as a straight edge)
  10. Heavy-duty X-Acto Gripster knife


    Side B: Fountain Pens


  11. Noodler's Neponset Ebonite Flex in black, filled with Noodler's Apache Sunset
  12. TWSBI Eco in black, filled with Jacques Herbin 1670 Emerald of Chivor
  13. Jinhao X750 in Black Night Sky, filled with Jacques Herbin 1670 Stormy Grey
  14. Jinhao X750 in Lava Red, filled with Diamine Sherwood Green
  15. Jinhao X750 in Black Frost Black, filled with Rohrer & Klingner Alt-Goldgrun
  16. Jinhao X750 in Black Night Sky, filled with Noodler's Blue Ghost
  17. An inexpensive atomizer (used for fine control when creating ink splatters)
  18. Pilot Plumix, filled with Noodler's Firefly
  19. Noodler's Charlie (not sold; comes free with 4.5 oz Noodler's inks), filled with Pilot Iroshizuku Yama-Budo
u/Lgc98 · 5 pointsr/fountainpens

It’s actually my go to mechanical pencil, the rOtring 600!

u/RacistPasta · 5 pointsr/CalPoly
u/cromonolith · 5 pointsr/UofT

This is the one you want:

There are two groups of people in the world: people who think this is the best mechanical pencil ever made, and people who've never used one.

I think I paid $50 for mine, and if I somehow lost it I wouldn't think twice about paying that much again.

u/denniskempin · 5 pointsr/chromeos

I have recently ordered a bunch off Amazon and tested them. I found these two to work well:

Wacom Bamboo Stylus for Galaxy Note:

Samsung S-Pencil:

My personal favorite is the S-Pencil, both because it reminds me of my childhood, and also because of the smooth tip.

u/archaeo_logical · 4 pointsr/BuyItForLife
u/TSeyf · 4 pointsr/DnD

Not exactly an unpopular opinion but Ticonderoga #2 is my favorite pencil, easy to sharpen, good erasers. Pentel high-polymers erase really well; if you don't go too hard with the lead they basically erase your paper back to white.

u/shittery · 4 pointsr/pencils

Try the graph gear 1000. It's made of metal with a retractable tip and feels great on the hand. its $10.06 at Amazon with prime. Probably the best pencil on the market for the price.

u/Keavon · 4 pointsr/CalPoly

Zebra M-301 (0.5mm) is the pencil. You will never use another pencil in your life. Here's a twelve-pack which will last you a lifetime.

u/gor_gor · 4 pointsr/EngineeringStudents

I've been trying to justify one of these, myself.

u/ImALittleCrackpot · 4 pointsr/mechanicalpencils

Check out the Alvin Draft/Matic. It comes in lead sizes from 0.3mm up to 0.9mm.

u/Offish · 4 pointsr/BuyItForLife

I bought the Alvin draft-matic after doing some research, and it feels very well made, though slightly different in style. I haven't had it long enough to endorse it as BIFL, but it's another option to consider.

u/uirockstar · 4 pointsr/pens

Cheap and good: Staedtler 925: 3-pack of 0.3mm, 0.5mm, and 0.7mm for $20. Individually sold at art/stationary stores for $5-$10 each.

The metal version by Pentel: GraphGear 500: 4-pack of 0.3mm, 0.5mm, 0.7mm and 0.9mm for $20. Individually sold at stores for $10-$20 each. They're okay, and people like the metal look, but I prefer the Staedtler.

The good stuff: rOtring. rOtring 600: $23. rOtring 800: $50.

I haven't tried the rOtring pencils myself; I've heard they're good, but I've been pretty happy with the Staedtlers. Although they're the cheapest I mentioned, they're also very comfortable and reliable. I've never had one fail (I have had Pentel pencils fail, including but not limited to the ones I linked), and I've been using them for years.

Make sure you get a decent mechanical eraser to go with them. A Tombow MONO zero in an amazing eraser for the details, and a Sanford Paper Mate Tuff Stuff is good for everything else. Buy an extra pack of the refills and you're good for a while. Note: Do not buy the Sanford eraser for more than $5. The price on Amazon right now is ridiculous. The Tombow is a little more pricy; $5-$10 is fair for it.

u/auser123455 · 4 pointsr/EngineeringStudents

Pentel and Uni ... peasants. Best one I’ve found also not on a college budget

u/ProfessorNoobster · 4 pointsr/mechanicalpencils

Best price for the Rotring 800 was in the middle of July during Prime Day, about 20 dollars from Amazon and another 3rd party seller. I got mine around that time.


Edit: Proof on CamelCamelCamel

u/freerider · 3 pointsr/ArtisanVideos

How is this better than this?

u/Rabirius · 3 pointsr/architecture

Personally, I'm much more a fan of a good lead holder. Staedtler makes one that i've used for years. Just be sure to get the accompanying sharpener. If you remove the clip, you can rotate in your fingers as you draw a line to get very crisp, neat linework. Lineweight is determined by the hardness of the lead you use.

Otherwise, you may want to wait until you enter school. Each program tends to have its own idiosyncratic preferences for graphics and drafting techniques.

u/professorpan · 3 pointsr/EngineeringStudents

Ok, this is what got me through engineering undergrad:

  • A zipper binder. Carry all your notebooks and writing utensils and a calculator.

  • Similar to your notebook choice: Wirebound + 3-hole notebook so it goes in your zipper binder. One for each note-taking class.

  • Binder 3-hole punch, if when you get handouts in class that you want to put in your notebooks chronologically, but hasn't been punched.

  • Hole protectors. You'll need them. Trust me.

  • 0.3mm lead is a lot easier to come by than 0.2mm. Get a good 0.3mm drafting pencil instead. Get a good eraser too - don't get used to using the shitting pencil-tip erasers. A bonus to using non-standard lead pencils - people are much less likely to bum lead off you.

  • Scientific calculator. You really don't need a graphing calculator, in my experience. Anything beyond a Scientific calculator you can do it on Mathematica or MatLab or Maple or whatever your school provides on their computer labs. Look through this list and choose one, because you'll eventually use that on your FE/PE exams, and it's better to walk into those exams with 4 years of experience on your calculator already.

  • Eventually you'll be printing out your résumé, and shitty computer paper isn't going to do it. Don't shell out for stupid "résumé paper", I have a whole rant about that and the paper industry's creation of fictitious product demands, but that's another story. Make your résumé professional, concise, and elegant (good résumé-writing is worth another lengthy discussion), and then print it out on some cardstock - a bit firmer, a bit more professional than crappy computer paper.

    All of this will probably fit in your cool zipper binder.

    This was kinda fun, actually.
u/Imnobodyx · 3 pointsr/EDC

Sorry, just got home.

-Leather Wallet

-Moleskine Notebook*

-Pencil and Pen

-Casio G-Shock Watch

-Nite-Ize Key Organizer

-Knife made by LumaForce

-Key chain: PNY 16GB Flash Drive, Duct Tape Cylinder, Swiss Army Classic Pocket Knife, Keychain Light

I usually carry all this on my person and have a full sized light and first-aid kit in my pack.

u/zoticus4me · 3 pointsr/pens
u/The_Smurff · 3 pointsr/gif

Looks to me like Pentel GraphGear 500. It's not too expensive compared to others, but it's entry level for nice drafting pencils.

u/hate_picking_names · 3 pointsr/EDC

Pentel Sharp Kerry

Nice compact pencil that has a cap like a pen so it doesn't pike you. Fairly cheap too.

u/ChuckUFarly · 3 pointsr/EDC

I can't recommend the Pentel Sharp Kerry enough.

It has a cap so no lead or pointy ends poking you when it's in a front or back pocket. It's shorter in the capped configuration and longer with it open and writing with the cap on the back. It has an eraser in the cap and advances the lead when you push on the end, even with the cap on the back. It writes fantastic, feels nice, and it's the first .05mm I've owned that wasn't snapping leads every five seconds. It's very well designed, all metal construction and surprisingly inexpensive for what you get.

u/yayagomo · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

FELIZ KAIK DAI!!! Sorry about your sorta depressing birthday, but I hope you make the best of your situation!

  1. Beermaking kit for you,

  2. This super cool mechanical pencil Ive been wanting for a while...

  3. welcome home

  4. Funny because I'm also going to move to a boarding school on the other side of the world from where I live now (with my parents) in a month. Its different because I'm still 14, but PM me with tips and I'll be happy to share stories!

u/Pufflekun · 3 pointsr/classicrage

I actually just ordered a pencil with a cap. It's pretty cool that the button on the cap pushes down on the button to advance the lead, so you can use the pencil with or without the cap on.

u/frankw438 · 3 pointsr/EDC
u/britishben · 3 pointsr/BuyItForLife

The term for them is "lead holder". The one /u/mechtech recommended is the top of the line, but I've had one of these for 10 years now without an issue.

Also, try using a heavier weight of graphite if you're having a lot of problems with breaking - it will give you lighter marks, but if you're just using it as a temporary mark that's probably not an issue.

u/Z0MBGiEF · 3 pointsr/u_Z0MBGiEF

Every time I post a drawing, I always get a couple of PMs with people asking me what I use to draw. For my le'reddit doodles, I keep it pretty simple:

  • Pencil:Straedtler Mars 780 Technical Mechanical Pencil I use HB lead almost exclusively for sketching the layout before I go to inks.

  • Pens: Sakura "Microns" These have been my go to inking pens for years, they're a tried and true champ and they're pretty cheap. There's a lot of milliners out there but these are my favorites by far. For the reddit doodles I really only use the 08, 05, and 01 for the really fine lines.

  • Sharpies and other stuff: I use a lot of Sharpies because they're cheap, typically just to do the thick black lines and fill in the big black spaces. However I also use a Sharpie White Paint Marker for reverse inking and minor corrections as well as Presto Correction Pens.

u/Volopok · 3 pointsr/engineering

Ticonderoga HB 2 It says it's "The worlds best pencil" soo yeah.

I use this to sharpen it.

u/richalex2010 · 3 pointsr/shutupandtakemymoney

Amazon too. Seriously great pencils, as long as you have a decent sharpener that won't break the lead; the erasers are the best I've ever encountered.

u/redditor99880 · 3 pointsr/mechanicalpencils

Next time make requests in the dedicated thread.

You should check out the pentel graph 1000 for pro. I view it as a upgraded version of the GG, minus the retractable tip:

u/Epicseaflapflap · 3 pointsr/mechanicalpencils

The price has been marked up a bit,

Also, this pencil took some time to ship. 1 day before the final delivery date.

u/SirJediPanda · 3 pointsr/pics

It's a powerful pen. I think you can order them off amazon? I bought it a while ago though and can't recall if I bought it through them

u/limejotter54 · 3 pointsr/pencils

The Staedtler 925 25-05 and Pilot S20 are loads better than the GG1000 IMO unless you want the retractable tip.

u/popomcpumpkins · 3 pointsr/TheLastAirbender

Seriously great! Also, speaking as a colored pencil person, buy these pencils! They give colored pencil work so much life and will make your already fantastic drawing even better. You just "color" over your picture to blend everything and make it more even. Again though, nice work (and I love Zuko :))!

u/emgeebee · 3 pointsr/EngineeringStudents

Just picked this up. The body is plastic but the grip and tip are aluminium, and it seems to write well in the few days that I've used it so far. Tiny little eraser, but I normally carry a mars plastic eraser around.

u/RiteInTheRain_NB · 3 pointsr/notebooks

/u/Grep2grok's point about the speed of lectures is certainly worth considering. I'd parrot his pencil recommendation. For a premium pencil, I'd recommend any of the following:

u/extants · 3 pointsr/engineering

A nice set of calipers, or micrometers could be a gift that would last decades, but a quality set will run you at least a few hundred.

If this engineer does a lot of CAD work, you might consider a 3D mouse? $115 for this guy , but man I cant imagine doing design work without it now.

A nice Kuru Toga mechanical pencil is also great for drafting and pretty inexpensive.

u/mkestrada · 3 pointsr/EngineeringStudents

Some good writing implements will be useful, you'll be doing a lot of writing in the next four year.

some of my favorites are:

Kuru-Toga Roulette

Pentel GraphGear 1000

or, If you want to kill 5 birds with one stone, the Uni-Jestream 4&1 is a solid choice.

u/Bro_Sam · 3 pointsr/mildlyinfuriating

I use a pencil that rotates the tip as it writes so that you get a conical shape at the tip of the lead. It helps prevent breaking. The most common cause for lead breaking I think is when you use just one side so it becomes a triangle wedge and when you spin it around to even it out it breaks. See Amazon link here. Keep in mind I've been able to find some at local stores for about $5 per pencil. I also don't lose mine, so that justifies the higher price imo.

u/Xtinguish · 3 pointsr/BuyItForLife

I'm actually talking about this one

u/InboxZero · 3 pointsr/EDC

The Kuro Toga is my favorite. the tip auto rotates as your write to always keep a sharp point.

u/Rofl2themao · 3 pointsr/EngineeringStudents

Paper doesn't matter much to me I just like off-white paper. However, I do like to have a nicer pencil. The one I currently like is this one most people might see it as pricey for a pencil though. Like all supplies it is a preference. Try things out find what you like but, do not think too hard about it. You'll have a much better time thinking about other things like reading a chapter from your textbooks so lecture isn't your first exposure. Coming from someone who use to obsess over things like this vs my actual course work.

u/limegreenlantern · 3 pointsr/pencils

The most popular option would be the rOtring 800.
Though TWSBI Precision could be a cheaper alternative (I haven't hold one of this, so I can't say how heavy/sturdy it feels)
Maybe you could be interested in a lead holder as well? I personaly love my Staedtler 2.0mm Silver Series if line weight is not an issue at least.

u/Dr-Lipschitz · 3 pointsr/mechanicalpencils

The only place on the page it says used is the "used & new from $22.17", which means that you can get it used for cheaper if you want. this one itself is unused

*EDIT* if you go to it clearly marks the $28.49 one from amazon as new

u/IsAnAlpaca · 3 pointsr/UIUC

Some of us engineers care about our pencils! Especially if it's a Rotring 800

u/EvilDoesIt · 3 pointsr/flashlight

You might be thinking of the 800, that one has the retractable tip and can be had for ~$35.

Amazon has the black 0.5mm 600s for $17 right now.

rOtring 600 0.5mm Black Barrel Mechanical Pencil (1904443)

u/azucenessa · 3 pointsr/stylus

You need a Wacom EMR pen/Samsung S Pen
So you can either purchase one from one of the OEM's like

u/kwed76 · 3 pointsr/chromeos

The included stylus doesn't have buttons. I have a class set of them. Just a standard stylus. There is one on Amazon
Staedtler Noris Digital Samsung Pencil, EMR Technology, Yellow Black (GP-U999ERIPAAB)

I hear it's good. I haven't bought it. I have an old pen cased stylus from my note pro 12.2 that I use.

u/aaronhong13 · 3 pointsr/GalaxyNote8

For anyone wanting one of these things of beauty.

u/digitizerstylus · 3 pointsr/stylus

There's the Staedler pencil which is getting excellent reviews, although I haven't tried it personally. There's the Tab S3 pen which is very good and a little larger than the "toothpick" pens. I personally use a Wacom Bamboo Feel but they don't seem to be available any more for a reasonable price. They were $30-$40, and now they're going for $100-$400...

u/watterott · 3 pointsr/androidtablets

The S Pen that comes with the Tab S3 is actually very comfortable. It should work well with the Tab A as well. Another option you can try is the Norris Digital -

u/Triguy72 · 2 pointsr/drawing

Nothing wrong with a mechanical pencil, there is a difference though. The lead in a mechanical pencil is a lot thinner than a #2hb pencil an makes it very easy to break. When I'm drawing with pencil, or a clutch mechanical pencil, I use the side of the lead to lay down lead without cutting into the paper. This makes it easier to erase and shade large areas. Your work is really good, but lack a darker value that would make your drawings more depth.

The graphite is actually a mixture of graphite and clay. The more graphite the harder it gets and vice versa. You only need 3 different lead HB, 2B, and 6B.

u/halberdierbowman · 2 pointsr/CrappyDesign

As an architecture student, I used lead holders which usually had sharpeners instead of or in addiition to erasers, that came off. Of course using a dedicated lead pointer (sharpener) was usually better and easier, but for portability it wasn't necessary. Here's what I mean, and leads and the lead pointer are in the "people also bought" box if you want to see those too: example product

They're so well designed and hidden though that lots of people didn't even notice (or read the directions).

u/The_Great_I_Am_Not · 2 pointsr/Drama

The only worthwhile writing instruments for anyone who isn't an astronaut, and who still has to write anything in this digital age.

u/downhillcarver · 2 pointsr/EDC


I sure do love my pens and my engineering paper! I am not a drafting student, though I did take an engineering graphics course in college, which covered drafting. The ability to draw nice schematics has come in very handy in life.

Those Rotorings look nice! Too bad about the price and the plastic innards. I really like my Pentel Graphgear 500 0.3mm, it's plastic with a metal tip, and the 0.4mm extension to the metal tip strengthens the lead and allows you to see exactly where you're drawing. My only complaint is the sorry excuse for an eraser it has hidden under the metal clicker.

u/RogueStudio · 2 pointsr/pencils

In the "IDGAF, so long as it doesn't break" category?

I really like the Zebra M-301. Super classy steel bodies, and at least where I am, they're frequently on sale/clearance. I picked up like 3 2-packs for something like 1.50 each. I figure that'll probably last me the next decade or so, most decent mech pencils don't easily break.

For a bit more, but still under 10 bucks a pencil, I have a bit of nostalgia for the Staedtler Mars Micro 775. Have a red one my mother bought me in the 8th grade (so...2001 ish), and it still perfectly works. This one is also pretty widely available, or in a three sided variety, see this one.

And in Pentel flavours, eh, GraphGear 500. If I lose it, well, my family works on a university campus, the bookstore there carries ten gajillion more. The 1000 is a nice upgrade, along with the .03 Graphlet (which I used in Japanese class a lot for Kanji).

u/The-Wise-Old-Sage · 2 pointsr/EDC
u/Kisaoda · 2 pointsr/Marvel

I do! I actually use two different kinds, depending on how thin a line I want. There's the GraphGear 500, which is a .7. Then there's the GraphGear 1000 which is a .3. I like both, and use them interchangeably.

u/yousufx · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I've found that this pencil is by far the best when having to write essays in one period and do drafting in another and then go to math class and write out equations neatly. It's perfect for most usage and it looks stylish too :)

u/LiamtheFilmMajor · 2 pointsr/pencils

I've had a Graph Gear 500 for almost two years now and it's the only pencil I ever use anymore. They are cheap, but are made for drafting so it's got a sturdy construction and a really nice weight.

You can get them down to .3 mm, which should be good for what you want to do.

u/Dr_Gecko · 2 pointsr/pens

In that case. I bought one of these and I love using it. It is a solid chunk of metal with a solid metal tip and an eraser cover. Its .5 lead. I like how solid and sturdy it feels.

Pentel GraphGear 500 Automatic Drafting Pencil Black (PG525A)

u/slvr13 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

sketchbook and the pencil. The pencil is really good, has a very solid feel and good balance. You may also want to consider getting a putty eraser if you are going to go beyond sketching, or you are going to go through erasers on this mechanical pencil like crazy.

u/dac22 · 2 pointsr/notebooks

I use a Pentel Sharp Kerry and absolutely love it! I attached a Leuttchurm pencil loop on the inside flap of my pocket notebook cover so that I can carry it. (Just fyi, my cover is about 3.5" x 5".)

EDIT: This also doubles as my wallet and I carry it in my back pocket. I need to keep the pencil inside the cover so that it's not too wide. As is, I never sit on the pencil. I chose the Kerry for the size and durability. Seriously, one of my best purchases.

u/rm999 · 2 pointsr/shutupandtakemymoney

Agreed, greatest invention evar. I feel like people who still use non-mechanical pencils are like people who use hotmail in 2012. Or maybe old-skool hipsters. If you want a high quality mechanical pencil, check out something like this:

Personally I am ok with these cheapos:

u/dic3man · 2 pointsr/japan

The Pentel Kerry series are very much in line with the budget of a a student, good quality and look quite high-end:

The Pilot Automac series are also good if you want to just keep writing without worrying about advancing the lead.

u/photographic_mammory · 2 pointsr/EngineeringStudents

available at 0.9 as well, which I prefer because the lead never breaks.

The retracting tip is its main advantage over the p20x line, mainly because deformation in the little barrel at the pencil is the only way you can ruin that pencil. They used to come with a little pick thing that let you ram clear and straight it (it was attached to the eraser!), but now they don't sell them with that piece anymore and when the tip is bent, the whole thing stops working.

Another one I like is the Pentel Sharp Kerry pencil.

u/StoicCivil · 2 pointsr/EDC

Pentel Sharp Kerry. In my pocket all day, every day. The cap is a little odd at first but then you realize you're never going to stab your leg again.

Edit: And it's reasonably priced for a student. 4 barrel colors and 2 lead sizes to pick from.

u/nicholt · 2 pointsr/EngineeringStudents

This Pentel 0.5mm was my girl for the last 2 years of school. Definitely a great one on a budget.

u/fumblesmcdrum · 2 pointsr/pencils

former Physics major here: Pentel P205, without a doubt.

5mm lead is perfect for crisp lines given all the calculations you'll be doing. To my hand, the GraphGear1000 is too heavy (also expensive), and I'm not a fan of metal knurling on pencils in general (sorry GG500). It's also imprtant to me that the lead be solid and held fixed with minimal play. I've heard (but not tried) that the Kuru Toga has some play in its lead. It also seems somewhat gimmicy.

The P205 is rock solid, light, and cheap. You cannot go wrong!

u/Heizenberg14 · 2 pointsr/Lettering

For sketching, I use a Staedtler Mars 780 and to get it to the sharpness I like, I use a Staedtler Rotary

For inking, I mainly use Pigma Microns, but also like using other brands such as Kurutake Zig or Staedtler pigment liners, all of which I'm sure you can find at your local art store

Hope that helps!

u/AllKindsOfCritters · 2 pointsr/Journaling

If you usually journal with a pencil, can I recommend getting a lead holder instead? They last longer because the lead is thicker, so you don't have to deal with the constant breaking lead of cheap mechanical pencils which means more writing and less clicking. I recommend this one, it has a sharpener built into the cap. And I use a Pentel Clic Eraser.

u/PlowshareTattoo · 2 pointsr/arttools

I just had a similar discussion with a client!

Depending on what you wanna spend There are a number of choices.

For a sketch artist I'd steer clear of brands like Cross(Luxury writing utensils. Great products just not everyday art friendly)

I'd suggest a 2mm lead holder, some lead refills(4b, 2b, hb, 2h, 4h), a lead pointer, and a kneadable eraser or two.

Rotring makes some great products and even the more utilitarian Staedtler is a bifl and a great gift for an aspiring artist.

Edit: Also as a suggestion from an artist-Never anything in white if you can help it and a box of those foil pack Fingerbowl/wet wipes are quite a boon if they're a artist on the go. ;)

u/jvanderh · 2 pointsr/sandiego

I'm not OP, but get good pencils. Every teacher on earth needs those. Less broken lead means less pencil sharpening and more learning.

u/ablatner · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

The only wood pencils I will ever buy are Dixon Ticonderoga pencils, and the only mechanical pencils I will ever buy are Bic Mechanical Pencils. It seems like every other pencil uses plastic as an eraser, as if someone at PaperMate said, "Hey, we can save money if we stick a piece of crap on the end of the pencil and say it's an eraser!"

u/rayofsunshine20 · 2 pointsr/Parenting

I buy this 96 pack of pencils for my son every year and an extra one for the classroom. The teachers don't ask for specific brands but Ticonderoga is a better brand that I just prefer to buy.

These specific ones aren't pre sharpened but anytime there's been a request for pre sharpened pencils I just sharpen them myself. The teacher doesn't care if it's bought that way or done at home as long as they don't have to waste a ton of time sharpening pencils themselves.

u/Werb19 · 2 pointsr/mechanicalpencils

If you want to keep the color black but still want to continue using Pentel, there is the Graph for Pro 1000 or the Pentel Smash, which are just under $10.

Amazon Link for Graph 1000

Amazon Link for Pentel Smash

u/tyggerjai · 2 pointsr/DnD

I'm a big fan of the Staedtler Mars Micro in the low end. Not familiar with the Slide, but I'm a big Pentel fan, and that looks perfect for this. I think you're right - there's a "cheap shit" bracket that you want to avoid, a cheap bracket that's fine for this application, and anything else is overkill.

Personally, though, allow me to recommend any of the pricier Pentels for your own needs. The GraphGear 1000 is a very fine pencil, but even the Graph for Pro and the Pentel Smash (if you can find one) are great pencils for the price -

u/castille360 · 2 pointsr/EngineeringStudents

Okay, here are my mechanical pencil picks (with the caveat that I'm much more of a regular wood pencil geek.)

If all that adjustability is your primary thing - I like OHTO Super Promecha I've got the 1500S, but I don't think the newer P model is too different. All my instructions came in Japanese though. The newer models are lighter I've heard. The 1500S sort of plows along. Heavy.

Now, if you're open to trying some other pencils! There are some more I like. (Have you tried the straight [staedtler 925] ( btw? Cheaper, and very popular.)

uni-ball Kuru Toga It's so lovely, a ratchet mechanism turns to keep it sharp as you go. (This only works when you lift your pen, so much less so on some constant cursive note taking). And inexpensive enough you should just try it. For fun. (More a writing pencil than drafting pencil.)

Pentel Graphgear 1000 Good, solid, economical. Advances pretty small amounts of lead for more precision. Has retractable tip for pocket. Has this strong spring clippy thing that gives me something to harass with my fingers. I like this pencil.
Also the PG105 but no clip to fidget with.

u/defenestratestate · 2 pointsr/pencils

I bought this pencil and he loves it. It really has a great feel in your hand and almost makes me wish I liked pencils so I could get one for myself.

u/exasperated_dreams · 2 pointsr/mechanicalpencils

Thanks for detailed response I really appreciate it. Seems like it's between the staedtler 925 and the Graph Gear 1000 with the Roulette Grip. There seems to be a couple versions of the Staedtler with the 925 25-05 and 925 35-05 being twice the price of the one I linked. Is there difference substantial and I hate to bother you again but of the ones I linked which one would you think is best for long writing for a long time? Thanks again for all the help.

u/OhEmerald · 2 pointsr/UCONN

A knife isn't allowed, but a couple of these

are probably equally effective for defense, and handy for using on exams or in class.

Joking aside, make an appointment with the dean of students office, and ask for advice. They might be able to speed up the process.

u/Anonymouspock · 2 pointsr/mechanicalpencils
u/Labyrinth666 · 2 pointsr/trees There is a metal tube that is easily removed from the rest of the pencil.

u/killerpac · 2 pointsr/teenagers

I mean these are pretty cool

u/namesandfaces · 2 pointsr/BuyItForLife
u/trimi75 · 2 pointsr/Coloring

There are lots of YouTube videos that give excellent tips. Peta Hewitt is very popular.

I use a blending pencil or Gamsol to help get a smooth blending of color. Some people use baby oil or Vaseline, but that was too messy for me.

u/lemonsky · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I love add-on multi giftings!! I plan on doing one soon myself :)

Here's something from my list!

u/dannii-chan · 2 pointsr/sailormoon

Colorless blender~ It's basically a colored pencil with wax that has no pigment in it. A lot of people use it to help with blending but I kinda hate them haha. The colors are much richer if you blend with the actual pencils.

Here's the amazon link:

u/pastinaak · 2 pointsr/fountainpens

Amazon or Jetpens or cheaper from if you don't mind waiting a few weeks

u/torpak · 2 pointsr/mechanicalpencils

How do you like the uni kuru toga high grade?
It's even cheaper, mostly metal and has good usability.
The lead rotation is not really that useful but doesn't get in the way either.

u/mechasmadness · 2 pointsr/mechanicalpencils

I'd highly recommend getting one of the roulette Kuru Toga pencils. You can see them here
I personally recommend getting the black one over silver but it's up to you if you decide to go with these pencils.

u/roastduckie · 2 pointsr/EngineeringStudents

I'm a Kuru Toga man myself, but yeah. I take my notes in OneNote, do plebe writing with a Uniball Vision, but take tests in pencil

u/HighEnergyMagic · 2 pointsr/mechanicalpencils

Congratulations! I noticed after getting mine that there's two different models out, the plastic body one like yours and a metal body one that seems to be Japan-only. This is the one I got and I really like the feel and look of it. How is the plastic one?

u/bombodail · 2 pointsr/UofT

Kuru togas are the best pencils you can get. Your best bet to get a really good kuru toga is to become bros with a Japanese dude, and ask him to buy you a couple when he goes back.

u/Zxvy · 2 pointsr/pencils

Only saw this now.

Pentel Graph Gear 1000 0.5mm on the left.

Uni Kurutoga Roulette 0.5mm on the right.

u/yomikins · 2 pointsr/math

Many of my favorites have been discontinued or changed.

The Koh-i-Noor Rapidomatic was my primary pencil for my first 4 college years. I even bought a red and blue colored versions to put red and blue lead in, which was nice for graphs or occasional emphasis. Lovely pencils made in Japan. However, looking at the Amazon reviews they no longer make these, but instead something with the same name and general look, but using all new parts and process in China. You can taste the sadness in the reviews. It looks like people are happy with the Alvin Draftmatic which looks exactly like the Rapidomatic.

The Pilot Vanishing Point has been discontinued. Sad. My favorite pencil, made in Japan. See reviews on Amazon. I introduced a number of people to this, and many of them started using it as their primary pencil. My manager even questioned why I had spent $200 on pencils, when I explained I was ordering a couple of these for myself, asked around, and 10 others in the office said they wanted one or two as well (after trying mine). No drafting grip, and shorter, but really good weight, good feel, quality, and I could write well with them.

The Uni Kuru Toga is nice, but too lightweight and plastic for my taste. The price is hard to argue with. I wonder if the Roulette model would be better as it sounds like it might weigh more.

Dave's review site recommends the Staedtler 925-25. I've tried the 925-05 which is ok (my 11yo uses it) but not the 925-25.

If you have more money, the Rotring 600 and 800+ come highly recommended (lots of metal, high quality, made in Japan). I have never tried one, but I'll buy a 600 sometime soon.

For erasers, I use Staedtler Mars Plastic. They last forever -- I still have one from 1985 with more than half remaining and it works fine. I only bought more so the family can each have one of their own. My tips are (1) don't get oil on them or the paper, and get it off if you do. This means don't run your finger along the eraser part. It causes smearing. (2) erase flat if you can, to save sharp edges for fine work. If you always use the edges, then you won't have a sharp edge to change φ' to φ in the middle of an equation.

u/Dischucker · 2 pointsr/EngineeringStudents

No no, it's not about quantity, it's about quality. Do yourself a favor and pick up a Kuru Toga .5mm:



Been using mine for 3 years now.

u/yaobikuni1001 · 2 pointsr/LearnJapanese

Since no one else has jumped in, surprisingly, let me go ham with suggestions. I also have incredibly small writing so I know the need to have the proper supplies.

This is the best pencil on the market for languages that use characters like Kanji. The main selling point is how it sharpens the tip every time so you don't get those blurry lines when the tip goes dull. I have it in a 0.5, and I'm able to write incredibly small still. I would suggest getting the recommended lead with diamond tips if you have the tendency to break lead. I'v been on the same pack for 3 years and have only replaced the lead 2 times even with constant writing.

Uni-ball Signo UM-151
This is my go to pen for everything. It's the most amazing thing and a total workhorse. Even though it's 0.38, I still find it easy to write tiny without any problems. You have to try to see why everybody loves and recommends them.

Zebra Sarasa Gel Pens
I use these when I feel like making my notes more colorful. They are amazing although some people complain about the scratchiness on paper. I use a 下敷き or pencil board so I don't feel as much. Again, if you are a heavy handed writer, I suggest doing the same because those tips are quite sharp.

Copic Multiliners
This is a bit of an expensive pen, but the main draw of these is that the nibs, and etc. are replaceable so they are eco friendly. The other selling point is the ink which does not bleed even when you use highlighters. The pens mentioned above will so you'll have to pre-highlight or underline. With this pen, you can just write and then highlight without worrying about smudging. I have the 0.5,0.3,and 0.1 because I use these for inking so choose the size you feel most comfortable with.

Zebra Mildliners
I know you didn't ask about highlighters, but if you're going down this rabbit hole, I might as well take you all the way. These are my favorite highlighters as they're so very soothing to the eye. I always feel that they add an extra level of class and sophistication, not to mention whimsy, to even the most basic lecture notes.

I hope this was helpful. I have more suggestions for writing supplies, but I'll comment again if you want to hear about those. I will warn you that they are pricey although I can't imagine my life without. Good luck and cheers!

u/j1154s0057 · 2 pointsr/mechanicalpencils

Anyone here will vouch for the kuru toga, awesome pencil for the price

Also the kuru toga .5 HB pencil lead is excellent, writes really smooth and breaks less. Will work nicely with any pencil you choose. The TWSBI precision is on my list too but I'm waiting for black to be in stock again!

u/egzwygart · 2 pointsr/BuyItForLife

Rotring, the Pentel mentioned by everyone, or for something different, this:

Uni Mechanical Pencil Kurutoga Roulette Model, Gun Metallic, 0.5 mm (M510171P.43)

It's got a cool mechanism that rotates the lead and always maintains a sharp point. I've used mine daily for several years (sine 2012) with not noticeable wear on the mechanics. Still works like new.

u/GreenBasil · 2 pointsr/EDC

If you want the auto-rotating lead and the metallic lower body with the knurled grip, then you should definitely go for it. It's currently $8.11 on Amazon with free shipping.

I must say, I feel like it breaks less often than any other lead pencils I've ever owned.

u/Thiapimios · 2 pointsr/dankmemes

Why pay for some shitty overpriced pencil when I could get quality overpriced pencils?

u/twagshot · 2 pointsr/Wetshaving

Like old school. Here's one of my favorites: Palomino Blackwing 602 - 12 Count

u/Exastiken · 2 pointsr/Art

>Lots of people trashing the Ticonderoga and trying to push the Palamaladingdong Black Wing 602. These cost $1.90 per pencil. And that is ridiculous. The good people at Dixon aren't going to rip you off like that. And you know what? They make a black Ticonderoga that is equally sexy, IF NOT SEXIER, than the Black Wing 602. AND a black Ticonderoga will only run you about 21 cents per pencil, which is a much better deal.

u/Harkaan · 2 pointsr/IndustrialDesign

As everyone else has said, its not the tools but the sketching techniques blah blah blah.
But as for my personal preference, I love sketching using ballpoint pens. I use these .2mm staedtler pens ( for my quick underlays/mapping out perspective/etc. Then I go in with a cheapo bic pallpoint for finish up the edge lines and make it pop, sometimes even a thick sharpie.

For pencils I use these Alvin drafting pencils ( and love em. When I feel like using wood pencils I go with a black prismacolor verithin, and on another note I'd highly advise buying an electric pencil sharpener.

When I'm going to make a nice marker page, I'm gonna usually lay out the underlays on marker paper using my ballpoints, then trace over it on a new sheet of marker paper using a fine liner (unfortunately the ballpoints bleed terribly with markers...if they didn't they'd be the perfect tool) but yeah basically just trace it over and put in the value that way you have a nice line drawing with good placement of can use the underlay to show highlight spots, deep shadows and whatever else.

just my 2 cents

u/organizeddropbombs · 2 pointsr/BuyItForLife

I bought a 0.5 mm Alvin on a whim sophomore year in college. I almost returned it because I didn't realize how expensive it was until I got home, but I decided to give it a shot.

It's been about eight years and I actually had to search for "good mechanical pencils" on Google because the writing had completely worn off and I couldn't remember the brand. Highly recommended.

u/Technoslave · 2 pointsr/BuyItForLife

Alvin ( and the chipmunks! ) is the way to go.

No rubber grip, all metal. The only downside of the pencil is the metal tube that the graphite feeds out of it, it is susceptible to being bent. So long as you're not a kid in highschool throwing all your stuff around you'll be fine.

u/AtomGray · 2 pointsr/notebooks

1000 $10.70

Smash $9.30

DraftMatic $10.05

u/mrmojorisingi · 2 pointsr/fountainpens

I'm close with my Rotring 600 FP, 800 mechanical pencil, and ballpoint pen. I also have the semi-matching Rotring plastic stick eraser.

u/mountainunicycler · 2 pointsr/mechanicalpencils

This is the one I ordered the second time:

It doesn't say anything about metal internals, but since it became available more recently (only after the one I ordered the first time ran out of stock) I guessed it might be the new one... no idea if it will be the right one for other people. The return process was easy enough and cost me nothing, though.

u/feels_old · 2 pointsr/mechanicalpencils You'll have to select the amazon warehouse option that still has it for around that price

u/mud_tug · 2 pointsr/AskEngineers

+1 for Rotring 600 or 800

Also a 4 hole punch would be nice if he wants to make up his own custom notebooks with millimetric graph paper and such.

u/Dash_Lambda · 2 pointsr/mechanicalpencils

Here's a link

They're easy to find on Amazon and Jetpens. Jetpens is usually a little more expensive though.

u/R600a · 2 pointsr/pettyrevenge

About that... There are tons of examples on Amazon of mechanical pencils that cost more than $10 and have tons of reviews and purchases. Once you get into metal bodied mechanical pencils you can easily spend more than $10 but chances are you'll be able to hand them down to your children they're so durable.

u/but-i-need-it · 2 pointsr/mechanicalpencils

Same here in the uk, the 0.5mm 600 is reduced without having to buy another. Other Rotrings are also reduced.

u/PhilLikeTheGroundhog · 2 pointsr/EDC

It's $5 cheaper on

u/eepromnk · 2 pointsr/AskEngineers
u/ProBenjiForTheWenji · 2 pointsr/EDC

IFixit Kit

Fivestar Graph Ruled composition book


Eyeglass cleaner

Hydroflask (pictured version no longer sold)

Ticwatch E

Note 9 Midnight black(taking picture)

Pentel BL407

Uni Kuru Toga 0.7mm (best $8 I've ever spent)

Cheap staples ruler

Batman Mighty wallet

u/Scottaviusb · 2 pointsr/mechanicalpencils

Thanks! The Kuru Togas I bought from Walmart came in the blue and yellow-green colors, and I parted together the red one from a broken Kuru toga from ebay. I'm looking to collect a few more broken ones to try to make a 0.9 mm lead size Kuru Toga, hopefully adding an orange color to this mix. I think I know how, I just need some extra parts to play with!

They cam in a package like this: Kuru Toga Style

u/joyfulali · 2 pointsr/chromeos

I'd like to chime in here because I am in the exact same position as you, wanting a note-taking device for college (grad school in my case).

I got the Chromebook Plus Version 1 because of the following:
-form factor - it's basically the size of a regular notepad, so really great for notetaking (I use Squid)
-ability to use linux apps (not that I have, but that I could)

I really like it, and have had a lot of comments about my setup. I got the Staedtler Noris Digital Pencil for handwriting notes - this is an amazing improvement over the built in stylus, which isn't bad to begin with.

I'm not a huge fan of the keyboard, but the CBP might be better. I find it cramped, but am getting used to it.

The surface is soft and marks/scratches. Not sure if that matters to you.

Your biggest challenge will be to find the right combination of apps to make a workflow that is good for you. I work mostly in squid, where I can import pdfs to mark up, and also do handwritten notes on lined "paper", or other types of "paper" markings. Some people choose to send squid documents to Evernote so that they can be OCR'd and thus searchable, but I have found this workflow to be cumbersome. I'm still trying to get the right workflow myself and welcome anyone else's suggestions.

I used a chromebook all the way through my MBA as my exclusive computer. When I did my MS in Data analytics I needed to install specific software on a Windows laptop. Now, in a PhD program, I can do most of my work on my Chromebook which is nice and portable, but I still need my Windows laptop for specific software.

I hope this helps somewhat. If you have the opportunity, get some hands-on time with the device to make sure that it works for you. With using it in tablet mode for note taking especially - the form factor will matter (not too big, not too narrow...)

Happy to answer more questions if you have any, acknowledging that I have a different model than the one you are looking at.

u/7past2 · 2 pointsr/GalaxyNote9

Some people like the Staedtler Staedtler Noris Digital Samsung...

u/grimmpulse · 2 pointsr/GalaxyNote9

Staedtler Noris Digital Samsung Pencil, EMR Technology, Yellow Black (GP-U999ERIPAAB)

Worked great with my Note 8... all 2 hours until I put it in my back pocket walking to a meeting... then sat down.

Pro Tip- don’t put in back pocket...

Was able to epoxy the parts together, but it was never the same... a bit bent feeling and weakened at the repair points.

FYI: the body of the pencil is just like a normal pencil (even with a lead like center). It only the area that looks like a sharpened pencil tip that has the S-Pen -parts

u/Sumpfgas · 2 pointsr/e_pad

I've tested the Wacom pen of my Lenovo Yoga Book (ZA0V0256DE) and the Stadtler Noris Digital ( ). Both worked fine on the E-Pad.
Next week I'll try the Wacom CS-400 Bamboo Stylus feel carbon ( ) and the Samsung EJ-PT820BSEGWW S Pen. I think the will show proper function as well.

u/xillin · 2 pointsr/stylus

The following devices all have Wacom EMR digitizers and would for example work with the Staedtler noris digital ($27)

  • chromebook plus about $400
  • chromebook pro about $500
  • Galaxy tab S3 about $450
  • Acer Chrome OS tablet to be released in the coming weeks, $329
  • Lenovo 500e about $300

    Which one you want probably depends on whether you want a keyboard or not and how much you value screen size, resolution and quality (All except the lenovo are "retina", either 12 inch 3:2, 10 inch Amoled or 9.7 4:3 Ipad screen or garbage for the lenovo one).

    Appwise, Inkredible Pro is pretty nice as is LectureNotes. Inkredible has nicer pens and design, but LectureNotes has more features.
u/blbd · 1 pointr/Tools

This is one brand. But there are many brands out there. They take a 2mm thick lead that looks like what's inside a normal wood pencil.

u/pneuman · 1 pointr/mildlyinteresting

If you like the idea of mechanical pencils, but hate how thin the lead is, try a lead holder (this one you need to adjust the length of the lead manually, but they also make ones that advance the lead with a click. The downside is if you like having a sharp tip you also need to get a lead pointer.

u/1D107A · 1 pointr/mildlyinteresting

Lead holder masterrace

u/nai81 · 1 pointr/LandscapeArchitecture

led holders. They're kinda like mechanical pencils but the have a a bigger led and no eraser. Great for doing sketches a any sort of rough drawing.

edit* Apperently I could spell. Lead holders:
Thats the 2 mm version. There are larger ones as well

u/marti810 · 1 pointr/drawing

probably from 2H-4b. H= a harder graphite so it comes out lighter on the paper. B is a softer graphite so you can get a darker line. You can usually get a case that has from 5H-5B. lead holder I use one of these, but I also draw and design for a living. You can insert different graphites into them and you use this tiny garbage shaped sharpener to sharpen the graphite.

u/Ambiance · 1 pointr/woahdude

It's a pencil, likely a Pentel Graphgear 500. Great pencils.

u/xXminilex · 1 pointr/EDC

Any colors that you want?
Here's a nice one

u/lengau · 1 pointr/mildlyinfuriating

Sophomore year of college, I spent about $50 on Amazon, guaranteeing I'd never have to buy supplies ever again (and some will probably be inherited by my grandchildren). I bought:

u/Spamakin · 1 pointr/pens

I have this one which I use for drafting. It works but i find the lead for be scratchy. It's definitely thin. Look at pens as well. Pigma microns or Copic Multiliners are amazing

u/evasote · 1 pointr/mildlyinteresting

They have a grit in them that acts as an abrasive, which makes them great if you're using really heavy drawing paper with a thick tooth & good graphite that you're not jamming into the paper, then you use it very lightly. But I agree, they still smudge and are overly aggressive.

I prefer these, they don't have any abrasives and smudge way less

But a lot of people like these as well

These are my preferred mechanical pencils with mars plastic erasers

and use good paper

u/starwaves · 1 pointr/EDC

Pentel GraphGear 1000

I haven't used any of it's direct competitors but I can say that the pencil is very comfortable and enjoyable to use and comes in all the common lead sizes (down to 0.3mm). This would be a very good choice, but I'm sure any of it's direct competitors would be as well since it comes down to preference a lot of times.

It's little brother, the 500 might be worth looking into if you want something cheaper, I've never used it so I can't say much else about it.

u/The_Happuning · 1 pointr/videos

another way to make sure you don't write on a dull edge

u/awldun · 1 pointr/EDC

The Pentel Kerry is cool. It has a cap.

u/cheesegoat · 1 pointr/AskEngineers

I don't write a whole lot, and at work it's usually a whiteboard, but I do have a Pentel Sharp Kerry and it's really satisfying to write with. Great balance and feel.

u/zurnkie · 1 pointr/EngineeringStudents

I have had this pencil for FOUR years. I gave the other one to my EE buddy because he kept trying to take mine. It makes such sweet sweet lines. :)

Also, get this eraser. I haven't used a better one in my life. It erases so beautifully. :)

u/valbaca · 1 pointr/EDC

Thanks for the suggestion, it looks exactly like what I'm looking for.

But how's the clip? It looks like the Pentel Mechanical Pencils which are super flimsy.

Thanks again. I'm super picky and nerdy with pens and appreciate your suggestion.

u/Josh_F_ · 1 pointr/pencils

They still make the Pentel P205... you can find it right here

u/Axipixel · 1 pointr/mechanicalpencils

I wouldn't be wary of the Staedtler 925. The 925-25 and 925-35 are absolutely great writing utensils. Here is a picture of a 925-25 dissassembled. The only plastic in the whole construction is the barrel that contains the leads. Mostly all aluminum.

I would recommend the 0.5mm from my personal experience. It’s a great intermediate general-use lead and the prices are fine. One of the problems when you get down to 0.3mm is that the packages come with half as many leads as 0.5 and 0.7mm packages (Both Pentel Ain Stein and Uni Nanodia do this) so you’re paying twice as much for leads that each have less graphite. It’s easier to break the lead and easier to accidentally puncture cheaper paper when you’re writing with the lead. Larger leads really aren’t that bad, I have a dear friend who loves 0.7 mm and has no issues with using it daily for everything. He also uses a Staedtler 925 often.

The p205 was my introduction to mechanical pencils, because I found a very well loved and abused 205 covered in nicks and scratches on the floor in a hallway on a college campus and used it as my personal pencil for several years after that. Still have it, still works. Amazon currently has $7 for a twin-pack of p205s that I got as cheap but really good pencils to borrow to people during music classes.

My only issue with the p205 is I personally have very sweaty fingers and plastic tends to just get loose in my grip when I've been doing writing or math work for a while, so I ended up saying screw it and bought a rOtring 600. Its nearly all-brass construction is truly a Cadillac of a pencil in performance and price, but it's got ton of heft to it as I described earlier. It will last generations if you are careful with it though. Took my r600 apart and the chuck is a work of art. Closed chuck. And yes that is plastic, I was upset as you are but it doesn't seem load bearing and is the only plastic in the entire r600 besides the very end bit of the internal lead storage barrel.

u/ahmadaamer6 · 1 pointr/mechanicalpencils

The Pentel P200 series mechanical pencils are great for writing and drawing. I use one in .5mm in High School (9th) and it works great. They will last you a long time and they are not expensive.

u/Wayves · 1 pointr/EDC

You have to try the Staedtler Field Pencil. It's outstanding. Nice and thick and great if you find lead breaking all the time!

u/ThatBandYouLike · 1 pointr/BuyItForLife

Clutch pencil (or lead holder) also qualifies I think. Different style of pencil, great for drawing with.

u/GoofBoy · 1 pointr/woodworking

I assume you have not used hand tools much.

The first thing I would learn how to do and invest in is how to get your tools sharp, like really sharp. I mean shiny flat back and edge razor sharp. Without really sharp tools - hand joinery is not fun and much harder than it needs to be.

There is the scary sharp method, I am sure u/Peniceiling's suggestion works great, I use Shapton Stones, there are as many ways to sharpen as there are woodworkers.

But you will need to research and invest time in some way of sharpening and get good at it.

A simple Honing Guide can make things easier when you start.

This Small Rip Dozuki B. was recommended by the instructor I had for a hand joinery class last year as the best bang for the buck they knew of - I found it works great.

I'd get a 1/2in Chisel. When you get the chisel, it will not be sharp. You will have to spend time tuning it up.

A Mallet to hit the chisel.

I personally prefer a round marking gauge. This has to be sharpened just like your chisel so it cuts the wood fibers evenly and cleanly.

Small Sliding Bevel gauge to mark your dovetails.

A good quality double square is invaluable. Best $ value I have found for one of these is here.

A 2.0mm lead holder with sharpener is very helpful. Lets you mark into areas a regular pencil will not fit.

That would be everything I can think of to do all half blind and through dovetails, finger-joints etc.

A drill(press) and a couple more chisels sizes will get you mortise and tenons with standard 4/4 6/4 and 8/4 stock.

Good Luck.

u/atrociousxcracka · 1 pointr/pics
u/MyDrawingAcademia · 1 pointr/Naruto

Yeah no prob. I'll put them in this order: Lead Holder (very dark), sharpener (needs special sharpener, trust me you really need it), GraphGear, Copics, Chameleon, fine liners (I'll put the ones I use, but Micron's are a little more expensive option for better quality).

Staedtler Mars 780 Technical Mechanical Pencil, 2mm. 780BK

Staedtler 502 BK A6 Mars Rotary Action Lead Pointer and Tub for 2mm Leads, 502BKA6

Pentel Graph Gear 1000 Automatic Drafting Pencil, 0.7mm Lead Size, Blue Barrel, 1 Each (PG1017C)

Copic Markers 6-Piece Sketch Set, Bold Primaries (SKST6-BOLD)

Copic Markers 6-Piece Sketch Set, Skin Tones I

Chameleon Art Products, Chameleon 5-Pen, Primary Tones Set

Sakura 50203 8-Piece Pigma Manga Comic Pro Drawing Kit

u/Major_Languid · 1 pointr/mildlyinfuriating
u/mundet · 1 pointr/moleskine
u/Bowlman2330 · 1 pointr/drawing

I'm using the Staedtler Mars lead holder. It's terrific. Comes with a HB lead, but also bought the 2B. They have all different types of carbon lead.

u/chrisfromthelc · 1 pointr/woodworking

Here's enough to last half a lifetime, or if you're like me and lose every damn writing implement you touch, about a week.

u/sacrelicious2 · 1 pointr/boardgames

You'll need a lot of pencils though

Here you go!

u/Milkshake--- · 1 pointr/mechanicalpencils

I got it on amazon
It took a month to arrive for me since it shipped from japan, it’s on prime now so it should come fairly quick.

u/Tyranith · 1 pointr/Documentaries

I adore my rotring 600 and I use it all the time when I'm doing stuff on my desk, but I can't bring myself to take it around with me, and the weight can make it a little uncomfortable to use for extended periods. I have a pentel graph 1000 (not a graphgear 1000) as my everyday carry. It's excellently made, lightweight and comfortable, and won't cost me much if I lose it.

In contrast I have a uni kuru toga roulette, which is supposed to be their high end model, and I don't like it at all.

u/Sask-watch · 1 pointr/GetMotivated

Well you can always check for local calligraphy classes.

Additionally, if you're a student, your school may offer Calligraphy or Typography courses you can check out.

If neither of these appeal or apply, you can always check out some books on Amazon. Some good ones under $20:



And the pencil

u/MagnificentMath · 1 pointr/math

I've always used Zebra M-301s. They are stainless steel, 0.5 mm, and feel very nice in your hand. They have a certain feeling of precision when being held.

However, they had a tendency of poking my leg when they are in pocket. So I've recently switched to Alvin Draf-tecs (I recommend you get at your local art store) which have retractable tips. I like them, but I'm not sure if I like them better than the Zebras.

u/-iSqueezeAutists- · 1 pointr/rutgers

> I just use 3 subjects notebook from student center convenience store

Now I'm interested :D

I've heared the 3 subject ones are 150 pages, does that mean 150 pages per subject or 150 pages total? If it were the latter I wouldn't buy, but if its the former then I'm interested.

> Chemistry doesn't really require notes imo, so I wouldn't bother getting a notebook for that.

Could you elaborate? I got all of Tav's notes from my friend since I'll be taking it off season. I'm not sure who my instructor will be, but I've always had a policy of taking down notes in some fashion.

> You can easily prevent this by using a pen that doesn't bleed as much. Using a pen also makes sure your notes stay semi-permanent.

My problem with pens is I don't feel like I'm able to write as well with them as I am with a pencil, I use this pencil for reference I'm extremely pleased with the quality and performance of it <3 Are there any pens that can match it? I generally feel my notes become sloppier with a pen, so that's why I'm hesitant to use a pen for notes, I've done it before, its not very comprehensible.

> It's much easier to organize your stuff in one notebook.

I would like to agree but I'm saving up a lot of them for the MCAT, and I don't want to carry around old baggage from classes which won't be on the MCAT.

Thanks for taking the time for responding! Have a happy new year!

u/nervousairman · 1 pointr/CasualConversation

I use the Zebra M-301 (0.5 lead). It's durable, though somewhat smaller than most mechanical pencils I have used.

u/poppyash · 1 pointr/BuyItForLife

I bought a pack of Zebra M-301 mechanical pencils 15 years ago and they're still going strong. Lasted me all through high school and college.

u/NotFromCalifornia · 1 pointr/mechanicalpencils

Staedler 925 is a great choice. It comes in silver (925-25-05) or navy blue (925-35-05). The silver version us usually a few bucks cheaper.

u/AnarchoPunx · 1 pointr/BuyItForLife

I actually prefer the Staedtler 925 over the rotrings.

u/CarterJW · 1 pointr/EngineeringStudents

staedtler 925 all the way.

I HIGHLY recommend splurging on a nice pencil. Something you use every day you will easily see that spending over ten dollars is worth it.

u/DarkDubzs · 1 pointr/pencils

What do you mean by the twist retract mechanism? What is so amazing about the ROtring? It looks so basic and unusual that it almost seems impractical, but I have never even heard of it until today so. But really, why should someone drop $40 on a pencil, this specific one? Maybe I can be convinced to order it and try it out at least, ill probably be too lazy to return it anyways so im preparing that if i go through with it, ill have spent $40 on something I may hardly use.

And the Staedtler, how is it weighted and how is it a drawback? Is it like too heavy, too light, too top heavy, bottom weighted, etc.? What exactly?

u/Cosmic-AC · 1 pointr/pokemon

This is what I use for most of my blending, it pushes the pigment around without changing the colours. Yeah once there's too much wax on the paper you'll struggle to get much of a blend, especially with lighter colours. Dark colours tend to go over fine for me though even at that stage, I work in very light lines until I've got an idea of the shading down, blending as I go along, then add more on top to give it more saturation.

I've also heard good things about using Gamsol, and paint thinner added over the top to blend the colours and give a more painted feel

u/Skelthy · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I'd love these blending pencils to help blend my colored pencil drawings. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!

u/crimsonjella · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

colorless blender

thanks for having a contest <3

u/remembertosmilebot · 1 pointr/Coloring

Did you know Amazon will donate a portion of every purchase if you shop by going to instead? Over $50,000,000 has been raised for charity - all you need to do is change the URL!

Here are your smile-ified links:

blending pencil



^^i'm ^^a ^^friendly bot

u/HowardWCampbell_Jr · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

So I think you would like this! It glows in the dark! ...I think

Here's something I would enjoy! Just in time for school next week.

don't worry be happy! Feel Better!

u/theallmightynerd · 1 pointr/deathnote

Never mind found one more screen accurate than my other reply

it's even Japanese design

u/IcanCwhatUsay · 1 pointr/pens

The only reason I ever found out about Rotring Freeway is because I was looking for a heavy metal pen with a nice color to it.

If you're looking for a really nice mech pencil, I highly recommend a [Uniball Kuru Toga] (

I used this all through mechanical engineering school and I absolutely fell in love with it! It still writes today (4+yrs old) and has been abused most of its life.

u/pterencephalon · 1 pointr/EDC

I used those Bic mechanical pencils for probably 18 years of school, and I still use Pilot G2s. But I recently got myself a nice mechanical pencil -- Uni Kuru Toga, and dang is it nice. Keeps a super consistent point, feels great to hold. Didn't save me from bombing my last midterm, but I felt way better doing it!

u/Aeronaut21 · 1 pointr/EngineeringStudents

Uni Mechanical Pencil, Kuru Toga Roulette Model 0.5mm, Gun Metallic (M510171P.43)

FYI it's under $8 on amazon. I'm not sure if you think the quality is different but I really liked the one I had. I lost it, so now this bad boy is on my Christmas list.

u/umibozu · 1 pointr/geek

Depending on his style, Star wars themed cufflinks... I have a few and are great conversation starters. Bought in etsy.

Also, mechanical pencils. Spend some money on a good quality one from Rötring (like this) or a Kuru Toga (look those up, they're awesome and SUPER geeky) or both.

Top it off with a fancy notepad (squared or ruled paper, we're not artsy types) like this and he'll remember you fondly every day.

Do not buy electronics or gadgets. He'll likely have what he wants and likes.

u/I_Love_Computers · 1 pointr/pencils

Thank you so much!!!

I've realized that I made a mistake- this whole time what I was actually talking about is apparently called the [Kurutoga Roulette Model] ( I've read a couple comments and apparently they aren't too different in performance though. I think I'm going to order all the stuff you linked, except with a rOtring 500 over the Kurutoga and maybe a different pack of Ain Stein leads to try out HB (Although now that I've read up a little on lead, I feel like 2B and 3B are perfect for me so I might not even bother with HB)

Thanks again! :D Mind if I ask what you're studying or working on that causes you to record a lot of formulas and notes on designs? MechE or something similar? I'm currently in my second year of Computer Science so not too much writing over here but I still want a nice pencil to use :)

u/SamuelDerpyson · 1 pointr/slavelabour

> 4518

I'm an idiot. You do have the colours of ink I was looking for. Although the bottles are bigger than the ones I wanted. Would it be possible to get a picture of the 15ml bottles, and their pricing, you can see them on the right hand side of the ink picture, if their pricing is fairly decent, then I would probably prefer to buy it off them :P Along with that, I saw the store stocks the kuru toga pencil. Would they happen to have the metallic version of it linked below, there is a preference for black, but silver is also fine; Linked below.

if you could do that, that would be absolutely amazing, and sorry about all the questions :(

u/Z4KJ0N3S · 1 pointr/mechanicalpencils

Do you have one of the nicer Kuru Togas with quite a bit of metal, or is it one of the cheaper ones that's almost entirely plastic?

I rotate my rOtring 600 as I write to keep an even tip.

u/EngineeringStudentt · 1 pointr/EngineeringStudents

I've got both the Uni Kurutoga Roulette and the Pentel Graph Gear 1000. Both are great buys, but I prefer the 1000 because the Kurutoga has a little bit of bounce to it when you press it down. Couple either of them with diamond infused led and you wont have to worry about breaking while writing.

u/philics · 1 pointr/italy

Ci sono diverse scuole di pensiero e molto dipende dalla persona. C'è chi preferisce la scorrevolezza delle stilografiche, chi si accontenta delle penne a sfera tipo bic, chi va sulle punte a sfera con inchiostro gel.

Io personalmente preferisco prendere appunti con la matita, usando una micromina da 0.5 in un porta micromine della Kurutoga che ruota la punta ogni volta che si stacca la punta dal foglio (

Recentemente mi hanno fatto provare delle penne gel cancellabili Pilot Kleer che scorrono molto bene e si cancellano senza lasciare traccia e di cui si è innamorata mia moglie (

Quando uso la penna, sono devoto totalmente alle Pilot G-Tec-C4 che a molti non piacciono perchè grattano un po' il foglio ma che io adoro per la punta ultrafine. In più hanno lo svantaggio di costare uno sproposito (

u/-SUBW00FER- · 1 pointr/mildlyinfuriating

Kuru Togas are the shit! I use this one sadly they dont sell these metal ones in the US and you have to get them imported from Japan but they feel really nice and the Gunmetal Gray color looks super nice.

u/tkbisign · 1 pointr/BuyItForLife

What makes this better than my current pencil?

u/TwistXJ · 1 pointr/notebooks

I personally use Clairefontaine with a Uni-ball Kuru Toga. I'm not normally a fan of 0.5mm led (prefer 0.7) but these two have been a perfect combination for me for both work and school. If you're looking for full size notebooks, I recommend anything that is Dotted/Grid.

u/Josh_Rivera · 1 pointr/EDC

I really like the Kuru Toga Roulette

u/eogreen · 1 pointr/Teachers

PALOMINO BLACKWING 602! By the way, cheeper here.
Seriously, I love these pencils. They're remarkably easy to write with and leave a clear, crisp text on the page. But the wonder is that you don't have to press as hard as you do with a Ticonderoga. I use them on English essays, hundreds of pages, and it saves my hand every time. Oh how I love those pencils.
But never let a student have one; you'll never get it back and those babies are expensive.

** edit: forgot to mention, you'll want to get the hand sharpener too. It just makes life easier and fun.

u/rnaa49 · 1 pointr/math

2mm leads are easy to find -- they are standard for draftsmen. And you can get them in colors, too. As for the others:
The Palomino Blackwings
The Staedtler Noricas
The Staedtler all-graphites were about a dollar each.
I might add that for my workshop, I have recently bought some 5.6mm mechanical pencils, which are also easy to find on Amazon.

u/highvoltageslacks · 1 pointr/Sketching

I've always just used BIC pencils or these guys. If you wanna go a bit fancier you could try a drafting pencil

u/GroundWalkingGarbage · 1 pointr/mildlyinteresting
u/CorgiMilitia · 1 pointr/engineering

May I introduce you to the Rotring 800, it has a retractable sheath.

u/mickawes · 1 pointr/FashionDesign

Pattern notcher.

Rotring 800 0.5 Pencil.

Japanese Thread Nippers

A pair of sharp point scissors (high carbon steel, inlaid if possible, chrome finish if you live in a humid area, remember they are made specifically for left and right handed people). Wiss is good, Gingher, Wilkinson, Mundial, Kretzer too. Expect to pay $40-80. 8-10" should be good for a woman, but you can always go bigger.

u/ansonnnn · 1 pointr/mechanicalpencils

Rotirng 800 Mechanical for 24 rOtring 800 Retractable Mechanical Pencil, 0.5 mm, Black Barrel (1904447)

u/Sacf4421 · 1 pointr/mechanicalpencils

Does anyone know how to get a rotring 800 with metal internals? I'd like another one, as mine is the plastic sort. The lead inside keeps breaking and I've heard the run with metal internals doesn't have this issue.

I found a vendor on Amazon that claims the internals are all metal. They're also running a sale, so it'd be great. Any idea if I can trust that?


u/repete66219 · 1 pointr/BuyItForLife

Why not buy a Rotring 600?

u/baked__shrimp · 1 pointr/mechanicalpencils

The Rotring 600s are $18 on Amazon

u/creeder14 · 1 pointr/mechanicalpencils

Here you go! 75 BZR (is that the right abbreviation?) for a .5 mm model

u/suprafro · 1 pointr/mechanicalpencils

here is the link for the ones who want a direct link

u/under_the_pressure · 1 pointr/politics

OK, well I have been a mechanical pencil hater forever but that may be unfounded. The quick blunting is a pain in the ass. Would you recommend this Rostring for writing? Expanding my knowledge of pencils is the most productive thing to come out of my Trump hate/fascination today.

u/ender4171 · 1 pointr/mechanicalpencils

That's about the average price for that particular version. FYI, Camel Camel Camel is a must-have tool if you are shopping Amazon. You can track the price history, set alerts when a price drops, and they even have a handy Chrome plugin so you can just click the icon when you are on an amazon page instead of going to the 3camels website. I highly recommend it. For instance, I just got an alert yesterday because the Rapid Pro I was tracking dropped to $22.

u/Tatemeantis · 1 pointr/EngineeringStudents

I just ordered one a few hours before I saw this post,lol, I guess I made a good choice then.
Amazing has a sale for the .5 600s for $15.

u/FetaAndKalamata · 1 pointr/EngineeringStudents

Read the title and came here to recommend getting a mechanical pencil, and it looks like you were already thinking about it!

My rOtring 600 should be here tomorrow. Pretty psyched about it.

A good eraser is also a life changer.

u/Jenaxu · 1 pointr/NoStupidQuestions

/r/mechanicalpencils is a good place to look. Generally it depends on your budget and what you want to do with your pencil. You can get some nice cheap ones (under 5 bucks) like a Pentel Sharp or Pentel Twist Erase, and some slightly more expensive but still cheap ones with gimmicks like the Kuru Toga (automatically rotating lead) and Zebra DelGuard (reduced lead breakage). If you want to spend some more on a more solid and well built pencil the Pentel Graphgear 1000 is a great option for around $10. And then you can keep going up with the Sharp Kerry, Staedtler, rOtrings, and the Orenznero.

Right now though, there's a incredible deal on Amazon for the next three hours, the rOtring 600 for about 9 dollars. All metal, really nice looking, great weight and balance, usually considered a $25 dollar pencil that is pretty close to the top end of nice mechanical pencils. Just don't lose it or drop it!

u/ikramahmad003 · 1 pointr/EDC

Are you a student? Or a frequent pencil user? If so..

Rotring 600's fit your budget.

u/Ace_Dystopia · 1 pointr/mechanicalpencils

You can track the pricing on the rOtring 600 0.5mm on Amazon.
I've been tracking the rOtrings for quite some time now and I'd say the prices are actually dropping.
You can use this website to help you track the price. Once, the price dipped down to $20.99 and I nabbed three rOtring 600s once I saw that.

u/firecrack123 · 1 pointr/mechanicalpencils
u/OverclockedPotatoe · 1 pointr/MechanicalKeyboards

Are these fake then?

uni-ball KuruToga Mechanical Pencil, 0.7mm, HB #2, 1 Count (1858549)

u/gazagda · 1 pointr/ECE

If you are going to use a pencil, why not go with one of the best in the world!! Get yourself a uniball Kuru Toga!! Has a rotating lead mechanism to keep your point uniform.It also comes with special diamond infused lead that you can also buy separately(a small pack comes the the pencil) all for less than 10 bucks on amazon.I go for the 0.7 thickness

If you like .5 thickness, that's even cheaper.

u/kheit7 · 1 pointr/chromeos

I have yet to buy a new one but another redditor recommended this one
Staedtler Noris Digital Samsung Pencil,

u/snogglethorpe · 1 pointr/chromeos

There seem to be EMR styluses that have a more pencil-like form factor, e.g.:

(the Amazon page actually says it's compatible with the Samsung Chromebook Plus).

u/Catodacat · 1 pointr/chromeos

Another option that I have heard of is

I believe it will work as well, but I do not have a plus/pro to test it on yet.

u/meatwaddancin · 1 pointr/chromeos

Snapping Android windows came out last week in Chrome OS 65 😁

I can't say for certain because I haven't used a Wacom pad recently, but I believe Chrome OS does support them natively. Swear i tried one on my old Cr-48 I think. Just buy from somewhere with a return policy and try one out!

I've had trouble finding docks with 2 USB C female ports (same for battery packs), seems to just be because of the times. In the future I'm sure they'll exist.

Finally as a side note, if you're into using the stylus (on your Chromebook screen), someone on Reddit once suggested this, and it's pretty awesome:

u/kevinstonge · 1 pointr/GalaxyNote8

Lots of people love the Staedtler stylus ( ... I think it's pretty neat but I'm not a fan of carrying extra shit around, so mine stays next to my bed 24/7.

I did pick up a GearVR and ... ehhhh... some people love it but I just am not impressed by the quality of the games available nor by the quality of most 360 YouTube videos. I mean you can pay $8 for a game that nobody would play for FREE if it weren't for the novelty of wearing your phone on your face.

Otherwise, it depends what you want to do, maybe get one of those attachable lenses to enhance the camera. Maybe get a case that can hold a couple of credit cards and cash so that you can try to go without a wallet.

u/Expat123456 · 1 pointr/tablets

Remember it is using Wacom proprietary tech. So find a Wacom stylus that you feel perfect is limited. .

I. E. Staedtler Noris Digital Samsung Pencil, EMR Technology, Yellow Black (GP-U999ERIPAAB)

You are better off taping/modding the pen.

The 1st Gen Surface tablets had a Wacom screen pen. You could look for those. Only the first and 2nd Gen Surface. But that will be old tech in terms of pressure sensitivity.

Zodiac Digitizer Stylus Pen 1024 Pressure for Microsoft Surface Pro 1 Pro 2 IBM/THINKPAD Lenovo X201T/X220/X220T/X230/X230i/X230T/W700

u/DWDowager · 1 pointr/chromeos

I bought one of these some time ago
It works really well with my Chromebook Pro and feels more natural for drawing than the original stylus. Of course, it doesn't fit into the stylus slot on the keyboard, so I just keep it in my pencil cup.

u/MegTheMad · 1 pointr/SamsungChromebookPro
u/hkultraman · 1 pointr/GalaxyNote8

Staedtler Noris Digital Samsung Pencil, EMR Technology, Yellow Black (GP-U999ERIPAAB)

May be you can try this. I have ordered one.

u/overzeetop · 1 pointr/GalaxyNote8
u/Bubblemuncher · 0 pointsr/fountainpens

This is a very fun idea.

I remember playing with fountain pens as a kid - my mom getting some old ink out that hadn't quite dried up yet, and dipping the nib in and messing about. That was decades ago.

About a month ago I bought my son a Uni Kuru Toga Roulette, for a gift as he is in Industrial Design. In order to get free shipping, I needed something more, and I noticed a Platinum Plaisir fountain pen, and my curiosity about fountain pens was re-triggered.

I've been using it at work for the last couple of weeks, to the curiosity or puzzlement of a few. While wanting to learn more about fountain pens, I found this subreddit, which has been very helpful. Just yesterday I ordered a Lamy Safari, a converter and Diamine blue/black ink after doing some starter pen research. An early birthday gift to myself.

Last weekend, I was at my parents, and I asked my mom about the fountain pens that I had played with years ago. She pulled out three old Yardley Soap boxes that contained many pens and bits of pens. They are a mix of hers, her father's and some from a neighbour that was a school teacher from the 30's to the 60's. I thought that, over time, I would photograph each of them and post them to this subreddit to both share and learn. I doubt any of them are particularly valuable, but they may be interesting to the group. There weren't any ink bottles, and all of the pens look like they need a good cleaning or some care. Before doing anything, I'll post pics and ask for suggestions on what to do with them.

My choice would be the Waterman Phileas - Medium pen and the Caran d'Ache Chromatics Vibrant Green ink. I know less about inks, so any green or orange would be fascinating.

I am hooked. This type of thing fits my personality, and the hobby isn't necessarily an expensive one, but it could be ;)


u/InfamousLuffy · -2 pointsr/pencils

Sir, you aren't answering my question.. I meant the Pentel P205. Well is it this?

u/costococoa · -2 pointsr/BuyItForLife

I have a rotring. It's a beautifully made pencil. I've had it for 3 years, perfectly balanced and great for sketching etc:

Doesn't come in .9 but it's an excellent pencil.