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u/cleazenby · 182 pointsr/AskReddit

Remote control heli. All metal construction, 3 channel with gyroscope. Literally 10000x better than any air hogs crap.

u/smithincanton · 72 pointsr/pics

Come visit /r/Multicopter I would suggest that he not start with a DJI Phantom. It creates some bad habits that would be hard to brake later if he wanted to move to a different platform. You can get a RTF (Ready To Fly) quad for less than $50 that i'm sure he would have a blast with.

u/ctwstudios · 62 pointsr/gadgets
u/hydroxy · 52 pointsr/AskReddit

Ideas I've had or seen in the thread thus far:

u/bokharni · 32 pointsr/pics

It's the Syma S107. Here's a Link

there's several colors, all under $30, and they're awesome! I got one for Christmas too.

u/puterTDI · 30 pointsr/geek

I have a full size quad that I built. I also have a hubsan.

I highly recommend getting the hubsan to practice with. it's cheap, easy to repair, and does a good job training flight skills.

one with camera ($30):

Without camera ($30):

FPV ($110):

On a side note, I am floored at how cheap the fpv and camera models are.

u/statikuz · 25 pointsr/funny

Those RC helicopters are the best!

u/[deleted] · 22 pointsr/makemychoice
u/KingBooRadley · 17 pointsr/gadgets

Hubsan x4 mini quadcopter. Super fun, amazing stability and as much range as you could want for something this size. It also takes a licking and bounces back. When it doesn't, it's pretty easy to fix. A great gateway model for the whole "drone" hobby. There's also a version with a camera to take movies, and an FPV model. For under $40 it's a great deal if you're are at all interested in the hobby.

u/KevinBongart · 16 pointsr/AskReddit

Two RC helicopters.

I wish they were this cheap when I was 6.

u/Swab · 11 pointsr/Multicopter
u/mentalorigami · 9 pointsr/Multicopter

Cut your teeth on something like this before you start throwing money at big/expensive stuff.

u/OverTheir · 8 pointsr/pics

I suspect that it is a SYMA!

Can anybody verify?

E: I'm like, 97.2% sure it is.

u/cl249099 · 8 pointsr/gadgets

A toy heliocoptor. I got this one for Christmas, its alot of fun.

u/theLoaf71 · 8 pointsr/trees

They are surprisingly durable and easy to fly. I've slammed that thing into the walls and ceiling dozens of times so far and it still flies great.

u/edgan · 8 pointsr/Quadcopter

I got an Eachine 250 racer about a month ago. It has been a lot of fun, but there are a lot of details. My next racer will probably be a smaller/lighter 180 frame.

For FPV goggles I have three ideas. One, is get the status quo Fatshark goggles at whatever level you can afford. Two, get the HeadPlay HD goggles I got. Three, get the Avegant Glyph, which has the really nice feature of letting you pop them up and down without a band. I do really like my HeadPlay HDs, but they are big and bulky. I haven't perfected how to adjust the straps to get them to stay on my head well.

Arms, managed to break one without breaking a prop.

Capacitors, they pop off very easily. I lost a capacitor at the same time I broke an arm. Or a hot glue gun, I Highly recommend putting hot glue over the caps next to each arm to help avoid the loss in the first place. You want a low temperature hot glue gun to not melt any plastic or traces. I consider the capacitor issue a design defect, but you can work around it with hot glue. The original revision seems to have lacked the capacitors, from pictures I have seen online.

Capacitors for Eachine 250 racer:

Youtube video exampling how to solder them:

Get a Taranis X9D Plus. It is a great transmitter. Also get a X4R-SB receiver, and use SBUS. The D4R won't let you control the lights too, because it can't do PPM and PWM at the same time. You can control them with the X4R-SB, SBUS+PWM. SBUS has great latency, 5-10ms. I was recently talking to a sponsored racer who told me that PPM, which is supposed to be 27ms with the D4R, is really more like 100ms. It averages the four last frames together. This link includes a case and X8R, which I think will work as well as the X4R, but you should do the research.

To do SBUS+PWM, requires a special bind procedure. You want channels 1-8 as SBUS, and 9+ as PWM. The most relevant part is "jump S1&S3: SBUS, 9, 10, 11 or jump S2&S3: SBUS, 9, 10, 11 (No telemetry)" Here is a link that talks about it.

Small tie wraps like the ones already on the arms to hold the ESCs. You break an arm, and you will need to replace the tie wrap.

Soldering iron, solder, etc, because you have to desolder the ESC from the motor to replace an arm, and then resolder it.

Qtips and rubbing alcohol for cleaning. Mix the alcohol 50/50 with water. The flying field was muddy after lots of rain.

Carrying case of some kind. You don't want it banged around in transport, and same with the transmitter. It is best to get the X9D with the case, because people price gouge on the case stand alone.

Batteries, you can burn through them very fast. But watch out for their height. I bought some of the new "Graphene" 4S batteries, and they are really too tall to fit. Some people remove the back LEDs to make battery installation easier.

Battery charging/carrying bags to help with uncontrolled fires started by batteries. I have two, one for charging, and one for carrying.

A battery charger if you want to use 4S batteries. The included charger is 2S/3S only. I have a Hi-tech X1 which will only charge one battery at a time. You can also get the X4 which will do four at once.

Battery charger for 4S batteries:

XT60 banana plug cable for charging with the above charger:

A V shaped antenna mount to get the receiver antennas up in the air. When over head the carbon fiber body blocks the signal well.

A voltage monitor so you know to land when your battery voltage is low. The video signal includes the battery voltage as part of the OSD, but I prefer LoS while learning to fly. It lets me keep an eye on where I am in relation to trees. On the other hand I have yet to find a good place to mount a voltage monitor. With the length of the balance cable on batteries you are likely going to need a balance cable extension for 3S and another for 4S.

Voltage monitor:

3S balance cable extension:

4S balance cable extension:

Double sided tape to mount things on the top of the body, like the antenna mount and receiver.

Small x-acto knife to help remove the double sided tape.

Electrical tape to tape down wires for lights and receiver.

Size 2.0 hex wrench for the frame screws. It will be needed to replace arms.

Scale that can measure grams. You want to knowing and control weight.

Sunglasses to avoid problems seeing on sunny days. Lets say you are flying LoS, and look into the direction of the sun. You can't see the quad well enough to control it, because of glare from the sun.

ESC flashing adapters to change/upgrade the firmware. I am not sure these are the right ones for the ESCs on the Eachine. I think they are, but I haven't tried it yet.

Atmel socket flashing tool:

Atmel USB programmer:

USB cable to use with transmitters and simulators. It is best to learn the basics in a sim, instead of replacing lots of parts.

USB cable for simulators:

Old post of mine on learning in a simulator:

Be sure to set a fail-safe, which is very easy with the Taranis. I had a fly away with my first Eachine, because of a defective Spektrum DX6 and lack of fail-safe. After that I switched to the Taranis, which doesn't cost much more and has way more capacity.

u/headzoo · 8 pointsr/NoStupidQuestions

Anything Nerf is fun, and there's plenty of Nerf sports equipment (like footballs) under $15 if their guns aren't your ideal gift (but the Nerf guns are fun).

Remote control helicopters ( cost between $15 and $20. Remote control anything is fun though.

Robot stuff ( runs between $10-$20. Hex bugs ( are only $5.

Lego sets (, K'nex sets (, and Magic kits (, and paper airplane kits (, which between around $10-$20.

Don't forget things kids can play together, like board games, cards (specially my favorite, Uno), dominos, etc.

These are all gifts that should work well for boys between 10 and 15.

u/upsidedownpancake · 7 pointsr/gifs
u/moocawly · 7 pointsr/radiocontrol

The Blade mCX2 is really good for beginners, as is its predecessor if you want something a little cheaper!

u/enaq · 7 pointsr/videos

This line of quadrocopter is a great place to start. These little guys are very affordable and robust.

u/rps13drifter · 7 pointsr/Multicopter

Get [this] ( one! And several sets of propellers. And get your company to buy it for you as training.

Trust me, you WILL crash many times. If they can afford the big copter, they can afford this too. Give yourself a month to learn on the little one and you will save many hundreds of dollars in repair.

Edit: Just read you're at a water park, so DEFINITELY get the smaller model before flying the big one. Unless a $1400 loss is acceptable.

u/J_nugget · 7 pointsr/fpv

I am a beginner in fpv flying who just got a maiden flight of my x220 today and here are my thoughts.

tldr; x220 is too dangerous to recommend to a first time flyer so get a Hubsan X4 or similar quad to practice with since it's way cheaper.

This was the first ever drone I bought and is what I started with (Jun 2015). It was way harder than I thought it'd be but I eventually got a feel for it and got a Hubsan X4 (Nov 2015) after researching for a first "real quad". It was a huge step in difficulty but after a year I am very comfortable in the Expert flying mode. I can full throttle it into the corner of my wall and quickly pull back, operate it with the front facing any direction, orbits, yaw spins, etc.

The x220 was a completely different level. During my short flight I had to focus on just hovering and could only move it in the direction I was facing and this was only in angle mode which is basically auto leveling afaik. Regular mode I could just hover. Remember too that this is all LoS and not FPV. I got a pair of FatSharks setup but am not near comfortable enough to use them in flight.

This thing is a beast and super dangerous so I would not recommend it to someone who has never flown a quad before. I'm not sure how good sims are for learning but I would look into a Hubsan X4 to learn with since its relatively cheap and has that expert mode to work up to. You can also fly it indoors during the winter and outdoors when its nice out.

u/shortyjacobs · 6 pointsr/AskReddit

A Syma S107 RC Helicopter. <30 bucks, and friggin awesome. I've been playing with mine for weeks.

If you wanna give money to Reddit, use the link, (and/or read comments), in qgyh2's post

u/ThePiemaster · 6 pointsr/AskReddit

Get one of these !

Only $20, they are completely stable and maneuverable in any direction. I've dropped it from over 30 feet and ran them into walls and it still flies like a champ. With blinky lights too! Not sure what else you could want in a heli.

u/fgump · 6 pointsr/gadgets

A quad copter like this:
Hubsan H107L X4 Mini RTF RC Quadcopter

u/pekeqpeke · 6 pointsr/Multicopter

Wait till you get one of these

u/nerobro · 6 pointsr/fpv

$500 is a tight budget. $500 can get you "something that flies" and "something that's FPV." At the $500 level, you're talking 4-12 minutes.

Wind handling comes from "being fast" and "having a decent flight controller". Naze32, Flip32, KK2 2.1, NAZA, etc.. are all good flight controlers.

The big question is, what are you trying to do? Just "get in and have fun?" Well, in that case I'd probally point you at something like a the Proto or Hubsan ready to fly FPV quads, and a second, non FPV quad for bashing around. Buy two of the same brand, and a half a dozen batteries, and a good charger.

Quadcopters break. And they break, a lot. The bigger they are, the more they break. If you oops, you've lost a prop. If you oops hard, you've broken an airframe, bent a motor shaft, popped a battery... something like that.

If you're determined to fly something larger, you're going to eat the budget quickly.

So "the nerobro way"

Hubsan 104d FPV: $150

Hubsan 104 crash pack: $20

Hubsan 107 (non fpv): $54

4x battery charger: $7

That'll get you something to learn with, and something to fly FPV with for less than $350. And you will NOT be bored. :-) And if you really screw up, you'll have spare parts. Consider adding a few more batteries.

u/manta_style · 6 pointsr/radiocontrol

If you are looking for a good beginner quad copter that you can easily learn to fly then you should go for the Hubsan X4 or the Blade Nano QX

u/misterwuggle69sofine · 6 pointsr/aww

The charge time really isn't all that bad. It'll charge back up in 10-15 minutes. I really thought it'd bother me but I'm totally okay with it. This is the perfect starter copter to learn how to fly these things.

If it's really a deal breaker and you're okay with spending more, one of the cheapest way you're going to get significantly improved flight time would probably be a Hubsan X4, a 5 pack of batteries, a simple charger, and a prop guard for about $70 before tax.

I'd call that step 2 in the hobby though and would absolutely recommend the Cheerson CX-10 as step 1.

u/b1gr3dd · 6 pointsr/Multicopter

Not sure why you would spend a week looking, Amazon Prime FTW

u/chevyfried · 5 pointsr/rccars

Just like /u/whoknowswho2 said, it's bottom grade. The company is called New Bright and they are basically the cheap, Chinese company that makes tons of these and they are fun, but they have no ability to upgrade. My kids have 2 and they are generally speaking ok toys. The antenna tubes are annoying as I see you also have the antenna missing much like my kids.

If you can get $100 together, get a cheap ECX kit off amazon. This one my buddy has and it is a blast to drive, has 4wd and lots of spare parts. Dont be discouraged by your purchase, have fun, but if you want something to tweak and upgrade, look elsewhere.

u/fresh1134206 · 5 pointsr/Unexpected

If you want to learn how to fly drones, start with one that doesn't have FPV. This way you'll know how to fly it if your monitor goes out.

I recently got the "UDI U818A". It's a great learner, easy to fly and takes crashes well. It's around 16 inches diagonally, so a little big for indoors. That's never stopped me though. You can get one on Amazon for around $50 usd.

A smaller option is the "Hubsan X4". I haven't flown this particular quad, but I'm probably going to order one this week. It has great reviews, and is only about 6 inches across diagonally. Great for indoors. Again, Amazon has them for around $50 $30 usd.

I suggest starting with one of these. Get good, then move up to something more expensive with FPV.

Edit: Links and such

UDI U818A $49.23 + Free Shipping

Hubsan X4 H107L (no camera) $33.95

Hubsan X4 H107C (camera) $29.99 + Free Shipping

Do some digging and look for deals. You may be able to find cheaper prices. I got my U818A for $28 + Free Shipping on a Lightning Deal.

u/Raider1284 · 5 pointsr/Multicopter

Im sure its fine, but its super overpriced. Effectively looks like a syma x1 with a fancy, heavy frame over it.

Get the syma x1 for $35 or the hubsan x4:

u/porksmash · 5 pointsr/diydrones

I think the CrazyFlie is one of the worst options, honestly. It's expensive and requires a computer and gamepad. It might be a good option if you're into computer based control, but if you just want to fly around then there are a few others you could go with. I haven't seen many kits at this size but there are a lot of prebuilt/ready to fly options:

u/docmongre · 5 pointsr/Multicopter

These were $40 at Radio Shack. Get one from there or your local hobby shop, practice with it until you get good, then head back to your local hobby shop, walk up to the guy at the counter and say "I have $160 and I've been practicing with a Hubsan. What's a good model I can upgrade to?"


u/Oberonson · 5 pointsr/Quadcopter

Great! But seriously before you build your QAV, go buy a cheap "beater" quadcopter that you can learn to fly on. Fpv is hard and will be even harder if you begin not knowing how to fly at all. Go buy what everyone recommends: the Hubsand X4. When you can crash on your first flight it'll be with a 40 dollar quad instead of a $300+ build.

Hubsan X4 (H107L) 4 Channel 2.4GHz RC Quadcopter, Black

u/mike413 · 5 pointsr/Quadcopter

There are 4 models, the h107c has two versions
H107L - no camera
H107C - two versions - vga and HD/720p
H107D - fpv version with display on remote
there are also hubsan-specific add-on goggles for the H107D that plug into the remote

u/notHooptieJ · 5 pointsr/radiocontrol

Its a Flitetest Versawing, scratchbuilt-not kit. (about $7 including candy)

with the bargain 30a combo set from amazon. - $26

camera and 600mw transmitter set - $32

5/8.99 - 9g servos.

cost including the FPV gear was under $70, add radio, battery & goggles to that.

u/joshellis625 · 4 pointsr/radiocontrol

First of all, I would never attach your cell phone to a helicopter (I doubt many--if any, could even hold it). They make cheap cameras that are made to attach to the bottom of RC helicopters. Go that route :)

Now I just sort've got into this hobby. I know very little but I can give you some advice.

There are 3 types of RC Helicopters:

-Coaxial = two sets of rotor blades (not including tail rotor) EASIEST AND CHEAPEST
-Fixed Pitch = single rotor with fixed blade pitch EASIER AND CHEAPER
-Collective Pitch = single rotor with controllable blade pitch HARDEST AND MOST EXPENSIVE

Those are also listed from easiest to hardest to fly. You can learn to fly a coaxial in like 20-30 minutes if that. Coaxial heli's will easily hover with little to no controller input as the gyro/accelerometer does all the work and dual rotors are inherently stable. A good first coaxial could be the Syma S107 @ $27. Feel free to skip to a fixed pitch heli if you are daring but with the Syma S107 being less than $30 you should still get it.

Fixed pitch heli's are an entirely different animal as I've recently learned. They are much less stable than a coaxial helicopter but not uncontrollable if you are patient and careful. The physics behind a FP heli is much different than a Coax. These heli's are also more powerful (usually) so be very gentle otherwise you'll be replacing parts even more so than you will normally. YOU WILL NEED TO BUY REPLACEMENT PARTS. YOU WILL CRASH. Keep in mind though, it's not completely terrifying :). Don't be afraid to learn. I love and recommend getting a Blade 120 SR @ $160-180. I just got one and I love it. It's so fun. It's so appealing to fly a single rotor heli because it's more realistic and challenging.

Finally, you have Collective Pitch helicopters. These are what the "pros" use. The rotor blades have a variable pitch that allows for very intense and tricky maneuvers. These are sometimes called 3D helicopters because (if you are skilled enough) can fly them upside down or any direction in between while zipping through the air. I don't know too much about them because I'm still learning to fly a fixed pitch heli. Do NOT start with one of these helicopters. The Blade 450 3D @ $470 is a common example of a Collective Pitch 3D helicopter. As you can see they are quite expensive.

Helicopter Cameras: EXAMPLE

TL;DR: Start with a coaxial (Syma S107) to learn. Then move up to a fixed pitch helicopter (Blade 120 SR). Buy lots of replacement parts/training gear/flight sim (optional). Get used to crashing. Don't fly too high at first. Have fun!

u/stiff_sock · 4 pointsr/gadgets

I bought one of these a few weeks ago and it's so much fun. Great gift. I'm ordering one for my boyfriend this week.

u/Shortsonfire79 · 4 pointsr/Multicopter

I highly suggest picking up something small and cheap that you can mess around with and learn the mechanics of multi flight while you figure everything else out. I personally like the Hubsan x4 and they also have one with a camera on it for a little extra. I should have started with the Hubsan (or other microquad) because I crashed my first build terribly which set me back several months of repair.

For your first bigger multi you could look into the Cinetanks if you're interested in zipping around (link is only to a frame, but they have suggested parts in the right sidebar). I've heard good things about the DJI Flamewheels.

What I've been doing as I get ready for my next multi is to look at the build logs section of the sub wiki. Gives me a good idea of what I'd like and what other people have done too. I also suggest checking the two forums on the sidebar (multi and rcg) The guys at Multirotor pretty much held my hand and walked me through my first build, which I'm really grateful for.

Good luck! And welcome. :D

u/ChinaMan28 · 4 pointsr/Multicopter

Well before you get to a 500 sized multirotor, Might I suggest something smaller and less spinning blades of death?

such as:

Once you get comfortable then you should move up...but if you are new, and don't know to much, you WILL wreck it.

u/FatalErection · 3 pointsr/AskReddit

For kids ages 8-12. Get them something remote controlled if they're boys. Just about every Christmas season JCPenny's sets out little remote helicopters for about $20. They're actually not bad for the price since I have about 3 just for myself. But my cousins went crazy over them last year. If you can't find them in store, and a bunch of other sites carry the Syma S107 for about $22.00. Great starter copter. Stay away from Air Hogs.

Little girls are harder for me. My only two female cousins, sister are easy; they basically tell me everything they want and where I need to go get it. And my sister does all the shopping for my mom and grandmother; I just hand over the money.

The one female (well male and female) I bought for on my own this year was my sisters best friend (my sister from a different mister) just got married this year. I took photos from her wedding, went to shutterfly and had a coffee table book made of pictures from their wedding. Basically a more professional looking scrap book. However, unless they're into photography, kids that age probably would not appreciate that.

As far as your female're on your own. You know her, I don't.

u/PokeyHokie · 3 pointsr/EngineeringStudents

Came here to post this! They are tons of fun. Each of the grad students in my lab owns a set, and we have combined them to make some really sweet huge stuff!

We also have two of these in the lab:
Syma S107 Remote Control Helicopter. They're a TON of fun.

u/cripplehank · 3 pointsr/AskReddit
u/odd_affiliate_link · 3 pointsr/AskReddit

RC cars are fun to play with. I got an RC18 a while back and it is a blast to bash around. If you want, you can get really into upgrading / modifying them. I kept mine stock, to avoid dumping too much money into it!

Edit: If you want something cheaper, this helicopter is pretty rad.

u/sbmike83 · 3 pointsr/gamedev

I'm working on a 3D game engine for controlling electronics.

Just finished a filming session driving my robot around with this screen.

Working on a lot of shader stuff and working on a new screen for controlling model helicopters with touch screens.

u/corinmcblide · 3 pointsr/AskReddit

get this one. its a great little electric heli that uses dual rotors to keep it stabilized and it can fly for like 5-8 minutes. it can also take a lot of abuse and crash from 20 ft and not break

u/Race_Red · 3 pointsr/Multicopter

That thing looks awesome. How did it fly? My first "multirotor" was this micro heli that I got it from Amazon in 2012 when they were first starting to put gyros in the micros. The little guy still flies really great too. Since I've watched quadcopter tech advance so quickly I wonder how much better the helis have become since 2012. I haven't heard anything about them in recent years. I'll have to look into them and see if they've gotten into FPV now.

u/baddox · 3 pointsr/Multicopter

I used to recommend the Syma X1, and it's what I started with before building my first tricopter. However, I think there has been a lot of progress with the flight controllers in these mini quads. My Syma X1 feels very sluggish now.

I would spend a bit more and get a Hubsan x4.

u/hdsrob · 3 pointsr/Multicopter

Has he ever flown anything?

If not then the stock answer is to go with one of the "toy" quads. They are fairly inexpensive, very durable, and replacement parts are plentiful and cheap for the inevitable crashes. Once he gets the hang of that, then he can move up to something that's more powerful, and expensive.

Don't be fooled by the size, these are still fairly tough to get the hang of flying, and are really great fun. Most can be flown indoors as well.

The Hubsan H107 gets recommended quite a bit (I own one, and it's been great).

With that you'd want to get both the prop guard, and the crash kit.

The Syma X1 gets a lot of recommendations as well:

And there's the Estes Proto X (I don't see many recommendations for this, but have seen it mentioned in other places quite a bit):

I'm sure there are more that I'm missing, but I'm sure others will chime in.

u/GooeyGungan · 3 pointsr/gifs

It's just called a Remote Control car. Technically speaking, it's a hobby-grade RC car. You can throw away ridiculous amounts of money on these cars (upwards of $1,000), but the ones in the gif are probably around $500-700 dollars stock, and you can get one (not as fast) for as low as $200, like the Traxxas Slash. You'll still need batteries and a charger though.

u/Gingevere · 3 pointsr/assholedesign

If they're sending out free helicopters that they expect anyone to be able to fly it's probably a super cheap brand that they could get without metting with anyone. Probably a Syma S107.

u/bsmith0 · 3 pointsr/Multicopter

Your best bet is it start with something like this then when you get comfortable flying, you can build a FPV 250 for ~ $600-$1000.

u/oh_lord · 3 pointsr/Multicopter

Assuming you saw one on the set for some film stuff, I assume you're interested in a more AP-style rig like a DJI product. Most of the people here are more interested in a DIY "racing/freestyle" FPV miniquad, a smaller, mostly carbon fibre build that's intended to be fast, responsive, and an immersive flying experience. So, your first decision is whether you're after a more casual photography rig or a quicker, racing quad.

In either case, most of the other comments seem to say "buy something small and cheap and start learning", and I'll second that advice. Most of us here fly "FPV", wearing goggles that show us what a small camera on board broadcast. Before you can do that though, you need to learn the basics of flight, ideally "line of sight", without the goggles.

The Hubsan gets recommended a lot (H107L) because it was one of the best, cheap quads out there. They're $32 on Amazon and are a good starting point. Make sure to grab some extra propellers and a couple more batteries, flight time is about 5 minute of casual hovering.

For a little less though, I cannot recommend the Eachine H8 Mini enough. It's smaller, a little more responsive, and just as durable. Once you're more familiar with the basics of flight, too, you can try out "rate" (manual, no auto-leveling) mode with this one too for about $10 and some time flashing firmware.

From there, once you get used to the basics of control, you can start adding in cameras and goggles and practicing FPV. Eventually, you can work your way up to a larger miniquad.

And always feel free to ask more questions if you have them!


u/firm1 · 3 pointsr/remotesensing

You can definitley do this with a mid size quad and gopro/small point and shoot. I personally don't like the wide angle of the gopro. I mainly use mine for mapping and find the wide angle causes excessive warping/distortion. One thing to consider would be a Canon point and shoot. They are pretty cheap and can run CHDK which lets you do a lot of cool things like remote triggering, running scripts, saving raw files etc...That is what I currently use and it works well.

As for the quad choice the phantom is a pretty basic platform that will do what you want. I haven't flown one, but my understanding is they are pretty easy in stabilize mode. I haven't personally flown this either but I have a kit that is running a similar flight controller/software and I really like it. It has a bit more functionality than a phantom, but will probably take a bit more effort to set up as well.

Either way I would suggest getting a small toy quad to learn first. The Hubsan is great learner. It is much better to crash one of these than an expensive phantom/camera set up. Plus you can fly this inside as well. Also check out /r/Multicopter. There is a lot of good info there.

u/bulbufet · 3 pointsr/Multicopter

This is what I have, and what many people in this sub will tell you to get.

You would be safe also getting the crash pack:

Very small very fun and very easy to learn nn. I've had mine for over a year now and I still fly it every couple days.

u/_brodre · 3 pointsr/Multicopter

may i recommend you and your friends pool 45 dollars and have the time of your lives with a hubsan x4 H107L

u/RmJack · 3 pointsr/shutupandtakemymoney

These are neat novelty, but personally i think getting him a hubson x4 would be better, its not a fixed wing, but there super fun and a great intro rc quad copter.

u/XYrZbest · 3 pointsr/Multicopter

I was going to get this one I don't think I really need a camera. is there a way I could add one later if i wanted to. Should i get this crash pack or should i just get more batteries?

u/lpabmendez · 3 pointsr/djiphantom

Get a cheap small quadcopter to practice / crash / practice. Learning to fly well is the best way to prevent damage to your phantom. Also, learn to fly well in atti mode (no GPS help)

Some people feel that the propeller protectors ( ) can cause vortex ring state and could cause a crash. ( DJI Phantom 2 - Prop Guards explained. - Also T…: ) I personally fly with out them. It saves weight and makes you fly more cautiously.

***Download and read this 50 page manual!... Read it twice!! Everything you need to know about the Phantom2 V+

Watch phantom crash YouTube videos and figure out why they crashed, learn from it.

u/memebuster · 3 pointsr/radiocontrol

Probably not exactly what you were thinking but amazing pair of cars going cheap, clearancing out:

WowWee Robotic Enhanced Vehicles (R.E.V), 2-Pack

u/dregan · 3 pointsr/videos

Drones are so affordable now that even broke ass niggahs can buy one.

u/cmr8305 · 2 pointsr/Frugal

You should check out this remote-controlled helicopter for about $20. I just got one to give away, felt compelled to test it out and it is awesome!

u/xrstunt · 2 pointsr/radiocontrol

They're all over Amazon, this is the first link: . And for the record, this and all small coax helis will not lift ANY weight. Maybe a penny or 2 tied underneath (at the center of gravity).

u/Padna33 · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

A Mini RC helicopter. Best $20 ever spent.

u/NaturalLogofOne · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

Fun Toy that's not expensive. I have one and it's ridiculously fun:

Other Gifts: In thinking back on gifts I've really enjoyed from my dad, I would say books that he really loved and got for me. Even though I didn't read some of them until years later, I eventually was so glad I got them and we've talked about them on numerous occasions. One that comes to mind was Asimov's Foundation.

But also, helicopter. Fun!

u/IHopeTheresCookies · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

I have this and it's big brother. I did manage to break a blade on the larger one but I found replacements for about $12. The little has more flexible blades so it doesn't seem like they'll break as easily, also it seems to handle better. It's actually much easy to fly / control than the bigger.

u/merreborn · 2 pointsr/radiocontrol

The s107 is persistently cheap on amazon

The price actually went up to $25+ around christmas time but it sits at under $22 the rest of the year from what I've seen.

u/fleminator · 2 pointsr/nintendo

Yep, pretty standard for that type of helicopter.

u/Fittitor · 2 pointsr/DoesAnybodyElse

I bought myself an RC helicopter for Christmas this year. I'm 29.

I was shopping online when I stumbled across one for ~$20. It got pretty bad reviews, but I found one on amazon that had great reviews, was good for indoors, and was only ~$35.

Was initially going to get it for a roommate, but decided to get them more practical gifts. I still wanted to play with that helicopter though, so I added it on as a gift to myself. Arrived yesterday, but I'm waiting until Saturday to open it. =D

u/ferminriii · 2 pointsr/AskReddit
u/zack2014 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

That is a super cool quad, I saw it on /r/technology the other day! Coolest thing since sliced bread!

If you want planes, then amazon has a lot of cheap beginner planes!

HobbyZone Duet


The Champ!

They're both relatively cheap, have great reviews, and are a low maintenance cost alternative to Hobby grade planes!

u/RobinTheBrave · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

How about a mini helicopter?

An 11 year old should be able to fly one around the house without a huge learning curve, they're fairly tough and you can get all the parts as spares.

You'll probably find them cheaper elsewhere too.

u/89vision · 2 pointsr/AskReddit
u/arharris2 · 2 pointsr/AskReddit
u/doogles · 2 pointsr/AskReddit
u/MCubb · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Halloween Hijinxery

Gotta love a tiny remote control helicopter!

u/Di-eEier_von_Satan · 2 pointsr/Multicopter

The Hubsan X4 (h107L) is an amazing micro quad. It's my first quad and I can't believe the things it will do.

u/Teamster · 2 pointsr/rawdenim

Hmmm. Well, I've really been enjoying my moto 360, but I'm both on android and a huge fucking nerd.

What's your coffee game look like? $200 would get a ton of great coffee gear, especially if you're just getting started.

How about sports? I'm an avid climber, so maybe you could get a punch-pass, climbing shoes, and a chalk bag and hit up a local climbing gym.

Let's talk toys, though. Quadrotors are a fucking BLAST to play with, and there's a million of them. I have this Estes ProtoNano and this Hubsan Quadrotor. They're both amazingly fun, and not too expensive.

What else are you interested in?

u/clonx · 2 pointsr/Multicopter

I just recently started myself with [this] ( and have really enjoyed it a lot. Feels like I'm already immeasurably better at controlling it and I've only had ten or twelve flights. I would definitely recommend this model for learning on.

u/Sudzy1225 · 2 pointsr/rccars

all you really need is one of these and a go-pro. the newer ones will stream right to any device with the app, within bluetooth range.

u/Rymesis · 2 pointsr/rccars
u/anothercatforyou · 2 pointsr/radiocontrol
u/redditor1983 · 2 pointsr/AdviceAnimals

Actually they're pretty fun. I have one similar to this one and it's awesome for flying around indoors.

I don't know if I would buy one from a mall kiosk though because the price would probably be super high.

But for $15 it's a blast.

Only problem is that the battery dies really fast.

u/TwistedEnigma · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I want an early present!

My birthday was actually last friday but i guess this can count for next year :)

i've always wanted one of these

u/TerrainTerrainPullUp · 2 pointsr/flying

Funnily enough, I know a guy who is both an IFR certified pilot and an aircraft owner who happily flies his Phantom quadcopter in Class D airspace, as well as the busiest circuit in my area.

Having a PPL means nothing if the common sense isn't there.

Furthermore, 99% of "drone" operators still aren't causing problems. Most of the quads being sold are basically toys, and absolutely no different than the little coaxial helis that were all the rage a few Christmas's ago.

Banning every unmanned flying device or somehow trying to regulate them will be quite literally impossible. You'd have to regulate the sales of all 72 Mhz and 2.4 Ghz radio control gear, which is on it's own a multi-million dollar industry.

Are you suggesting the FAA sends officials to someones house if they are caught flying something like this?

u/duker7ne · 2 pointsr/radiocontrol

It appears that your heli doesn't have fwd/backward control. When given enough throttle, the tail rotor begins to spin tilting the helicopter forward. You'll have much better luck with one of these Syma S107 helicopters. They are the best for toy-grade helis.

u/WhippedCreamOnMyDick · 2 pointsr/CasualConversation

I'm getting this for all of my friends. Who doesn't want a helicopter?

u/bweech · 2 pointsr/rccars

First off, let me say I do NOT have any personal experience with ECX, so I'll defer to others posting here on the quality, repairability, etc.

I did notice Amazon has an ECX Ruckus at your $100 price point. It is 1/18 scale versus your existing 1/12 scale, so will be a little smaller.

u/nfavor · 2 pointsr/rccars

ECX Ruckus 1/18th scale is hobby grade and a blast. If you break anything, you should be able to get parts from Horizon Hobby or order them through your local hobby shop.

u/bartman36 · 2 pointsr/Quadcopter

Honestly, at that price point, you're best off going with the Hubsan x4 H107L

Here's an amazon link if u want:

Hubsan X4 (H107L) 4 Channel 2.4GHz RC Quadcopter, Black

u/liedel · 2 pointsr/Multicopter

Order one of these first and learn to fly it, or something similar. The controls are the same and you can practice indoors. Also, if you destroy this you are out $40, instead of the full price.

u/Faynard · 2 pointsr/dragoncon

Not exactly the answer you may have been looking for, but I figured I would contribute...I bought something like that from Amazon a while back.

That's the model I bought, and extra batteries/chargers/parts have been easy to find online and even at hobby specialty shops. This one doesn't have a camera, but there are models that do. Super fun toy, tbh. Pretty sharp learning curve, even on the "beginner" mode that smooths out the flying. Highly encourage getting a propeller guard thing to slap on it especially if you fly indoors.

u/lonjaxson · 2 pointsr/theocho

Start by getting a line-of-sight drone and see if you like it first.

hubsan x4 (comes with a controller)



prop guards+props

$55 to see if you like it.

When you break that, try repairing it. If you don't like that, then the hobby may not be for you.

u/SirDabington · 2 pointsr/camping

As long as it isn't too windy the Hubsan X4 mini quadcopter is a lot of fun.

u/mxrider225 · 2 pointsr/drones
u/obsidianmantis · 2 pointsr/Multicopter

I'm a noob. I just bought this and it should be here tomorrow. You can get one with FPV already set up. I think that one is ~$130. This one's $40. I got a sim app for my computer called Heli-X to learn how to fly it (360 controller compatible). The question is can you fly one? Check out the app t's free.

u/Wiltron · 2 pointsr/shutupandtakemymoney

It's also US Only, and readily available elsewhere for the same price..

Cameraless Model on Amazon

u/__redruM · 2 pointsr/Multicopter

These little guys are tanks. Fly over grass, get plenty of spare props and you are all set on a very affordable budget.

u/ianyboo · 2 pointsr/drones

Yup it's the hubsan X4 Amazon link that someone here recommended as a great starter that won't break on the first crash. And at 30 bucks I picked up two so I had spare parts for when I eventually destroyed it (which I did)

So much fun!

u/Lainz · 2 pointsr/Multicopter

You should consider a small one first. Like a [hubsan x4 from amazon.](

But if you don't mind the pricetag, and want to jump into it. You get ARF kits for 3-400usd. Then you need another 1-200usd in fpv gear. And 4-500 for radio/receiver, flightcontroller and batteries/charger.

In short, you should consider a pricetag around 800-1000usd to get starting. Maybe up to 1500-2000 depending on what you need to buy extra and if you want the "new" HD fpv goggles and so on.

u/SPprime · 2 pointsr/Multicopter

I would suggest buying a cheap nano quad, like the Hubsan x4 or the Syma x11 first: fly, crash, learn, THEN look at building a 250. Plus then you have something you can fly around inside when the weather is bad

u/shiftpgup · 2 pointsr/Multicopter

You can use a site like to keep track of the price. I paid $30 and $35 (lost the first one) when I ordered mine.

u/wolfcry0 · 2 pointsr/Multicopter

Hubsan X4, it's cheap and comes with everything you need to fly it

u/Lord_Zero · 2 pointsr/videos

Hubsan H107L
$46 on Amazon (up ~$5 for the holidays). Grab a crash pack and prop guards.

u/Ruskythegreat · 2 pointsr/radiocontrol

I'm sure the crash protection on that is just a plastic blade guard. It looks like a Hubsan H107 clone but personally, I would go for this

u/Taubin · 2 pointsr/Multicopter

From everything I've read here, the Hubsan X4 series are great. There are new ones coming out at some point in the future, however the current versions are great, and cheap as well.

u/Lightborne · 2 pointsr/radiocontrol

Strange that it lists the rather spendy fpv version of the Hubsan instead of the cheaper (and still very good, especially for a beginner) base model:

u/eviljolly · 2 pointsr/drones

They're not super powerful, but still a lot of fun. You don't want a ton of power on your first done, anyway.

It's easy to fly, with readily available replacement parts.

u/KayakHipster · 2 pointsr/Kayaking

Exactly right. This is the one I started with (this option doesn't have a camera and is $35, I got the one that's 40 I think with the cam)

Hubsan X4 (H107L) 4 Channel 2.4GHz RC Quadcopter, Black

And you can see all parts to fix it are super cheap as well. The controls are the same as the more expensive ones. These are not anywhere as fancy, so you really need to learn to fly them. The more expensive ones have lots of functions to keep it steady and such. But it's very easy to get disoriented when it's high up and you can't see which way is forward. Bad news if there's obstacles nearby and you don't know how to control it. It's also why so many of them have been making headlines lately. Idiots get them without learning to use them first, and then they drop and hurt people.

u/Helagak · 2 pointsr/DJISpark

The hubsan x4 was my first quad. I learned so much on it. And they are cheaper than ever now. If you are new to flying and just got or are thinking about getting a spark or even a more expensive drone, I HIGHLY recommend grabbing an x4 and learning the ins and outs of quad control on something that won't break your heart when you break it. We all scrapped our knees when learning to walk. Learning to fly is no different.

Hubsan X4 (H107L) 4 Channel 2.4GHz RC Quadcopter, Black

u/LukemBro · 2 pointsr/Quadcopter

Go on amazon and buy all this in my opinion to get into Quadcopter flying:
The actual Quad

Things you will need

u/dick122 · 2 pointsr/gopro

I got this one, the Hubsan X4. It's showing it for $40 right now but I think I only paid $35 for mine at the time. They make the same one with a camera installed but I didn't see the point of that since the whole idea was to only use it for practicing.

It really wasn't hard to get the hang of. I started indoors with it and crashed it several times. It was fun but taking it out to the soccer fields and zipping it all over the place is what made me understand people's obsession with multicopters. The worst that has happened outdoors is twice I've taken my eye off it when it had gotten so far away it was just a tiny black speck in the sky. Both times I panicked, cut the throttle to let it fall and searched for it. Luckily it suffered no damage either of those times.

I will say you should definitely invest in some extra props and extra batteries. You can find all that pretty cheap online too. Even with all that added on you're still talking about less than $100.

Oh, and completely un-GoPro-related: these things are extremely fun to fly at night. With the LEDs on it's easier to see and looks like a UFO buzzing about.

u/ra13 · 2 pointsr/gopro

Sorry i replied to you a few days back but i was on mobile and it ended up being posted as a reply to the main thread!

Hubsan X4 H107L :

u/peterhollens · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

OMG, right?! I've gone through three of them already... I destroyed the blades to this one yesterday after only two days on the job. ---> -- it was a little cheaper when I got it, really like it, but it's super hard to control in the house...

u/OmenLW · 2 pointsr/DIY

I got the L. It was around $50. Actually, lemme grab the link.

Are you sitting me. I coulda got one with a camera for $10 more!?!?!

u/lametec · 2 pointsr/radiocontrol

The Champ S+ RTF

Just make sure you fly it in indoor mode (GPS off), or it may fly away.

There's also the Apprentice, which is pretty much the same thing, only larger. Larger has the benefit of being able to handle more wind, but also the downside of more spectacular crashes.

Personally I learned on a Sport Cub S, but now that the Champ S+ with 2S power and a brushless motor is available, I'd go with that instead.

All these have SAFE mode, which will keep you from crashing unless you point the plane into the ground or other obstacles. If you feel out of control, simply let go of the sticks, and the plane will right itself and keep flying. Switch into advanced mode, and you're in full control, and if you crash, you can only blame yourself. :)

u/Strigoi666 · 2 pointsr/rccars

Check out the Everest 10. It's good for a beginner crawler and has lots of upgrade potential.

You'll want a hobby grade rc and they aren't cheap.

u/whatwhatwhat59 · 2 pointsr/AskParents

I remember my dad bought my brother something like this (or maybe it was this haha) when he was about your sons age;

WowWee Robotic Enhanced Vehicles (R.E.V), 2-Pack

They’re these race cars you control with an app on your phone and they took them to this community center and would race them

He also bought him some robotic and coding stuff to try and get him to do more things hands on. For awhile my brother really wanted to design video games because of it all and would come up with ideas and stuff

u/TomTheGeek · 2 pointsr/radiocontrol
u/Chemistryz · 2 pointsr/orangecounty

Get an inexpensive Syma to practice; it's actually much more difficult to fly than something like a DJI phantom, but it lets you get comfortable exploring your range and ability to visualize and fly without worrying about damaging property (the thing can fall out of the sky all day and not break itself or anyone else's stuff).

You can film with it to, so you can get an idea of how things look (The Phantoms will look 500,000x better)

When you're comfortable with that, and you've decided you actually enjoy the hobby enough to warrant spending ~$1500 USD on a full-fledged drone, there's a DJI shop in Fountain Valley (Near the costco out there) with helpful staff that can probably let you try out some controls and stuff without too much stress.

u/drumguy211 · 2 pointsr/Quadcopter

Cheerwing Syma X5SW FPV 2.4Ghz 4CH 6-Axis Gyro RC Headless Quadcopter Drone UFO with 2MP HD Wifi Camera (Black)

This is probably the one. It's the X5SW. It's basically the X5C with FPV (sort of). The FPV has a bit of a delay. You can use it to set up your shot, but you can't really fly by it. It's a nice starter quad though.

u/smith1302 · 2 pointsr/Gifts

Maybe you can get him a cheaper drone with a camera if he likes techy stuff: amazon

Or does he like dragon ball z? You could get him some dragon ball z merchandise

These are just things I like and I’m an electrical engineer

u/jaifriedpork · 2 pointsr/Multicopter

I think there's only one FPV kit specifically for the X5, but it's a drop-in replacement for the stock camera, which is nice. It's heavier, and the quad is a bit of a pig with it mounted, but it still flies pretty well; you just can't fly as fast, and definitely can't come in as hot when you land. Also note that it didn't really say the exact tx power, but it's almost certainly over 25 mW, so expect to get your ham ticket if you want to be law-abiding and/or want to join the cool kids over at /r/amateurradio.

This is what I bought, though you might find it a little cheaper elsewhere.

u/tvfd218 · 2 pointsr/Quadcopter
u/FearMeIAmRoot · 2 pointsr/Multicopter

You can get a 5.8GHz FPV system for the Syma x5c.

I purchased this last month for mine. The screen is very bright, even outdoors. Camera is about the same quality as the 2.0MP/720p that comes with the x5c (slower exposure compensation, slightly sharper image).

Here's footage I took the other day [from the camera] *(Removed link since it's from my own YouTube channel. PM me if you want the link).

I highly recommend it for a beginner/trainer quad. Under $130 all in for the quad, FPV and extra batteries.

u/Hard_at_it · 2 pointsr/Quadcopter

Not going to be the best but very available - Syma X5C-1 - Banggood/Gearbest/Amazon/Aliexpress.

You can get a very basic 5.8ghz FPV setup going with and - Its Toy grade but can get you started on an expensive hobby.

u/AriusTech · 2 pointsr/drones

Looks like a good learning experience, but I personally learned what I needed to know online. Furthermore, looks like the quad you build in class is a lower level version of something like this link, but for about the same price you'll get a FPV setup out of the box with the ability to add an 'action' camera in the future.

Edit: After reading your comment, I realize that if you want Photography you should get a Phantom or similar, only $140 more than that nicer racer, and they are MUCH easier to fly, and much harder to lose.,loc:1&ksid=af53e6a5-bce6-4e97-b8b2-6a0e00ab6b66&ksprof_id=14&ksaffcode=pg28541&ksdevice=c&ref=212&loc=1

u/jamesodba · 1 pointr/AskReddit
u/implante · 1 pointr/AskReddit

oh dear god yes. I bought this for a buddy's bachelor party (he and all of the other guys went to RPI). It was great success.

u/Iron_Skin · 1 pointr/AskReddit

One of these

They are cheap, and are utterly mesmerizing to many people. Now, the price I am seeing is $19.99,but the price for you may be different, depending on amazon.

Word of warning however: if you charge from the controller, make sure you have good quality batteries. If not, they will leak trying to charge the chopper.

u/hatboysam · 1 pointr/AskReddit

This RC Helicopter

19.50 shipped, the greatest toy ever. Charges via USB and has a built in gyroscope. It is also indestructible, I crash it into anything and everything but it is also maneuverable enough that within my first hour of flight it got it to perch on top of an iMac. I showed my dad and he immediately bought 5 and gave them to his buddies, everyone can fly it and love it.

u/rulouder22 · 1 pointr/AskReddit
u/joshjet182 · 1 pointr/radiocontrol

Syma 107's are incredibly durable and easy to fly.

Super cheap too, but it does look like a "regular looking helicopter".

u/RayLomas · 1 pointr/sysadmin

If you're really alone for the whole night, and work in a big openspace office, check out these things. They're hella fun. Side note, I won't say whenever I did or did not fly RC helicopters in my corporate offices.

Beside that, learning to code is fun, and quite rewarding.

u/brownja · 1 pointr/pics

I'm 45 and got one of these for my 12 yo son. Lets just say he hasn't spent much time with it. BTW, this things is WAAAY better than those air-hogs crap helicopters.

u/Cavemencrazy · 1 pointr/pics
u/chestr · 1 pointr/pics

This post made me realize how much I've always wanted an RC copter. I just ordered one on Amazon. Can. Not. Wait!

u/pkey · 1 pointr/pics

I'm 30and my mom got me the Syma s107 this Christmas. My dad is in his 50s. He got one too.

These things are awesome! Surprisingly easy to fly.

u/TheSerpent · 1 pointr/pics
u/pawingo · 1 pointr/AskReddit
  1. BugASalt - $30 - indegogo
  2. Syma s107 RC Helicopter - $17.98 - amazon
  3. Raspberry PI - $35 -
  4. Lego Prehistoric Hunters - $24.99 - amazon

    Might as well order one of those bugasalt. I'm sure you can put this to good use.. An RC helicopter is always a lot of fun. Try it during your work break. It makes the day go better.. I swear!
    It seems you have an interest in programming stuff, so you can't go wrong with a RaspberryPi. And who doesn't want a LEGO TRex!!!!!!

    Aaand crap... I just read Needs to be able to ship to Australia.
    I'm guessing pick one in this case...
u/myheadhurtsalot · 1 pointr/tipofmytongue

It wasn't a post, per se, but a featured ad for this guy.

u/clayola · 1 pointr/AskReddit

A remote controlled helicopter. Good ones are relatively cheap and they are endlessly fun.
Here's a good one, but cheaper on Amazon

u/PcChip · 1 pointr/radiocontrol

The only problem with 3ch helis is they have the controls reversed on the transmitter, so you'll end up learning the wrong way. If you're never planning on upgrading to "real" helis (4ch fixed pitch with swashplate, 6ch collective pitch with swashplate) then this won't be an issue and you can just buy the cheap ones and have fun. If this is the case I suggest something like a syma s107

If you want to learn the real control scheme (mode 2) then you can start with an easy double horse 9116 that will auto-balance when you let go of the control stick (thanks to the weighted flybar) which makes it a good beginner heli.

u/malcontented · 1 pointr/AskReddit
u/artanis2 · 1 pointr/promos

Here is a cheaper link sold by another store, fulfilled by amazon.


u/smwht · 1 pointr/radiocontrol

Basically, it is capable of doing more things than other similarly priced helicopters. It is trickier to fly, but that's because it is doing less of the flying for you.

On something like the S107 (or other coaxial helicopters), if you stop giving it any inputs, it'll level itself out and just kind of sit there. The V911 (and other single rotor helicopters) will do less of that for you, so you have to learn more control. It'll help prepare you better for flying larger helicopters and (IMO anyways) will keep your interest longer because there's more you can do with it.

I personally went from the S107 to a Blade MSR-X, but the blade is probably more than you're willing to spend ($90). If this is your absolute first helicopter, the S107 ( for example) may not be a bad idea - it's less than $20 and will let you start learning how to deal with orientation.

u/R1cket · 1 pointr/radiocontrol

I did not end up getting it, found a different gift.

Another option I forgot to mention is a quadcopter - depending on how you fly them and the level of electronics, they can be easier than a plane, or about the same as a fixed-pitch (simple) helicopter. The micro ones are really cheap (~$50) and fun to play with, though I find them a little boring compared to helis.

I don't know much about boats but yea I did see the self-righting feature of the barbwire. Personally I would hate to have my boat flip over and have to go out into the water to get it. Depends how convenient it is to go into the water though. It's all about your situation. If you're standing on dry land in normal clothes and your boat flips over or somehow dies, I guess you just have to be prepared with a long stick or rope or something to get it out. That's what turns me away from the idea of boats. But if you're in a swimsuit and planning on going into the water anyway, then I guess it wouldn't be a problem.

I guess one more thing I'll say is, what are you looking for in terms of fun? Do you know what you will find amusing? Everyone has their own underlying reasons; I personally fly helis because of the big challenge of controlling them, keeping their orientation in your head and avoiding the ground. Some people like the act of building and the joy of seeing something you built actually work (or not), thus the other comments here about building your own foamie plane. R/C car guys are often into racing others around a track or crawling over rocks, which sounds like it can be challenging.

In terms of helicopters, the starter ones are usually the mCX 2 and the mSR X (wow that's cheap! must be about to announce a new one). Good starter planes are called "trainers", they usually have a high wing and only 3 channels (throttle/elevator/rudder, no aileron), popular two are Champ and Super Cub. For quadcopters, you simply start with a full-featured but micro one, the Syma X1 is most commonly recommended and very cheap. I don't know enough about the cars to recommend. But notice all of these are cheaper than the boats... Granted, they're all smaller than a boat, but when it comes to something flying through the air, smaller and lighter means less likely to break in a crash. Only once you have your orientations down and can keep the micro size in the air, should you graduate to full size. That's not a fact but a commonly accepted opinion. On the other hand, for boats and cars, you basically can't break them unless you try (slam it into a wall, drop it off a cliff, make it go over a huge jump) or of course if something just goes bad on its own, so you can start with the biggest boat or car you can find and be just fine. If you're looking for size from the start, cars and boats are the way to go.

u/domart17 · 1 pointr/RCPlanes

I had bought a HobbyZone Champ RTF ( as a starter plane that was cheap and easy to get started with. It was pretty easy to get going and i've made some minor repairs.

However, now that I've trashed this (flying in too windy conditions and in a bad environment), I'm considering next steps to get into this hobby more. I want something more robust but not sure how much money I want to sink into it.

u/Iamstu · 1 pointr/radiocontrol

I love this little guy, I have a bunch of ducted fan jets and still like to fly this one around.

u/Ravenseye · 1 pointr/radiocontrol

I'd suggest you find your local hobby shops, find out what they carry for brands (so you can get parts on short notice when they break, and they will break constantly with newbies using them) and then go in that direction.

I sell these things everyday, and the marketing of every brand will tell you that their stuff is indestructible. They all lie. I can and have seen everything break. Especially those who trumpet their indestructibility the most..

That being said...

For drones, this thing is nearly indestructible. I've sold this under another brands name at my shop and it was the best product in our 40+ year history. I would let people I didn't know the ability of use it in our back room and fly with no worries, we could not kill it. This has about a 12" span from motor to motor that helps it stabilize while people are using it. The tiny quads are definitely fun, but tend to be too twitchy for newbies.

Airplanes, the Hobbyzone Champ is nearly bombproof. Its light and made of good foam that can handle a lot of crashes. If it ever does break, just tape it back together with some scotch tape and toothpicks. It's a fantastically simple plane to fly. Just throttle, rudder and elevator. All ya need to fly. It's got a smaller controller with it which is perfect for kids to use. Heartily recommended. That price is silly, at our shop we sell them at 89.99.

Cars, the ECX Brand cars seem fairly durable from a new driver perspective. And Redcat Racing cars seem pretty well built as well. Stick with cars that are slower, slower cars have less potential to break. They will still break, but less often than faster, sexier cars. Traxxas stuff can be good as well, but I'd suggest stocking up on their replacement motors for their brushed trucks. Their recent batch of motors have been weak and not as good as they should be. I would definitely suggest crawlers instead of fast cars. Crawlers, especially within a camp setting, would be AWESOME fun! We sell this one and have had awesome luck with it.

Stock up on the batteries and definitely invest in a charger for them other than the slow-poke one that comes with it. If you are going to be looking to maximise the runtime, you aught to check out lipo batteries. They get a bad reputation, but if you set the cars up right and charge them up properly, there are rarely issues with them. (Always charge them in a lipo bag, and store them in some sort of protective container. I'd suggest real terra cotta pots as they can handle the fire if they decide to go up.)

Boats, don't even try. They are the most needy of r/C equipment. We have neared the time when selling boats at our shop is a thing. Nobody's boats last worth a damn anymore.

I wish I knew what area you were in, I'd love to work with you and get you guys going!

Good luck! if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me. I've been at this for `over 18 years and would love to help out however I can!

u/RESERVA42 · 1 pointr/radiocontrol

I haven't seen that FT video, and this is 9 days late... but isn't what you're talking about the same as the Blade mCX2?

u/SpikeKintarin · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon


I think this rc heli would cheer you up! :3

u/nerdfighterelle · 1 pointr/RandomKindness

My boyfriend really wanted this for his birthday, but I lost my job and I couldn't afford it. Yes, he is a child at heart. He's really 25, and he said he would take a "derp" photo.

edit: um... he's 26 now, hence the birthday. woops.

u/Wincal308 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Everything else on my list has some purpose or use... this... well I just thought "I want a helicopter!"

u/hilljgo · 1 pointr/AskReddit

$20 RC mini helicopter!

My brother got one and its pretty cool flying around with precise control

u/rexroof · 1 pointr/AskReddit
u/Mr_Papagiorgio · 1 pointr/AskReddit
u/nickoaverdnac · 1 pointr/djiphantom

If you think this is a one-time-purchase then you are dead wrong. You will crash, it is a matter of when and how. If you beat the odds, then good for you, you'll then want to buy upgrades. Save up and get a Phantom 2 with H3-3D and a GoPro 3+... If you can't afford that, just get a Hubsan X4 $40 and learn to fly and save money.

u/topcity · 1 pointr/radiocontrol

Without a doubt I think you should start with the Hubsan X4. I got one for my son a few months ago, and I've been flying it non-stop. A lot of fun and flies great indoors and out (with light wind.) Start inside and get good before you venture outside.

u/ZombiePudding · 1 pointr/Multicopter

Goddammit, I dun goof'd. This shit better work.

u/mobile_monster_ · 1 pointr/rccars
u/imperfectfromnowon · 1 pointr/multirotor
u/Millertyme208 · 1 pointr/Multicopter

I use this for a different transmitter. It'll work if it has a trainer port in the back.

u/johnslims · 1 pointr/Multicopter

I have a flysky fst6 that I could use a trainer plug/cable with.I wont have any time to fly this summer but will have some time this winter to try some sims.

Ths should do the trick with my flysky

Like I said my taranis has no usb.

u/rogeebrs · 1 pointr/trees

It's not directly trees related, but I spend twenty USD on a toy remote control helicopter a few weeks back ( and it's very fun to fly after burning.

u/meanttolive · 1 pointr/Gifts

Mom: gift card to Michael's or a nearby crafts store, or maybe some beads and string for her to create some jewelry?

Pops: remote controlled helicopter

Sister: Apples to Apples, Cards Against Humanity, Shot Glass Roulette Drinking Game or some similar entertainment piece.

BIL: Microbrew kit? Check out for really obscure stuff.

Friend's daughter: Doodle track car, Moon in my Room or Inanimate Stickers. Little kids typically like stickers, drawing and toys so anything that's easy cleanup for parents would likely be a real winner.

u/nitrous_nit · 1 pointr/rccars

Something like this:

I am reading to go brushless, with my budget, say less than $300, and requirements, is that possible?

u/MaxeMouse · 1 pointr/rccars

Amazon link to the 18th scale

This option is smaller than the 10 scale ones. It may have some difficulty getting through a yard of 2 inch grass, but it will work well on fine grass like the stuff at golf courses and certainly on dirt.

u/LOOKITSADAM · 1 pointr/videos

Pfft, I wouldn't recommend building one right off the bat anyways. That's a lot of fiscal and emotional investment for something that's gonna crash and burn in the first couple months anyways. There's a bunch of cheap, wonderful, learner 'toy' grade ones out there to whet a curiosity.

Good luck with your degree. I wouldn't know where to start with that, mine was in Computer Science.

u/lamp42 · 1 pointr/drones

correct me if im wrong but the hubsan x4 is only like 30 bucks...can this go high and shit and is it fast? how is this one compared to OPs video? I can only imagine what the 1500 dollar drones can do....

u/germz05 · 1 pointr/videos
u/Ferreteria · 1 pointr/fpvracing

$30.00. Tons of fun to fly, a great cheap introduction, and a great way to learn the basics. There's a learning curve, you're going to crash, so why not use something easily replaceable.

u/idunnofry · 1 pointr/Quadcopter

Do yourself a favor and master this before diving into building a quadcopter. The hubsan is the best mini quad for the money hands down. Do not bother with the cheerson cx-10, it has unreliable signal in my experience even at very close range among other cons.

I have a hard time believing you'll be able to squeeze a custom build with transmission to your phone out of $300 even if you have a radio controller already.

My advice is maybe a phantom 2 or 3 for ~$500. It will route video straight to the DJI app in your phone. A custom quadcopter is going to be a bit more tricky to get onto your phone and you're more likely to be sending it into FPV goggles.

If you don't go the DJI route you will have to buy an RC controller/vrx/battery charger/figure out a way to view the video feed/etc. The cost can really get out of hand. I bought an Immersion RC Vortex after outgrowing the hubsan and after all the basics I needed I had spent well over $1000.

All in all, until you have 2x/3x as much of a budget go with the hubsan. Good luck!

u/ChrisVolkoff · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

Thanks, yeah they probably look too similar to justify spending ~$40. I'm going to use that money to buy this then haha.

u/TripKidd · 1 pointr/Multicopter

Hah, it does sound like it :)

I just know how much kids love these things, and how easy they are to break.

EDIT: err, I mean -

u/sevargmas · 1 pointr/gopro
u/strange_like · 1 pointr/multirotor

Please, do yourself a favor and DO NOT start with a 450. You will break something or someone. Drop $40 on the Hubsan X4 as a trainer, it'll teach you everything you need to know about how to fly. Beyond that, the F450 is great.

u/rob79 · 1 pointr/arduino

Late reply, but here are my thoughts on this.

Basically any RC helicopter can be easily controlled via arduino. The trick is either taking apart the included controller as you suggested and simply wiring the connections to the sticks to a breadboard or something. The sticks are basically just potentiometers.

The other way you could do it would be to find an RF shield or something so the arduino can just output on the correct frequency. I haven't been into RC as a serious hobby for a while (I'm talking like almost 20 years, since I was a teenager, so things have probably changed a lot), but I remember being able to go out and buy various crystals at my hobby shop so that you could easily swap what frequencies the controllers/receivers worked on. This was important at events where there might be 10 people all flying at the same time (just pop out your crystals if someone else is on that frequency and replace it with a different one). I'm sure there must be an RF transmitter arduino shield out there that works on this principle. Maybe start researching how people control robots, like the ones that play soccer and stuff.

As far as recommendations go, would you be interested in a quadcopter? The Hubsan X4 is a WICKED fun tiny quadcopter. It's fast, easy to control, etc, etc. It even has swappable batteries so you don't have to wait 20 minutes after every 5 minute flight to go again. Heck, I'd recommend you get one of those for your friend even if it can't be connected to arduino just because it's super fun LOL.

Good luck!

EDIT: BTW - when I said that the X4 is "easy to control" that is, of course, relative. It will require practice. Your friend will probably need to get familiar with flying anything you buy manually before trying to control it via programming, so what I mean is that it's a great quadcopter to learn on. It's durable, replacement parts are cheap (definitely get 3-4 extra sets of blades, a crash repair kit, extra batteries, and blade guards if you can find them), and most of all it's so fun and the learning curve so gentle that your friend will not lose interest or get frustrated. An added bonus is that it's also fairly basic (no fancy built in electronics) so it's definitely hackable with the right skills.

u/supergrega · 1 pointr/Multicopter

Thanks for the answers!

Part 1:
After thinking about Hubsan x4 vs Syma x1 carefully and researching on google, I still decided to go with Hubsan X4, mainly because I will probably have to be flying indoors since it's going to start snowing here pretty soon. :(


    I will also buy the propeller guard. What I am curious about is, seeing as the flight time is only a little over 5 minutes, what extra batteries should I get for it and what charger? Would these do?


    Oh, that was my bad. A week or so ago, we were thinking about getting a hexacopter with a gopro and later upgrading it to be able to lift dslr devices, hence the second dslr gimbal. But seeing as gopro4 has some pretty good quality, we probably won't need to be lifting dslrs any time soon. Is the gimbal we get with f550 kit any good? Also, the f550 kit says we need to get a controler, but I have no idea which one.

    The FPV you recommended is this one, right?


    We would probably need to get an aditional controler with LCD screen, right?
u/thedevilsmusic · 1 pointr/videos

This is also a great learning quad . After a little over a month of draining the 3 batteries I have for it almost everyday, I feel like I have a good grasp on the basics of flying. I'm planning my first build now.

The hubsan is definitely worth the money.

u/aroject · 1 pointr/Multicopter

No worries! I actually have the Syma x1, the Hubsan x4, and the Nano QX so I've had plenty of first hand experience on all 3 of the super popular ones.

The specific Syma x1 I have is this:

Its the cheapest of the 3 and has the longest flight time. However this means it has the longest charge time (about 90 minutes for around 20+ minutes of flight)

The Nano will fly for around 10+ minutes and charges in around 35 minutes.

The Hubsan takes around 45 minutes to charge and flies for about 6~7 minutes depending on if you have the guard attached.

Of the 3 the Syma is the easiest to fly, and the best for a total beginner to learn on. However the Syma does not have blade guards, but the blades themselves are very sturdy (in about 50 flights and many crashes from various heights onto various surfaces I have yet to break a single propeller)

The Nano is my favorite hands down, best bang for your buck if you can afford the $70~100 price range. However due to its incredible agility it would be rather hard to learn on and would crash a lot. I've had all 3 for months and I still can't fly the Nano in agility mode indoors. Seriously, that sucker can move. The Hubsan is kinda a happy medium between the Syma and Nano in nearly every aspect. Personally its my least favorite of the 3, but it is still a very solid beginner copter. The Hubsan isn't bad by any means, its just that the other two are better in my opinion. The Hubsan is the heaviest of the 3 despite it being the smallest. Also the Hubsan has the shortest flight time, but a longer charge time than the Nano.

Also, very important - if you get a Hubsan DO NOT GET THE CAMERA upgraded version. The camera is really bad, it doesn't come with a micro SD card, any video playback will include the lovely sound of the motors (they are very loud in flight) as performed by the world's worst microphone at max volume, and the camera is always on (even with no card inserted) so it drains the battery faster than the non camera version. (not to mention the added weight)

If I had some spare cash I would definitely buy a second Nano, they are that awesome once you know how to fly. I would also probably buy another Syma because the quality for the cost is fantastic. Honestly I would buy a second Syma x1 instead of an extra battery for the first one. Its like $10~15 for an extra battery kit, I personally would rather just have 2 copters for 30 bucks instead of just one with an extra battery. (you can cannibalize one if the other breaks, plus that gives you 2 chargers, 2 controllers, 2 batteries, and a total of 16 propellers to use. Not to mention a total of 8 motors and 2 flight boards) So if you plan on crashing a lot just spring for a second one instead of a repair kit.

I know everything I said about the Hubsan seems negative, but its still a very good starter copter at a very reasonable price. Having used one as much as I have, I would absolutely buy it again (minus the damn camera) if I ever had a reason to. That being said I should warn you, my Hubsan - and possibly all Hubsans, are out for blood and are face seeking. I've gotten some fairly bad cuts and bruises from mine. Do yourself a favor and just keep away from the flip button until you have either a lot of room / experience, or some sort of bullet proof shield to hide behind.

If you have any other questions about copters or learning to fly I would be more than happy to try and answer them. I know that finding specific information about this stuff can be kinda hard or confusing at times.

Here are links to the other two quads I talked about:

Hubsan x4 -

Nano QX -

u/pepsihatman · 1 pointr/Multicopter

Hubsan X4

Orrrr with a camera for $13 more here

This guy is a micro, but incredibly tough and a great starter/learner. Get extra props or the prop guards.

u/Guns_and_Dank · 1 pointr/Multicopter

Well what are ya waiting for? Join the fun!

u/Route66_LANparty · 1 pointr/Quadcopter

Forget the $20 savings. It could also be a total waste of if it doesn't work. I've looked more into this FY326... and it looks like in early 2015 it had very solid and long range electronics. But that has been switched to a cheaper and unreliable radio system in newer versions. Does not seem worth the risk.

Plus it looks like it's only $10-$15 more for the X5c (at least on amazon). Syma x5C $41:

u/Waz0wski · 1 pointr/Filmmakers this guy is good and will carry the camera. this is better if you can afford it. either of them will be shaky unless you add a stabilizer.

u/cthulol · 1 pointr/mealtimevideos

Thank you! Any opinion on the Hubsan H107L?

u/Boston_TD_Party · 1 pointr/gopro

Nice! I'd recommend getting a toy size quad to practice on, it will save you some cash in the long run. The Hubsan X4 has treated me well.

u/Mguyen · 1 pointr/Multicopter

I'm not sure if there's a consumer grade quad out there that will be able to do that. Your best chance to keep things cheap (low cost, not low quality) and efficient is a custom build. From the components I have off the top of my head, I'm fairly sure you can do it for $1000 (with FPV equipment, including receiver , except for the screen/goggles). With some careful thought and a little optimizing, you could probably get it down. What's going to end up costing the most will be the high efficiency motors, and the high power batteries.

If you want to start flying quads, here's the same advice you'd get anywhere else on this subreddit, put down about $50 on a Hubsan X4. It'll take the crashes while you're learning so a more expensive quad doesn't have to. It's pretty durable so you won't have to worry about breaking it either.

u/alphaPC · 1 pointr/Quadcopters

Absolute best thing you can buy for that price is a hubsan IMO. They are almost bullet proof, parts are dirt cheap, readily available and they fly amazingly.

--107c+ which is at the top of your range but is quite nice--

[--or the 107L which is on the bottom of your range, no camera--] (

Both fly Awesome and you can buy batteries and multichargers for them to have nearly endless fly time, for extremely cheap. I have drones ranging from a chroma 4k (1200$) to the 107L (50 $). Of all the drones, i think the Hubsans gives the most enjoyment for the money, they fly great and are super durable. Its a totally care free and chill experience, knowing they are so cheap and easy to fix you can enjoy they capabilities guilt free.They can fly extremely fast out doors, are powerful, do flips at speed, banks corners well, and have a good yaw rate. They are quite the little machine.

u/curmudgeonqualms · 1 pointr/pics

> only the ridiculous high end custom commercial filming drone could draw blood

You sound like you have not flown even a medium sized "toy" quad if you think this.

Even the mini ones will scratch you good, a 250 sized quad will fuck your shit up if it hits you and an amateur filming more so.

u/SurfWyoming · 1 pointr/multicopterbuilds

You should start with a Syma x5c-1 or a hubsan x4 to start out with. They are about $50 and you will want to crash those when you are starting out. Crashing your 250 will get expensive quick. After you get about a month or so of stick time, then start looking into your 250 build. If you want, hubsan also makes an fpv version which is super fun to fly, but its around $100. Let me know if you have questions!



FPV Hubsan

u/PolarisSONE · 1 pointr/DIY

Is the Mini version more than enough for me to start out?

I'll probably pick up spare batteries as well. Does the mini come with the prop-guard as well?


u/pukingbuzzard · 1 pointr/Multicopter

Damn the one on banggood was for the drone only! I'm going to order on amazon.

So I tried to get into droning years ago, but the LOS drone I got, I couldn't really get it to hover without moving at a good clip of speed, It was very discouraging. I watched E-max videos and it seems like maybe this drone you are mentioning is alot better. Below is the first attempt drone I had (which after a bunch of crashes I couldn't get to hover at all).

u/golegogo · 1 pointr/Multicopter

This is just my opinion but I would recommend buying the [husband X4] (

It's cheap and easy to learn on. But on whether to build or not. Building is:

  • cheaper for the same product

  • more customizable

  • easier to fix when you break something

  • More work to setup

  • Can require technical knowledge (this subreddit can help you learn)

    Just my 2 cents.
u/BojanglesSweetT · 1 pointr/drones

I've got this Hubsan X4 and it's a fun toy drone

u/mangusman07 · 1 pointr/Multicopter

New? The hubsan micro should be the first thing purchased. Practice as you assemble.

u/Derpeh · 1 pointr/Multicopter

Ok. I found this one. I'm assuming it's the one with the yaw control on the throttle?

u/Nice_Guy_AMA · 1 pointr/Quadcopter

Agreed. I think it's a good idea to learn to fly on something cheap. I started with the Hubsan H107L X4 Mini RTF RC Quadcopter. I bought the quadcopter, a crash pack, a prop guard, and some extra batteries for about $100.

u/seanpr123 · 1 pointr/videos

Yep, and they fly great.

Hubsan X4 or Blade Nano QX are the two I can suggest (have both). Started with the X4 but eventually purchased a hobby grade transmitter and a Nano to bind with it.

WLToys and Syma make some other popular options, many of these at $50 or less (especially if you don't mind a wait and shipping from China).

If you want Prime though, here is the X4 page and here's the Blade QX BNF.

Have fun!

u/screamoprod · 1 pointr/Gifts

Smaller starter airplanes could be fun. My grandpa is a retired air traffic controller, he loves flying his “little” (some of them are still very large) airplanes around.

My husband has done some flight lessons but only flown a handful of times due to expense. But he enjoys those as a hobby too.

Through my research and grandpa’s experience, the Sport Cub seems to be one of the cheaper, most recommended ones.

HobbyZone Sport Cub S RTF RC Airplane with Safe Technology (6-CH 2.4GHz Transmitter Included), HBZ4400

u/Jo3M3tal · 1 pointr/radiocontrol
u/depoultry · 1 pointr/RCPlanes

I personally wouldn’t give this one to a someone that young. I suggest the Sport Cub since it is smaller AND it has the same SAFE feature as this airplane.

The safe feature truly saved me a couple of times, but I would still recommend parental supervision while they play with it as it is very easy to crash the plane and destroy it.

u/PossiblyAsian · 1 pointr/CivPolitics

>small, unarmed hand-held type of the sort that can be purchased commercially

So.. something like This with a go pro attached?

u/dogtqco · 1 pointr/rccars
u/cheekychunkymonkey · 1 pointr/rccars

The redcat Everest 10 is currently on a black Friday promotion with for $170cad.

u/RavenMarvel · 1 pointr/SantasLittleHelpers

I was only active in Neopet subs so Im not sure I count lol but anyway.
How mature? Because I think these are awesome and you can play alone or with another person using a smart device. I read that he has a kindle fire, so that would work, or even an ipod.

u/21onDec23 · 1 pointr/radiocontrol

The only link I have for my parts is

For the motor/esc combo. Otherwise, hobbyking is where it's at for cheap functional stuff. The transmitter is called the "TGY-I6 6ch receiver combo" and the charger is called turnigy balance 2s-3s charger. The battery is a turnigy 3s 2300 mah from Amazon. The servos are standard 9g servos, but I'll upgrade to metal gear when these ones go out. I'll add a link to the YouTube video. The guy who made it includes measurements and two different recommended parts lists, one for slow flight and one for combat.

u/crick2000 · 1 pointr/rccars
u/Rffsfcjccsx · 1 pointr/rccars

Thanks for all of your help 1 more question.i found this truck and other one. this just a overprice toy rc or a cheap hobby one and is it anygood

u/TeaBoneJones · 1 pointr/woahdude

I'd recommend the Syma X5SW if you've never even flown a quadcopter before. Only $50. It's very durable and stable, which makes it great for learning. And it even has FPV (not the best from what I've heard, but still pretty cool). You don't want your first quadcopter to cost $400 for it to crash in a week.

u/RajelAran · 1 pointr/diydrones

Another option is to get a off-the-shelf quad like a Syma or some such, that'll give him something to start with that isn't too bad, under or around the $100 mark.

I've got a Syma X5SW, had some great fun with that for awhile, but now it's on my bench with a SPRacingF3 Deluxe wired up and a flysky-compatible tx/rx setup. The brushed motor driver board is $5 off RTFQuads, controller board $30 on Amazon, and the tx/rx combo is about $50 as stated earlier in the thread.

My current build parts: - base quad - FC - tx/rx - 5v boost convertor, 2pack because they were cheap - The Syma motors wire into this, this wires to FC channel outputs - tiny PPM/iBus-capable receiver because the stock one in the tx/rx bundle is unweildy

It's all wired up on my bench now and running, original motors and all.

Overall it comes out about $150-ish, but you get something to start with to understand how it flies, and then you have all the pieces so you can take it apart and upgrade it. When you want to go bigger, you have the core parts already all paired up and ready to go, just need to tweak the FC for the new platform.

u/moon_11 · 1 pointr/drones

What you are looking is impossible for that budget. However, you can have a look at this drone . It is equipped with a decent camera and costs only $50.

u/scottrbenn · 1 pointr/Multicopter

I am thinking about getting the following Syma FPV kit:

and fitting it on a standard, DJI 450 knockoff quadcopter that I built. Would this work? What battery would I need to power the camera on the quad? I have spare batteries from an old Hubsan X4, would those work?
I understand this is cheapo, but any feedback or input would be great! Anyone with experience with this kit, please chime in.

u/VilusiaLP · 1 pointr/Quadcopter

I was looking at this one. (sorry about the huge link) it seems to have good overall reviews. Ill look at the onenyou suggested though!

u/hamgina · 1 pointr/Quadcopter

The camera is kinda crappy. Like novelty crappy. It's pretty much unwatchable because there is no gimbal to stabilize the shot.

Have you seen this? It's pretty clever. The resolution is better and you get the advantage of flying with FPV. The price is right. Quality of recordings is so-so because again, no gimbal but otherwise it's not bad.

u/oddquadguy · 1 pointr/fpv

This same kit is on banggood, gearbest, and a few others. I spent 56 on an experiment. I am trying to mount it internally to lose the 8g shell

u/two_gorillas · 1 pointr/Multicopter

Eachine Racer 250 FPV Quadcopter Drone with HD Camera Eachine I6 2.4G 6CH Transmitter 7 Inch 32CH Monitor RTF Mode 2

Would something like this be a good deal?

u/ToryStellar · 1 pointr/Multicopter

My second thought is if this body breaks i should be able to swap components to a new body, assuming they were in good order.

u/MoneyJ18 · 1 pointr/Multicopter

This is a little over budget, but what would you guys say about this one?

u/Touchdown_Syndrome · 0 pointsr/AskReddit I saw this in the best 20 dollars you can spend thread yesterday. I am anxiously waiting its arrival.

u/doodooz7 · 0 pointsr/radiocontrol

Get the $20 syma indoor helicopters on Amazon. They are great and cheap. They only work indoors though. It’s great for beginners, it’s only 3 channel. Once you master it you can move on to 4 channel. Enjoy. I saw them at fry’s also, same price.

Syma S107/S107G R/C Helicopter with Gyro- Red

u/man_trash · 0 pointsr/Quadcopter


Awesome little quadcopter for what it is. About the size of your palm so you can fly it indoors or out, durable so you can crash a few times and not worry too much about breaking it, and cheap enough you won't have a heart attack if you do. You're gonna crash a lot learning to fly so don't go for anything crazy to begin with. Get a bunch of extra propellers and a pack of 5 extra batteries and he can fly for about an hour straight, and you're still only around $60. If you want to upgrade from this, there's another version of this same thing with a camera and screen for first person flying that comes in around $100

u/phatiboombatty · 0 pointsr/rccars


HOSIM 1/12 Scale Electric RC Car Offroad 2.4Ghz 2WD High Speed 33+MPH Remote Controlled Car (Color: Blue)

u/idiotsecant · -1 pointsr/Physics

?? Take it easy Killer, I'm not saying they don't exist, just that none I've ever had haven't had variable pitch. I had this, which is variable pitch and is 20 bucks. Calm it down.

u/istandalone951 · -2 pointsr/Multicopter

I love these little Hubsan X4’s. I always buy the version without a camera and without the “altitude hold/flight stabilization” horseshit. The basic plain Jane 4”quad. One of the X4’s with a half dozen batteries (always upgrade battery, don’t buy stock lipos they suuuck) and you’ll have an absolute blast for $40. Also great for night flight with the leds.