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Nothing Left Unsaid (Dealing with Alzheimer’s)

Nothing Left Unsaid (Dealing with Alzheimer’s)
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The love of your life suffers from full onset Alzheimer’s. But what if their memory came back for just one day? How would you spend it?

Nothing Left Unsaid will be a short, fiction film aimed at spreading awareness for Alzheimer’s Disease. Our goal is to create an outlet for a much needed conversation about Alzheimer’s, and in doing so, take steps towards finding a solution and making a difference. The film will be submitted to festivals all over the world (under the guidelines for Academy Award consideration).


Henry and Greta have been married for forty-seven years, but for the last ten of them, Henry has been taking care of Greta as she suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. Given the opportunity beyond his comprehension, Henry is granted the gift that for one day Greta’s memory will return as if she had never been sick. Knowing he has limited time, how will Henry spend that day with his wife making sure he takes advantage of every moment he has with the woman he used to know?

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