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u/guac_amore · 20 pointsr/fountainpens

Not OP but it looks really similar to the case I use (Amazon Smile link) and I love it.

u/bigbrotherx · 12 pointsr/kpophelp

How large are your posters? If they aren't too big, I put mine into art portfolio books

ITOYA 18 inch x 24 inch Original Art Profolio Presentation Book/Portfolio- for Art, Photography, and Documents

u/89314 · 11 pointsr/fountainpens

I love my Lihit Lab Pen Case. I it holds lots of pens and more.

For pen storage I got this tool chest and put pen liner. Though the wood or construction is not the best quality, it can store all of my pens and holding up for several years so far. If you want you can store ink bottles (except tall bottles such as Noodlers or Isroshizuku) on the top compartment. Also the top two small drawers come with removable wooden deviders. I store converters, cartridges and spare nibs there.

u/fullmoon280 · 10 pointsr/mechanicalpencils

I use the Lihit Lab Compact. Its a cheap case and small enough to fit in my jean pocket. I hold 3 pencils, 4 pens, 2 highlighters, spare lead, and a eraser in mine with some room to spare for some slimmer items like sticky notes or something while still being able to fit in my pocket.

One thing I love about it is the materials its made of. The clips on my pencils tend to be a bit on the strong side and with all the other cases i tried the clips snagged when pulling them out or putting them in. With this case I never really had that problem and can pull them out without issues and for most of my pens/pencils I can simply push it back in without having to lift the clip out.

u/Septoncellardoor · 9 pointsr/asoiaf
u/Channel_42 · 8 pointsr/fountainpens

Nice, I bought the Notebook for my upcoming trip to Canada (Journaling and such).

The case is the Lihit Lab Smart Fit. It fits 3-4 pens on each side, though I only keep my fountain pens on the padded side and use the other side (with the net) for storing a mechanical pencil, a text-marker and a ruler.

It's a nice case for everyday-use and it's also water resistant I think.

u/suec76 · 8 pointsr/fountainpens
u/kryptikguy · 7 pointsr/fountainpens

If you just want something that holds a lot of pens, you can get a 48 pen case like this one.

u/Coranon · 6 pointsr/GeekyCrochet

I haven't worked with it in a while, but I remember my mom had one of these storage containers for hers. She kept the extra from tangling by winding it on the plastic/paper spools in the pic. I don't know if this addresses your exact issue, but I hope it helps!

u/androdaixa · 6 pointsr/Embroidery

I think DMC is the standard for decent floss, though there's much fancier kinds of floss. I use a mix of crappy cheap floss and decent stuff (because I got a lot of packs of it at thrift stores and garage sales, so I wasn't being choosy) and the crappy stuff is okay if I use thread conditioner with it (Thread Magic is what I use). Floche is a kind of single strand floss that's usually higher quality than what you get elsewhere an there's silk flosses but really any six-strand cotton floss should be fine. (here's a post on kinds of floss.)

I use bobbin cards in a box to store my floss. They are pretty cheap in the US. But you can make your own bobbin cards out of cardboard. But before that I just grouped the floss by color in zip lock bags.

u/robeschi · 5 pointsr/fountainpens

My pens are either in a case like a Nock or Lihit inside my bag or in my shirt pocket. I'd never carry a fountain pen in a pants pocket unless it was something like a Kaweco Brass Sport, they're just not meant to be treated like that.

u/4colorbic · 5 pointsr/fountainpens

This is the one I use. It doesn't have individual pen slots, but it'll hold about 12 or so pens. And has space for other things.

u/why_42 · 5 pointsr/Indiemakeupandmore

I use these for samples and I couldn't be happier. I have 3 mostly full already and I'm filling a 4th for my sister. You can fit most labels on the lid or the bottom.

u/tubasco · 5 pointsr/GrassHopperVape

I use this with my green hopper:

Look at the pic of it opened up... 3 batteries fit perfectly in that mesh pouch on the left side.
On the right side I fit: (from l-r) glass test tube, stir tool, glass test tube, hopper. No scratches. Up above all that on the right I keep a Crafty cooling unit that has a firewood 3 mouthpiece. It fits perfectly!

It's a mildly OCD setup, but thats a whole lot of stuff in a very slim, crush resistant case. I give it 10/10.

u/findingsukoon · 5 pointsr/ABCDesis

I bought a ton of craft organizing boxes like these:

I'm on mobile so that might not be a link

Those boxes are great, you can make some compartments bigger than others for larger pieces. And I color coordinated mine so its satisfying to look at lol. For every day pieces and rings I got a jewelry armoire that is a large mirror I hang over my door. I have yet to find a good way to store bangles :(

u/Ecnot · 4 pointsr/bulletjournal

I haven't actually received it yet, but I've just bought the Lihit Lab Book pen case. Should store all my essentials and give me an easy overview :)

u/PercyDovetonsils · 4 pointsr/fountainpens

Lihit Lab $8.45.

iDream365 Hard Case $7.96.

I use and like both of the cases above, but you could also consider using a hard eyeglass case and you might already have one or more of these around the house. The downside is these might not fit larger pens and they don't protect against scratches if you put two or more pens in them.

As mentioned already, some vape cases could work, or you could look at cigar cases.

There's lots of possibilities.

u/invisiblebob8616 · 4 pointsr/fountainpens

It looks exactly like this case that I have from Amazon. The elastic strips at the top and bottom are a single piece each, just stitched to the backing between pens, so it won't keep them from bumping if you're really thrashing it but it keeps them apart under normal circumstances. The only trouble I've had with it is that my Noodler's Neponset is a touch too big and has stretched the elastic beyond where it will go back to normal, so I have just dedicated that spot to that pen.

Edit: clarified one spot

u/TheNetisUnbreakable · 3 pointsr/phish

These profolios hold 48 posters! They fluctuate in price ($35-$52) on Amazon. $35 right now! Grab one! Get those things out of those tubes! Store under bed.

Itoya Profolio

u/TheOrder212 · 3 pointsr/NYCC

Huge backpack and Itoya art portfolios if you get a lot of prints. Holds them flat. Don't have to worry about straightening them back out.

u/redpiano · 3 pointsr/minipainting
u/jwords · 3 pointsr/dndnext
u/julietcharliesierra · 3 pointsr/mechanicalpencils

Seems like loads of people use this one- you can check out the pocket configuration in the photos. Main thing is, it's not too bulky & still has good storage and protection. I like it

u/mimafo · 3 pointsr/fountainpens

I just got this Lihit Lab case and like it. It holds a good amount of stuff, looks nice enough, and was really cheap... the cost was the driving factor for me. I am not totally sure what I want/need in a pen case yet, so I didn't want to commit to anything too expensive. This was $10 and does the job pretty darn well!

u/BeneDiagnoscitur · 3 pointsr/fountainpens

For a student I'd recommend the Nock Brasstown 100%.
If that's too steep then this one is pretty nice and it fits a graphing calculator or a pocket notebook too:

u/WanboNI · 3 pointsr/bulletjournal

I have these

This one which has my BuJo stuff....ruler, eraser, Rotring 600 0.5 and 600 Ballpoint and two Micron PN markers. I keep this one in my laptop bag

This one I use for keeping my Zebra F-xMD stash, fountain pen ink bottles, spare leads etc

This one I use to keep my Fountain Pens, Parker Pens and other misc pens in

One of these might suit your needs

u/bidgee17 · 3 pointsr/pencils

this is what i use. it's an ok case just that one of the pockets on the inside was tearing from the seem when i stuck one of my block erasers in there. other than that no complaints.

u/16wongmc1 · 3 pointsr/fountainpens

Check out this review from jetpens, as it helped me choose my own pen case:

Personally, I use the LIHIT pen case (that's under $10 right now): For the few months I've used it, it's has been durable, compact, nice to look at, multifunctioned and quite cheap! Good luck with any purchase you make 😀 {DISCLAIMER: N0T A PA1D BO7}

u/zesty-mordant · 3 pointsr/Indiemakeupandmore

Maybe! De-bagging makes things a lot less messy for me, at least. I (and others around here) use Darice bead jars, which are fairly affordable and store nicely. Bonus: the little round labels that Shiro includes with sample baggies fit almost perfectly on the top or bottom of the linked jars.

u/acut3angle · 3 pointsr/Indiemakeupandmore

Hmm, I bought my jars from Amazon. And son of a b, I bought them for $12 and now they are $6.93!

Now, they are a bit taller than the normal eyeshadow jars you'll get from companies, but they are cheap haha.

u/TheRealAirslide · 3 pointsr/ipad

Here is a hard case I use. Rigid and seems to protect the Pencil well.

u/flamingcrepes · 3 pointsr/crochet

You won’t regret it.

BeCraftee Best Yarn Bag/Knitting Bag. Portable, Light and Easy to Carry. Yarn Storage Bags Have Pockets for Crochet Hooks & Knitting Needles. Slits on Top to Protect Wool and Prevent Tangling.

u/AdjectivePronoun · 3 pointsr/fountainpens

Is that case this?. It has really good reviews. How are you liking it so far?

Edit: removed the search-engine portion of the amazon link

u/PuppiesGoMeow · 3 pointsr/stationery

I love the Lihit Lab Smartfit that I have. It fits my six pens/pencils along with a stapler, scissors, lead, eraser, and calculator. It's also not too bulky so that's a plus!

u/woven_noodles · 3 pointsr/fountainpens

I would love to recommend a Nock case, but I can't really afford one. I made do with this case. It's pretty nice and has room for quite a bit! In all I carry, a Nemosine Singularity, a Lamy Safari, a TWSBI Eco, a sharpie, a little 6inch ruler, flash drive, some sticky notes, and 2 cheap mechanical pencils. If you don't mind the slight bulge/pillowing from being packed, it will still zip.

u/brycejw · 3 pointsr/mechanicalpencils
u/Mrcool360 · 3 pointsr/Waxpen

I have bought two cases, one for vtc mini and Hercules and one for Cubiod and Hercules.

Longer size: Mudder EVA Hard Shell Stylus Pen Pencil Case Holder for Executive Fountain Pen and Stylus Touch Pen

Smaller size: iDream365(TM) Small Size EVA Carrying Case/Bag/Pouch/Holder for Executive Fountain Pen,Ballpoint Pen,Stylus Touch Pen-Black

u/Lateral-Geniculate · 3 pointsr/GrassHopperVape

I ordered something similar to Tubasco ... can fit all the necessities. Not so much of a "hardshell" but does the trick

u/lurkerbot9000 · 3 pointsr/Primus

Congrats on snagging some VIP tickets. I haven’t done a Primus VIP yet - but have them for the Columbus show. I’ve done a few CID events in the past though and usually you’ll get an email anywhere from 3-7 days before the show with instructions. For meet and greets they’ll ask you to show up 2-2.5 hours before show time and give you a location to meet - usually at the front of the venue.

For straight up early admission you’ll usually get in an hour before everyone else but since there is a Q&A you may get in earlier.

Tubes are up to the band/merch people. I’ve gotten posters at my last 4 Primus shows and there have always been tubes but I’ve been to shows for other bands on back to back dates where there have been tubes available at one show and not the next. If you’re worried always bring your own just in case. Most of the time you’ll be able to go out to your car but sometimes you can’t - either the venue won’t allow reentry or your host won’t be available to coax them in to letting you back in. If you’re only worried about the poster you can get a reusable plastic tube with a strap that you’d be able to wear on your back during the show. This is probably the best bet and they’re not too expensive. This one is heavy duty and only 18 bucks on Amazon[1].

Enjoy the show and the VIP. In my experience it’s always been more than worth the price if you love the band.


u/housecatspeaks · 3 pointsr/comiccon

I already put this up there for OP. But I still wanted to point out that this tube has amazing features and only costs $15.99! Even if it is only used this year, it is still a good value.

u/Dr_What · 3 pointsr/EDC

KUUQA Black Hard Pencil Case EVA Hard Shell Pen Case Holder for Executive Fountain Pen and Stylus Touch Pen

That's the one I got a few months ago and uses a pencil case. But I absolutely love it, and it would probably work for your needs too.

u/TopMopy · 3 pointsr/mechanicalpencils

Same as what /u/kovard said, if you want, you can fit the pencils into a much smaller pouch like this one and save a good amount of space. Or just make rooms for more pencils and pens.
Still a complete preference thing though.

How's the Eco, does it feel smoother or scratchier than other pens?

u/monochromedenim · 3 pointsr/oilpen

i have the same one from amazon Kuuqa Black Hard Pencil Case EVA Hard Shell Pen Case Holder for Executive Fountain Pen and Stylus Touch Pen

u/snailk1ng · 3 pointsr/diypedals

Get one of these

Something like this is good for transistors, ICs, and semiconductors.

Will save you so much time when putting together parts for a build. Also you can keep one of the drawers empty, then use it to put all your components for your current project in so they'e not just loose on the table.

u/usedtolurk · 3 pointsr/DungeonsAndDragons

Plano boxes (generic versions as well). You can find good storage boxes in any arts & crafts store, look for jewelry/bead containers. Or better yet, check the fishing aisle at walmart/target for some good ones. Similar to this

u/jaybeau1979 · 2 pointsr/killerbunnies

I use this guy from Amazon, without the top shelf.

u/Fcode · 2 pointsr/trees

I keep easy access stuff in the tray on top. Bottom is for things I use less often, which right now includes all my glass (wrapped up). Really nice box for this stuff if anyone has been looking for something.

u/namewithtoutwords · 2 pointsr/fountainpens

Sorry, box is here

u/getmeoutofohio · 2 pointsr/trumpet

I use a pencil case similar to this one found on Amazon:

u/AnimageCGF · 2 pointsr/fountainpens


I have a lihit labs case :

I love this, and carry everything I've ever needed for class/work.

Currently: 9 Fountain pens, 9 Mechanical pencils, 3 Tubes of replacement erasers, 3 sizes of leads, a Boxy and Eknock, replacement eknocks, 5 inch clear graph ruler, eraser shield, usb drive, back up apple earbuds, 3 highlighters, sharpie.

Looooveeee it. I need to downsize heavily lol. I just hate that ink isn't portable and have to keep some at office and some at home.

u/eperdu · 2 pointsr/mechanicalpencils

I carry my pens and pencils to work everyday. I have a nice zipped pouch that holds them and it fits in my bag. I do have a locked drawer at work too but I prefer keeping the writing utensils with me.

u/bornonjupiter · 2 pointsr/bulletjournal

I really like this one - Lihit Lab Pen Case. Tombow brush pens will fit in the back pocket. If you want something bigger, there's the Kipling 100 Pens Case, but I don't really like that one because the slots in the front only hold really thin pens (like Gelly Roll sized).

u/more_tea_wesley · 2 pointsr/Indiemakeupandmore

I use these bead storage containers - I think a lot of people here use the same ones! There's also one with 30 jars. I usually get mine on Amazon, but you can get them at Michaels or other craft stores too.

u/playingdecoy · 2 pointsr/Indiemakeupandmore

Chiming in because I'm a loudmouth: I can't compare old sample sizes to new, because I just received my first order, but I felt my samples were pretty generous. For only $1, there's enough there for multiple applications of each product. They shadows are so pigmented and cover/blend so easily, you can get away with using the tiniest little amount. I bet I could get at LEAST ten uses out of each sample - at the very least. Probably more! I got little plastic jars from Amazon because I didn't want to screw around with the baggies, and then I just emptied the baggies into the jars. The circular label stickers from the bags fit pretty neatly on the jar lids, and the sample fills about 1/3 of the jar.

u/discoknight · 2 pointsr/lifehacks

I have this container that's designed for holding small beads, works great to keeping parts contained, and secured if needed. Similar to this

u/frumperbell · 2 pointsr/Indiemakeupandmore

Yknow, I almost got you some Performance Colors pressed shadows in the exchange, but I couldn't decide what colors to get you.

As far as storage, I found this at my local Micheals. There's also a 30 pc version for a couple bucks cheaper.

If you like Jasmine, sixteen92's Hellebore is so good. You might like Ex Tenebris Lux too.

And if you need brushes, BH Cosmetics is running a good sale right now.

u/Locclo · 2 pointsr/boardgames

Buy these. Lots of them. One for any game that has a lot of components. Unless the game is very small or has an insert that can't be discarded, these are absolutely fantastic for storing and sorting components. They're especially ideal for Fantasy Flight products because you almost always want to throw out the insert that came in the box.

u/Mouse_fighter · 2 pointsr/CrossStitch

it is not very sturdy though. It looks like the lid will break easily from the rest of the box (but still will be functional). I was trying not to spend much money on this because I'm just starting to get the hang of it. Also, the bobbins are made of cardboard. But hey, it does the job!

u/Pewtarizard · 2 pointsr/fountainpens

I've been using the Lihitlab Slim Pen case. It's a good case, but now I have a couple of vintage and FC pens I find I want something with individual pen pockets.

u/allthemoxie · 2 pointsr/ManyBaggers

Thank you! The pouch is from Lihit Lab, their Compact Pen Case. You can find it on Amazon ( I have a few different pouches / cases from Lihit Lab, great quality for a reasonable price.

u/crimson_star- · 2 pointsr/mechanicalpencils

Amazon link: LIHIT LAB. Compact Pen Case (Pencil Case), Water & Stain Repellent, Black, 3.5" x 6.5'' (A7687-24)

u/Pwnagebeasts · 2 pointsr/fountainpens

If you are still looking, I have this one right here that i use for school:

Its a great case that i throw in my backpack with all my pens lol. I have 3 fountain pens on one side, and 2 mechanical pencils plus 2 erasers on the other. Heres a link to what mine looks like:

EDIT: Sorry i posted this before seeing that you were looking for something with separate spaces for pens.

u/browniebiznatch · 2 pointsr/fountainpens

Thank you! I use these cases from Amazon

u/PhotoDreamer · 2 pointsr/fountainpens

Check this out:

Fountain Rollerball Pen Case Holder PU Leather Case for 48 Pens - Black

u/unigami · 2 pointsr/fountainpens

Here's a $19 case that holds up to 48 pens. I just got one and it is obviously a cheap case but will work fine for keeping pens organized and protected.

u/Jimmy72826 · 2 pointsr/ToolBand

I use one of these Poster Tube with Strap - Plastic Storage Tube, Document Tube, Plastic Poster Tube Art Carrying Case Holder for Artwork, Blueprints, Drawings, Paintings - Black, Expandable 30.5 to 49 Inches

u/idtred · 2 pointsr/pencils

Amazon link

Sorry for the poor quality

This is the one I use, enjoying it to far. Check it out!

u/Anwhaz · 2 pointsr/lifehacks

Do people's backpacks really not have a pencil holder? Even my climbing bag has a place where you could at least sort of organize pens and pencils, and when I'm in a tree writing to me is about as useful as a DVD rewinder.

I don't know, I guess I don't understand pencil cases. If you don't have a backpack and want something slim then there's stuff like this and if you're going to carry a lot then there are bigger ones. I guess I just like to have a place for things, more than just "here's a sack full of stuff I use".

u/Tjotimmy · 2 pointsr/mechanicalpencils

KUUQA Black Hard Pencil Case EVA Hard Shell Pen Case Holder for Executive Fountain Pen and Stylus Touch Pen

I like it so far, it may be a little small for some collections, but it’s a good size for everyday carry

u/History_garbageman · 2 pointsr/pencils

Kuuqa Black Hard Pencil Case EVA Hard Shell Pen Case Holder for Executive Fountain Pen and Stylus Touch Pen

u/ChocolateFixesAll · 2 pointsr/crochet

I love all the suggestions already given so adding on

Does she have a good yarn bag? Smaller ones like this are good if she does small projects. If she does larger ones then something like this is great. I own both and I prefer the second one simply for the large space to store my projects in and that it has a LID.

If she has a sense of humor and shows off her hobby with pride there are a ton of funny crochet tshirts on Amazon. I have.. several.. on my wishlist and am hoping my inlaws will be getting me at least one for Christmas otherwise I'll be buying them myself!

u/LadyShanna92 · 2 pointsr/crochet
u/Sabrinacolada · 2 pointsr/GiftIdeas

For crocheting, does she have anything like this?

Miles Kimball Knitting Tote Bag, 18 x 11 x 1 inches

Or a smaller size

Yarn Boss Yarn Bag, Travel With Yarn and all Notions - Yarn Storage To Organize Multiple Projects and Keep Your Yarn Safe and Clean - Wide Grommets Stop Tangling for Best Crochet Bag or Knitting Bag

I crochet and this would be super cool for traveling and organizing.

u/goodbyemrgoiter · 2 pointsr/LoomKnitting

I know I’m late to this question but, I found a great yarn bag that fixes this problem. It has dividers in it and grommets on top. You place the yarns you’re using in the divided space, pull the center strand from the end of the skein through the grommet and start knitting. I used it for my double strand Afghan and I didn’t have any trouble with the yarn twisting or tangling any further. Here’s a link on Amazon for the Yarn Boss bag Yarn Boss Yarn Bag, Travel With Yarn and all Notions - Yarn Storage To Organize Multiple Projects and Keep Your Yarn Safe and Clean - Wide Grommets Stop Tangling for Best Crochet Bag or Knitting Bag Hope this helps:)

u/Progstu · 2 pointsr/mechanicalpencils

Might be a little too early in your collecting for this but I got one recently and its nice for storing a collection but probably not for taking with you places.

u/LtEFScott · 2 pointsr/PrintedMinis

I just get cheap craft boxes like this, and then cut up a sheet of 1/4" foam to put in the bottom of the spaces.

u/Zirac88 · 2 pointsr/Nendoroid

From what I know, the sticky plascticizer will not become an issue for a long time if they’re stored in their boxes.

But, I use a plastic crafts box to store my pieces! Typically they let you move around the dividers, which is where I put bigger accessories. Plus, you can open it up once in a while to let everything breath all at once.

u/DrGraffix · 1 pointr/phish

i'm confused. you need a portfolio for 1 print, or many prints. if they are 18x24 or smaller, this is the standard portfolio:

u/dubnessofp · 1 pointr/jambands

That and a the big portfolio folder for the overflow is great. This is the one I use. I have ~70 of them framed on the walls and another 30 or so in this.

u/eric1717 · 1 pointr/ween

you need one of these!

u/JClarenceThornton · 1 pointr/DMB

I only have so much space on my walls, I have about 25 frames posters up at a time and once I have to switch any out they go into this art portfolio I bought on Amazon. I'll have to buy another one after probably one more year of shows.

u/KiltedMan · 1 pointr/fountainpens
u/bitqh · 1 pointr/BuyItForLife

I was actual going to make a post about this. I love my Lihit Labs case. Specifically this one. It has a lot of storage capacity and is made with quality materials and is a book design with one 2 sides to put pens and 2 sides to put miscellaneous stationary.

u/Drumfool56871 · 1 pointr/fountainpens

This does the trick for me if you're planning on carrying around more than one pen or pencil. I try to carry them nib side up and sometimes horizontal. I find that unless you're slamming the bag down or dropping it you shouldn't have any ink seeping out into the cap. Condensation is normal.

u/spacig_ · 1 pointr/stationery

Here's another option you can consider.

u/mechaturtles · 1 pointr/pencils

Well I have a book-style bag for my pens and mech pencils from Lihit Lab that I really love.

u/imKieva · 1 pointr/HelpMeFind

Never seen that one before, but if you are unable to find it, this one is my personal recommendation

u/Jiruma · 1 pointr/fountainpens

I currently use this one, it can fit at least 12 pens! Also, it has pouches on the other side that can fit spare cartridges/converters and other stationary items.

u/PippyDickling · 1 pointr/mechanicalpencils

LIHIT LAB Pen Case, 7.9 x 2 x 4.7 inches, Black (A7551-24)

u/mjsmith1223 · 1 pointr/bulletjournal

I'm looking at this one for myself: LIHIT LAB Pen Case, Black, 4.7 x 7.9" (A7551-24)

u/txpencil · 1 pointr/mechanicalpencils

Anything from Lihit Lab. It’s inexpensive and solid. I have the “Teffa” model and it holds a lot. I also use Nock cases. They are made in the U.S. and are amazing.

u/jaceyy · 1 pointr/bulletjournal

I use several cases for my tools.. I work from home, so I don't especially need one for when I'm away from home, but in case I do, I purchased this one, and I absolutely love it:
Homecube Large Capacity

A few others I have include:

(I used this one before I upgraded to the large capacity one)

4 Layer HITOP for my fineliners and muji pens.

72 Slot Pencil Wrap for my watercolor pencil crayons.

I also have two regular pencil bags I got from Indigo (in Canada) to hold my pencil crayons and watercolor markers.

Overall, I really really recommend the large capacity Homecube case!

u/Gocountgrainsofsand · 1 pointr/fountainpens

LIHIT LAB Pen Case, Black, 4.7 x 7.9" (A7551-24)

Great experience so far! Lots of space to hold pens!

u/TheLifelessOne · 1 pointr/EDC

Neat, haven't seen that one before. I have this one and it can hold a ton of stuff. Definitely would recommend if you want something a little larger.

u/M3rsh · 1 pointr/whatisthisthing

If you're serious about your pen game, I recommend you get a really good pencil case with organization. Here's the one I have. I've lost 1 pen since October, and that's only because it was stolen.

u/RedShirtDecoy · 1 pointr/fountainpens

I just had this come in today from Amazon and its great. Might be a little bigger than what you want but overall its not that large. In the front left I have 4 Pilot G-2s and 4 Pilot V5s and in the front right I have 6 different Fountain Pens. I cant say much for durability since it just came in today but it feels like a quality product.

u/aredcup · 1 pointr/mechanicalpencils

Oh, I also forgot. If you want something bulkier that can carry more than the rolls I linked you below, I have a friend or two that use this case:

I like it a lot. It can hold a pretty good amount of stuff (enough for field drafting for me and other Geologists' - i.e. 5 drafting pens, 24 pack colored pencils, erasers, drafting pencils, small ruler / protractor, etc.). I do have this one that I use when I need to pack heavy for field notes, but 90% of the time I don't have to. Hence, the smaller less-bulky rolls I linked you below that I am trying to pick up.

Hope one of my suggestions work for you, let me know what you think!

u/pridwyn · 1 pointr/Indiemakeupandmore

Thank you!

I keep all of my loose shadows in a bead container, seen on Amazon here. I sort all of my shadows based on color, and stack them in an order that doesn't change. So I roll a die to pick which box of smaller containers, then again to see which column to pick, then again to see how far down the row I should go. If I pick a shadow that I've used before (since the purpose is to use the shadows that I don't use) then I roll again.

u/chibimorph · 1 pointr/Indiemakeupandmore

I recommend buying eyeshadow samples - in my experience, Shiro's samples are actually quite generous. You can store your shadows in bead containers like this: Darice Bead Storage on Amazon or you can buy 5g or 3g jars (from a variety of vendors including Amazon, TKB trading, Coastal Scents, etc).

There is a bit of a learning curve with loose powders, but overall you can use them similarly to pressed shadows.

Also, the Fyrinnae customer service issue has since been resolved (the person creating problems has been fired and the owner has joined this subreddit and is awesome) - you may compile your wishlist as you please :)

u/ToadiAcceleratio · 1 pointr/RandomActsofMakeup

I'm purchasing some jars to store them in now that I'm done hauling for a while.

I'm torn between using the [Darice 1.5" Diameter x .75" Tall]
( and the Darice .75" Diameter x .1" Tall. While I want them to be the same 5 gram jars that Shiro and HW use, so they're all around the same height, but it's so much cheaper to buy the large pack with Amazon Prime.

u/caramelapplesauce · 1 pointr/Indiemakeupandmore

Yep! I bought this and it fits my eyeshadow sample baggies perfectly :)
The Shiro labels go on almost exactly (I suggest putting them on the bottom so you can see colors from above), and I put Aromaleigh labels on the side.

u/BearSmasher · 1 pointr/Indiemakeupandmore

If conformity with other indie jars is not an issue, you could consider bead jars. I have the Darice 30 bead jar (I love the clear case it comes in) which is about 1.5" high and .75-1" wide. They have many other sizes, like this one. If you have a JoAnn's or Micheal's nearby, they often have 40-75% off of retail items coupon you can print out on their website that are shared between the two stores.

I also have a bunch of unused bead jars from the 30 jar set you could have for free + shipping if you don't care about the clear rectangle case.

u/violinkeri · 1 pointr/Indiemakeupandmore

Someone here recommended these and they are perfect! I take the label off the baggie and put it on the lid or the side of the little jar. They are screw top, not snap, but so far I am loving it! plus the jars come out so you can rearrange, etc.

u/eatingdust · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I embroider. I have bobbin cases that I put all my bobbins in. I embroider free hand so I dont number them and order them like that but my great aunt was a cross stitcher and she had all of hers ordered by number.

This is like the cases I have

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I'm trying to get organized, and this would help!

Now I want a Milkshake :(

u/BigSerene · 1 pointr/EDC

I'm a professor, so I'm always carrying more than I can fit in my pockets (laptop, notepads, sometimes piles of student papers, etc.). I have a messenger bag that's very simple with not much organization. The main compartment is divided into two parts, one of which has a couple of loops for pens and a small pocket. There's a open pocket on the back of the bag for things that you might want to access quickly. And there are small pouches on the sides of the bag for sunglasses or other small things.

My laptop goes in the part of the main compartment without pen loops. A couple of notepads go in the other part of the main compartment, along with a small case which fits in the small pocket and holds earbuds and a USB drive. Student papers go in that compartment when I need to carry them. My sunglasses go in one of the side pouches (the one I can easily reach while wearing the bag), and a pocket knife goes in the other side pouch (or in my pocket if I'm expecting to use it a lot). The back pocket holds a carrying case with several pens, a small power bank and cables, and a small multi-tool. I also have a small flashlight that can fit in various places depending on how accessible I want it to be, but usually is stored in the carrying case. (I like this carrying case specifically because it lies flatter than most others I've seen, so it's not uncomfortable against my back while in the back pocket of my messenger bag.)

u/nickstricks · 1 pointr/sysadmin

I'll give you a run down on how I carry all of my stoof:

I carry a Leatherman wave, bit extension, and 1 of the bit trays in this. The cases clip is really sturdy, so it stays on, but since it slides on and off, I only pick it up off of my desk when I think I'll need it (which has been really often as of late).

I carry the driver for the iFixit kit, usb OTG cable, 128gb flash drive, micro SD usb reader, short micro usb cable, a spudger (I do almost all of the mobile repairs in house), the bits/extender from this kit interchanged with some of the iFixit bits, and two zebra f-701s in this.

That, plus a standard 1/4" bit extender sit in my front left pocket with this kits nifty little thumbwheel.

Then I just have a decent pen light clipped in my back pocket with my wallet.

Yes, I'm an EDC whore.

u/Reeces_Pieces · 1 pointr/GrassHopperVape


Battery Caps:


White ABV Container(also available at Walmart):

Blue, Bud Container: It was a pill bottle from some meds that my dog takes. Sorry I can't be more helpful with that.

Brush: A cheap paintbrush that I got at Walmart.

I originally got the idea from /u/data_eater from his post about the same case and funnel and battery caps. But, this is kinda a more budget version and it also includes a container to knock out ABV into on the go.

u/milkyway9 · 1 pointr/GrassHopperVape
u/edthegoof · 1 pointr/GrassHopperVape

Ok didn't have tags or anything but data_eater got one just like mine at @:
and also a link to his thread:
Apparently its made by case star for holding school supplies.
Happy Vaping!

u/maeganmarie · 1 pointr/crochet

I’ve had one similar to this for years and it’s held up perfectly.

u/Mwakio · 1 pointr/crochet

I received a yarn bag last christmas and I love it! it's very simple, similar to this one. Whenever I travel, I bring this along. It's great for flying or train rides.

u/KakBak · 1 pointr/crochet

Hey @gingeelise, @JaeBells1 and @fuckysprinkles, thanks for your help!

I actually ended up buying her a yarn bag, new ergonomical crochet hooks and a yarn cutter.

Unfortunately where we live, we don't have many options regarding a store that sells quality yarn or fabrics. So I thought this was quite a good options!

I also looked into your wiki and found some inspirations on the online stores when I looked into their assortment.

Again, thank you for your help! I really appreciate it :)

u/YoshiSparkle · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I think you'd probably like this yarn storage bag if you don't already have one!!

u/annalisa27 · 1 pointr/OrganizationPorn

I think the one that OP has would be slim enough - I’m think it’s this one.

The problem with the double and triple section ones is that they really are bulky, so those work best with backpacks.

u/Asamidori · 1 pointr/hobonichi

I second the Lihit Lab idea. I have a Bag-in-Bag ( that I uses to carry the book I'm reading and some extra stationaries, but I imagine you can stuff scissors and stuffs into the main component and carry it around, although it doesn't have elastic bands to hold anything in place.

Also, maybe try this?

u/Mellywobbles · 1 pointr/fountainpens

The lihit lab compact pen case hold 8 of my fountain pens (i have too many edc pens!) I got it on jetpens for $15 but i think Amazon sells it slightly cheaper.

Edit: added link to Amazon. Only $12.43 :)

u/LaVieLaMort · 1 pointr/fountainpens

LIHIT LAB. Compact Pen Case (Pencil Case), Water & Stain Repellent, Black, 3.5" x 6.5'' (A7687-24)

u/inmedias_res · 1 pointr/EDC

Might be a bit too big, but I really like this case by Lihit Lab

u/DaveFalcon73 · 1 pointr/fountainpens

In terms of carry case this is what I bought. Similarly Amazon US also do the same case.

If you're talking more desk storage case then these will run you into hundreds but you can get some nice cheaper ones like this one.

u/theonlysaviorCOD · 1 pointr/fountainpens

I'm a little unclear on the capacity that you need, and are you intending on carrying this around all the time?

Here's a 48 pen case so you can hold all the writing materials in one. The same company makes a 12 pen case if you only need to carry around a few at a time.

u/-camo03- · 1 pointr/pens

Voilamart Fountain Pen Case Rollerball Pen Holder PU Leather Bag Pouch for 12 Pens - Black

I have no idea if this one is any good, but I just ordered it yesterday and should receive it next week some time. Might be worth looking at!

u/LyndsySimon · 1 pointr/fountainpens

If I wear a shirt with a pocket, I usually have two pens in it. I also usually have an aluminum Kaweco Al-Sport in my pants pocket.

In addition, if I'm at work or otherwise not going to be somehow athletic, I carry a cheap 12-pen case like this one.

u/GMcrates · 1 pointr/fountainpens

Came here to suggest this case but I kind of like /u/wesleytylerky suggestion better if you have a couple more bucks.

u/Angieflibble · 1 pointr/fountainpens

I bought [one of these](Mudder EVA Hard Shell Stylus Pen Pencil Case Holder for Executive Fountain Pen and Stylus Touch Pen and I love it. The depth of the case means that the pens opposite don't touch each other. There isn't a gap between them but the case is about 2.5 noodler ahabs wide and if you clip the pens in they don't move.

u/t_beermonster · 1 pointr/fountainpens

It's one of dozens of similar cases on amazon:

u/WriterMonkey · 1 pointr/fountainpens

I use this for my every day carry. It’s a bit chunky, but currently has two pens, a syringe, a couple of cartridges and a sample pot with a ml of Diamine Oxblood in it. It’s not exactly a pretty item, but it’s good and it was cheap. It will protect my pens from drops and keys and being shoved in bags full of work detritus. One day I might replace it with something a little easier on the eye, but for now it’s more than satisfactory.

u/wtjbatman · 1 pointr/boardgames

If you're looking to/don't mind storing multiple mats in one tube, these Architect document tubes work great.

If you want a different tube for each mat, I would go the monster tube route someone else posted about.

u/tcperfectcircle · 1 pointr/RedRocks

Sorry I'm a burden but this is literally the one I'm going to try to bring in, you're saying these are okay? I'm from MO and pretty much no venues allow any type of poster tube.

u/storpio · 1 pointr/EDC

Nope, just a generic hard case I bought on Amazon:

u/flatcurve · 1 pointr/Showerthoughts

They're small enough that you could put them next to some pens in your bag and they wouldn't even notice. But I don't even bother. I keep my battery and like four or five different carts in a little zip up case and just toss that into my bag. The only time I haven't is when I go through OKC. But I've never been hassled otherwise.

u/PleaseExplain7 · 1 pointr/mechanicalpencils

I have that exact case, its actually in stock.

u/APP0LO · 1 pointr/pens

I have a pen case that can hold 48 Pens/pencils I'd be happy to share the Amazon link with you:
Fountain Roller Ball Pen Case Holder PU Leather Bag for 48 Pens Color Black

u/SkierBeard · 1 pointr/Gloomhaven

I'd recommend avoiding baggies as they are hard to tell apart even when all your bits are organized.

I'd go for boxes like these: Craft Organizer or Craft Cabinet

u/BalanceInRipeNRuin · 1 pointr/KidsAreFuckingStupid
u/rebelreda · 1 pointr/konmari

Craft storage is good. There are clear snap boxes that you can customize the size of the spaces and see through without having to open them.

Something like this
Plastic Organizer Box with Dividers | 36 Compartment Organizer | Clear Organizer Box for Bead Storage, Letter Board Letters, Fishing Tackle, Jewelry, & Screws

You could maybe make a shelf to hold them against a wall or door and it could be art, to display all of the things she loves would be a way to spark joy

u/beluapulcherrimus · 1 pointr/RAoC_meta

Please do! I'll link below some of the types that i considered prior to finding mine :) yesss, i should be thankful postcards are only up to 15baht and the lowest denomination is 3 baht (i think). i've seen US stamps have 1 cent stamps. O.O!

medicine organiser , screw organiser , organiser with removable dividers the last one i personally like because if you have larger stamps then you can make the slot larger. the one in my picture is actually removable as well but i ended up putting all the dividers in anyway.

u/jblosser99 · 0 pointsr/Darts

There are numerous pencil cases on Amazon that would fit the bill; here's a soft-sided one I bought back in August or September. I don't use it ATM, but it easily holds 6 assembled darts and as long as you don't sit on it the flights wont get smashed.

I'm still using an hold semi-hard sided hard drive case from 30~ years ago: what I use.

u/PenjaminButton · 0 pointsr/fountainpens

I have [this one] (>) and i really love it but you have to be ok with your pens touching. Quality of the material is really good though and they come in some solid colours!