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u/Trazac · 1304 pointsr/pcmasterrace

I spent way too much time on this, but let's see how your claim plays out.

2. Akai MPK249 $400
2. Yamaha P71 $415
3. 21.5 inch iMac $1100 (although this is the base model, probably a good estimate)
3. Edifier R1280T Near Field Monitors $99
5. Asus 24" monitor $130x5=$650
4. Logitech G27 I'm going to say around $300, even though Amazon has it listed for nearly $1000. Seems like the MSRP a few years ago was $300-$400.

  1. Logitech G Saitek X52 Flight Control System $150
  2. Logitech C600 $30
  3. Opolar F401 $12
  4. Logitech G610 $90, although some versions on amazon are closer to $60
  5. (I couldn't figure out what the other keyboard is, but it's probably junk that the OP didn't spend a lot of money on.)
  6. Logitech Z623 $100 (I think these are right)
  7. HTC Vive $500
  8. Logitech Z-2300 $180 MSRP, I'm fairly certain that I'm wrong about this one though
  9. Wireless Xbox Controller $42

    Add in like $1000 for each desk and $2000 for each computer we don't see (assuming there are two), that gets us to a total of $11,068.

    There is a laptop bag stashed on the left side of the frame, so maybe it's a $9000 laptop.
u/morpen · 103 pointsr/OutOfTheLoop

Hey so I hate to shit in on everyone else's opinions, but they're not really recommending the best gear for your dollar. /r/audiophile has a sticky on this exact subject. Basically the lowest end system they are willing to recommend is a pair of Micca MB42s . If you can spring for the 42x's, they are more than worth the 10 extra dollars. You will need an amplifier to drive them. /r/audiophile reccomends the Muse m50, but I can tell you from personal experience, a lepai 2020a+ with a slightly beefier power supply will run them just fine for half the price. These are pretty chunky speakers, but they'll blow any "pc/gaming" speakers out of the water. If you decide you'd like to go for this, I have about 30 feet of speaker wire lying around that I'd be happy to mail to you to save you the 8 bucks or so. Hope this helps, and happy listening!

u/duckne55 · 93 pointsr/buildapc

I like Hornloaded's guide. In this case, it would be these Micca MB42Xs with the LP-2020A+ Lepai amp. These are also recommended by a fellow redditor.

Lastly, a general guide by that same redditor.

u/gurueuey · 65 pointsr/hometheater

For the same money as the sound bar plus the HDMI cable, you could go with this setup which would be miles ahead of that, and also easily upgradeable.

Start with this $150 Pioneer receiver. I have one, it's perfect for a basic receiver.

Then add these $90 Micca L/R front speakers.

Use this $150 Dayton subwoofer, or one of the other sizes depending on your room. I have the smaller SUB-800, it's an excellent small sub, i'd've gone bigger, but my wife put the kibosh on that.

Finally, if you decide to space the bookshelves out the way you should, instead of sitting on the edges of the TV stand, add this $70 Micca center channel speaker for a full 3.1 setup. Actually, even if you don't space them out, get the center. It really helps with dialog, especially if you sit off center.

Total: $460, not including shipping. Buy some inexpensive speaker wire similar to the HDMI cable you ordered, just be sure it's solid copper.

You'll have a full 3.1 setup that would handily beat all but the absolute highest end sound bars for audio quality, and is easily upgradeable. You can move the MB42x front speakers to the rear and upgrade the fronts and center, or simply add another pair for 5.1. You can also easily upgrade the subwoofer or receiver.

In addition, if you have any gaming consoles, plus a blu-ray player, a cable box, and possibly an HTPC, or might add one, the receiver has more HDMI inputs than most tvs, making it the logical choice for the command center of your system.

Edited for clarity, additional info.

u/AlphaBetaParkingLot · 45 pointsr/pics

He makes a good point. 15 plays is quite an exaggeration, but if you listen to the same album once a week for a year, it will be noticeably less crisp/good sounding

If you do want to use it, you can easily find lots of cool random jazz/swing music at tag sales and record stores (or whatever sort of music you want). Tag sales are dirt cheap but usually poor selection, record stores are pricey but have just about anything you want.

and If you are interested in a less beautiful, but high-quality record player, I have this one and love it:

(Note: Shop around... I got it for 50 bucks less than that)

u/boqqtzz · 39 pointsr/buildapcsales

Nah man, skip the audiophile subreddit. Way too many conflicting opinions. Check out /r/zeos, it's a guy's personal sub with a bunch of recommendations and guides depending on your price range.

I picked up a pair of these and some speaker wire after looking around there and they're the greatest sounding things ever. Super easy to set up too.

u/cheapdrinks · 33 pointsr/assholedesign

Just going off prices here in Australia. The Logitech's are $129 for the set while those Edifiers are also exactly $129AUD for the set so I think it's a fair comparison.

The Edifers will get down to 75hz while that big clunkly logitech sub will only get a bit further down to 55hz. It also doesn't say where it starts rolling off, pretty sure the Edifiers are -3db at 75hz while the logitechs could be -6db or -10db and still claim it as part of their FR, and given how up front they are about the fake tweeter i'm almost certain that it's not flat down to 55.
I also guarantee you that the bass from that sub will sound like ass, it will be super muddy and boomy because the sub will be filling in for a large section of low end for those satellites. The sub only has an RMS of 24 watts or something so it's going to be distorting like crazy at any loud listening levels.

Your choice is then some nicely designed wooden Edifiers with wireless remote, an additional aux input and a silk dome tweeter that will actually sound good, or an ugly set of black plastic Logitech's with a corded volume knob and big space sucking sub that might make your desk vibrate a bit but will sound awful. For an extra $20 you can get the Edifiers with bluetooth as well.

u/ImaginaryCheetah · 33 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

nobody has explained their recommendations.

you don't get good volume on dialog because of crappy channel mixing from your TV.

that's not a dig on your specific TV... all TV's suck at this. in fact, most receivers suck at mixing down from 5.1/7.1 to stereo.

for any content generated in surround, something like 95% of the dialog volume is mixed to the center channel.

if you're listening on a pair of stereo speakers, you get to hear what the TV thinks is best, in terms of balancing the volumes between the channels.

folks here are recommending receivers that would give you 5.1 channel audio, and then also suggesting three speakers.

the three speakers are your Front L+R, and the all important center speaker.

receivers do a moderately good job of mixing all the surround channels to just the Front L+Rs, and if you have the center speaker, it will still get all of that delicious dialog.

your budget is a little tight, but doable. $150 $60 for your front L+R pair $50 for your center channel


check out your sound settings for anything called "normalization" or "equalization".

this will cap the maximum volume difference between the audio channels. so in effect it will reduce the loud parts, and bring up the volume on the quiet parts. this may be sufficient for you to like what you hear, or be sufficient for you to just get some nicer speakers and be quite satisfied.

if the "equalization" setting fixes the quiet/loud problem, but you just want more oomph, i would recommend

eris 4.5's $180


fluance ai40's $200

both are self-powered, and need nothing other than a cable to connect them to your Tv.

i have eris e3.5's and they are simply great.

i have fluance floor speakers, and they're also great, so i would expect good performance on the ai40's.

ai40's come with more features - a bluetooth input option, and a remote to control the volume, source.

u/x3n0n1c · 30 pointsr/gaming

The main issue most have is that there is a misconception that a decent home theater setup has to cost a lot of money. Most also don't realize how bad many of these soundbars actually sound (the comparison to tv speakers doesn't help haha, those are a really bad frame of reference).

For example, the following speakers are really really good for the money, there are also bookshelf versions that are even cheaper but wont have as full a sound.

You can grab two of these and a simple amp or receiver and have some really good sound. And then if you want more, you can grab the center, rears, and sub for a full system at a later date.

Nothing wrong with piecemealing together a system over time.

u/adm96 · 29 pointsr/buildapcsales

Great headphones, an absolute steal for $110. Just make sure you have the power to drive them; a $60 SD793-ii did the job for me.

u/GothamCountySheriff · 25 pointsr/vinyl

There is some good and not so good advice in this thread. I hope to help you clear some things up.

Your turntable is a semi-automatic, direct drive with a static-balanced tonearm and P-mount (T4P) type cartridge.

Semi-automatic means it will automatically return to the tone arm rest when the record is finished playing. Direct drive means it uses a motor under the spindle, instead of a belt and pulley system, to spin the record platter. Static-balanced tone arm means the tone arm has a factory set counter weight that cannot be adjusted. T4P P-mount cartridges are a simple, easy to use and install cartridge. They have a standardized tracking force. Your table doesn't have adjustments for tracking force, cartridge alignment or anti-skating. Those are the trade-offs for ease of use.

Your current cartridge is the Radio Shack marketed version of the Shure M92e. I would recommend replacing the stylus for it, but replacing the whole cartridge shouldn't be necessary. If you decide you would like a better cartridge, there are a number of upgrades available. Here is a decent, inexpensive Swiss-made Pfanstiehl replacement styles (no affiliation, just a satisfied customer):

You can get more information on your turntable from

As others have mentioned, you will need a phono preamp for your turntable. There are several relatively inexpensive options available. For a very entry level preamp, you can use the Behringer PP400:

If you are willing to invest a little more, a better phono preamp is the ART DJ Pre II. In my opinion, it is the best value in the retail sub $200 preamp category. It is the one I use:

EDIT: Phone typo to Phono

u/hondajvx · 24 pointsr/gadgets

You'll need some speakers, but this little guy is pretty awesome.

u/wongsta · 24 pointsr/audiophile
  • Parallel Computer Architecture $140.91
  • Data Structures And Algorithms $119.95
  • Introduction to Algorithms $80
  • Box of CDs $???

    > Micca MB42X speakers on sale at amazon: $80
u/Syradil · 23 pointsr/Android

Micca MB42x + SMSL SA50 + Chromecast = about $194. You'd also need some speaker cable, and a 3.5mm to RCA cable.

Fluance SX6 if you want to bump up the speakers.

u/mirror_mamba · 22 pointsr/battlestations

Here are some links






Let me know if I'm missing anything and I'll add it

u/DZCreeper · 21 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

I suggest that 3 part combo. The amp lacks a sub out so run the outputs into the subwoofer, set the crossover to 80Hz, and connect the speakers to the outputs on the sub.

u/polypeptide147 · 20 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

I'll make a list of stuff you need. For the best "bang for your buck" in the $200ish price range.


Speaker wire. Amazon Basics makes great stuff. If you want, you can get 100 feet of it for an extra $2 I think. You can get those monoprice banana plugs if you want. They just help if you're going to be switching speakers around a lot.

Simple wire stripper. Should work just fine.

Cable to plug it in. That'll just plug the amp into a computer. And that cable is amazing quality. For real. I don't know what it is about it, but the moment I touched that cable I knew it was special. This isn't a joke either. You'll understand when you get one. Trust me.

50 watt per channel amp. This thing will be more than enough. I just like it because it is open box, so cheap. The same one new on amazon is $65. If you want to order from amazon, you can just get the smsl sa-36a. Same amp, just 20 watts per channel. Which, again, is plenty.

[Here's that cheaper smsl amp] I've got a few of them. They're great. This is what I'd go for if the other one is sold out.

Cheap but good little amp. I don't have one of these because I'm not a fan of the looks, but they get great reviews and a lot of people really like them.



Miccas. These things are nice for that price. In this price range, you really won't be getting anything better unless you go DIY.

Fluance SX6. These guys are big, but they throw a good amount of sound and some pretty deep bass for a pair of bookshelf speakers. Careful, they're pretty big.

Pioneer. These things are decent, but I think the Fluances would be better for this price. The SX6s throw more bass, which is good if you're not getting a sub. However, these are smaller.

Fluance signature series. I know, you said your budget is only $200, but you said if you need to spend more, then you will. These will sound better than all of the other speakers linked, however, that's not why they're here. I put them here for two reasons. The first is that they're front ported. Most people that are new to speakers might put them up against a wall or close to it, not understanding that the port needs some room to breathe. These have front ports so that's not a problem. The second reason, just look at them. If you really care about looks, these ones are the ones. They're beautiful. (My opinion obviously).

Oof almost forgot. Pleaae don't place the speakers directly on your desk.


That's a lot. I'll sum it up with my opinion and why.

Amp: smsl sa36a. For close range, you don't need anything with more power. This thing will do whatever you need for bookshelf speakers.

Speakers: micca mb42x. Why? Here's why: for this price range, you won't notice a huge difference in any speakers, unless you get some bad ones. So, get the cheapest ones you can. Later on, if you can afford to upgrade them, you'll probably want to do that. Then you'll have a pair of $80 speakers that you don't need rather than a pair of 130 speakers that you don't need. Another reason I would pick the miccas is because they punch above their price range. Most people say they sound more like a pair of $125 speakers rather than a pair of $80 speakers. So, for real, they're good. Also, they're the smallest of the bunch.

Or, build a pair of C Notes and get something way better than any of these.

Hope this helps!

u/jaba1337 · 20 pointsr/hometheater

See this video by Zeos

SMSL Q5 Amp + Micca MB42X speakers.


Nice little amp with a remote, and the Micca's are awesome speakers for the money. You could easily add a small, powered sub into this setup someday if you wanted, too.

u/whatdidshedo · 19 pointsr/buildapcsales

Small budget stereo amps like SMSL 60 to 150 range or if budget real tight there is that Lepai 25 bucks

u/kooldrew · 18 pointsr/buildapc

JBL LSR305's

I'm not sure where you're located so this may not be applicable, but I recommend picking them up at American Musical Supply as they'll cost the same but they throw in a starter pack which includes a volume controller, isolation pads, and some cables.

I have mine paired with a SMSL SD793 and they sound awesome.

Also /r/Zeos is a great resource when I am in the market for anything audio related.

u/Brendanct · 16 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

I built up my first "real" listening area and I am absolutely thrilled with how it all came together. Pretty standard C-Note build, I did do the .22uF capacitor mod on the crossover to bring the peak down from -20 dB to -40 dB.

C-Note speaker kit

Crossover PCBs

.22uF capacitor

Binding posts


Chromecast Audio

u/KoreaKoreaKoreaKorea · 16 pointsr/buildapc

$30 DAC - Link - Please know these aren't game changers, it's only offering better quality sound than your motherboard. If your headphones or speakers aren't that great, it's not doing to do much. Weakest link type of thing. If your headphones suck, these wont help. But if you have a decent set of phones, many people have sworn by these.

$75 DAC - Link - More expensive, better sound output. Again, should be paired with even higher quality sound gear. $100+ speakers/headphones.

$115 DAC - My Dac - Link - I needed a dac with a little power. I use speakers with my setup instead of headphones. This one is 2x25. It's honestly the most anyone should need for a 2.0 system.

$80 Speakers - Link - These are mine. I love them. Best combined $200 I've spent. Instead of a CPU that will need to be replaced in two years, these will out last many builds if I take care of them. The reviews are through the roof compared to the price. And I'd have to agree.

There are a million reviews about the topping DAC + Micca speakers. Things feel more immersive. I think that's the simplest way to put it.

u/GbMaxSE · 16 pointsr/hometheater
u/goodhur · 15 pointsr/Chromecast

Like another comment said, they are most likely a rendering. They look very similar to Kanto and audioengine speakers.
A reasonably priced powered speaker set is made by micca but only comes in black. Micca PB42X Powered Bookshelf Speakers (Pair)

u/nevermind4790 · 15 pointsr/vinyl

Good turntable, BAD price!

Amazon has it cheaper

u/shifty_pete · 14 pointsr/hometheater

Try checking out the Epson 8350 refurb: $900

A DIY screen from Carl's Place in 16:9 ratio 120": ~$100

A Denon 1913 receiver or whatever strikes your fancy at Accessories4Less: $280

This leaves you with around 700 dollars for speakers. There are a HUGE number of options at this point and the deals are always changing.

I recommend the BIC America F12 subwoofer: $200

Then for your last $500 dollars get two floor-standers and a matching center and whatever surrounds you can get.

At some point you will want to consider the following: speaker stands for bookshelf speakers, risers for floor-standing speakers, speaker wire, a second subwoofer (identical to the first), and room treatment for improved acoustics.

Don't let people say you can't have an awesome set up for 2,500. That is more than I've ever had to spend and I have a great time. Please post pictures when you've got it together!

EDIT: Some grammar.

u/Unspoken_Myth · 14 pointsr/buildapc

Couldn't really find what I was looking for specifically, so I scoured a few subs and saw numerous suggestions. Ended up purchasing the following items:

Dayton Speakers

Lepy Amp


Polk Subwoofer

Speaker Wire

Super happy with these purchases. All in all it costed just about 200 bucks. For me, it's all I will ever need. Crisp sounds and heavy bass when I want it. Would consider shelling out for a better amp, but the amp provided should be sufficient if you aren't blasting your music.

Additionally, if you do plan on doing an audio set up of this nature, use this image to guide you. Also note that the DAC in the image would be your RCA to AUX if you were to use the set up I posted. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

u/ZeosPantera · 14 pointsr/audiophile

Short answer.. DON'T BUY THESE..

Assuming the $60 budget..

These and This for starters.

If a sub is really needed. Just save up and buy a real one (~$200)

The last line makes me think you have an amp.. Do you?

u/COREyfeldmen · 14 pointsr/TheeOhSees

I'd stay away from something like this. A lot of these console players don't have the best components, and if you're spending good money on records, you want to play them on something good. Some of the console style players come with great turntables and receivers, but a lot come with cheap stuff. For instance, the turntable could not have an adjustable counter weight on the tone arm, or not have pitch control so you can accurately set the speed. It could have something other than a standard mount cartridge too. Plus, things that are this old are prone to breaking, so if something goes out, it might be hard to fix or flat out impossible.

That being said, vintage isn't a bad route to go, just go with a dedicated turn table and receiver from a reputable company. r/vinyl has a lot of great guides for buying your first set up and what to look for as far as vintage gear. Just make sure you've got an adjustable counter weight and pitch control as I think those are the biggest factors in having a good turntable. With receivers you have a little more leeway, but you basically just need something with a phono input. Just test whatever you buy before you buy it. Remember, a lot of these things are 20/30/40 years old at this point and not everything is going to work properly. A vintage tube receiver from the 70's will sound incredible if you get one that it's great shape, but something solid state from the 80's or 90's will be just fine and much more affordable. Speakers you can probably find pretty cheap. Again, I'd recommend trying them before you buy them to make sure they're not blown, but typically if they're made my a reputable speaker brand, you're usually fine.

If you go new, I'd recommend getting one of these Audio Technica's. It's got all the features you'd need and it's got a built in phono preamp so you don't even need a receiver right away (you can buy a nice one down the line and improve your sound a ton). $250 for the turntable and drop another $100-200 on speakers and you'll have a badass setup, and the peace of mind that your gear isn't decades old and prone to breaking.


Edit: Again, I just want to drive home the main point I want to make. If you spend $20-30 on a single record of something you really love, don't cheap out when it comes to what you'll be listening to that expensive record on. I have a few friends who spend good money on new records, but play them on cheap $100 record players with horrible speakers and I think they're kind of missing the point. You don't have to drop thousands on a crazy audiophile setup, but why spend money on physical music if it's not going to sound good? Your smartphone through a $50 bluetooth speaker shouldn't sound better than what you're playing your $30 records on. I hope that makes sense.

u/rpbtz · 13 pointsr/vinyl

For that amount of money you should be able to get a U-Turn, a preamp and a set of cheap powered speakers.

If you want something even better you can look at used equipment, although I understand giving used stuff for Christmas might not be desirable for all.

EDIT: A system could look something like this:

  • U-Turn Orbit turntable - $179
  • Art DJ Pre II phono preamp - $29
  • M-Audio Studiophile AV 30 powered speakers - $76

    or if you can stetch the budget a bit

  • Micca PB42X powered speakers - $120.

    That'd be a total of $284 (with M-Audio) or $328 (with Micca) (excl. potential shipping cost). Much better investment than the all-in-one system. It will sound MUCH better and last your gf MUCH longer. And as an extra bonus she can upgrade individual parts if she decides she wants to gradually upgrade later on - something which is more or less impossible (or at least impractical) with the all-in-one-system.
u/maschwa · 13 pointsr/malefashionadvice

Need to upgrade my turntable. Looking at this.

Other suggestions appreciated.

u/scottymoze · 13 pointsr/hometheater

$250 AV Receiver Denon 720 (refurb w/ltd warranty, has HDCP 2.2 Dolby Atmos)

$90 Micca MB42X Bookshelves PAIR for Front

$90 Micca MB42X Bookshelves PAIR for Surround

$70 Micca MB42X-C Center Channel

$42 Micca M8C In-ceiling speakers EACH (for x.x.2 atmos)

$42 Micca M8C In-ceiling speakers EACH (for x.x.2 atmos)

$200 BIC America F12 12" Sub

$550 Projector Optoma 142X ( "Best Picture for the Money" 2018)

$205 Elite Manual 120" Projector Screen

TOTAL: $1550

You will also want a universal remote (Logitech Harmony recommended), speaker wire / banana plugs, stands / mounts, HDMI + subwoofer cable. So with this stuff as well you're over budget, but you could grab everything except the sub and add that later, for example.

EDIT: found the projector recommendation here, with more research you might be able to find better (same for the screen):

u/aladd04 · 13 pointsr/hometheater
u/moshlyfe · 13 pointsr/Metalcore

Get an Audio Technica AT-LP60 + an amplifier + speakers + speaker wire. That's what I have and it cost me less than $180. Here's the Amazon links for everything I have:

Record player



Speaker wire


u/tomsawyeee · 13 pointsr/malelivingspace

Lots of people buy soundbars because they are convenient. They're small, don't require much wiring, and are inexpensive.

However, they never match the sound quality of real speakers. Music is meant to be heard on a stereo (2 speakers) so soundbars will never sound as good.

If you're on a tight budget then I personally recommend the Andrew Jones Pioneer bookshelf speakers. Mr. Jones is a well regarded speaker designer and they sound great. Not only do I like the speakers, but they are always recommended in the hi-fi world. Plus, with a stereo you can always upgrade to better parts later on. Over time, you could get better speakers, a subwoofer, center channel, and eventually you'll have a kickass 5.1 system if you want it. Soundbars don't allow any room for upgrading

u/Broham13 · 12 pointsr/hometheater

Here is how I got started:

Micca MB42 Bookshelf Speakers $40 refurbished
Micca MB42-C Center Channel Speaker $27 new
Denon AVR-1912 7.1 Receiver $75 used on Craigslist

The great thing about these speakers is you can order a $30 crossover upgrade from Micca and feel like you got brand new speakers.

You could also skip the center channel and get a subwoofer on Craigslist, instead.

u/Lowe0 · 12 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

If you absolutely need a legacy port like optical, then just use a converter.

Otherwise, there's no sense making everyone pay for a jack they don't need.

u/Clever_Online_Name · 12 pointsr/hometheater

If I had a $1500 budget, I would recommend the following:


Epson Home Cinema 2150 - $699.00


Micca MB42X - $79.95


Micca MB42X Center - $69.95


Fluance AVBP2 - $119.99


Denon AVR S530BT - $229.00


Silver Ticket 120" Screen - $249.98


This would give you a decent entry level setup. You'll have about 50$ left over for speaker wire. I am be no means an expert but I lurk a lot and I think this would be decent.




u/TheBestRapperAlive · 12 pointsr/hiphopheads

I can't recommend those portable record players to anyone. I had one for a while and the needle is shit, the sound quality is shit, and they really just pick up on every little imperfection in your records. Tiny scratches will make them skip, any sort of warping will be amplified times 10. I got this: a few years ago and the difference is just night and day.

u/Garland_Key · 11 pointsr/shittykickstarters

I wish Audio Technica would make a laser version of this.

u/Smirf311 · 11 pointsr/buildapc

If your budget is $100 then I believe you can do better than the Razer speakers. I would suggest either these Edefier or Logitech speakers. Unless he is only looking for aesthetics, these speakers will sound so much better. I would suggest the Logitech ones as the best though, they even come with a subwoofer.

u/ShinyTile · 10 pointsr/hometheater

I've sat here a minute trying to think of a nice way to say this, and I can't, so here's what I've got, and it's not meant to be impolite:

$150 cad isn't enough for anything good, new. A soundbar may or may not be marginally better than your TV speakers. If you buy one with a sub, it'll add bass. It won't be clear, it won't be 'good,' it'll just be there. If that's all you want, well okay then. Regarding surround sound and music: More of the same. Music is generally just 2.1, and none of the soundbars will be anything even remotely interesting. For surround sound.... Similar to the bass: You will physically have sound coming from speakers around you, but it won't be good sounding.

I'm not trying to be high and mighty, I'm on a very low end setup compared to most people here (Denon X series and Elacs.) Honestly, for $150, you can buy something, and it'll sound 'different' than the tv speakers, but not 'good.' You'll either be adding bass or you'll be adding speakers around you, and that's all I can say about it.

I know you said you don't have the space for surround sound: What does that mean? How much room do you have? If you can, I'd vote to buy this receiver and preferably these or these if your budget forced. Those are small speakers, only about 8 inches. For very similar money, that's better and will eventually let you get a better sub and center / surround speakers. The "4.1" soundbar isn't real 4.1, it's just reflecting sound around your room. I'm sure it'll sound different, but just... meh.

You might want to check out /r/BudgetAudiophile Broadly though, they're all going to be similarly loud and similar in sound quality. I'd vote the LG or Samsung over Sony. I would encourage you not to get a soundbar.

EDIT: By the way, the LG does have a separate sub.

u/boobinator · 10 pointsr/audiophile

They're an ok loudspeaker company, their speakers usually have a very bright sound and punchy bass, not really neutral but some people like non neutral speakers. Dont know how their satellite speakers will sound though, probably not that good(they're tiny satellite speakers after all). And 2800$ is way too much for speakers that small. That doesn't really look like a good deal for 2100$ even. If you're looking for a 5.1 system these should beat those or get similar performance atleast -, and this sub will literally destroy that one when it comes to performance and bass output - SVS PB 1000

EDIT : Actually it seems that the guy is just lying about the price, the speakers cost 250$ each and the sub is 500$, a much more acceptable price, at least for the speakers, sub is still overpriced. Those prices put the total cost at around 1750$ that is if you buy everything individually. They're usually cheaper when purchased as a system bundle. I'd say 1000$ would be a good price for a used set.

BTW the speakers are Golden Ear SuperSat3, the sub is Forcefield 3 and the system is called the GoldenEar SuperCinema 3

u/agressiv · 10 pointsr/battlestations

PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant

CPU | AMD - Threadripper 1950X 3.4GHz 16-Core Processor | $799.00 @ Amazon
CPU Cooler | NZXT - Kraken X62 Rev 2 98.2 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler | $148.89 @ SuperBiiz
Motherboard | ASRock - Fatal1ty X399 Professional Gaming ATX TR4 Motherboard | $349.99 @ Newegg
Memory | G.Skill - Ripjaws V Series 32GB (4 x 8GB) DDR4-3200 Memory | $394.99 @ Newegg
Storage | SanDisk - Ultra II 960GB 2.5" Solid State Drive | $279.99 @ Amazon
Storage | Samsung - 960 EVO 1TB M.2-2280 Solid State Drive | $447.30 @ Amazon
Video Card | MSI - GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 11GB SEA HAWK X Video Card | $804.98 @ Newegg
Case | NZXT - S340 (Black/Red) ATX Mid Tower Case | $54.99 @ Newegg
Power Supply | EVGA - SuperNOVA P2 850W 80+ Platinum Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply | $134.89 @ OutletPC
UHD Blu-ray | Buffalo BRUHD-PU3 | ¥ 12,800 @
Operating System | Microsoft - Windows 10 Pro OEM 64-bit | $135.88 @ OutletPC
Monitor | Alienware 34 Curved Gaming Monitor AW3418DW | $999.99 @ Dell
Speakers | [Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers] ( | $99.99 @ Amazon
Microphone | [Blue Yeti USB Microphone] ( | $89.99 @ Amazon
Headphones | [Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO 80 Ohm] ( | $159.00 @ Amazon
DAC | [JDS Labs Objective2 + ODAC Amp] ( | $279.00 @ JDSLabs
Keyboard | [Microsoft Natural Keyboard 4000] ( | $29.99 @ Amazon
Mouse | [Microsoft Classic Intellimouse] ( | $39.99 @ Amazon
| Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts |
| Total | $5458.78
| Generated by PCPartPicker 2017-11-23 19:37 EST-0500 |

Notepad runs really fast now.

u/unostriker · 10 pointsr/KendrickLamar

It's the Audio Technica LP-120, you can fund it pretty much everywhere. Amazon

u/jonny1188 · 10 pointsr/StarWars

For a reasonably priced beginner record player, I'd suggest this Audio Technica player

Not the best in the world, but at least you're not gonna tear up your records.

u/dr_torque · 10 pointsr/audiophile

You get a hanpin clone, You get a hanpin clone, You get a hanpin clone; Errbady gets a hanpin clone.

u/hurrayforzac · 10 pointsr/vinyl

nope. this is trash. it'll sound like shit, damage your records, and be a big expensive headache when you want to upgrade.

if you post your local craigslist we might be able to help you find a vintage setup for a lot cheaper.

if you want to order online, i'd recommend either this one or this one.

also, be aware that you'll need a pre-amp (~$20 on amazon for a simple cheap one), a receiver (easily found on craigslist- i don't know the going rate online for decent ones) and speakers (easily found on craigslist or at local thrift shops).

welcome! and good luck! and also, unless you're in the UK, don't call them "vinyls" :D

u/picmandan · 10 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

Barring significant discounts, the following list tends to be the best bang-for-buck value subs, in order of increasing price:

$110 Dayton Audio SUB-1000

$140 Dayton Audio SUB-1200

$200 BIC F12. ^(Edit: not sure if designed by Dr. Hsu.)

$290 BIC PL-200 II (now $250). ^(Edit: Designed by Dr. Hsu.)

They are all great at their price points. But if you can swing the pricier BIC, you should be VERY happy.

u/GramboLazarus · 10 pointsr/realdubstep

IMHO: A subwoofer isn't optional when it comes to dubstep. You'll be missing all the low-end (which let's be honest, is why we're all here) if you omit a decent sub from you set up. As far as amps (I call these receivers) go, you'd probably be best off visiting your local pawn shop or anywhere you can get pre-owned electronics and picking something up. I got mine for under $100CAD and it has power to spare. For ease of set-up I'd suggest finding something with dedicated subwoofer outputs on the back. As for speakers, these or these will do right by you. Personally I use this subwoofer, and it has the juice to have my entire house shaking. Wires are pretty much standard in my experience as long as you're talking about a simple home listening system. These wires would do fine for your needs. If you want a proper listening experience dont use bluetooth speakers, and dont skimp on a subwoofer.

Hope that helps, my dude!

u/rabidfurby · 9 pointsr/audio

Standard issue /r/audio "I want better computer speakers" answer - stop looking at "all in one" bundles. Since you say you have 3 monitors, I'm guessing you also built your computer from parts, right? You should look at your speaker system the same way. The links you posted to 2.1 speaker systems are like going to /r/buildapc and saying "hey guys, help me decide between these Dell and HP systems I saw on sale at Best Buy".

Absolute bare minimum, you want an amplifier and bookshelf speakers:

One step up from that, you want a powered subwoofer:

Need your speakers to be far away from the amp? Trivial, because the speakers hook up to the amp using speaker wire, which you cut to fit:

The links above are basically the absolute bare minimum I can recommend in this subreddit without getting crucified. If you can share your maximum budget, there are probably more and better recommendations.

u/jallsopp · 9 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

I think the powered Miccas, the PB42X (same as MB42X but with built-in amp) would be a better option as far as sound quality goes.

The Logitech system won't sound as good, but you may find its 'bassy' sound more entertaining, depending on what you use them for. I'd still recommend the Miccas though as you can always add a sub at a later date which would be much better than the one with the Logitech system.

Stay the fuck away from Pyle. The 'specs' are mostly complete bullshit and most units don't last more than a few months. If you want more power (the amp in the PB42X isn't as loud) I'd look into upping the price slightly to an SMSL SA50, SA60 or anything in that range really.

You may get better recommendations if we knew what you wanted out of them (power, bass, size, ect..) but I find it very rare that the Miccas would be a bad choice.

u/explosivo563 · 9 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

Skip the dac for now. Spending $70 on a dac but $40 on speakers is ridiculous. There are cheaper, smaller dacs out there as well. And that one has a phono preamp, which is pointless if you aren't incorporating a turntable.

I'd recomend a more powerful amp as well for better sound. Something like an smsl 36 at least. The 50 is a step up I started with the micca mb42x for speakers. Speakers are the most important part. If your budget is this tight I'd probably even skip the sub for now too. Start with a quality amp with quality speakers. Then you can look for a sub. THEN you can think about a dac. I got fiio e10K to use mainly as a headphone amp. The DAC really wasn't a noticeable improvement over my laptops sound. So I will be selling it.

u/CryHav0c · 9 pointsr/battlestations

I used to have those, but then I got a set of bookshelf speakers with an amp, and I am never ever going back. They blow even my old klipsch 4.1s away.

My current setup:

Micca MB42 Bookshelf Speakers With 4-Inch Carbon Fiber Woofer and Silk Dome Tweeter (Black, Pair)

ONEU Mini amplifier Super Bass Hi-Fi Stereo Audio Amp Booster for Car Moto Home with DC 12V 3A Power Supply, Black

I do not miss surround sound with how incredibly clear these guys are.

u/Dorian_Ye · 9 pointsr/hiphopheads

Whatever you don't go for a Crosley or any of those cheap portable players you see at Walmart, Urban Outfitters, etc. They'll ruin your records.

Most people recommend Audio-Technicas for cheap but solid first-purchase record players. Check out either the AT-LP60 or the AT-LP120. I've got the 120 myself and it's pretty damn good

u/Dasbufort · 9 pointsr/hometheater

Denon X-1000: $200

Dayton B652 x3 (6 speakers total, save the extra): $105

Monoprice sub: $100

I know you say HTIB is all he needs, but honestly, you get a LOT more by piecing it together, for the same price.

u/the_hamsterman · 9 pointsr/audiophile

I've always found that those systems with the subwoofer rely too much on the sub, which makes everything boomy. Others might have different experience, but i'd suggest going with something that is just 2.0. In that budget, i think you could find the m-audio av30 or something similar.

Another idea is to get a Dayton DTA-1 and a set of Dayton B652 speakers. I have this in my bedroom right now and it is perfect for music. Very well balanced..

If you do want that subwoofer, people on here have said good things about the klipsch promedia 2.1 set, which is a little over your budget, but you might be able to find used/refurb deals online.

u/SirBonobo · 9 pointsr/buildapc

Here are examples of people who could have used help.

I think this person bought 5.1 speakers for his or her PC but didn't have the proper sound card.

This person got recommended Bose. From my two hours of research, AND MAYBE I'M WRONG... Bose is the Alienware of the audio world. The quality may not be bad but it is overpriced.


Now if anyone wants to help me, I want to get these bookshelf speakers with this amplifier.

Some of the amplifier reviews complain about a pop when you turn it on/off. Is there an inexpensive alternative? Also what kind of cables am I gonna need? I have a asrock z68 e3 g3. It has a SPDIF ouput.

u/theroyalham · 9 pointsr/KendrickLamar

That one costs 250$, it's an Audio Technica-LP120

I got it on Amazon using Anthony Melonheadtano's affiliate to kick him some money since he's the one that got me into vinyls.

It's expensive I know. The first one i got was a cheapo 40$ one on amazon, but upon reading reviews, and seeing how cheaply built it was, I returned it and just waited a few more weeks to get me the expensive LP-120. In terms of turntables, it's quite cheap and a great price for such a quality turntable.

I'm not into vinyls all that much (I only have 7 records, of which all of them are Kendrick Lamar). But I decided to return the cheap one because of the damage it does to your records. Any turntable under 200$ will scratch your records over time, and it's not worth it.

I'm not a snob either. I hate snobs, but this is probably the lowest end you'd wanna go. It has a counterweight setting for the needle so it doesn't put too much weight down onto the record (which is what separates cheap turntables from the good ones). It's heavy as fuck and has a lot of little fancy doohickeys like reverse mode, pitch settings, different record lengths, and those dots on below the record indicate if the turntable is spinning at a precise rate that you want it to.

I know this is too much information for what you asked, but i'm letting you know why it's so expensive. You can still collect vinyl records without a player. If you don't have 250$ to spend on a turntable, just keep your records on a shelf to look at and wait until you can get a decent turntable so they don't ruin your records.

Another good option is to try and find one on craigslist, ebay, or local garage sales/swap meets/goodwills, but I don't know much about old turntables so I just chose the slightly more expensive route.

One day when I'm older I wanna be able to play Kendrick's albums to my grandkids (if i even have kids) or friends down the line, and if you use a cheap turntable that's under 200 bucks you won't be able to do that without it sounding scratched and skipping over portions of the song.

Believe me I didn't want to spend 250$ dollars on this shit since I don't even have that many vinyl records or play it that often, but I wanted to go the high way or nothing at all.

edit: You also need your own speakers for it. I got lucky and found some very nice logitech speakers next to the dumpster at my apartments. I dont know why someone threw them away but they worked so good and have the best bass i've ever heard in two tiny little speakers. It's better than the speakers I have hooked up to my computer right now lol. They were 140$ logitech speakers that worked perfectly fine and I got them one day just taking out the trash.

u/James-Isaac-Neutron · 8 pointsr/portugaltheman

Do it. I got the deluxe vinyl boxset. You get a bunch of artwork, alternative album cover, vinyl, a super sick "rebel just for kicks" bumper sticker, other swag, and the album! And you get a digital download. And if you want to get into vinyl, the AudioTechnica AT-LP60 is a good, relatively cheap turntable that has a preamp built in so you can just plug the aux into any speaker and bump vinyl.

u/ehampshire · 8 pointsr/vinyl

If it's your first TT and you're just getting started, /r/vinyl recommends this one. I've been happy with mine, although I do plan to upgrade in the future. If your budget is a little higher, I've heard good things about this one.

The one I plan on eventually getting is this guy.

u/crimson_713 · 8 pointsr/Doom

I have the Audio Technica LP-120, and it is amazing. Highly recommended as an entry level turntable.

Super envious of your collection already!

u/Nyxeme · 8 pointsr/reddeadredemption

Please invest in a better vinyl player. That tonearm doesnt have any weight to it and actually damages your records. If you're serious about vinyl that is...

Might I suggest the Audio-Technica ATLP120USB

Great record by the way! I bought it aswell, love the red!

u/DieselWang · 8 pointsr/hometheater

Within your budget:

u/yojimbo124 · 8 pointsr/hometheater

Yes, the general consensus among audiophiles is that Bose is overpriced and soundbars are very underwhelming. "Real 5.1 sound" cannot (yet) be achieved without a real 5.1 setup. Most HTIB (Home Theatres in a Box) will give you better sound than a soundbar.

I own this 5.1 Pioneer speaker setup found here and I highly recommend it to anyone that is looking for a good entry level home theater setup. Shop around and you can get a fantastic deal on the whole setup. I got the 5.0 setup for less than $300 and then upgraded to a $200 BIC 12 sub to get the 0.1.

You will then of course need a decent reciever (about $250) and cables and you will blow any speaker bar out of the water. I am not certain if this is within your budget since you only quoted "cheaper than bose" but I have seen this exact setup recommend many times before and I feel it is one of the best values for the price.

Edit: I was way under your budget. You could definitely do better than this setup at your price range.

u/A_Bag_Full_of_Poops · 8 pointsr/hometheater

Hello, fellow Canadian!

DO NOT BUY THIS SYSTEM. You can get a MUCH better system for $25.49 more.

Check this out:

ELAC F5 Towers - $839.98

ELAC B4 Surrounds - $269.99

ELAC C5 Center - $319.99

BIC F12 Subwoofer - $295.53 (incl. shipping)

Sub-Total: $1725.49

I would recommend just getting ELAC B5s or B6s for the front speakers and you can save a couple hundred dollars more (which I might put towards a better subwoofer or a second subwoofer).

Sorry I wrote all that without directly addressing your question, but that Polk package is bad value (even though it's on sale) and the included subwoofer is a pile of steaming shyte.

So, for pairing speakers with a receiver, pretty much anything works. Denon, Marantz, and Yamaha are the most recommended brands here.

Gibby's Electronics sells the Denon X1300 for $399.99 (b-stock) but they're out of stock. They also have the S710W for $399.99 (b-stock, I don't get the pricing), which is probably your best option unless you're willing to wait for b-stock to come in for the X1300.

u/LordMandalor · 8 pointsr/vinyl

I mentioned in the sub-required 300+ word description that I will be getting a table for Christmas. Along with new Sennheiser HD6XXs, and the speaker/amp setup I already have.

I see this more as getting sport tires for the car I know is coming, not stocking up on gas. As soon as it shows up in two weeks, these are all going for a spin.

u/Rrussell2060 · 8 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

To build a system using the minimum recommendations from this sub, let's start with this diagram:
DAC is optional, so is a subwoofer but I recommend one.

DAC: Behringer UCA202 $29.99 Link:

Amplifier: SMSL SA-50 $68.99 Link:

Subwoofer: Dayton Audio SUB-800 $99.00 Link:

Bookshelf Speakers: Micca MB42X $89.00 Link:

Wire: 16-gauge Speaker Wire $8.00 Link:

With DAC, this cable: Stereo Male to 2 RCA Male $5 Link:

Without DAC, this cable: Monoprice 105597 3-Feet Premium Stereo Male to 2RCA Male $5 Link:

This is a great starter system, I would have loved to had something like this starting out.
All of these pieces can be upgraded, do your research. Look for sales etc. Good luck and have fun.

u/SomewhatSadRobot · 8 pointsr/buildapcsales

Micca MB42X bookshelf speakers are on sale for $71. Some of them on the Warehouse Deals side are also 20% off if you're a Prime member so they end up being like $50ish. Great set of speakers.

u/homeboi808 · 8 pointsr/hometheater

What setup: 5.1 , stereo, 2.1?

Assuming 5.1:

$180 Reciever
$110 Subwoofer (easily find $10 promo code online, or its $120)
$90 Fronts
$80 Center (matching)
$40 Rears

So that $500, but it doesn't include speaker wires (get 14 gauge oxygen free), stands/mount, cable (mono coax subwoofer cable), etc. Some of this equipment can be bought for slightly cheaper used on Amazon, so you can shave a few bucks that way.

u/Aco2504 · 8 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

Buy a set of passive speakers with an amplifier that has bluetooth capability. It gives you a future upgrade path.

Suggestions for:



A number of suggestions on hardware is in the sidebar, if you don't like these.

Do NOT buy another battery bluetooth speaker. They are all hot garbage.

u/sk9592 · 8 pointsr/malelivingspace

Are you talking about a $100-150 price limit?

Well, if you want a 2.1 computer speaker set and never intend on spending more money on upgrades, then the Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 is still a solid choice. Even after 15 years on the market.

If you are starting with $100-150 and plan on upgrading/expanding in the future, I would recommend starting with a pair of bookshelf speakers and a mini amp. Something like these:

As time goes by, you can add a subwoofer or swap out the amp for a AV Receiver. You can expand into a 5.1 or Atmos surround system by add a center channel, surrounds, or height speakers.

It all comes down to whether you want to go the one-and-done route or a piece-by-piece upgrade route.

u/JohnBooty · 8 pointsr/diyaudio

I've built a bunch! Those instructions are fine. Only thing I'd change is I'd use a round speaker terminal cup in step #14, rather than the square one they show in the picture. Something like this in other words. Just because it's easier to cut a round hole -- you can just use a round circle cutting bit in your drill. You can get them for as low as like $2ea on Amazon or elsewhere.

> Do I need an amplifier?

Something like a cheap Lepai is fine.

A "real" amp like this or this or a used home theater amp for $50 from Craigslist will more or less get the full 100% of performance from the Overnight Sensations at higher volumes. A small Class D amp like this is a good compromise IMHO.

All of those amps ought to sound the same at low volumes. For "desktop listening" where you're sitting a few feet away, the Lepai should get plenty loud.

> Do I need a digital to audio converter?

Probably not. With the possible exception of the Lepai, all the amps I linked to have a dual RCA audio input. The typical "red and white audio inputs" you've surely seen in many places. All you need is a basic headphone-to-RCA adapter like this, assuming your music playing thingy has a headphone jack.

u/WATSON_349 · 8 pointsr/hometheater

Great deal right now on the Andrew Jones bookshelf speakers. Grab two pairs and then you just need a center, sub and receiver.

u/dlstriker · 8 pointsr/googlehome

I really like the Chomecast Audios.
I use them with these amps
and these speakers 1 2
. All work really well together

u/Matt3989 · 8 pointsr/hometheater

>This will be my first home theater setup, so it doesn't have to be the most insane sound quality

Why are you looking for 5.2 then?

Also, you probably want to stay away from HTIB if you're look for something that looks and sounds good.

$160 Receiver

$290 Energy Take Classic 5.1

If you're really concerned about bass, you're probably going to need to up your budget, these guys are pretty well regarded

If you want to spend more on speakers, these are solid intro to home theater speakers too (at $112 per speaker for L/R + $350 for a center channel) and I'd skimp on the surrounds and just buy whatever's cheap

u/LRed · 7 pointsr/headphones

It has an optical out so if you want a cheap dac/amp combo you could use the SMSL SD 793II and if your PC has an optical out you can use it with that too.

Also according to this thread on gamefaqs

It does support USB dacs but I have no experience with this so you should do more research.

As for the 'flat' sounding of headphones I'm fairly certain the 598's are fairly efficient though I think an amp could possibly help tighten the bass region due to the 300ohm peak at 100hz IIRC.

Something like E10k also has a bass boost which may be helpful if you find them too bass light. But that's usb so you should do research on that.

u/Armsc · 7 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

There is nothing wrong with your choices except if you have money I would not get the Lepai. Either of the speakers you picked would work fine but I'll give you some other options.

Budget is $250 so lets see how we can spend it.

  • SMSL SA-50 $70 Nothing wrong with this guy. That gives us about $180 bucks left for speakers.

  • Option 1 - Fluance XL7S $180 These are the higher series Fluance so I would expect better performance from them. The wife might like the looks too.

  • Option 2 - Philharmonic Affordable Accuracy Monitor $165 These are upgraded versions of the already good Pioneer BS22 speakers.

  • Option 3 - Pioneer BS22 $100 + Dayton 800 sub Right over your budget but would sound great. I know you don't want a sub but I really think you're going to miss out on the low stuff without one. You could also get these without the sub they actually do pretty well on their own.

  • Option 4 - Boston Acoustic XS 2.1 $160 another 2.1 set but with really small speakers. The powered sub included will cover the the low end as the main speakers don't go low at all.

  • Option 5 Energy CB5 $102 + dayton sub above. These are smaller than the Pioneers so you'll need the sub but I think these could also fit the bill.
u/AgentScreech · 7 pointsr/infiniti

Here's the best way to handle this. I'm making assumptions that you have a smartphone and the RCA jacks in your car's armrest.

Get the following.

  • a wired to bluetooth transmitter
  • a usb car charge port
  • 3.5mm to rca jack cable (as short as possible)
  • a cd player mount for your phone

    Take the 3.5->RCA cord and plug the RCA ends into the aux jack inside the armrest. Put the USB charger in the 12v socket that's also in the armrest. Take the bluetooth transmitter plug in the power (with the supplied micro USB to normal USB cord) and plug in the 3.5 end of the RCA cord to the jack on the transmitter.

    Once the car is on and the transmitter is powered up, pair your phone to the transmitter per the instructions that came with it. After its paired, put all the wires and the transmitter in the armrest and forget about it. You'll never have to deal with it again unless something goes wrong.

    Now take the CD player car mount, and turn it so it's horizontal. Put your phone in it and adjust the sides to make sure it doesn't slide out. Switch your car audio system to AUX and leave it there. The only downside is you can't control the audio from the steering wheel. The only thing you can do is adjust the volume.

    Now you have an always updated nav system that has guidance and the ability to listen to all your music via the car stereo. I wouldn't try any other BT transmitter. It's the key to the whole deal and I know that one works. The rest of the stuff is universal and pretty generic. You may have some/most of them already. You can really shop around for the USB charger, RCA cable and CD player mount and get the cost down more. The whole setup should be around $75 or less.

    This is by far the most effective, economical way to get what you want. There isn't really a way to update or modernize the stock equipment outside of buying a new car. I'm pretty sure that's by design.
u/4estGimp · 7 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

Do NOT buy a second Z333 set. The Z333 is only 2 x 8 watts plus a sub. It does not even have a tweeter, its "decorative". A second Logitech set won't give better sound, it just gives louder mediocrity. IMHO you should start with a good set monitors and then add a subwoofer later. You'll hear details you've been missing. In the short term you might sacrifice some boomy bass but you would have much better sound overall.

I currently own 3 sets of desk "monitors". The quotes are there because these are not truly flat response studio monitors. They are aimed at consumers.

  • Backup Computer: Mackie CR4 4" Consumer Refrence Montiors, Amazon Link
  • Main Computer: Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers, Amazon Link. This one is paired with a 10" sub.
  • Kitchen TV: PreSonus Eris E4.5 + 10" sub. These are the flattest monitors I own. They were purchased as "B-Stock" at about $130 a pair. They are quite nice but out of budget if purchased new.

    So the above are the only ones with which I have personal experience. To me, the Mackie and Edifier are more or less interchangeable.

    The cheapest speakers r/audiophile will recommend are the Micca PB42X. Google shows that Micca has quite a following. There a lot of YouTube video reviews of them too.

    My apologies for all the US merchant links. It's all I know.

    Edit - more advice from r/HTBuyingGuides . Scroll down to the Audio/Speaker section of this FAQ.
u/AutomatedLogic · 7 pointsr/FrankOcean

To be brief, the pressure from the needle is too heavy. So basically it is slowing (but also quickly) grinding out the grooves. This is a $300+ record. Take care of it!
I recommend getting this turntable and these speakers for a starting set up.

I realize it is expensive, but worth it.

u/dj_orka99 · 7 pointsr/vinyl

an extra 100$ ??? Here in Canada an lp60 is about 120$ while an LP120 is 400$

u/danielrose24 · 7 pointsr/vinyl

My first TT was an Audio Technica LP-60 and I have 0 complaints on it as an entry level TT. Would recommend that and a decent pair of bookshelf speakers, doesn't cost much but is miles above a suitcase TT from Crosley.




u/fco2013 · 7 pointsr/buildapc

[standard "audio is very, very subjective" disclaimer]

I was actually just helping someone out with this. I feel that while all parts of your computer are important in some way, the parts you actually interact with - Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor, Audio - are just as important, if not more important than the insides of your computer. Now I'm NOT saying go blow your budget on a 1440P monitor, mechanical KB, high quality mouse, and $300 in audio while running an HD5450. But I am saying you should ideally spend at least 1/3 of the cost of the tower into peripherals. A very blanket statement, and I don't necessarily mean do literally that, but I think it gets the point across.

I'm going to focus mainly on speakers here since headphones have been pretty well covered.

More to the point of audio, if you are spending less than $50 on speakers, any of the multitude of speakers labeled "computer speakers" will be just fine. If you are looking for physical surround, those 5.1 systems aren't too bad either, and get the job done since "real" 5.1 set ups can get costly.

BUT if you are venturing into the $60+, please DO strongly considering getting bookshelf speakers, or monitors (as in studio monitors, not displays). A real 2.0 setup with quality speakers and an inexpensive amp will sound loads better than all of the 2.1 "all-in-one" speaker setups (think Logitech cheapos). Because think about this: when a "real" subwoofer costs $90+, and you buy a pair of speakers and an sub for $40, corners are being cut.

They sound great, will have much better imaging, range, clarity, separation, fullness, tone, and just better sound quality.

You also get the awesome flexibility and "modularity" of putting together a system. Want to upgrade the speakers? No need to buy a new amp, just buy nicer speakers, and vice versa. Want to add a subwoofer? No problem, just add it to the chain! With the "all-in-one" systems you'd have to get a whole new system if you wanted to add a sub when your current one didn't come with one, or you want a better one.

Not to mention they look great sitting on a desk. If you care about aesthetics a set of speakers will look very nice compared to the dinky, cheap, plastic speakers in the sub $100 range.

/r/zeos has great guides he put together for all sorts of speaker systems, from 2.0 to 7.1. For most people on this subreddit, a good 2.0/2.1 system would be fitting.

If you are thinking about spending more than $50 but less than $100 consider this:

Speakers | Dayton Audio B652 Bookshelf Speakers | $51.99 @ Amazon
Amplifier | Lepai LP-2020A+ Class-T Digital Audio Amplifier | $21.59 @ Amazon
Speaker Wire | RCA 50FT 16 gauge Speaker Wire | $6.99 @ Amazon
Audio Cable | Startech 6FT 3.5mm Male to Male audio cable | $4.99 @ Amazon
| | Total
| Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available. | $84.56

This is a GREAT entry level 2.0 setup, and has everything you need. The Speakers are the best $50 speakers you can buy, and they are normally $39.99 but for some reason have seen a price hike. Still 39.99 direct from Parts-Express, but no free shipping. They sound great, look pretty decent, and get pretty loud. Great for music and games. The Amp is great little amp, all metal construction, good feeling knobs, 2 inputs, tonal controls/bypass, and will power these speakers sufficiently. If you have wire/cables lying around you wouldn't need to buy those, saving $10. An 3.5mm Male to RCA male would work too. Highly recommended for people who want to dabble with quality audio but don't want the "audiophile" price tag.

EDIT: Formatting

u/hack_tc · 7 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

A 3.1, or possibly even a 3.2 setup down the road, should do nicely. I would highly consider these Emptek (now RBH sound) speakers and this matching Center, along with a sub of your choice. The Bic F12 is a local favorite. This leaves some change (~$400) for a receiver and wires and whatnot, or maybe some speaker stands.

Those speakers really sound fantastic though, and they look like something you would normally find in the $1000+ range of bookshelves. Plus, they match your furniture pretty well, so thats a plus.

u/majorscheiskopf · 7 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

That's interesting, but unfortunately most of these builds are DIY and lack any sort of standardization, so you'll have to do most of the heavy lifting in order to figure out what you have, as well as what you need.

As to your first point, you probably do need some sort of room selection, as well as a) an amplifier which powers the speakers, and b) either a single streaming platform (e.g. Chromecast Audio, Sonos Connect, etc.) to send signal to all speakers, or multiple streaming platform to send signal to individual speakers or rooms.

As to your second question, that depends on how you want to answer the above questions, and on how they're set up. As I mentioned, there probably isn't much standardization between this build and others, so I would start this whole process by getting a basic amplifier (Lepai 2020 is fine for this purpose) and going through each wire in that bunch as well as each pair of connectors in the garage (see below). Turn off the amp, hook up a pair of speakers, turn on the amp, play something, track down the sound, label the wires by room (colored electrical tape), stop playing, repeat.

After you figure out how the speakers, wires, and wall panels are connected, you can work on picking out an amplifier, a streaming platform, and a room selection device. I would budget $1000 for this, but it can probably be done for less. If you don't want to spend that right now (understandable), you can probably wire up one room to a Chromecast Audio and an SMSL SA50 (non-plus) for less than $100 if that room has a priority (see below).

As to your last question, those are probably banana plugs. Just another termination for speaker wire, not a big deal in the context of the rest of this. If you need banana plugs, Amazon or Monoprice have them for basically nothing.

The most basic set-up for whole home audio you could have is this speaker selector, this amplifier, and this streaming device. Probably $250 for the full home, or more if you have more than 4 rooms wired.

Alternately, if you want to be able to play two different streams in two rooms simultaneously, you could put this streaming device and this amplifier in the ceiling of each room. Google Home allows for CCAs to be combined into groups rather flexibly- you could put Kitchen-Living Room- Bathroom in one group, and Bedroom 1-Garage in another, and Living Room- Bedroom 1 in another, and every CCA you have in yet another, and still have the ability to play music in any one room on its own. Very nice system, but doing this is realistically $100 per room. If you don't mind limiting yourself to pairs of rooms, you can cut down on this cost by adding a four-channel room selector to this chain.

High-end receivers also may contain their own multi-room, multi-source implementations, but you're typically limited to two rooms, and two sources. Add in two splitters like this and you can expand that capability out to two groups of four speakers, but those groups would be less flexible than the CCA setup above. This setup is $500.

u/zopiac · 6 pointsr/battlestations

Something along the same lines would be the Micca Covo-S, but you need an amp for them (looks like the soundphonics have a built in amp in the larger speaker?). Amps can be had for cheap, but many cheap Chinese amps have a slight buzz in them whenever they're on. I don't spend any real time with super cheap speakers, so sadly I can't give any cheap amp recommendations. I had a Dayton DTA-1 on my Micca MB42X (bigger cousin to the Covo-S) and it was a weak amp, but loud enough, and no buzz. Lepai amps seem to be very hit or miss with their quality.

If you want something nicer, but a bit over $70, there's the Micca PB42X. I mentioned the MB42X, but those need an amp, whereas the PB42X has one built in. It's not a good or powerful amp, but being built in is handy if you don't plan on going for crazy quality. They aren't huge speakers -- about nine inches tall, or six inches if you lay them on their sides. IMO the best sound you can get for this price without scouting for crazy deals on hi-fi equipment.

But of course... if you happen to be outside of the US then I think that availability is pretty poor.

u/Byrd910 · 6 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

SMSL SA50 ($67):

Micca MB42X ($79.95):

Comes in right under your budget, and plenty of people on these forums have been happy with that setup (I have no experience personally with the amp or speakers).

u/ratbuddy · 6 pointsr/AdviceAnimals

Bose is 100% about marketing to people who buy into style over substance. The sound quality is generally among the worst you can buy, especially at the price point. Their noise cancelling headphones are OK, I'll give 'em that much.

Spend a few minutes in /r/hometheater or over on avsforum - you don't need to look far to find many, many better sounding and less expensive speaker setups. Just one example, these little guys will blow the doors off the Bose cubes.

u/Sirlazzlo · 6 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

I've been SO happy with my Micca MB42x's powered by a SMSL SA60

Amazing sound for $170. Here is some help in setting up your PC equalizer.

u/Brandorff · 6 pointsr/hometheater


If you're into gaming the #1 thing to look for in a TV is low input lag

Here is a list of low lag TVs Looks like one of Sonys might be your best bet

  • Stat sheets tell you virtually nothing about picture quality, read reviews

  • You probably want a TV with: LED, local dimming, 120hz or higher

  • Avoid 4K for now (too new, too expensive, not enough content)


    Get a receiver.

  • Denons are a great choice. Yamahas and Onkyos are good too

  • Buy refurbished, save $$$. Check out Accessories 4 Less & Amazon Warehouse

  • More watts ≠ more volume. Ignore ratings like 100 watts x 7 all together

  • Seriously. Any receiver will have more than enough juice

  • You probably don't need 7.1

  • You probably don't need 5.1 either. Buy a left/right pair & center channel speakers then add a subwoofer and surrounds later if you're not satisfied


  • Pioneer BS22's + Pioneer C22 are a pretty great for the price

  • Micca MB42x not as good but cheaper

  • A Canadian company called Fluance is good too and less ugly

  • If you do a subwoofer check out the BIC America F-12

u/dmizzle0929 · 6 pointsr/vinyl

you should look around on /r/audiophile. Their lowest recommended setup are the Micca MB42X and the Muse M50. You can go cheaper on the amp but the speakers are the key part to a good listening experience. You're at $145 there. The LP120 has a built-in preamp so you won't need to worry about buying a separate one.

also if you haven't yet check out /r/zeos for his 2.0 and 2.1 recommendations located HERE

All those are if you want to go new. You can probably scour Craigslist or eBay and find some vintage stuff for a little cheaper, it's up to you.

u/josephgee · 6 pointsr/buildapcsales

Not exactly sure how they compare but I've seen these speakers recommended a lot at this price point.

u/TheDragonKnight · 6 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

Micca PB42X Powered Bookshelf Speakers (Pair)

Good pair of simple powered monitors. Has 3.5mm input so you should be plug and play.

u/TactFully · 6 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

No, not those. For $100 the best you can do is the Micca PB42x.

u/KALASH69 · 6 pointsr/vinyl

Upgraded to a real turntable (to an Orbit) and such, and now I have no idea how to position or fit my speakers in my room. Here are a couple of additional images:

u/Haqthrow · 6 pointsr/bapcsalescanada

I would rather get the 1280ts for $87.

Sound comparison:

Have my 1280ts hooked up to my pc and an echo dot. Can be using them on the pc and get alexa going through speakers at the same time.

u/The_Lesser_Weasel · 6 pointsr/buildapcsales

Currently I'm using this which is overkill for these speakers, but I got it for a good price and I wanted something that could comfortably power beefier speakers down the line.

The old recommendation was to get a Lepai 2020a, but since those no-longer use the Tripath chips, I'd go with something like the SMSL SA36 or SA50.

u/rocketwidget · 6 pointsr/Chromecast

Right now, you could get a Home for $109, and this Sonos 1 style Chromecast dock for $91.50, and a Chromecast Audio for $30.

That's about $230 before tax and shipping, and it's pretty simple. The CC fits in the dock with an included Toslink connector, and does auto-power on. Already multiroom, even though the Home is one room.

Or you could replace the dock with these powered bookshelf speakers for $120. (thanks r/BudgetAudiophile/) Still well under a Homepod, and now you have two good speakers, so far.

The cost difference would really run away if you tried to multiroom with the Homepod.

u/SoaDMTGguy · 6 pointsr/Metallica

Ohhh, a newbie! This will be fun... 🙃

A standard record player/turntable (you can use them interchangeably) will output using stereo RCA. The signal needs to go through a Phono Preamp first. Some turntables have a preamp built-in, most do not (especially as you move up the quality scale).

Then you need an amplifier to power the speakers you get. Some speakers can be plugged directly into a “line-level” jack (think headphone port). Others need an amplifier. You can get a cheap one on Amazon like this, or a nicer one like this, or you could try your local thrift store; stereo amps don’t have to be particularly new, so it’s often easy to score one for cheap.

As for the actual record player, [Rega] and Pro-Ject are the two big brands, as well as U-Turn and the every level. What I would call the first fully “proper” turntable starts at around $400. A U-Turn Orbit can be had for around $200. You can get a black plastic Sony or AudioTechnica on Amazon for $100, but I would advise against it.

The tables you’ll want to look for are the Rega Planar 1 (or “P1”), the Pro-Ject Debut/Debut Carbon, or the U-Turn Orbit. Don’t buy from Amazon. Best Buy/Magnolia is a good source, as is your local Hi-Fi dealer (assuming you have one).

I’ve owned the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon and the Regs P3, and liked them both. Please feel free to ask my anything, or PM me. I’m happy to help in any way that I can!

u/BTsBaboonFarm · 6 pointsr/vinyl

$300 - $500 can get you a great new setup if you piece it together correctly. On the lower end, here's one I'd recommend

Turntable: U-Turn Orbit Basic: $179

Phono Preamplifier: ART Pro Audio DJPRE II: $49

Speakers: Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers: $100

By going with active/powered speakers, you can forego getting an AV Receiver for amplification needed for passive speakers (you could also look at receivers with built in phono stages and passive speakers if you want to spend a bit more).

This would cost about $330, not including any additional/longer cables or any other accessories. It isn't a top of the line rig, but it would be a pretty big upgrade from what you have now

You could also go the vintage route and probably get an even better setup, but you'll need to know a bit more on what to look for in terms of conditions and brands and whatnot

u/nymets12985 · 6 pointsr/VinylDeals

You could always just get a headphone amp and separate powered speakers. In order to not break the bank but still have quality products, I recommend:

Headphone Amp

Powered speakers

Have owned both and can say you’ll be happy, especially for the price point.

u/league_of_fail · 6 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

Here you go.

They're powered. They're also on the sidebar bookshelf speakers recommendation list at your price point. I own them and am very happy with them.

u/Xintros · 6 pointsr/hometheater

Your budget is pretty small to get a receiver AND a full 5.1 set up. If you care about your audio, which it looks like you do after ditching the sound bar. I would suggest starting off with a 2.1 set up and adding the center, and surround speakers later when you have more money.

These are even on sale right now to make it even easier:

u/cbeeman15 · 6 pointsr/ZReviews

Is an amp needed in that price?
Look into either of thede speakers:
Dayton Audio B652 6-1/2-Inch 2-Way Bookshelf Speaker

Micca MB42 Bookshelf Speakers With 4-Inch Carbon Fiber Woofer and Silk Dome Tweeter (Black, Pair)

With this amp:

Lepy LP-2024A+ Hi-Fi Audio Amplifier Stereo Power Amplifier Car Amplifier with Power Supply, 3A Power

That's about as good of a low budget system as possible, while still being a foray into hobby/enthusiast audio equipment. Unless you want to look into used stuff. Going use can get you a really good set up for price but take more work to find but is hard to recommend.

u/MyPackage · 6 pointsr/vinyl

Buy a U-Turn Basic, Micca MB42 speakers, Lepai amp, Pyle pre amp and some cheap speaker wire

It's over your budget but this is about as cheap as you can get while still getting new high quality gear.

u/zeagan · 6 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

There aren't a ton of options at that size that are passive, it's a small market obviously and it seems like it's either super cheap and bad and/or outrageously expensive.

Cambridge Audio SX50 sound great and are smaller than average bookshelves, might still be too big.

They also make the Minx Min 22, this one I haven't heard though but it's definitely the right size and under budget.

Monitor Audio makes little cube speakers but they're somehow almost $400, and more for satellite surround use.

Super budget and also a little bigger would be the Micca MB42's for $60


If you feel like hunting around audiogon/craigslist/usaudiomart you might be able to find something better. The PSB Alpha LR1 was great. Realistic Minimus 7's are legendary and with a little tweak to the crossover are surprisingly great.


u/cjrobe · 6 pointsr/delusionalcraigslist

Oh definitely, I'm surprised how good sound some CRTs have, the best definitely sound better than my $150 Panasonic Sounbar. But even $60 speakers like this with a $30-60 mini amp would sound better let alone mid-range or high-end sound systems.

u/kbick675 · 6 pointsr/audiophile

Do you plan on continuing to use the receiver? Because if so then the Pioneer SP-BS22 bookshelves are spectacular for the price range. I have them and can say nothing but good things about them. I have also had them demoed to me by Andrew Jones himself at Pioneer here in SoCal and that was what really sold me on them. They will also blow any computer speakers from Logitech and klipsch away unless you need a lot more bass than these can provide, which is substantial.

For comparison I also have the JBL 4326 studio monitors in my office which I also love very much.

u/EZmacaroni · 6 pointsr/BuyItForLife

Yes. Do this.

Right now I've got that exact lepai driving these $125 speakers (set). They were designed by Andrew Jones, who is one of the more successful speaker "engineers" whos last speakers retailed for over $40,000. They sound fantastic. They rival speakers that I've heard at almost 5x the price.

I added Bluetooth fuctionality with one of [these receivers] ( )

The cool thing about getting a real set of bookshelves and starting receiver like the lepai is its cheap enough to upgrade later when your budget allows. You can go ahead at some point and get a real 5.1 or 7.1 receiver and the other speakers (matching or not). Many, if not most modern receivers come with Bluetooth and or apple airplay built in. Even something like the [Yamaha 375] ( ) has more than enough horsepower.

Razer is not know for bifl.

u/rempred · 6 pointsr/headphones

From what I understand, the audio is streamed to the controller via Bluetooth. The controller itself probably has a poor DAC, and it's amping capabilities are probably lackluster. Try using this with a SPDIF cable from your PS4.

u/everlong44 · 6 pointsr/hometheater

You will have to get a receiver and with that budget, you will have to buy a refurbished receiver to get anything for your money. Amazon is selling a good yamaha 5.1 receiver below:

Then you can get a pair of bookshelf speakers to start:

This would be a pretty decent 2.0 setup. Over time you can purchase a subwoofer:

This whole setup can be expanded to a 3.1, 4.1, or 5.1 setup by purchasing another set (or 2 sets) of bookshelf speakers.

u/myteks · 6 pointsr/buildapcsales

Good starter bookshelf speakers for people who want to get into high-fidelity audio.

NoAudiophile review + MB42X DSP corrections:

Zeos (/r/Zeos) review:

SlickDeals discussion on this deal:

As /u/tielknight mentioned, the Micca MB42 is also discounted ($50.99 with the 'clipped' 15% off coupon - original price is $59.99):

The MB42X has a crossover, while the MB42 doesn't (can be added on but you'd need to buy and install a separate upgrade).

u/IamShadowBanned2 · 6 pointsr/AskMen

The 2 things I put in mine recently that were great for the cost was a decanter set for my whiskey and a bluetooth audio receiver. Being able to walk in, hit a button on my phone and spotify starts playing in the room while I pour a drink just sets the mood. This is assuming of course you already have the typical couch/sofa, computer, posters, mini-fridge, work bench, etc.

u/RagingFiddler · 6 pointsr/buildapcsales

Wow this was a really helpful post, especially to beginners like me! Thanks so much! While I don't have a problem with noise or volume currently, I was thinking of buying something budget friendly like the SybaSonic SD-DAC63057 in order to have basically an external soundcard on my desk. Currently I have to drape the short cord of these Phillips across my body to my PC on my right, and the cord is just plugged in to the top/front audio jack. It would be nice to have an easy-to-use USB DAC/amp on my desk to my left so I can have easier cord management, sound out of my PC to eliminate any risk of interference, and a nice analog volume control to boot :) but I will DEFINITELY keep this post saved if/when I upgrade to the next step :D

u/givemeyournews · 6 pointsr/headphones

My Encore mDac has been working intermittently as of late. I have the pleasure of listening to headphones for about 6 hours of my work day, so having a DAC/Amp combo at my desk is nice. However, with a 4 week old baby, my budget was super limited. I came across the Syba Sonic SD-DAC63057 and decided to give it a try. It checked all the boxes. Cheap ($37). No driver install needed (work computer, can't install anything). Enough power (100mw) to drive my IEMs and more sensitive over ears. USB only power.

Full specs can be found here

The unit features variable line outs, top mounted volume knob, optical out, coax digital out, usb in (for power and signal), mic input, 3.5mm input, 3.5mm headphone out, and 1/4" headphone out (both headphone outputs work simultaneously.

The unit has indicator lights to show what signal is being received (96, 44, or 44.1), and an indicator light of sorts that flashes with the music, that comprised of a red and blue LED. Kind of neat.

The unit also features a hardware EQ that includes a 7db (yes, 7db!) treble boost, a direct no EQ option, and a 7db bass boost. The hardware EQs are a bit much for me, and I find I leave the unit set to direct most of the time. However, there is one expectation. I have set of custom reshelled Ultimate Ears Triple.Fi 10's, and in the process, the treble took about a 6db drop. So, for that one set of CIEMs, the treble boost is just right. However, that is a pretty oddly specific scenario, and I would imagine most people won't want to use the hardware EQ.

Of note, the device is always on, as there is no power switch. The volume knob has the most minute channel imbalance as the absolute lowest setting. And, there is an uncomfortable audible crackle / pop when plugging in sensitive headphones to the 3.5mm headphone out. All be it, it doesn't seem to be enough to damage anything.

I have successfully used the Syba Sonic DAC/Amp with my Chromebook, MacBook Air, and my Windows 7 work PC. I have not tried it on a Windows 10 device, but after scouring the Amazon “reviews” it seems that it may not play nice with all Win10 installs so YMMV. As the unit is not battery powered, it won’t work with mobile devices.

When compared head to head with my Encore mDac, the Syba Sonic unit sounds a tad better. The bass is a bit fuller and the treble has just a hair more sparkle. Detail representation is on par, if not better than anything in this price range. All in all, for $37 I am super pleased with the purchase. I love the design with the volume knob on top. And the fact that the RCA outs are variable makes this a great option for those that want a budget option to use with powered monitors.

I have run the unit, as mentioned, with my CIEM reshelled TF.10's, as well as with my UM3X, Fischer Audio FA-003 wooden cup over ears, NAD VISO HP50's, AKG K7XX, and handful of other mid-range to lower IEMs. I did find that it struggled a bit to run the K7XX with any authority, but all the other headphones / IEMs I have tried have worked just fine. The only other negative is that, with the volume knob at full tilt, there is an audible hiss on most sensitive headphones (read: 32ohm and below).

I would recommend this unit for anyone with a tight budget that wants a somewhat feature rich DAC/Amp. It would also make a great external sound card thanks to the mic input.

u/davdev · 6 pointsr/audio

None of the above.

At your price range don't expect much. Something like this will be much better than any of those though:

Amp, speakers. Then save some more money and buy this sub in the future. Not going to be a world better, but much better than what you posted.

u/blacbloc77 · 6 pointsr/vinyl

Amazon is running a special on the LP120 right now. You'd get MUCH more mileage out of that deck!

u/Jesuscrustlizard · 6 pointsr/vinyl

I have a TT with a MP3 converter option and honestly I've never used it. When I buy a record I just go find the download from the pirates bay. I wish I just went to my local vintage furniture store and got a record player from there, it would of been half the price and probably better. I wish I just invested in something like this

u/Sullykp13 · 6 pointsr/OpTicGaming

I wouldnt recommed a 2 in 1 set. this is the one that I would reccommend. If you are serious about starting a collection this would be the safest turntable to buy. I know that it is expensive, but collecting vinyl's is a pretty expensive hobby. This turntable has an aux input so I am sure that you have a speaker in the house somewhere that you could plug it into.

Edit: For the speakers, you could literally buy a pair of computer speakers with a sub and that would work really well.

u/nacnudn · 6 pointsr/hometheater

$260 for those Miccas is borderline ridiculous. You can get much better speakers for less. I'd prefer either of the below for significantly less money:

u/faemir · 6 pointsr/vinyl

Cheapest new turntables that are good:

  • U-Turn Orbit
  • Pro-ject Elemental
  • Pro-ject Essential II
  • Rega RP1
  • AT-LP120

    For the top four, you'd need a phono stage too e.g. this one.

    If you're from the US then posting your CL would let people on here find a good second hand purchase for you that would potentially be much, much cheaper with a tiny bit of TLC first.

    Are you looking for amp/speakers too?
u/2old2care · 6 pointsr/diysound

Honestly--buy one of these. Guaranteed it will be as good or better.

u/TheCheshireCody · 6 pointsr/hometheater

Onkyo TX-NR676 - $339.00.

Polk T30 center channel - $89.99

Polk PSW10 10" subwoofer - $99.99

Polk T50 towers for the front speakers - $89.99 x2 = $179.98

Polk T15 Bookshelf speakers for the rear surrounds - $59.00 x2 = $118.00

Total: $824.98. Throw in ~$70 for sales tax and another $30-40 for audio cable and $5 for an HDMI cord. You can save $60 by switching the front towers for T15s.

The Onkyo can be expanded to 5.1.2 for Atmos, and supports DTS:X as well. 4K passthrough and it supports every audio format up through Atmos. It's a fantastic AVR, especially at that price.

EDIT: fixed link for T50 towers.

u/somephotographs · 6 pointsr/sonos

Be sure that if your record player does not come preamplified, you will need a preamplifier to give it the output it needs to be at the proper line level output. I got this little guy and it works perfect from my turntable to my ZP90 that's set up to my computer's speakers!

u/ibizzet · 6 pointsr/hometheater

This was my exact budget! I ended up going with the Denon AVR-S510BT from Accessories4Less as my receiver. I got it for $130 (normally around ~$250). It can carry a 4k/HDCP2.2 signal and also has two subwoofer outs so I can upgrade to two subs and I will be using this for years in the future. Also has 5 channels so I can easily add a center/surrounds in the near future.

As for speakers, I went with Pioneer's Andrew Jones SP-FS52. I got them for $180 for the pair which is a steal because on Amazon they are going for $260 for the pair! They sound amazing and my receiver has no problem driving them.

And for the sub, I went with the trusty budget [BIC America F12](BIC America F12 12-Inch 475-Watt Front Firing Powered Subwoofer which BUMPS, and is going for about $215 on Amazon at the moment. When placed right, this thing can hit the frequencies that makes your chest rumble and without being too loud.

Overall I spent exactly $525 (right in your budget!) and got myself an amazing sounding system to watch TV and movies, and the best part is there's so much room to upgrade! I can upgrade from 2.1 to 5.2 when I feel, and since the receiver carries 4k, I won't have to upgrade for a while.

Hope this helps!

u/thrasherht · 6 pointsr/hometheater

So I am gonna try to answer your actual question, though PLEASE heed the advice of upgrading your system.

I looked at the AVR you have, and you will 100% without a doubt NEVER get 5.1 input to that device. It simply does not have an interface to accept any type of digital audio input.
So unfortunately it just isn't gonna happen in any way shape or form. No adapter, device, or otherwise will make it happen.


Now that we have that cleared up, if you want 5.1, you do have options.
Your speakers look to be 6 Ohms, so you need an AVR that can support 6 Ohms, and you can use the exist speakers. Though you will need a subwoofer to replace the proprietary stuff.

I personally like my onkyo AVR, it has worked extremely well for me. This one is the upgraded model that supports Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, 4K, HDR10, and Dolby Vision.
So this will do so much more then your current setup.

Just that single purchase alone will get you 90% of the way to a decent setup.
Combine that with something like a BIC F12, and you have a kicking theater setup that will honestly rival that of your actual local theater.

u/ruinevil · 6 pointsr/audiophile
u/Eisenstein · 6 pointsr/vintageaudio

I can't tell if you are trolling or not.

Just in case you aren't trolling...

Don't fucking buy those speakers. Don't buy any speakers off craigslist unless you know SOMETHING about speakers. Just get some Dayton cheapies, save $12, and save yourself a lot of time dealing with craiglist scum and the silent smirks of anyone who knows anything who sees the speakers in your house.

u/reveuge · 5 pointsr/liluzivert

don’t get suitcase vinyl players they are BAD for your vinyls Recommend this

u/jcwitte · 5 pointsr/audiophile

I got these a couple years ago from my grandparents who had a component setup that they rarely used, so they are old(ish) speakers that have hardly been used.

That gouge in the sub is something I need to get fixed, but otherwise, I really like listening to music on these.

My receiver is a Hitachi HTA-4000, as pictured here - note, this is not my exact receiver, but one posted to /r/vinyl a few weeks ago.

And my turntable, which I got about a year ago (first ever), is here.

It's a beginner's table for sure, and I will hope to upgrade in the coming months.


u/cdawzrd · 5 pointsr/DIYGear

Do you already have any speakers, or do you just crank your laptop up?

I do two-room audio using one of these amps and two pairs of these speakers--the amp will drive two speakers in parallel on each channel as long as they are 8-ohm speakers. Speaker wire is pretty cheap. I have a server connected to the amp and running Subsonic in jukebox mode for actually playing the music. That way, the server can live out of the way, and I can use the Android app to queue up songs to play.

One thing you could look at is using a wireless audio transmitter or something like the Squeezebox to separate your laptop from the party.

If you actually consider getting the Lepai amp, make sure that you buy it from Parts-Express, because some other sellers don't include the power supply, which is kind of annoying to realize after you receive the amp! Also, if you consider the Dayton speakers I posted, and you listen to electronic or hip-hop music with lots of bass, you'll probably want a separate subwoofer to get enough bass for parties (that is, if your neighbors don't kill you!)

u/thugIyf3 · 5 pointsr/battlestations

Hmm I think this is a good game to play. I would like to open this up to everyone and have them comment on the exact model of what I have in my picture. I'll edit my post with the confirmation and links of what everything is. Clues: look at old version of my battle stations


Laptop: [Dell XPS 15 L521X] ( [System Specs] (

Laptop Stand: [Cooler Master Ergostand] (

Webcam: [Logitech C/B 910] (

Speakers: [2 pair of Dayton B652] (

Keyboard: [CM Storm Trigger Black Switches] (

Mouse: [Anker Gaming Mouse] (

USB Hub: [Anker 13 port USB 3.0 hub] (

Computer screens: [2 of LGE2242] (

Monitor Mount: [Vivo Monitor Stand] (

Receiver: [JVC 703VBK] (

Hexagonal device: [Moto Stream] (

Subwoofer: [Yamaha YST-SW012] (

Headphones: [Monoprice 108323] (

Hard drive: [Seagate 3TB expansion drive] (

Cased device on top of hard drive: [Raspberry Pi B] (

Chair (this is a hard one): I forget

u/teeravj · 5 pointsr/vinyl

I own that receiver! WOW! I actually can help someone on the subreddit for once :3

I love it honestly. It was simple to set up, and also has a lot of holes for breathing so no overheat. You need a preamp though to use a turntable with it. My AT-LP60 has a built-in one so no need for me to have one. Bluetooth works great from my laptop and phone. Long-range as well. 2 Speaker Sets. Good Balance and you can adjust the treble and Bass if need be.

I bought these speakers with it and the cables connect fine. No need to order extra really.

u/TophatMcMonocle · 5 pointsr/vinyl
u/Error400BadRequest · 5 pointsr/vinyl

You need a phono preamp. A normal amp won't cut it. Turntable output levels are low, and the bass is really reduced on the record itself because if it was done at the right levels, the needle could jump around and potentially damage the record. This change in recording media is referred to as RIAA Equalization.

To fix the bass, you're going to want a proper phono preamp to apply the proper equalization curve. The Art DJ Pre II is recommended in the Budget Setup Guide, so I would consider purchasing it if you do not wish to purchase another receiver with a phono input.

u/DeuceSK · 5 pointsr/vinyl

You need a phono pre-amp to amplify the signal, or a different amp with a phono input built in. Here is a couple of very cheap pre-amps: pyle or Behringerfor example.

u/robged · 5 pointsr/buildapc

Unless space is at a premium I would not recommend those speakers. 14 watts per channel is pretty low, and that 50 hz to 20 khz looks misleading based on some reviewer comments. I basically don't believe they will give an accurate frequency response unless the sound is very low. I have seen the following recommended here before:

Don't forget speaker wire:

And an audio cable:

I can't vouch for those myself, but I would be willing to bet that they will be much better than any "computer speakers" in a similar price range. I have cambridge soundworks model 6's which are over your budget but I can vouch for. Worth every penny. Everyone notices how nice the sound is immediately.

u/aroomacanvas · 5 pointsr/indieheads

To be honest, buying a record player with built in speakers just isn't worth it. You're better off just sticking with mp3s at that point.

This would be my recommendation for an entry-level turntable. You'll need to get speakers separately though. On the bright side, it does have a built-in preamp so you don't need to buy that separately.

u/MiEsAmericano · 5 pointsr/audiophile

I own this, and I am extremely happy with it. I have seen no other turntable with a similar feature set or quality for this price. It's essentially a carbon copy of the technics 1200, but cheaper, new, and with a warranty. It also has usb if you're into that.

u/rmsersen · 5 pointsr/vinyl

If you still insist on going new and staying between $200-$300, consider the AT LP-120 for $233 from Amazon.

You can search the sub for existing threads on it, but it's generally regarded as a good table for the price.

u/nquesada92 · 5 pointsr/vinyl

around the same price check out the Audio-Technica LP-120 its $233 on amazon with prime right now. Probably get an Amazon out of box brand new one for a 20 bucks cheaper or so.

EDIT stuff and link AT LP-120

u/jordanbeff · 5 pointsr/hiphopheads

AT LP120

Best starter table, hands down.

u/slingdub · 5 pointsr/vinyl

DONT BUY IT. save your money and buy this and you will be in good shape. You can find them for $220 on other site. These suitcase players ruin your records. there are other good players that you can buy for cheaper. But this seems to be the goto for noobies. CHeck your craigslist and see what older vintage players are for sale and PM and I will steer you in the right direction. Or if you want to give me your area. I can search for good gear for you.

u/Hugo_Says_Hi · 5 pointsr/vinyl

Well I got this mostly because I wanted something decent but not too expensive. Also it was the most recommended TT here that I noticed for that situation. Eventually I would like to get something better but this should be good for now.

u/superpilotbrooks · 5 pointsr/records

If you really want a good record player someday I’d suggest getting an audio technica lp120

I strictly only buy older records (usually 1970’s ish) and the sound quality as well as the way I have the whole time arm set up (which plays the records well and doesn’t damage them) makes the music sound fantastic!

I absolutely love the aesthetic of that player though and I’m happy you got to experience the passing down of records just like I have!

u/swatson87 · 5 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile People seem to like this one. I don't own it, but very nice for the money.

Edit: I know this is like $10 over your budget, but figured you could stretch it $10.

u/agray20938 · 5 pointsr/hometheater

Assuming you don't need a receiver? I'd pick up 2 Chane bookshelf speakers and a BIC F12. If you don't like those speakers, you could also go with some HSU Research bookshelves too.

EDIT: Whoops, didn't notice you said you get 60% off of klipsch. In that case, pick up a couple RF-62's and the matching subwoofer, and you should be around that price range.

u/iGuitar93 · 5 pointsr/hometheater

The Bic F12 is arguably the best sub in that price range but with a room that big you are going to need more than one sub to get full coverage. 14x30 is a good sized room.

u/umdivx · 5 pointsr/hometheater

>Budget of around $200.
>Will this do the job?

The subwoofer you linked? HELL NO.

For $200 the ONLY sub worth looking at is the BIC F12

It still won't rock your room completely but it'll be light years better than the crappy Polk sub you have.


> I'll be using this in addition to the Polk 8" sub.

Donate to good will. Don't bother using it ever again once you get a new sub.

u/creason08 · 5 pointsr/hometheater

LR: Elac Debut 2.0 6.2 bookshelfs

C: Elac Debut 2.0 6.2 center

Sub: Bic America F12 or Dayton Audio Sub-1200

AVR: Something here. Whatever fits your budget and has the features you need. Make sure that if you're going to be streaming music to get one that is at least wifi compatible or networking (ethernet jack). I personally can recommend the Yamaha RX-V483. If that Yamaha is too expensive then go with a Denon with comparable features.

Stands: (If you don't already have a surface to put your LR on) Monoprice monoliths (24inch or 28inch, depending on ear height at listening/watching position) or Monoprice glass

If the price comes out to be too much then go with the Dayton sub and a cheaper AVR.
You'll also need some speaker wire, a wire cutter, and possibly some silicone hemispheres

That is a 3.1 to start. I think you'll be very happy and impressed with it. Given some time and some saving you'll be ready to upgrade to some surrounds. Delayed gratification is always worth it in this game :)

u/KurlyFryze · 5 pointsr/hometheater

I've had the BIC F12, for about 2 weeks now and it has been amazing. Extremely powerful and very clear. Should be right around your budget and it also looks like it has the inputs you need.

u/DanP999 · 5 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

I'd get more info on the speakers but seems like an okay deal at best to me.

The sub brand new is $100 right now -

The receiver was an MRSP of only $250 brand new too.

Maybe look at this too :

u/ThatsRightWeBad · 5 pointsr/audiophile

The internet fully prepared me to be blown away by Magnepan MMGs, until I auditioned them in a dealer's dedicated listening room with nice NAD components. The bass (their one acknowledged shortcoming) actually exceeded my expectations, but everything else fell short. They sounded fine for the price and everything, but it wasn't a revelation. And while they did have that great open, airy quality when playing stripped-bare low-effort "audiophile" tracks, complex music sounded pretty lifeless.

But the MMGs weren't bad. Unlike the Amazon-reviewed king of budget subwoofers, the Polk PSW10. I bought one on sale to see what the hype was about. Below about 50Hz the port turbulence is actually louder than the bass it fails to produce. It is a shockingly bad sub.

u/Dopdee · 5 pointsr/hometheater

At that budget, I'd go with Denon 1400 and BIC F12 sub.

And if you want to add some speakers

u/Spaded21 · 5 pointsr/hometheater

You will be disappointed with that sub as it only goes down to 40 Hz. I'd look at the BIC F-12. It will get down to 25Hz and well within the budget.

u/blackjakals · 5 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

If you must get a 2.1, then I suggest getting the Logitech Z623. It is good for gaming, but not great for music. You can pick it up at Best Buy or Amazon for $99


If you want good sound quality for music, then I suggest either of the following systems in your budget:


Passive system:

Polk T15 Speakers - $70


Lepai LP-2020TI Amp - $25


Speaker wire & 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable


Powered system:

Edifier R1280T Speakers



u/Dain42 · 5 pointsr/gadgets

They're not even much of that anymore. about 1997-2007 marks kind of the decade where they did that. After that, they became mostly a marketing company that knows where to blow the right amount of hot air to get people to buy their (increasingly poorly-designed) products.

The iMac, iPod, and iPhone were all killer products that really were game changers and were much better than competing products at the time, but a lot of their recent stuff is kinda crap. A lot of it is simultaneously over- and under- engineered.

Take their MacBook Pro as an example. It certainly does take some skill at engineering to fit all of what is in there into something so small. But at the same time, any decent designer or engineer should have, at a certain point in the process, thrown up the stop sign and said:

> Woah! I know we're thin-obsessed right now, but what are we doing? This thing doesn't have adequate cooling for the CPUs we want to put in it, so people who pay to upgrade won't really be getting great performance boosts. We've eliminated all of the ports that people are used to and which they have peripherals for, and we haven't even put an adapter in. And we've also made a terrible, terrible keyboard that is the opposite of a joy to type on and which gets keys stuck down really easily. We also have really skimped on the battery compared to previous generations. Maybe we should step back and consider making it just a little thicker and making it a better overall product.

Or look at something like the HomePod. It's a $350 speaker with all this acoustic processing hoopla and like 8 or 9 speakers, with all it's "beamforming tweeters". But it's not even stereo, unless you buy a second one! I'm sure it's cool and all, but there's just no way that all that price and engineering gives appreciably better sound than even a $200 pair of bookshelf speakers (and probably not much better than a $100 pair like these, at least that 95%+ of people will notice), even if they don't form a bass-derived map of your room. And then, on top of that, anything that might make a smart speaker worth the extra price is pretty lackluster on the HomePod.

u/brianf408 · 5 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

First step: have you read noaudiophile's reviews? He does very thorough reviews on a lot of budget speakers, and has corrections for many of the popular options. His corrections for the Infinity P163s that I'm currently using made them sound like completely different speakers.

First let's start with powered options:

The Micca PB42X would be a good option. They are basically a powered version of the MB42X so you don't need to purchase a separate amp. Also in the similar realm that get recommended here a lot would be the Swans D1010 and the Edifier R1280T.

Personally I'm a bigger fan of passive speakers, as you get a lot more options to expand your system.

Pioneer BS22 bookshelf speakers are great and have gone on sale quite a bit lately for $70-80/pair.

Dayton B652 I am currently using as my surround speakers, but people rave about them as a budget desktop option

Micca MB42X also get great reviews.

You could also go used for your speakers, but sometimes it can be hard to parse through all the junk out there if you don't know what you're looking for.

Take any of those passive options and pair them up with an inexpensive amp like this SMSL or Lepai for a good budget setup.

I would also recommend checking your local Craigslist or Facebook marketplace for a used receiver, you could pick up a very decent one for just a few bucks and have a great starting setup. This will give you a lot more powerful amp, and the ability later to easily add a subwoofer or expand to surround sound. Personally I'm using an older Sony home theater receiver at my desk, it's old enough that it doesn't have HDMI or optical inputs, someone was just giving it away so I snagged it.

u/kaypasta · 5 pointsr/hometheater

You could pick up a little T amp. I have this one but there are cheaper options available. That only has two outputs and just a knob for volume control. Itd be good for testing them out and music for parties, etc but not realistic for TV watching since you'd have to get up to change the volume.

Everyone is going to tell you to get a receiver. Youre at the opportunity where you can dive into the home theater world and, if you have the funds, you won't regret it.

u/imdur · 5 pointsr/wiiu

You're only saying it's complicated because of your very specific requirements, i.e. using a monitor. That's certainly not the norm, now is it?

However, don't get me wrong, being able to listen via the gamepad is convenient if using headphones. A lot of people would really like that feature for the Netflix app, for instance. On the flipside of that, you could simply plug headphones into a tv (normal procedure) or for people like myself, an audio amplifier.

Now, here's a solution specifically for you -

This will allow you to split the audio off so you can set up audio outside of your audio-less monitor. If you have the right cable adapter, you could use headphones. I know this works because, I have this same device for when I visit my parents' house as, they have a faulty audio system on their tv. So, this allows me to patch the audio digitally, via an optical cable.

u/BeardedAlbatross · 5 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

Alright, the problem here is your TV has no variable or line level RCA outputs. I'm going to offer a couple of options:

  1. An optical DAC with a remote line level controller and powered monitors. DAC, Remote volume control, Really good sounding powered monitors. Wait til they go down to about $240 for the pair or buy them on massdrop now, you have 9 hours to decide. Totals to $300

  2. Same setup as above, but will switch out the JBLs for something cheaper and totals to about $200. Wait til the Micca PB42X are in stock at amazon. They run $120. If you can swing for the JBLs, do it though.

  3. The best option in my opinion, would be to get a cheap 5.1 receiver with an optical input. You can pair this with any pair of passive speaker you want, you can purchase a used receiver from craigs or ebay, you can add a center channel at a later date, and more importantly, you can add a subwoofer when your budget allows and have proper bass management with high and low pass filters and eq.
u/Cavi_ · 5 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

If you can stretch that budget ever so slightly, the Micca PB42X looks like a winner for you. They're powered, don't need an amp.

EDIT: ahhh, didn't see the "live under the display" part. Maybe you could set them on their side?

u/ten24 · 5 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

Haven't used either of those so I can't help you there.

I use the Micca MB42x for computers speakers and I love them.

They make a version with an amp built in too:

u/billbixbyakahulk · 5 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

If you can stretch just a little, get these + used portable CD player + 3.5mm to RCA adapter + RCA cable.

u/brazen8 · 5 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

Passive: Pioneer SP-BS22-LR Andrew Jones Designed 4" Compact 2-Way Bookshelf Speakers (Pair) + 16 AWG Speaker Wire 100ft + Brass Speaker Banana Plugs 5-Pair (open screw)

Powered: Micca PB42X Powered Bookshelf Speakers With 4-Inch Carbon Fiber Woofer and Silk Dome Tweeter (Pair)

u/e60deluxe · 5 pointsr/hometheater

go and get the self powered version of the speakers, the PB42x.

hook them up to your TV using an RCA connection

in your TVs menu, under audio settings, set the audio output to variable. voila, your TV remote controls the volume of the RCA outputs.

your done at around $130-140.

start saving for subwoofer. preferably one with high passed outputs. if you are fine with sticking to 2ch for the foreseeable future, you can skip the receiver.

u/foxtrot1111 · 5 pointsr/audiophile

Looks like a small Micca bookshelf speaker

u/lololpalooza · 5 pointsr/buildapcsales

Probably the $72 Orb Audio Mini T or the $68 SMSL SA50. I read reviews on the Lepy amps on amazon and they seem not-so-good even though it's a tempting $40. So I'm looking in the ~$70 range. Leaning towards the orb audio since it has a 3.5mm for convenience sake (and a subwoofer connecter, idk if that's useful for miccas).

u/glenjammin · 5 pointsr/vinyl

Probably a u turn with a phono preamp and a good set of active speakers. If you want passive speakers get this for an amp.

u/WadeMoreau · 5 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

FYI those Pioneers go on sale for $130 a pair new (although haven't been that price for a while). These are probably good and on sale for $130 as well.

These have bluetooth built in but you can add lossless wifi streaming to anything with a $50 Chromecast Audio from eBay.

u/Ash_Bordeaux · 5 pointsr/audioengineering

For listening to music? Something like this should work.

u/polarzombies · 5 pointsr/headphones

Same, I have to stop myself from buying more entry level headphones because it's a lot easier to financially justify buying an entry level pair then a mid - hifi pair.

Although I did just listen to Zeos again when he said that an entry 2.1 speaker setup is just as good / better than a mid to hfii pair of headphones which resulted in me buying the components for a 2.1 setup:

Yamaha R-S202BL Stereo Receiver

Micca MB42X Bookshelf Speakers

Dayton Audio SUB-1000 10-Inch 100 Watt Powered Subwoofer

u/turdfergusonpdx · 5 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

easier to just throw out a few recommendations. the OP can take them or leave them afterall.

on a tight budget it's hard to beat these Micca's.

a step up from there would be Fluance. They're nearly twice as large but also exceptional for the price.

u/FULL_METAL_HOODIE · 5 pointsr/hometheater

What others have said here is correct, you can't power your Micca's with a subwoofer, but that doesn't mean that you can't get everything working for $200.

Amplifier: SMSL SA50 $69

Subwoofer: Dayton Audio SUB-1000 $129

You'll need to run speaker wire from the amp to the high level inputs of the subwoofer, and then wire from the high level outputs on the subwoofer to the Micca's. Inputs on the amplifier are RCA, but you can use a cheap 3.5mm to RCA cable if you want to run the setup off of something such as you phone or laptop that doesn't have RCA outputs.

EDIT: The r/audiophile purchase help thread or r/budgetaudiophile might have some other options for you to consider as well

u/Jr712 · 5 pointsr/hometheater

I personally am more open to sound bars than many people here, I have one on all of my TVs except my main HT system.

That being said, if this is your main HT system I'd see if you can swing this:

Denon AVR-S530BT Refurb Receiver for $150:

Pair of Micca MB42X speakers for $90:

Total = $240

If you absolutely can't go much above $200 then get the Dayton Audio B652-AIR speakers for $67 at the link below or get the above speakers used on Amazon for a little cheaper.

The nice thing about the Micca's is they have a matching center channel (on the same Amazon page) that you could add later on to upgrade your system. And with that receiver you could eventually add a center, a sub, and 2 rear speakers for a full 5.1 surround setup. Even if you don't want anything more than 2.0 anytime soon it's best to give yourself options down the road in case you change your mind.

u/Blais_Of_Glory · 5 pointsr/audio

Do NOT get any internal sound card!!! I can't say this enough. People kept telling me and I didn't listed. I bought 2 of the best sound cards and had to return them due to interference. Get a DAC like the Schiit Modi 2 (Modi 2 Amazon link) or Modi 2 Uber and save yourself the frustration and have much better sound.

For speakers, check out the JBL LSR305 (Amazon link) (Amazon link with cables) or if those are too expensive check out the Micca MB42X. They're both great speakers. I got the JBL LSR305 about 6 months ago and they sound amazing with my Schiit DAC. Check on eBay too. I got a brand new Schiit DAC for about half the regular price and they have used ones even cheaper.

u/atrailer · 5 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

If you aren't turned off by your bad experience with the Ai40s, I am using the Fluance signature series bookshelf speakers with an SMSL AD-18 amp. There is no noticeable hiss. I use it for my turntable, pc and tv all with good results. If you only want to use it for your turntable I have heard good things about the SMSL SA50 as a basic amp.


Fluance Signature Series





u/psycholis · 5 pointsr/hometheater

Here's an HDMI 2.0 with HDCP 2.2 receiver that will work for your needs. I would choose these MB42X with the upgraded crossovers compared to the original MB42s as the upgrade provides a big improvement in sound for only $20 more. This is already over your budget but I'll keep going.

From there you can add the matching center and a subwoofer. All told this comes out to $557. The speaker preference means little to me as everyone has different opinions about speakers but I would not skimp on the subwoofer and the one that I chose is IMO the value leader when it comes to subs.

u/VOldis · 5 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

I dunno if its frowned on here but my #1 suggestion is craigslist. I've bought JBL northridge series, Fluance sx-6, Def Tech and klipsch bookshelves for $50 or less. I've also missed on out on quite a few deals for fantastic speakers $100 or less.

The only real suggestion I have for the price range is

u/Bill_Money · 5 pointsr/hometheater

Sidebar Wisdom:
99.9% of the time Soundbars or HTiB (Home Theater in a Box) systems are not a good investment of your time and money. It is the general consensus of r/hometheater not to recommend these things and instead simply steer a user toward a 2.0 or 2.1 system made of quality, Audio-Centric name brand components easy to assemble and cheap enough for low budget or space conscious buyers. Most can be expanded to 5.1 if you buy items in the correct order.

That being said for $140 you can get a set of these: & a cheap amp from this list:

much better then a soundbar

u/BestintheVerse · 5 pointsr/buildapcsales

How much better are these than the Micca MB42x's? I just bought them for the same price a week ago... Though the Micca's are smaller though for my desktop application.

u/Blueki21 · 5 pointsr/buildapc

I highly recommend that you get a pair of decent bookshelf speakers and a amp. It will blow away any cheap pair of basic computer speakers or expensive Logitech ones.

u/__nullptr_t · 5 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

What your looking for is called a DAC/Amp. I like this SMSL.

A lot of people like the Schiit Fulla 2, but I have the Fulla 1 and can honestly say it's a piece of crap, so I'm not sure I can recommend it. The fulla 2 is much different, it could easily be better.

You really don't need much more than that. I usually spend ~$500 on headphones but I don't see any reason to spend more than $100 on a DAC amp.

There might be something to be said about getting higher end amps with high impedance headphones, but I've never wanted more than my Schiit modi/magna stack, even with high impedance headphones.

u/Hubb1e · 5 pointsr/buildapc

There is simply nothing else that compares to the ELAC B5 or B6 bookshelf speakers designed by legendary speaker designer Andrew Jones. They are the best budget bookshelf speakers on the market by a pretty wide margin. Pair it with an inexpensive 2 channel amp and you've got a killer desktop system

If you want to stay under your $200 budget Andrew Jones used to work for Pioneer too and his designs for budget speakers there will get you under budget including an AMP

u/adayinalife · 5 pointsr/vinyl

At a bit over $500 here is what I would do, all great quality items and allows for sequential upgrades down the line:

MMF 2.2 $299

Sony reciever (with phono) $149

Pioneer Andrew Jones speakers $99

u/ljxela · 4 pointsr/vinyl

I picked these up after I lot of research. I'm pretty happy with them. then I picked up a 10-20 dollar amplifier from craigslist and I was good to go. I also have the lp120

u/wgboyd · 4 pointsr/vinyl

I cannot stress enough how absolutely terrible those speakers are. In my opinion they will ruin all your investment and effort. At the very least get the Micca MB42's instead. If you can go up a little more, the Pioneer SP-BS22-LR are great for the price.

u/mookietaco3000 · 4 pointsr/BillBurr

Surely my friend.

For those wondering what you'll need to get this setup, here's the other items I chose to purchase:

Table: Audio Technia 60 non blue tooth edition

Micca MB42 Bookshelf Speakers With 4-Inch Carbon Fiber Woofer and Silk Dome Tweeter (Black, Pair)

Speaker wire:
AmazonBasics 16-Gauge Speaker Wire - 100 Feet

Seeduck Lepy lp 2020a Class-D Hi-Fi Audio Mini Amplifier with Power Supply Lepy Amplifier LP2020A

It was about $230 all together from amazon.

u/fleshgolem · 4 pointsr/audiophile

This is propably the best you are gonna get. In that pricerange, if you stick to needing a sub, you will not have anything that anyone here would recommend. If you don't care about that your best bet is to just listen to some systems at your local electronics dealer

u/SicilSlovak · 4 pointsr/audiophile

This is the best you're going to get, from r/Zeos, "2.1 System Options/Ideas":

The cheapest possible 2.1 option will put you at $130:

u/colonelpan1c · 4 pointsr/DIY

I've been using a $30 NFC enabled Bluetooth audio receiver in my car for about a year now with the factory head unit. I cut out a spot in my glovebox door to mount it, and installed a 12v outlet in my glovebox and use a $3 monoprice charger. Just tap my phone against the glovebox door and put my factory radio to aux, and it works like a charm. I have been up to 30 feet from the car with it still playing, and never have problems with it. I like it better than any single DIN head unit I've ever had. My only complaint is that in-call audio doesn't come through it.

u/binh291 · 4 pointsr/MotoX
  1. Google Play Music lets you upload up to 20,000 songs to stream to the app. Its free and it can sync your itunes library right from your computer

  2. dont know havent tried, heard it worked

  3. not very much, i hide my bloat apps by using Nova launcher to hide apps i dont use

  4. I would just get a bluetooth speaker or use a bluetooth reciever to turn normal speakers into bluetooth speakers. (this one even has a NFC chip to easily connect to your phone)

    good luck, im also still contemplating if its worth getting
u/JohnAV1989 · 4 pointsr/windowsphone

I have [this!] ( I come home tap my phone on the Bluetooth receiver and wham! Crystal clear audio pumping on my '74 Harmon Kardon receiver. It's a beautiful thing.

u/toph · 4 pointsr/GooglePixel

Buy one of these for your car and don't look back

NFC pairing and autoconnects when car turns on

u/Route66_LANparty · 4 pointsr/buildapcsales

I bought these a few years back. Turned me into a huge Sennheiser fan boy. The comfort and durability alone are notable. Add-in that the sound quality brings you into the realm of audiophile-grade and you have a huge reason to buy whenever they go on sale.

I have the 558 in my laptop bag for gaming on the go, a pair of HD518 for use with the Vive, and the Massdrop HD6xx on my main PC setup.

I've been wanting to grab another set for work, was hoping to grab the 598 and "complete the set." But this is tempting.


I use the following replacement cables with mine:

u/SlamballReunionTour · 4 pointsr/headphones

You don't want to plug a splitter into 2 separate sources, you'll get grounding loop issues - at the very least static hiss you can audibly hear. If it's purely for gaming, look into a simple cheap but proven device like the Syba Sonic dac/amp that can power a 58X just fine.

u/shadyinternets · 4 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

do you like how klipsch horn tweeters sound? i personally cant stand them, as in at any sort of decent volume they hurt my ears. they are just so piercing to me. cant do it.

i would recommend these for a budget system, they are just great all around speakers for the price. i have these and have given them as gifts, and always happy with them.

the amp part of that klipsch deal does look pretty interesting though. and apparently its $500 on its own, making that $379 deal seem all the sweeter. if it had a dac i liked better (ess sabre too piercing for me, like horn tweeters, apparently my ears hate higher frequencies?) id prob buy that package just for the amp as it has some nice features.

if youre familiar with klipsch horn tweeters and like them id say that looks like a pretty good deal. the amp part alone is prob worth that $500 really.

u/Kanjiex · 4 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

Syba Sonic SD-DAC63057 24bit 96KHz USB 2.0 as recommended by Zeos. Has all the output you'd need at an affordable price. And I'm not sure if it's a fact or not but Syba Sonic is referred to as the OEM for Micca Origen.

Have it on my desk right now. Cannot ask more for a $38 budget DAC/Amp.

u/jackdriper · 4 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

You can totally get both high quality TV and music audio over wireless for a reasonable price. Check out the Chromecast Audio or Apple Airport Express. Both will stream audio over wifi to any speaker setup you go with.

I only have experience with Apple's Airplay, but if you have a couple Apple devices, it's super simple to use and works really well. You can pick up and Airport Express for ~$20 used.

For example, a pair of Micca MB42x (I'd recommend the PB42x instead, but they seem to be out of stock), an SMSL SA-50 amp, and an airport/chromecast would be about the same as the lowest-end sonos setup, and sound a lot better. For your TV, you can use a receiver instead of the amp to switch between the Airport/Chromecast input and the TV input.

If your budget is bigger than that, then swap in a better pair of speakers. Your speakers determine 90% of the quality of your system, so spend the most on them, not expensive wireless solutions.

(this is very similar to how my house is set up, so let me know if you have any questions)

u/jamalstevens · 4 pointsr/vinyl

No worries! Nice setup though! If you ever think of it a nice set of powered bookshelf speakers like these:

Would definitely improve your listening experience!

u/create-a-useraccount · 4 pointsr/buildapcsales This is the powered version of the really popular MB42Xs.

Or go with the Klipsch 2.1 for $100 if you like heavy bass.

u/ilikemetalandcomics · 4 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers - 2.0 Active Near Field Monitors - Studio Monitor Speaker - Wooden Enclosure - 42 Watts RMS

I've heard great things about these though I have no personal experience. Could always add a chromecast audio dongle if bluetooth ends up being a need.

u/thewaxbandit · 4 pointsr/vinyl

Two in one night!?! Fuck me.....

LP60's are bottom of the line but sounds like you already know that and are going to move forward with it anyways.

I would give you shit about not posting ANY details about what you are looking for other than "speakers" but i'm too tired for that.

Just buy these and be done with it:

They are powered, cheap, and a decent enough match for a cheap turntable. Don't use cheap computer speakers like so many other people do when they buy an LP60.

u/article13bad123 · 4 pointsr/Megadeth

whatever you do, get rid of that player! NOW! I have the exact same one, and I have a bunch, i mean a bunch of old vintage records my cousin gave me, and some of my pre existing records were scratched cause of that thing. The tracking force recommended is 1-3-3.5 grams, that victrola is a 4-6.5 at the least, get rid of it, return it and buy am audio technica LP 60 and a pair of edifier speakers, this is the speaker (click here > speakers) and this is the turn table (click here >turntable ) have fun though

u/mlmcw · 4 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

Here you go, man. This is a great setup, everything you need pretty simply, for about $350 total.

Fluance RT81 Elite High Fidelity Vinyl Turntable

Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers - 2.0 Active Near Field Monitors - Studio Monitor Speaker - Wooden Enclosure - 42 Watts RMS

u/Nixxuz · 4 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

At $125CD you are really limited to PC branded solutions. You should probably check over in r/PCSound as well. These are probably your best bet;
Also, whereas there are some speakers that matter a tiny bit more or less depending on the type of music you listen to, good speakers are good speakers no matter what.

u/MGStan · 4 pointsr/diyaudio

I really like my SMSL amp for my OS MTs hooked up to my desktop.

It's Class-D so very efficient and small. Pretty good price and comes with a decent external power supply. But for the $65 price you won't be getting any extra features on that model. Just RCA in and binding posts out, which is perfect for my setup.

u/applevinegar · 4 pointsr/audiophile

They're terrible and that guy is an incompetent profiteer who earns money with amazon affiliate links. I can't tell you how many people come here with issues caused by his plain wrong guides, or unsatisfied with their purchase he recommended.

Low end Klipsch speakers sound like a megaphone as soon as you turn up the volume a little.

Our entry level recommendations are in the sticky. For the same price you can get a pair of Micca PB42Xs that are much better.

u/CHess217 · 4 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

No problem! If you're a bit new to the audiophile world this would do just fine: No need for an amp, just power, speaker wire and plugging into the aux. The issue is that if you look to upgrade or expand in the future... you're very limited.

u/Artbrutist · 4 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

That amplifier is for cars. You want something like this. edit:formatting

u/compubomb · 4 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

> SX6

@ZeosPantera, took your advice and bought instead of the audio engine a2's I bought the along with the Sx6 speakrs. I also have a modded odac (jdslabs / mayflower o2 amp) which jdslabs re-integrated for me, and the audio is phanominal.

u/nrfx · 4 pointsr/audio

BIC America F12 for $183.45 I paid about $250 for it about 6 months ago.

There is a pretty good chance I have the same receiver as you.

This sub shakes my entire 1800sqft house. It gets uncomfortably loud with plenty of power to spare.

FYI, if your receiver is anything like mine, you will have to set the front channel speaker type to "small" in order to get output to the sub in a 2.1 configuration, or you will have to set the output mode to 5/7 channel stereo.

u/800oz_gorilla · 4 pointsr/OutOfTheLoop

Fellow lepai owner here. I bought one with some Dayton Audio B652s to improve the sound out of a TV setup.
It's not bad for about $60, if you buy when the Dayton's are on sale.

The Lepai amp I bought does make a loud pop when we turn the TV on, and I'm not sure which device is at fault.

I've found the sound of the Dayton's to be on par with the Bose Soundlink Mini I have, though the Dayton's can get a bit louder without the bass bottoming out.

u/hikingmutherfucker · 4 pointsr/vinyl

Ok more money on speakers than source components is usually a general rule.

I just found this and freaked out then posted in another thread on amp versus preamp + amp versus receivers.

Unless you want surround sound or a radio tuner just get a good integrated amp used or otherwise. At your price point?

Cambridge Audio Topaz AM10 Premium Integrated Amplifier with Phono Stage for just $349 fuck that is a good deal.

Orbit, Carbon or RP1???

The Pro-Ject deck is great. The Pro-Ject Debut iii last year's model is on sale at MusicDirect for exactly $299 as well. I have this turntable and find it to be excellent and balanced and built solid like a brick wall.
But I wonder with the finicky little anti-skate weight and the changing speed by removing the platter and moving the belt if always suggesting the entry level audiophile choice is the right recommendation to be making to new folks.

I think the MusicHall USB-1 and/or the Audio Technica ATLP120 are totally underrated in these parts, easier to setup and have built in phono preamps as well not that you need that with the Cambridge amp.


Those are both around $250. What you get is changing the speed with a button without having to move a belt around and easy to use pitch + anti skating controls, removable headshell for changing out cartridges easily and finally yes a cueing lever. They are not built quite as solid as the U-Turn or the famous Debut decks. But they are not cheapo and feel substantial if you ever spent time with them.

So that is $599 so far plenty of good money to buy a pair of decent speakers.

You can come in under budget and get a Stereophile magazine recommended pair of Klipsch Synergy B-20 bookshelf speakers for $179 on newegg here:

That is a good deal.

Or you can max out your budget and go for my favorite small speakers the Paradigm Atom Monitors:

$199 each.

Or finally finally a pair of Wharfedale Diamond 10.1 speakers at $349 a pair which I have recommended before and tend to get high praise:

That is my view on building a total under 1k system capable of playing lps.

You got options man but the Cambridge Audio Integrated amp is golden.

u/SL-1200 · 4 pointsr/vinyl

You cant get anything new for that price. Closest you can do is get one of these and pay the ~$50 shipping from Amazon to AU

u/mawnck · 4 pointsr/vinyl

Not enough of an upgrade to matter IMHO.

Your best move is to buy a quality used rig. See sidebar links for details.

If you insist on buying new, you're not going to get much bang for your buck. This is the minimum I'd consider:

u/vincientjames · 4 pointsr/vinyl

I would recommend the ATLP120 + AT440MLA. Had this setup for the last month or so and couldn't be happier. One thing to keep in mind is that the built in amp for cheaper record players like these are terrible. I'm fortunate enough to have inherited my fathers Onkyo reciever with a good phono amp from the late 80's. Honestly it takes a fair amount of money to get a decent setup that truely brings out the quality of analog audio.

u/super-rad · 4 pointsr/CFBOffTopic

I have an Audio Technica LP60, which I WOULD NOT recommend. It's okay but is missing a lot of features that makes it a questionable choice in the long run. I plan on replacing it soon.

There are 2 turntables that I would recommend:

Audio Technica LP120 - this is the beefed up version of my turntable. All the features my turntable is missing are included here. My friend just got one of these and I am very impressed with it.

U-Turn Orbit - This is another great, affordable choice. Bonus points for being built in the USA. I would recommend the option for the built-in preamp. If you can afford it, the upgraded Orbit Plus model has some really nice components that should lead to better sound. However, if you are just starting out you probably don't need it and you can always upgrade those things on your own later.

There are a few other nice entry-level turntables on the market such as the Fluance and the TEAC but I haven't read up on them enough to make a recommendation.

Avoid stuff like Crosley at all costs. They are basically toys and can damage your records.

u/Drother · 4 pointsr/mildlyinteresting

This was my first table and it's wayyy better for your records than that crosley and only 94 bucks:

u/Nicholas__M · 4 pointsr/vinyl

Ok I’ll be the one to say it. This tonearm is common in cheap record players. This issue is it’s cheaply built so you won’t get great sound quality. Also the needle has no counter weight so it puts more force on the record, it can damage your records but only after tons of plays so don’t be worried. I would suggest upgrading to the atplp60 Audio-Technica AT-LP60 Fully Automatic Belt-Drive Stereo Turntable, Silver You will need a pair of Active speakers to use this however.

u/k8haldrup · 4 pointsr/vinyl

That is a very thoughtful idea for your son! I've been collecting vinyl since I was that age and thank my dad for my interest at a young age.

Unfortunately a lot of inexpensive turntables are poorly made and not only do damage to records but sound quite poorly. If you are unsure of his interest in vinyl and think it might not be worth it in the long run to pay for a more expensive one, then it will most likely be fine. Upgrading is fun and will teach him more about the hobby.

If you think that his interest in vinyl will grow it might be worth it to spend a bit more money for a better sounding record player. If you are trying to buy new, maybe take a look at this one: This is a pretty good sounding record player for under $100, although since there is no counter weight, you do not know how much force is being applied to the record. Having the option to adjust the tracking force will produce the best sound from your records and keep them in the best condition possible.

My advice would be to consider his interest level in vinyl before you make any big (over $100) purchases, but IMO buying an older used record player would be a better bet. You could scour some local thrift shops/ Goodwills for a couple months and one is likely to turn up there. You could also check eBay/Craigslist/etc.

As for the speakers, if you go with the Jensen, it has 2 speakers built in but also has the option for external speakers without needing an additional preamp. So those should work fine with it. The AT LP-60 has the option of using either an external preamp to play your speakers or using the built-in phono preamp on the turntable.

If you end up getting a used turntable you will likely need to buy an external preamp. Check out the sidebar for more info, hope this helps!

u/Mikeadatrix · 4 pointsr/gorillaz

Hey, welcome to the wonderful world of records! Just a note, this is an expensive hobby. So, onto the turntables, for starters, NEVER, EVER, buy a Crosley. As 'cute' as they are they will eat your records and force you to buy more. For a high-quality cheap player, I recommend the Audio-Technica AT-LP60.
For really high quality with a higher price point, I recommend the Audio-Technica AT-LP120.
Personally, I feel you should go for the latter, it's gonna cost you more, but it'll REALLY treat you in the long run.
Any more questions you have, feel free to ask!

u/Arve · 4 pointsr/audiophile

> Personally, I would like to see more aggressive moderation of the purchase advice thread to weed out users who clearly (i) have no interest in good sound quality, (ii) haven't read the thread's introductory comments or posting advice, and/or (iii) haven't done any preliminary research on Google, Amazon, Wikipedia, review websites, etc.

We can't police (i) for good reason. ToIP (Telepathy over IP) doesn't exist. I can't read the mind or intent of someone posting. Most of the time when people seemingly ask for the wrong thing, it's because of a lack of knowledge that leaves them completely stranded, even with a ton of web sites on their hands.

> Amazon [ … ] review websites

This thing here has an average rating of 4.3 stars, and so does this. A buyer without the required knowledge would think that these are equal in quality, just that the wooden thing costs more (especially after they've had to buy an amplifier as well). Both you and I know that one of these sucks way less than the other.

Yes, ideally, people should do their own research, but reviews and user reviews are a minefield laced with shit, and in that regard, we're probably much better suited to help. So, when someone asks for a $100 bluetooth speaker for home use, or wondering if they should buy the Z313, we can quickly tell them why they should avoid it.

(The best thing we could do here, is probably do a write up of what we will and won't recommend, and link it at the top of the purchase help thread)

u/ldeas_man · 4 pointsr/audio

well to start, those are crap speakers either way. two 3.5" woofers means they will have zero bass, which completely defeats the purpose of tower speakers

second, you screwed up by not doing proper research. most speakers (aka passive speakers) have wire terminals where you connect them to an amplifier

you can buy a cheap amp on Amazon for $20 which will work. but my honest recommendation is to sell those speakers for whatever you can get and getting these Dayton bookshelf speakers and this Lepai amp. it'll sound better than those 'towers' and take up less room. yes, it'll cost a bit more (depending on what you can sell the Monster towers for), but if you plan on listening to anything bass heavy, you'll appreciate the better quality speakers (note: yes I know the B652s don't measure anywhere near flat, but for a layman, they're a good first step)

u/JaisBit · 4 pointsr/vinyl

> Harmon Kardon AVR1510S

That model does not have a built-in Phono preamp. You need something like this:

u/mitchard · 4 pointsr/vinyl

In my opinion, you should skip getting a cheaper USB table and go for something a little nicer. You'll have to throw more money at it initially, but it's worth the investment.

For something cheap, go to Craigslist. Find a Technics or Sony for cheap and replace the needle/cartridge on You'll be happier with that. Trust me, I was in your position a few years back and made the mistake. The Ortofon Omega is a solid choice for a lower-end cartridge. Sould be able to get one in the $30 range, which is very inexpensive when it comes to phono cartridges.

If you want to go new, look into the Pro-ject Debut Carbon. always has discount codes around to help lower the price. I'll be upgrading to one shortly.

If you don't have space for speakers and a receiver, you can pick up cheaper phono headphone preamps all over the internet. I don't have experience with this one in particular, but it seems to be decent on a budget based on the reviews.

u/Buck_j · 4 pointsr/vinyl

Yes, you will need a phono preamp with an Orbit Plus and your receiver. I recommend this one. It is very highly regarded in audiophile forums in its price range. I would not recommend going any cheaper.

That receiver and those speakers are perfectly adequate to get you started, both are considered good entry-level options. Pairing a subwoofer with those speakers will provide a marked increase in sound quality on the low-end. I would recommend doing so. I recommend this sub, as it is a fantastic value and will serve you very well.

Here is some information about hooking up a subwoofer to a stereo receiver that does not have a dedicated subwoofer output. Hint: just use speaker wire in the "B" terminals.

Looks like you have yourself a decent starter setup which should serve you well. Have fun.

EDIT: get your speakers off the damn floor. Either get some stands or a platform to isolate your turntable from vibrations caused by the speakers if you want to put them on top of your shelf (platform probably isn't terribly necessary with bookshelf speakers unless you play your music very loudly).

u/MaximumEffortt · 4 pointsr/hometheater

If it were me and you really want to upgrade your sound now, but also want to have the ability for a full 5.1 sound later I'd check out craigslist. You can probably find an older 5.1 receiver for under $70. A quick look in my area brought up a few. A few months ago I sold a 12 year old Pioneer that still was great, but I wanted the ability to get music via my network/internet. I sold it for $60. Then I would look for 2 decent book shelf speakers that you would use for fronts now and later use them for rears. These are as low as they go according to camelizer Then I'd get a sub
That would get you started and would kick the shit out of any 2.1 soundbar. So you'd be looking at $140 for the 2 speakers and sub and then w/e you could find on craigslist for an a/v receiver. If you can stretch your budget to about $300 you could grab this which is certified refurbished
None of this is going to be wireless. IF you can stretch out to $400 you could get this receiver which I really like for the price:

Keep in mind you'll have to buy some speaker wire and a crimping/cutting tool. But yeah about $400 will get you a decent setup like Mtown said.
The best way to go about buying home theater equipment is to buy stuff that you'll use later. So if you have a soundbar now, I'd just use it and save up until you have enough for a decent refurbed 5.1 av receiver ~$250 and some bookshelf speakers ~50-100.

If you absolutely need a 2.1 soundbar. I bought a refurbed lg sh4 2.1 for about $130 on amazon. I believe they are more now. It's enough for a small room. I use it for my office and it's decent.

You can probably get better advice about starting up a ht system by searching r/hometheater.

u/heytherecutiemcbooty · 4 pointsr/audiophile

I'm a noobie. The only speaker system I've had before is a [Logitech z623 Computer speakers] ( which was satisfactory until the subwoofer started rattling at high volumes and one of the speakers stopped working. I want to get a full set-up so I've been learning everything I can. I want a good set up for house parties, generally playing rap and electronic music. My budget is $250-500.
Willing to buy used, just always paranoid I'll buy something in bad shape.

These are the parts that I am currently contemplating buying:

Speakers -- I can't decide between tower or bookshelf. I have read that bookshelf speakers can be a better bang for your buck, so I would love some suggestions. Speakers are suppose to be the most important part of the set up so I've tried to pick out decent options, but very willing to go cheap if there are any good deals.

Bookshelf option:

u/Uninterested_Viewer · 4 pointsr/hometheater

Case in point:

Look at the star rating on that. I bought one back in 2012 based on the reviews and it was utterly terrible. It got loud enough (mostly chuffing/port noise) and nothing else- just the sloppiest, distorted, worst sounding bass I've ever heard.. to this day it blows my mind that it has such a good rating on Amazon. Serves as a perfect warning about why Amazon reviews are worthless for audio products.

u/pspence75 · 4 pointsr/brandnew

I hear ya for sure. If you decide it's something you want to get into later down the road, this Audio Technica 120 is a pretty good entry level TT that is fairly affordable

u/nomnommish · 4 pointsr/audio

Pioneer BS22

See if you can get a cheap enough but sturdy used stand and stand-mount it. And if you can place it 1-2 feet away from the back wall. It will make a big difference.

u/n8great321 · 4 pointsr/vinyl

Something like this amp and these speakers would probably work well.

Having a separate amp/speakers gives you more flexibility down the road with upgrades. Once you start going up the price chain with speakers, powered ones aren't really offered anymore.

u/Caswell64 · 4 pointsr/vinyl

If you have surround sound on your mind for the future, I would recommend getting passive (unpowered) speakers paired with a surround receiver. You can add the additional speakers and subwoofer as your budget allows.

For speakers I would suggest the Andrew Jones Pioneers, since Pioneer offers all the matching speakers for surround when you want to buy them.

For the receiver, I would go with this Denon since it has a phono preamp for your turntable in case it lacks one. You could go cheaper if your table has a phono preamp already.

u/rsilverblood · 4 pointsr/ZReviews

BIC America F-12 Subwoofer - ~225$ -

Enigma Paradox (modded Fostex T50RP by LFF) - ~500$ -

(very flat, according to measurements... might be worth checking out)

Fostex TH500RP - ~330$ -

(Yep. 330$ for open, Fostex, planar magnetic headphones.)

Mayflower Electronics ODAC+Objective2 (w/ RCA jacks) - ~330$ -

Mayflower Electronics T50RP Version 1 Headphone - ~250$ -

(add the headband and version 3 pads)

Samson SR850 - ~50$ -

Samson SR950 - ~30$ -

Shure SRH840 - ~200$ -

Shure SRH940 - ~230$ -

Shure SRH1440 - ~260$ -


Thought these would be a good starting point on some new stuff.

Also, maybe consider using Equalizer APO to get the JBL LSR305's to match No Audiophile's settings, and maybe give us your review of those settings.

EDIT: Added prices to make it easier.

u/_mutelight_ · 4 pointsr/hometheater

You're not going to find low frequency response in a sub (no pun intended) $200 subwoofer. Low frequency response is the most expensive/challenging part of making a quality subwoofer.

Best bet is to find a 2nd hand SVS, HSU, or Rythmik subwoofer but there is this which is a decent balance.

u/CJRhoades · 4 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

Here's how I'd spend $3000:

AVR - Denon AVR-S910W $350
Subs - 2x SVS PB1000s $950
Mains - KEF Q100B $450
Center - [KEF Q200CB]( - Channel-Loudspeaker/dp/B00CE3LGZY) $500
Surround/Rear - 2 Pairs Micca MB42X $180
Total: ~$2500. Enough left over for stands, cables, banana plugs if you want them, etc. That AVR supports Atmos and DTS X so you can substitute the rear surrounds for some ceiling speakers if you'd like.

u/MMfuryroad · 4 pointsr/hometheater

For $1500 all inclusive I'd personally ditch the Atmos up firing speakers for now and concentrate on the main soundstage and your subwoofer. Especially with wanting a quality setup. I'd go with Ascend Acoustics CBM- 170SE's as mains, a CMT-340SE as a center for $618 shipped. Then I'd go with a HSU VTF-1 MK3 for $451 shipped. That's $1069 for mains and a sub leaving you $431 left to budget an AV receiver and a pair of inexpensive side surrounds. If needed for the CBM-170SE's (as their not towers) these HiVi stands for $99 plus shipping are a quality speaker stand at a reasonable price per pair. Any inexpensive bookshelf can double as side surrounds like the Micca MB42X's for $89 shipped. For the receiver you can get a factory refurbished 2015 Denon X1200 7.2 channel receiver with a one year factory warranty for $320

u/iBuildSpeakers · 4 pointsr/diysound

Excellent input- I completely agree with JohnBooty's assessment of the OS sound. Definitely not for home studio usage.

As far as amp - unless you're pushing them super hard, (since you're in nearfield) you can go with a SMSL amp. Good price, decent build quality, and it should hopefully free up more budget to spend on speakers.

u/zim2411 · 4 pointsr/audiophile
u/mcgillicutty1020 · 4 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

Are you just looking for small speakers? Because these can be considered satellites by definition. I think people mistake compact speakers as satellites. Micca MB42X

u/mellovibes75 · 4 pointsr/battlestations

Not OP but I can help you out here. Let's break this down by component:

  1. Speakers - There are two types: active and passive. Active = amplifier built into each speaker (i.e. most dedicated "computer" speakers from the likes of Logitech, Creative, etc.). Passive = 90% of speakers out there, must be connected to an amplifier to work. Typically passive speakers will get you a better speaker for a given price for an active but you have to figure in the cost of an amplifier. For a passive speaker set up, the cheapest system recommended over at /r/audiophile is a SMSL SA-60 amp and Micca MB42X Bookshelf Speakers. If your budget is higher, ask in the daily purchase advice sticky there (read the rules/suggestions thoroughly). I don't mess around with active speakers so I can't recommend any.

  2. Microphone - For simplicity's sake, I will recommend you look into USB connecting condenser microphones as they are affordable and have good sensitivity. Something like the Audio-Technica AT-2020 or Blue Yeti are popular mics for under $100. I have the Yeti and can attest that it is a very good and sensitive multi pattern mic. They can be hooked directly up to your PC or if you want to get really fancy, check out an audio interface like the Focusrite Scarlett Solo or Scarlett 2i2. The nice thing about an interface is it allows you get a nice mic with an XLR connector (generally better than a USB connection) and it will work with your PC.

  3. Headphones - Don't waste your money on "gaming" headphones. A nice 2 channel pair of cans with a standalone mic like I listed above will hands down outperform the likes of Turtle Beach and Razr headsets. /r/headphones has a really good wiki with more info than I can provide here and headphones broken down by price range and characteristics. Plus, then you can use them both for gaming and general music listening and have a good experience, something you don't get with dedicated "gaming" headsets. The amp I listed in the speakers section is fine for headphones but Schiit makes absolutely fantastic headphone amps and DAC (digital to analog converters, check out both /r/audiophile and /r/headphones for more info on them and why they are good for your set up) with very respectable price tags.

    Hope this helps. Higher quality audio equipment can be confusing and daunting, what with all the technical details, wide price ranges, parsing through all the marketing bullshit and the sometimes snobby attitudes of some "audiophiles". I wish you luck and feel free to ask me if you have any questions.
u/StuckInBronze · 4 pointsr/buildapc

I agree, get a pair of the Fluance SX6 with an amp like the SMSL SA50 or the Lepy if you don't want to go over budget. This combination will blow anything else for 200 dollars out the water. You could add a subwoofer somewhere down the line as well.

u/wdouglass · 3 pointsr/hometheater

These are speaker posts, for passive speakers. To connect a line-level signal (what's inside your RCA cable) to speakers with this kind of connection, you'll need an amplifier.

the SMSL amplifiers (like this one: are a popular inexpensive choice

u/snootsatwork · 3 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

Do yourself a favor and skip the Lepai. The SA-50 is a bit better.

u/oddsnsodds · 3 pointsr/audiophile

Those are passive speakers requiring separate amplification, which the Mac doesn't provide.

You could use something like the SMSL SA-50. (I need to make a macro for that sentence.):

A cable like this from the Mac to the amp:

Speaker wire from the amp to the speakers:

u/TFS_Jake · 3 pointsr/hometheater

I am running the Fluance speakers you are asking about, and a Lepai 2020+ amp. The amp is obviously the limiting factor in my current setup. I would have to give the nod to a 50watt or more per channel amp if I wanted to fill a bigger room. Zeos likes this one, and I plan on getting it when some money comes in.

Both speakers are around 90db, but i'd also have to side with those saying the Yamaha's are your better bet.

Tower speakers are a good option but you can get a lot of sound out of bookshelves.

u/HowManyCaptains · 3 pointsr/battlestations

Thanks! I spend most days here, so I strive to make it a place I enjoy.

Desk is from World Market. It looks like they have a 40% off deal going on right now!

Ultrawide is the Dell Alienware AW3418DW.

Top monitor is a dell 4k 27" I bought a few years ago. Great color reproduction.

Monitor stand || Micca MB42X speakers || Keyboard || Mouse || Lucky cat ;)

u/mysistersacretin · 3 pointsr/hometheater

For the price of that amp you could get a decent 5.1 receiver on accessories4less, which may be a better option if OP has the space.

Edit: Do something like this OP.

5.1 Receiver- $139.99

Speakers- $79.95

You said you wanted to stay under $300 if possible, so here's a decent budget oriented setup with room to upgrade as you save more money. You can get a sub later, and if you decide you want a nicer 5.1 setup, just move these speakers to be your rears and spend more money on a good set of LCR speakers.

u/TyGamer125 · 3 pointsr/hometheater

We don't recommend sound bars because they are bad by design. I'd suggest getting 3.0 with a receiver. Here are the settings on the receiver you'll want to adjust: dynamic compression (makes everything closer to the same volume meaning loud explosions won't be as loud and quiet whispers won't be quiet), vocal booster, and if needed boost the center channel volume. Here's a good setup for cheap that should provide really clear dialog:

  • Denon s530bt or Denon s540bt for $150

  • Micca MB42X $80

  • Micca MB42X-C $70

  • 3x Speaker cable with banana plugs $31 (depending on placement you might need longer or shorter cables)

    Edit: Then setup is match red on back of speaker to red on back of receiver, HDMI from tv to receiver then go through the quick setup. And if you want to keep it lower profile you could flip the speakers on their side but probably better to just buy some cheap wall mounts and mount them beside the tv since you're supposed to put them equal distance apart as they are from the listening position. Probably have it set up in 30-60 minutes.

    Edit 2: encase you were wondering why sound bars are bad
u/_Dozier_ · 3 pointsr/hometheater

Denon S640H - $200

Normally I would suggest a bigger sub, but in an apartment.

Infinity R12 - $200

$600 left, I would focus on those front 3.

Ascend CBM-170 x3 = $510 w/shipping

$90 left for taxes and shipping or add your surrounds Micca MB42X - $80

If you wanted a bigger sub HSU VTF1 - $400

Infinity Reference 152 - $140

Infinity Reference RC252 - $180

u/bcarton · 3 pointsr/buildapc

Check out /r/budgetaudiophile and /r/diyaudio.

I'm thinking about building a pair of Overnight Sensations. The kit is costs about $140.

My only hesitation is I don't have a decent soldering iron. By the time I buy that, and the finish for the cabinets, I know I'm going to be up to about $190. For that price, I could get a pair of Micca MB42X speakers and a 8" powered sub.

Either set requires an amp, which will be another $60-80.

So for now, I put up with my old Bose Companions, which really sound pretty thin.

u/theuautumnwind · 3 pointsr/hometheater

Id run mb42x if you want small speakers that sound pretty good. Then you can get a real sub.

Micca MB42X Bookshelf Speakers With 4-Inch Carbon Fiber Woofer and Silk Dome Tweeter (Black, Pair)

Micca MB42X-C Center Channel Speaker With Dual 4-Inch Carbon Fiber Woofer and Silk Dome Tweeter (Black, Each)

u/Siegfried262 · 3 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

Is a subwoofer completely necessary?

You could get a pair of Micca MB42Xs and a Lepai amp to power them. Great sound, decent bass considering the size, and volume/treble/bass adjustment right at your fingertips.

Plus it gives you range to upgrade down the line if you want. I guarantee this would sound leagues better than the Insignias you linked. I don't know about those specifically but a lot of computer speakers which say they have subwoofers often just have a seperate speaker that just plays the lower tones.

u/Deranged40 · 3 pointsr/pcmasterrace*Version*=1&*entries*=0

And this:

This setup is recommended by /r/audiophile as the best speakers on a really tight budget. Here's a good review of the speakers and if you're interested, instructions on how to set up a system-wide eq that balances them even more.

u/Think_Positively · 3 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

Outside of going used and assuming you're going to order today, these Miccas are consistently recommended on this sub. Your budget would also have room to add the center now, and doing so while configuring everything properly is the best bet to achieve dialogue clarity. These guys are listed as 75 watts and your amp is 100 in stereo, so that could be bad if you're cranking them up.

These Polk RTi A1s will max your budget at their sale price, but they're larger and would be a better fit for your amp. You have some finish options with them as well. If you're OK with refurbished, A4L has the same model for $130.

Lastly, these BA bookshelfs come in just under your max. It's new old stock because the company is no longer producing speakers, but they're from a respected (while in business) company and have better specs than the speakers above.

u/MrGCar · 3 pointsr/malelivingspace

That's totally fine. They're Micca MB42-x's

I definitely recommend the speakers, but not the amp. (it gets pretty fuzzy at mildly loud volume)

u/PURPL3H3YS · 3 pointsr/hometheater

If you are in the market for a projection setup for your home theater, you should not be skimping on audio as much as you are. Don't bother with either of those systems you linked. They are bottom of the barrel systems with no way to upgrade in the future.

Your budget should really be more than $200-$300 for audio when you are putting together a projection home theater (or any home theater for that matter). You may want a decent receiver for about $200. And some of the cheapest speakers we would recommend would run you about $80 a pair. Maybe these or these for speakers. Add the matching center channel for either and you would be set. I would factor in another $100-$200 for a subwoofer if you want something decent.

If you can't increase you budget enough for all of that, we normally suggest to start off with a 2.0 system (2 speakers and the receiver) then expand as you get more funds.

Your friend sounds like he is just describing surround sound, there is no such thing as "3D" sound, just video.

Hopefully this helps!

u/laydros · 3 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

Samson makes some desktop monitors that feature bluetooth input. I haven't really seen any reviews for them yet. The MediaOne

Take a look at reviews for those and get at least the 4" ones. I can't expect the 3" ones would have much bass response.

Everything else listed lacks bluetooth, but you could add a standalone bluetooth reciever to any of them.

The M-Audio AV-40s get good reviews, and the Wirecutter calls them the best computer speakers.

Those are active monitors. They will be good for near field, and the amp inside them is designed with the speakers.

If you go passive plus amp you can upgrade components down the road. Maybe get the Micca MB42X and a Topping TP20, or find a good reciever (70s Kenwood, Pioneer, Marantz, Teac, Technics, etc. are great) for super cheap (0-$20) at a yard sale or thrift store or craigslist and get the Panasonic SP-BS22

u/appothecary · 3 pointsr/hometheater

For 300 you might be better off buying LCR and a receiver then adding a sub and surrounds later.

You can probably do something like this:

u/concentus7 · 3 pointsr/hometheater

If you want home theater gear that's actually worth investing in, then yes, it's a pipe dream. If we were talking BARE minimum in terms of quality and price for 5.1, you'd be looking at about $520 at the very least.

u/excel958 · 3 pointsr/buildapc

Apparently reddit audophiles argue that these speakers are among the best for its price point:

If you can spring for the MB42X for an extra 20 bucks, get those. If budget is an issue, the MG42s are good too.

You will need a small AMP though. They tend to run about 15-30 dollars.

u/meatcarnival · 3 pointsr/hometheater

Not really looking for a sound bar.

Looking at these for speakers: Micca MB42X Bookshelf Speakers with 4-Inch Carbon Fiber Woofer and Silk Dome Tweeter, Black

Just wondering if I can use something like a smsl amp to connect them to the TV... Would look much nicer IMO and I believe I can still use the tv remote to control volume out put

u/neat_username · 3 pointsr/hometheater

Speaking in broad terms, if a company is more well known for making TVs and the like, stay away from their audio products.

A Denon, Yamaha, or Marantz would be a better buy. Onkyo can still be a toss up, I don't know if they've rebounded from faulty HDMI board issues. Also don't be afraid to check out and snag a refurb unit. That, or check out open box units at a big box store for a steep discount.

Unless you've got an itchy trigger finger, you can camp out on Craigslist (assuming you're in the US) and grab some superb deals, too.

As far as speakers go, check out frequency response for a rough idea of how low and high they'll play (these numbers can and are often fudged, the only way to tell if you like a pair is to sit and listen to them - preferably in your own listening space - before buying, often times a storefront will have to do. Miccas are popular if you're just starting out, I've never heard them but a lot of beginners are perfectly content.

Your budget is kinda light, so you may have to skip the sub for now and add it later when you get some more money.

u/TSleezy · 3 pointsr/buildapc

I've been using a pair of Micca MB42X for about a year now and love them. Paired them with a Monoprice subwoofer recently and love the results.

Micca MB42X:

Monoprice Sub:

If you don't have an amp/reciever and just want two speakers to slap on your desk and be done with it, they make a self powered model as well. It will accept the AUX signal straight out of your PC so all you'd need is a 3.5mm cable and you're good to go!

Micca PB42X:

u/JustGump77 · 3 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

$80 isn't going to get you anything that will blow you away, but will get you something that's a good starting point and will sound better than the built-in speakers in any monitor.

Check out Steve Guttenberg's review of the Lepai LP2020TI and Dayton B652-Air. He raved about it as an awesome $88 beginner audiophile's delight. Actually cheaper than that right now, since you can get the 2020TI for $19.99 and the B652-Airs for $44.99 on Parts-Express right now. Even if you pay shipping, that should come out to under $80.

Or, if you can stretch your budget just a bit, you can get the Micca MB42x's for $79.95 from Amazon, then throw in that $20 2020TI for the amp.

Otherwise, look around for second-hand (thrift stores, Craigslist, LetGo, etc.) and find something within your budget. Probably best to stay away from all the typical "PC" speakers like the logitech sets that come with very cheap, cost-cutting speakers and sub.

u/JasonJ22 · 3 pointsr/vinyl

I'm looking to purchase my first setup. This is what I've come up with based on recommendations mainly from this subreddit:

TT: U-Turn Orbit basic
Preamp: Art DJpreII
Amp: SMSL SA60
Speakers: Micca MB42X

Does anyone have any advice on additions/subtractions to this setup? My concern is that I'm unable to listen to these components in person and I've only experienced vintage equipment. I really enjoy that 'warm' sound from what I've listened to previously. Will that be lost with all modern equipment?

Thanks in advance!

My listening taste is wide ranging, heavy on classic rock/jambands:
Steve Miller Band - Pink Floyd - Phish - Grateful Dead - Gorillaz - Radiohead

u/bobdobbsisdead · 3 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

The classic budgetaudiophile answer is the Micca MB42xs. However you might be able to make your own for better from Parts Express.

u/MrBrightside1009 · 3 pointsr/hometheater

This is a solid system and should be pretty future-proofed with that receiver in the case that you want to upgrade the channels.

If you're will to put in a little work, I think you can build a better sounding set for that price.

Two pairs of the Micca 42MBX for the fronts and surrounds:
-- These speakers earned high praise and recommendation in the audiophile community (particularly AVSForums) for their fantastic sound quality, which got me to purchase them for my own system. Love them dearly!

The matching center channel:

That together is about $300.

You can then use the giftcard for a subwoofer:

A solid receiver:

Plus all your cables and banana plugs from Monoprice. You might even have some money left over to get an extra pair of the Micca speakers to make it a 7.1.

u/Beer_Is_So_Awesome · 3 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile


A friend of mine recently bought the Dayton B652-AIR, which sound phenomenal for the price. They're on sale right now for $50 from Parts Express. I haven't heard the basic B652, but the reviews seem to indicate that the AIR models are worth the extra money. They have a better crossover (internal circuitry) and an upgraded tweeter that's supposed to provide smoother treble and more clarity.

Second, you're going to need an amplifier to drive those speakers. Your previous system had a built-in amp. I recommend this little guy which is a barebones amplifier that produces nice clean sound and has a very small footprint and a reasonable price.

It won't amplify your headphones, though.

Something like this receiver would cover all your bases-- provide power to your speakers and your headphones as well.

If I were you, I'd just use an analog cable to attach my source (computer?) to the receiver.

Oh, and you'll need some speaker cable to connect the speakers to the receiver.

u/Traaginen · 3 pointsr/buildapcsales

I have a receiver, but you'd be fine with an SMSL SA-50 with 150s.

u/meezun · 3 pointsr/diysound

Just my opinion here, but class-D amplifiers have gotten good enough and cheap enough that there's no real reason to DiY amplifiers if your sole goal is bang for the buck.

Here is a nice amp that's probably better and cheaper than anything you could make yourself.

u/WhyUNoCompile · 3 pointsr/Coachella

DIY is what I do... here's what I would part together for a $150 budget.

SMSL 2x50W Amp:

Dayton B652 Speakers:

5A Battery:


This would be better than anything else for the price!

u/Umlautica · 3 pointsr/audiophile

This comes in at $500

u/TimeTomorrow · 3 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

Are you in a metro area where craigslist is an option? At that price point used speakers make a lot of sense.

link to local craigslist if you want help.

Small cheap amp at your price point, i think this is the go to around here: but obviously only has one input.

but obviously there are other options.

Do you have someplace to tuck a subwoofer or does that blow your definition of small?

What kind of music? priorities? Clear? Loud? Accurate? Bass?

Does your record player have a built in phono amp, or do you need a receiver with a built in phono stage? if you don't know give model and brand of record player.

u/KnipSter · 3 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

$60 Dayton B652 Air Speakers

$70 SMSL SA-50 AMP

Decent starting point, can tweak this setup with better passive bookshelf speakers and different size/make amps. Can also pair later with active subwoofer for real bass.

u/spin_the_baby · 3 pointsr/audiophile

Well, I did the best I could. I ruled out bookshelves since you said you had the room since bookshelves in this price range don't do so well with "loud" without causing distortion and hearing damage.

So, here are some options. Get one thing out of each section. Try to spend as much as you can on the speakers.


BIC America Venturi DV64 x2 (~$250)

Infinity Primus P363 x2 (~$350)

PSB Alpha T1 (~$400)

Integrated Amplifier

SMSL SA50 (~$75)

Emotiva mini-X a-100 (~$190)

The following aren't necessary to get things working but you should add them when you get the cash.


schiit modi 2 (~$100)

This connects your computer to the amplifier. Without this, you just use a male 3.5mm to rca stereo cable.


BIC America F12 (~$190)

You connect the amp's outputs to the speaker inputs on the sub and then connect the speakers to the sub's speaker outputs.

If I were you I would start out with the PSB speakers and emotiva amp (if you can afford the ~$600) then add the sub when you get more money. The DAC will sound better than your computer's sound card and reduce static and interference from your computer.

u/jackasher · 3 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

I'm on a tighter budget than you, but I just set up a nice little system with a SMSL SA50 50Wx2 TDA7492 Class D Amplifier and a set of Pioneer SP-BS22-LR Andrew Jones Designed Bookshelf Loudspeakers without a sub. Add a sub to that you'll have a nice sounding set-up under budget that should last you well beyond your time at college.

In addition to this subreddit, here's what I used for guidance:

For considering which sub you want:

If you sign up for promo codes for Fry's and check every Sunday, the SP-BS22-LR Pioneer's can be had for $62 as they seem to go on sale around once a month. Actually if you can get a promo code from someone today, you can order them this evening at that price. Even at $129, they're considered a good value.

Pricewise you'd be looking at: $62 Pioneer SP-BS22-LR + $69 SMSL SA50 + $180 for the ELAC S10 or something comparable + $30 for speaker wire, plugs and cables to connect to your source and $341 total

This will be plenty loud to fill any dorm room (and drive your neighbors crazy if you're not careful) with much better sound quality than a soundbar or a 2.1 system like a Klipsch Promedia 2.1.

As for the bluetooth, buy a separate bluetooth adapter. You'll have more utility that way rather than buying one that's integrated into your receiver or amp. This way you'll only need to upgrade your bluetooth receiver when bluetooth is inevitably upgraded in the next few years. Your receiver and speakers can last you decades.

u/trackdaybruh · 3 pointsr/buildapcsales

I have these speakers. All you need are an amp + copper cables + Banana plugs (optional, but worth it).

I recommend this amp:

u/metafizikal · 3 pointsr/audiophile

SMSL SA-50 or SMSL SA-60 would be good bets for lots of power for your money.

$67-$80, so quite a bit more than your Lepai.

u/Dagon · 3 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

Strictly speaking, wattages and THD are a good guide for figuring out quality, but are certainly not a hard-and-fast rule. Knowing your brands and trusted opinions are better, listening to it yourself is best.

The link in the sidebar has some good ones.

I'm actually in exactly the same position as you at the moment, I'm considering this one as it's the cheapest (50w per channel, ~au$80 delivered), but apparently this one is much better even though it's only 30w per channel and is $20 more.

Or then again I could anticipate future upgrades and just go for this yammy amp which is 100w per channel for ~$190.

I really like that Denon one you've posted, though. Decisions, decisions.

u/bigolddonkey · 3 pointsr/AVexchange

You don't often see speakers here because the shipping costs are so high. I can personally recommend you

These are fantastic speakers for the price in my opinion.

u/Im_Beats · 3 pointsr/battlestations
u/Skitch_n_Sketch · 3 pointsr/audiophile

Edifier stuff gets love in budget ranges, the R1280T should fit your needs. The included 3.5mm to RCA cable should go from your Fulla 2 to the speakers, the Edifiers come with basically anything you'll need.

u/MyUsernameIsJudge · 3 pointsr/hometheater

Logitech makes a lot of cheap crap and some of their speakers have fake components as well. There are a few things they make that aren't bad though from what I've heard.

Powered studio monitors is typically what people get for this setup - check out Edifier as well

u/astutesnoot · 3 pointsr/Chromecast

Here's the speakers I use with my CCA in my living room.

They sound really good, and I can control the volume with my Harmony remote. It comes with a tiny remote, but I already had the Harmony hub so it was just easier that way, plus now I can control the volume with Alexa. These particular speakers have two aux-in ports, though I'm only using one with my CCA at the moment. Read the reviews on Amazon.

u/JimboLodisC · 3 pointsr/vinyl

If your speakers have an AUX input, then I would think they're powered. You have to plug those speakers into the wall for power, right? Nm, just saw that you're using a bluetooth speaker. (which is definitely powered) So you just need to grab an RCA<->3.5mm adapter for like $5 or $6.

But I'd really recommend buying some real speakers. At the cheapest, look at some Edifiers for $100. From there, you could also look at Kanto, Micca, Klipsch, Polk, Audioengine, Dayton, Mackie, etc. Just search Amazon for "powered bookshelf speakers".

u/Ultra_Colon · 3 pointsr/funny

I'm pretty happy with my Edifier. Very good price / quality. 100$ for powered monitors.

u/The_Crystal_Crumbles · 3 pointsr/privatestudyrooms

I wish I could afford nicer speakesr, but unless you're an r/audiophile these [speakers] ( are great!

u/Do_I_have_to_move · 3 pointsr/vinyl

Would This turntable and these speakers be a decent beginner setup for someone whose budget is around $400 and if not what would be better?

u/AHeardOfTurtles · 3 pointsr/woodworking

They're not bad for bookshelf speakers, people that care about it more than I do usually get a sub to go with them. But I'm satisfied

u/twoElectricBoogaloo · 3 pointsr/blackfriday

I have these speakers specifically. 2 inputs on the back. I have 1 going to my living room TV, and one to my record player.

They work well.

u/APEvorbis2341 · 3 pointsr/buildapcsales
u/tito13kfm · 3 pointsr/techsupport
u/grendelone · 3 pointsr/audio

For a receiver, you could look at the Yamaha R-S202:

Bluetooth built-in. Plenty of RCA inputs for other things. Can drive four speakers (zone A and zone B simultaneously). Brand new for $130.

Yamaha has a decent reputation for building good receivers. It's a simple stereo receiver without a lot of bells and whistles. Interface is pretty simple also. I just bought one of these to drive 4 speakers (Yamaha NS-6490) in a small/medium sized gym for a friend. Affordable, easy to use, does what's needed and nothing more. There are other options (of course), but this was a good solution to what I was looking for. Might work for you also.

Could have gone with a small integrated Chinese DAC+amp (e.g., SMSL AD18), but I was worried about sufficient output power and the overall robustness of the system. It will be used by various people, some of whom are not particularly tech savvy (you should have seen they way they tried to connect up the speaker wire to the receiver when I accidentally left them unconnected after some maintenance, oy!). So I wanted all of the robustness and niceties (e.g., solid big remote, instruction manual, tech support, warranty I can trust, etc.) of buying a "real" receiver from an established company.

I'm assuming you only need stereo and aren't intending to setup some kind of outdoor home theater with a 5.1/7.1 speaker setup.

u/rehpotsirhc123 · 3 pointsr/pcmasterrace
u/bagelchips · 3 pointsr/vinyl

these would be good starter speakers for ya. They're powered so you don't need a separate amp.

u/Plopdopdoop · 3 pointsr/Chromecast

I'm seeing the bookshelf, tower, and amp wiki pages. But is there a powered speaker recommendation page? I'd like to keep the solution in most rooms down to just a speaker/s and the Chromecast, no separate amp.

Edit: Okay, I see that powered speakers are sprinkled throughout the bookshelf list. And the thread notes that if there's no resistance ("ohm") or efficiency ("db") in the "Tech Specs" column, that's a powered speaker.

It's a bit disappointing that the cheapest powered option listed is $120. I don't doubt it's good, but I'm looking for a bit less $$, or if that much or more for it to be a more compact unit, like Sonos 1 or 3.

u/LikeGoldAndFaceted · 3 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

Passive generally gives you more upgrade options because you would then already have an amp and could upgrade easily to other passive speakers, also easier to add a sub, but the initial cost is a bit more than powered usually. Powered are simpler and one is not explicitly better than the other so it just depends on how much money you want to spend and what you want to do with them. Another good option are the Micca MB42X passives, or the powered version, the PB42X. I've never heard the Edifiers so I'm not sure how they compare.

u/oCrimsonxx · 3 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

Here's the powered version of the Micca speakers everyone recommends for a budget pair of speakers. They're right over $100 so it fits the budget

Micca PB42X Powered Bookshelf Speakers with 4-Inch Carbon Fiber Woofer and Silk Dome Tweeter (Pair)

u/bradAHA · 3 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

At $100 Micca PB42X is a good choice. I reviewed their unamplified version here. /r/zeos has a good list of powered monitors here. For a desk, powered speakers are the way to go IMO, less wires and components to manage, so it saves a bit of space. The Micca's leave you enough money to get a cheap sub, I'd start with these Daytons. Price/woofer size directly correlates to more bass here, but even the 6.5" will make a difference with the Miccas.

u/Madness_As_Muse · 3 pointsr/hometheater

Try these. They're all-in-one versions of the speakers I use myself. They don't need a sub or an amp, and they're plenty loud. Lay them on their sides under the TV if you have to, but pound for pound I think this is your best option.

u/balward · 3 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

The Edifier R1280T might be what you are looking for.

u/IAmAnAudity · 3 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

I second Prodigy’s Edifier call. My kid just moved into the dorm with them, and I got to listen here at home for a bit before. They are QUITE good and you don’t have much room in that budget. You will need to isolate them by setting them on foam or something soft, they are pretty powerful and do cause vibration. Edifier on Amazon

u/Pekansylvestre · 3 pointsr/Quebec

Je magasine depuis deux jours un cadeau commun pour ma blonde et moi: un p'tit set de speaker pis un tourne-disque. À la base on s'était donné un petit budget de 300$. J'ai pas de système de son et je veux pouvoir écouter de la musique sur qqch de mieux que les speaker de ma télé.

Pour l'instant, ce que j'ai en tête, c'est les speakers Edifier R1280T et le tourne-disque Fluance RT80. Si y'en a qui s'y connaisse, est-ce que ce serait un bon set-up pour cette gamme de prix? Mon but étant d'avoir la meilleure qualité du son, les gadgets (genre prise USB / Bluetooth) ne m'intéressant pas. La durabilité du produit est aussi un critère, évidemment.

u/Pugzilla69 · 3 pointsr/malelivingspace

What's your budget?

Even a cheap pair of bookshelf speakers will be a huge improvement over the TV's internal speaker. Makes films and gaming so much more enjoyable.

The Edifier R1280T are really good for $100.

u/LetgoLetItGo · 3 pointsr/buildapcsales

> It's a condenser. Most Dynamics require XLR input and a separate audio interface, but recently there are ones that use USB.

>You might want something like this Audiotechnica Dynamic Mic + USB interface built in or this microphone by Samson

My post above has links to two Dynamic microphones with USB inputs, but there are probably more out there.

As for speakers for super budget, used logitech x230s. For a bit higher, I'd look into Edifiers like these

There's been a bunch of deals on Edifiers recently (check slickdeals) and I'm unsure how often they usually have sales.

u/clupean · 3 pointsr/buildapc

Edifier R1280T
or Micca MB42 if you already own an amplifier.

u/raistlin65 · 3 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

If you have room to use two speakers where they can be separated apart, you will get better stereo sound. In that case, consider these

u/the_blue_wizard · 3 pointsr/audio

Define CHEAP!?

These would be low cost quality speakers -

The Advantage is that they come with a Remote Control and in the case of the EDIFIER R2000DB, it has Bluetooth and a Digital Optical Input for connecting modern TVs.

Edifier R1700BT, Remote, Bluetooth - $149/pr -

Edifier R2000DB, Remote, Bluetooth, Digital In - $249/pr -

NOTE: I correct the R2000DB link, it should work now.

Any chance he can handle a complete Stereo System?

u/ovirto · 3 pointsr/smarthome

Not sure what your budget is, but I think the Edifiers sound and look fantastic for the money.

Edifier R1700BT Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers - Active Near-Field Studio Monitors - Powered Speakers 2.0 Setup Wooden Enclosure - 66w RMS

u/jackthatsme123 · 3 pointsr/audiophile

Edifier R1700BT Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers - Active Near-Field Studio Monitors - Powered Speakers 2.0 Setup Wooden Enclosure - 66w RMS

These were my first speakers and I think they are pretty good, the tone controls are nice but the electronic volume is kinda weird.

u/j_lucas01 · 3 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

They look like Edifier knock-offs to me. I wouldn't consider these "nice" speakers by any means. I also wouldn't really consider edifier as "nice" speakers, but they're getting there, and now offer some higher end stuff.

u/MovieNachos · 3 pointsr/PrimeDay

I bought the Edifer R1700 bookshelf speakers about two months ago and I am 100% satisfied. I use them as speakers for my projector mostly, but I also use them paired up with a Chromecast Audio to listen to music.

u/2xlpizzas · 3 pointsr/vinyl

Sure dude. Here's the links to the stuff you see. Nothing special honestly :p I have a TEAC tape player and a Pioneer Spinning 5 Disc Player but I left it all at home. And I only have 1 set of Dayton Audio speakers with me that are on my desk off to the right.

u/piratenovelist · 3 pointsr/ToolBand

I am going to be using this article plus my own personal experiences in the 7 years I have been collecting:

Turntable: Audio-Technica ATLP120USB Direct Drive Professional USB Turntable Price $229.00 (On Sale at the time of this writing) it comes with a built in Pre-Amp so you are good to go. This is one I have been eyeballing myself.

Amplifier: Yamaha R-S202BL Stereo Receiver Price $149.95 (On sale at the time I am writing this). This is the one I personally use and I love it. It has multiple channels so you can allow for growth. For example I got a stereo cd player at the local thrift store I am trying to upgrade. I just need RCA Cables to hook it up which I do.

Speakers: Price $49.98 (Sale at the time I am writing this)

Wire from speakers to Amp: AmazonBasics 100ft 16-Gauge Audio Stereo Speaker Wire Cable - 100 Feet Price $13.49

Headphone Adapter (Trust me you'll need this if you want to listen to music via headphones) Adapter Price: $7.99

Subtotal: $450.41‬ plus taxes. I think you have wiggle room on the speakers, but I searched for high rated ones. If you need help setting up your Turntable and Stereo please feel free to reach out and I can help! :D

u/Caboose619 · 3 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

Yeah I came from headphones and I know for a fact not all amps are the same. So I figured it would be the same story for speakers.

I read something along the lines that the rb42 should be paired with an amp that is 80 wpc at the minimum to get a proper sample of what they can really do. And maybe that could explain how you say anything you hook up to the DTA sounds gutless in the bass dept vs the reviews I read for the rb42 saying, "Wow, bass!" I didn't get that that "wow."

I kind of want an all in one solution for speakers and headphones, hence the DTA-120. Do you think something like this could solve my problem? Providing the right amount of power and also having a headphone jack? I'm a noob to reading power levels and just need some guidance.

Yamaha R-S202BL Stereo Receiver

u/darylfish · 3 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

Selling my SMSL SA50 for $55 shipped (USA only).
Currently on Amazon for $68.

Purchased in April and used with my Pioneer BS22's. Like new condition, placed back in original box. Selling since I'm switching to active speakers.

u/JasonTheHuman · 3 pointsr/audiophile

I'm not sure about best buy maybe check out their subs, you could crosscheck prices on subs/amps on amazon to best buy's prices. I'm about to drop a couple hundred on a 2.0 setup and buying a sub later on. These are the speakers I'm getting (and were recommended to me on this subreddit) Fluance SX6 with this Amp

u/OG_TENDO83 · 3 pointsr/NintendoSwitch :)

u/nixerkg · 3 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I think it might but if it doesn't this can get the job done. Might find it cheaper on eBay if you're willing to wait for it to be shipped from China.

u/tvtoo · 3 pointsr/cordcutters

Your best solution is a new TV (instead of a 'monitor' like the Marantz).

Your second best solution is:

u/archpope · 3 pointsr/Roku

I have some experience with this. Original hookup was

Roku ---[HDMI]--- TV (Sharp) ---[SPDIF]--- Soundbar (Yamaha)

The problem with this setup was no matter what I set the delay to on either the TV or the soundbar, the sound was always out of sync. The soundbar didn't have HDMI input, and the TV only supported Dolby Digital whereas the Roku and the soundbar supported DTS. So, I bought one of these and it solved all my audio issues.

EDIT: if I upgrade to a Roku 4, it has SPDIF out, so I won't need the extractor anymore.

u/faceman2k12 · 3 pointsr/hometheater

HDMI audio extractors exist, I use them in projector installs quite often where we need to split off an analogue audio signal to go to a PA system without a reciever. They have the DAC built into them and most can downmix 5.1 to stereo, some can convert to pro-logic for connection to older surround systems without digital inputs.

You just need an RCA to 3.5mm adaptor cable to connect to a 3.5mm input.

u/Onlyspacemanspiff · 3 pointsr/appletv

ViewHD HDMI Audio Extractor | Optical Toslink + L/R Stereo Analog Converter Outputs | Model: VHD-H2HSAs

This is what I use. Works great.

u/digicow · 3 pointsr/appletv

You could also use an HDMI Audio Extractor to send the audio to speakers that accept optical or RCA stereo (or minijack, with an inexpensive adapter)

u/asparagus17 · 3 pointsr/Chromecast

They make HDMI audio extractors. You can find them on Amazon.

ViewHD HDMI Audio Extractor | Optical Toslink + L/R Stereo Analog Converter Outputs | VHD-H2HSAs

u/PlausibleDeniabiliti · 3 pointsr/Chromecast

I think a [HDMI audio extractor]( is what you are looking for.

u/Splash_II · 3 pointsr/Chromecast

No... Your projector needs to be on for that to work.

But you can plug the Chromecast into your AVR (if compatible) then out of your AVR to the projector.

Or, get a HDMI audio splitter... it's a passthrough box.

Chromecast ➡️ HDMI splitter ➡️ HDMI cable to projector, audio cable to AVR

Something like this

u/troyer2112 · 3 pointsr/CarAV

So this is how i have mine set up.

iPad mini 3 128g>Lightning Digital AV adapter>HDMI cable>HDMI to Optical Converter>12V to 5V converter>Optical Cable>Alpine PXA-H800/RUX-C800>Alpine PDX-V9>Alpine SPR-60c>JL HO W6v3 Wedge

I have the hdmi converter plug cut and soldered to the stepdown voltage converter which is soldered to the back of the 12V Cigarette lighter all heat shrinked wrapped. The HDMI cable is extra long so i can have the iPad to the passenger seat comfortably. I did have a lightning cable extender that worked for a while but it suddenly stated that this cable can no longer be used for this device so i had to bring the AV adapter outside of the dash so it looks a little weird....but what are you gonna do.
As long as it sounds good i dont really care.
The RUX-C800 remote for the H800 is installed below my console near the gearshift in my Honda Civic 2009.

The installation took a bit of time since i couldnt leave everything undone because i had to drive it but i saved a whole lot of money.

At the moment i just have a magnetic holder stuck in my cd player slot to hold the ipad. I will be getting a prefab console ipad installation kit when i have the time to do so.

I was also able to leave my back speakers connected to the stock radio if i would like to listen to the radio for sports talk.

u/answer-questions · 3 pointsr/NoStupidQuestions

You have a few options, the PS4 can output audio from 1) HDMI 2) Optical 3) 1/8" Jack on the PS4 controller.

If you're just playing yourself and you want to use headphones, just plug it into the jack on your controller. If your setup allows you could run an audio cable from your controller to speakers also, but that's a bit janky.

If you have separate speakers and they can take in digital input (optical) then you can use that directly.

If you have speakers that can only use analog audio input and you don't want them hooked directly into your controller then you have to get something that splits out the audio from the video from HDMI. This was the cheapest I could find:

u/will592 · 3 pointsr/diyaudio

I have one of these,

I think it does exactly what you're looking for. I needed it because I had a very nice flat panel TV that only had a DVI input and I needed a way to get the audio out of the HDMI that was coming from my source device so I could plug it into the TV.

u/_asciiuk · 3 pointsr/xboxone

That's the wrong cable there buddy, it's toshlink to toshlink mini not 3.5mm jack, and the adaptor cable is 3.5mm female.

Try something like this instead if your speakers use stereo analog etc.

u/josh6499 · 3 pointsr/bapcsalescanada

Guys, get some powered monitors like these instead, you'll be a lot better off. $219 each (80 watts)

or these $179 (pair) (75 watts)


u/FatS4cks · 3 pointsr/headphones

Might be a grounding issue. Make sure all the cables are all the way in and in the right spots. Also make sure you're using the cable that splits the mic and headphones since iirc they come with both a mobile and pc cable. I doubt that it's an issue with your mobo powering the headphones, but a solution to both the grounding issue and powering would be either the Creative Sound Blaster E1 or the Syba Sonic DAC/AMP. Both of these should be more than enough to power Game Ones and they both come with separate jacks for the audio and mic which would solve grounding problems.

u/Jonners_90 · 3 pointsr/Gaming_Headsets

The controller output is limited (the mic should be fine though). I have literally the exact same setup but you're going to need an external DAC/amplifier if you want your head to rumble with sound. I have one from SMSL and then plug the Modmic into my controller with a y splitter. The cheapest one recommended by the mod here I see is the Syba unit (this one has mic input too):

Use the U.S site if you're located there.

u/Dallagen · 3 pointsr/headphones

It's just the Custom One Pro Plus, not two variants.

  1. Custom One Pro Plus: Updated Custom One Pro
  2. Custom One Studio: DT770/80ohm in the Custom One Pro's shell (with bass slider) and a bit better sound.
  3. Custom One Street: Portable Custom One Pro (not as good audio quality) and are on ear.


    In my opinion I prefer the Custom One Studio/DT770/80ohm with any cheap dac/amp to fully power them such as this or this.
    With the second one, you have to have an optical out on your pc, and you have to buy an optical cable.

u/njules · 3 pointsr/pcmasterrace

I don't know much about DACs but I have seen this one and this one recommended multiple times.

They are a bit pricey compared the one you sent though. And the second one can't work on your motherboard since the mobo doesn't have an s/pdif output.

u/MMS21 · 3 pointsr/headphones
u/jakethepassion · 3 pointsr/Amd

So from my limited understanding of audio equipment I know that a DAC simply converts the digital signal from the computer to an analog signal for the headphones (a separate DAC helps the most with isolating the signal from interference from the computer). If you think the sound coming from your headphones is too quiet or lackluster what you really need is an amplifier to make the signal stronger, or a DAC/amp combo.

Two DAC/amp combos I see recommended often are the

Fiio E10K


Both have a DAC to isolate the signal and an amplifier to power higher end headphones.

u/ggfools · 3 pointsr/buildapcsales

the SMSL SD793-II is an option, it's a good DAC/Headphone amp for the price and probably outperforms the E10k. costs about the same, recommended by ZeosPantera However, if you don't have SPDIF (either TOSLINK or Coaxial) then the DAC in this amp is useless to you, as it doesn't have USB input. you can still use a 3.5mm to RCA plug and simply use it as a headphone amp if you wish though, if you need USB input then the SMSL M3 may be a good option, though it costs a little more, again well recommended by ZeosPantera he compares it directly to the E10K so the video is worth a watch if you are considering both.

u/bigceej · 3 pointsr/battlestations

Check our /u/zeospantera reviews at /r/zeosreviews , I bought one of these based on his recommendations (plus loads of other things) and it works great with my Sennheiser PC 360's , but check out his videos and find what suits you, also check out /r/headphones but the short answer to your question is yes it is worth the quality as with the dac alone it will be much better.

u/kare_kano · 3 pointsr/androidapps

If you want to do WiFi streaming, install $3.50 BubbleUPnP on the phone and use the Windows 10 built-in DLNA streaming. If you're on Ubuntu you can install pulseaudio-dlna and use it as output from sound settings. I'm sure there's something for Mac as well.

For USB, what you're looking for is called a USB DAC. If you're really strapped for cash and don't have fancy tastes in sound quality, or quality headphones, then one of these $5-7 puppies will take care of it. Quality is touch and go, some may be DOA and need replacing, but they'll get the job done. You can also go for a $20 Signstek (PCM2704), but I wouldn't recommend more expensive ones without knowing what headphones you're using and what you want from them.

If you do, I can recommend the $40 FiiO K1, $65 SMSL SD793-II or $75 FiiO E10K, but if you do that you should also look into putting $50-200 into decent headphones and you're probably not looking for that.

Whatever you do DO NOT get USB headphones. Decent ones are expensive, cheap ones are absolute crap. A $5 DAC like above and a $25 pair of Sennheiser HD202 will be better and can be replaced separately or even taken apart and repaired if they break.

u/fgoncalves97 · 3 pointsr/headphones

60$ dac/amp from smsl. I've heard pretty good things about it.

u/tecz0r · 3 pointsr/gamingpc

Dude, holy shit! First and foremost, thanks so much for typing all that out. You didn't have to, but I'm very happy you did.

I've been reading ad-nausaem about audio and how it relates specifically to gaming. Certain things like sound clarity, minimal bass, and soundstage are very very important. I've found lots of little nuggets of information which have been GOLD and sound advice, much like the ones you wrote out.

But you know whats the crazy about all of this? The dire distinction and SPLIT ideology of the differences between DAC's and soundcards within the audiophile community. One side swears by a DAC/AMP combo like the ODAC, other side maintains that a soundcard is still optimal and more than sufficient.

This has been one of the few instances where the more research I did on a topic, the deeper my hole went and the more confused I got.

I decided to put the Astro Mixamp aside for a moment. If you don't already know, the Mixamp I'm using is the 5.8 Wireless version, I was somewhat skeptical about how the audio would sound traveling both wirelessly and through optical out. So I hooked up my headphones directly to my onboard and holy shit, it sounded BETTER than my Mixamp. I wouldn't say night and day but DEFINITELY noticeable.

At this point, after watching numerous videos displaying sound stage and clarity like THIS and THIS, and seeing how great the clarity with onboard is as opposed to Mixamp, I decided to drop coin on the Sound Blaster Z. I got it for $55 because of Black Friday. I was definitely NOT disappointed. SBX makes a huge difference and as gimmicky as it may sound, Creative's "SCOUT MODE" turned out to be awesome and actually expands the sound stage and lowers bass. Incredible.

The sound card has an OPT IN/OUT so if anything, I can simply hook my Xbox or Playstation up to it via OPT IN and use the Creative soundcard properties for surround sound gaming and completely bypass the Astro Mixamp all-together. Didn't even think of it before.

I've got the Sennheiser HD598 and will be getting the AKG K7XX (that recently showed up on Massdrop) so I ended up getting a headphone DAC/Amp, THIS one specifically as it was mentioned by /u/ZeosPantara of being great. I feel a bit stupid because as you probably guessed it: I don't need a DAC, I would just like the headphone AMP'd as I will be using my soundcard as the DAC itself. I'm going to be going OPT OUT from SOUNDCARD to DAC. My question once again is: Do you think it'll retain all the surround sound qualities that it did when I was plugging my headphones directly into my sound card, things like SBX and Scout Mode if I went through SPDIF TOSLink instead of 3.5mm AUX?

If not, then I will simply either return it (or sell it) and start building an Objective 2 Amp :)))).

Seriously dude, its crazy to think where I am NOW in relation to audio fidelity and where I was a year ago. Back then, I thought the Astro Mixamp was the be all/end all of sound clarity. This is very exciting stuff!

Also, have some Gold. ;) Thanks buddy!

u/kronbison · 3 pointsr/headphones

This may be due to your on-board sound. Before spending, I would test out the headphones on a different PC/source. Make sure it isn't just the headphones themselves.

Then, when you are ready to buy, get an external dac/amp, basically an external sound card. Check out the Micca Origen($100), Fiio E10k($76), Monoprice Dac/Amp($80), and SMSL SD793-II($63).

u/TaedusPrime · 3 pointsr/buildapc

I just picked up these after a lot of research. Pretty blown away by how good they are. I use them in my pc setup so for both music and games. I often just sit here listening to music before playing anything. They can get really loud without any distortion.

These are powered so all you'd need is passive interface to connect them. Such as a DAC. I use this one and optical to my computer.

If you're patient, these speakers can be had for around 80-90 a piece decently often. They show up on slickdeals here and there. Got mine local on letgo for 100 barely used ;)

u/TrainLoaf · 3 pointsr/PS4

Okay, before you buy any of this, please find out if the monitor has a headphones jack. Most monitors these days do, if it does you can just plug it into it, the HDMI cable will carry audio to your monitor. Otherwise, yes, you've got the right parts as long as it isn't a PS4 Slim. also, consider an AMP:

This is working perfectly with the original PS4 and PS4 Pro and really makes my AD 700's sound amazing.

u/I3igAl · 3 pointsr/ZReviews

I would love to!
For the amp I am using the SMSL Q5 Pro as linked by /u/Hercusleaze and I am very happy with it. I bought it especially for the optical input and remote control to use with my xbox alongside my PC. A very good feature is a dedicated sub out, really makes adding a sub simple.
If you dont need all the fancy DAC built in I would highly recommend the SMSL SA36A, SA50, or SA98 depending on the power you want (this depends on how loud you want to get and what your speakers need).
For speakers I am using a pair of Micca MB42X-C in 2.0, although I got them for half off. Most people recommend Micca MB42X, a very solid all rounder at a good entry price. I set my brother with the Fluance SX-6 speakers, and he is really happy with them although they are bass heavy.
These options are solid entry level gear, and for myself I havent needed/felt like upgrading further. If you are looking for something a bit higher end I would suggest checking out the /r/Zeos guide lists or make a dedicated thread!

u/DoTheEvolution · 3 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

this is the classic recommendation, Miccas and a T-amp, with you budget a nicer smsl-sa60 can be had

u/TheCakesofPatty · 3 pointsr/vinyl

I wouldn't get the Lepai amp. Get something used. Personally, I would get something old, like if you could find an old pioneer or a technics receiver at a yard sale or something, you would be set. I don't know why these are unavailable right now, but I've heard good things about these speakers And also, I would find a used turntable for sure. Usually, it's very easy to find a nice one. You may want to replace the stylus though.

u/robotdinofight · 3 pointsr/hometheater

If I were building a $1500 system for audio here's what I'd do (if DIY wasn't an option):

AVR- Denon X1400 AVR - $330 refurb

LCR- 3x KEF Q100 - $480
or Emotiva B1 pair + C1 center $550

surrounds- something cheap - $70

sub- HSU VTF-2 MK5 - $607

you'd need to stretch a bit for room treatment, wiring, stands, etc.

u/steve3236 · 3 pointsr/buildapcsales

If you are willing to spend a little more you can pick up a cheap 2.0 digital amp off amazon and get some small bookshelf speakers like you were saying.

Although this cost about twice the price I would be willing to say its worth it.

u/howImetyoursquirrel · 3 pointsr/buildapcsales

Yep. Direct link here. Decent deal if you want to buy now and I do recommend them. When they get enough stock I actually got a 'like new' pair for $30. They came brand new, wrapping still on them. I think it was returned because there was a dent in the box ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

u/Goldenelm · 3 pointsr/vinyl

Hey, I was going to purchase the Audio Technica LP60 this week but was told that it does not have an adjustable counter weight and is known to skip. I have a budget of about $200 for a record player and new speakers. I was directed that buying a vintage record player may be a good idea and found this one on ebay. My first question is: Is the record player I found a good idea to buy? My second question is: I want to get these speakers. Do I need to buy anything else to get them to work with the vintage record player? Thank you in advance.

Edit: So while I was waiting for a reply, I started going through the guides on this subreddit. So I have a new question: what preamp/ whatever else I need should I get that won't cost insane amounts of money?

u/mexicantennisdude · 3 pointsr/audiophile

Hey all,

Considering buying desktop speakers to replace my harmon kardon sound sticks for my PC.

So far i've narrowed it down to 2 sets. I already have a desktop amp and all so i'm good there...i hope...

My options are,

Pioneer SP-BS21-LR 80-Watts RMS 2-Way Speakers


Micca MB42 Bookshelf Speakers with 4-Inch Carbon Fiber Woofer and Silk Dome Tweeter

I mostly listen to Electronic music with the occasional hip hop. I also play games quite a bit and watch movies. This set up would be for my computer in my bedroom.

Additional equipment i have currently is the Aune T1 with the Bravo V2...maybe V3...

Thanks in advance!

Any other suggestions welcome but i'm hoping to stay around $50 for the speakers.

u/ShiftyAsylum · 3 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

$125 CAD? So ~$97 USD? Are you looking for powered speakers, or passive speakers with an amplifier? Here’s an option within your price range.

u/numbr9 · 3 pointsr/amazonecho

Was in the same situation as you, purchased the Amazon Basics one. Amazon support told me that my Echo Dot was defective- didn't buy into it. Returned the Amazon Basics and got this one: HomeSpot NFC-Enabled Bluetooth Audio Receiver for Sound System Works like you would expect!

u/beerhawk · 3 pointsr/vinyl

I highly recommend a dedicated amp. External DAC is not required, just hook your computer up via a RCA Y-splitter cable. Mobile connection can be added via a Y splitter or a bluetooth receiver addon.

Turntable should not be connected directly to powered speakers unless the turntable has a built in phono preamp. Phono preamps are specialized things that apply an RIAA eq to the amplified signal. A non phono preamp doesnt have this and will sound incorrect.

I have a debut carbon hooked to a 70's Pioneer SX-780 (at the bottom of this picture). My computer is also connected.

Save the tiny bluetooth speaker for portability. You don't want to be lugging around that Carbon anyhow. Make a dedicated listening spot.

u/burn23notice · 3 pointsr/cordcutters

OK WittyMcTitty...I figured out a work around for you that won't cost you an arm and a leg. It won't be HD quality by any means but it does work and they can do absolutely nothing about it.

To start this is what you will need:

  1. Take the Tronsmart 1000 and plug it into the HDMI port on your TV.

  2. Connect one of the smartphones to the tronsmart 1000 using the EZcast app from the android app store.

  3. Get the other smart phone and open NFL mobile and start the game stream you want.

  4. The EZcast on the first smartphone has the ability to stream video from your phones camera to the Tronsmart 1000 connected to the TV. Use that feature to film the other phone playing the game. Now the game is being streamed on your TV.

    For Audio:

  5. Take the bluetooth dongle and plug it into your TV or surround sound via RCA or 3.5mm

  6. Connect the phone playing the game to the dongle via the phones bluetooth. Now you have the audio of the game playing through your TV or Surround sound.

    This is by no means a great solution, but it does work.

u/youknowthatsright · 3 pointsr/gadgets

You can use any set of speakers and hook up something like [this] ( I have used one of these receivers, and it is very easy to use, and it (when working with a device) hooks up to the device automatically when in range.

u/Excrucibo · 3 pointsr/hometheater

My brother-in-law got one of these for Christmas last year. I haven't used it much personally, but he likes it, says it's reliable, and has good range.

u/echocage · 3 pointsr/techsupportmacgyver

You can get a very high quality transmitter for 30$ easy
> up to 30 feet working range

And the reviews seem to say it works perfectly even farther.

Same goes for recievers

u/Pro77777 · 3 pointsr/CarAV

I have two of these and don't notice any degradation of the signal.

HomeSpot NFC-Enabled Bluetooth Audio Receiver for Sound System

u/bigbura · 3 pointsr/audiophile

OP should define 'best'. If a wired connection goes unused due the the hassle factor then it's not so best. If OP can live with the loss of quality with a wireless setup and greater freedom of movement then wireless would be 'best'.

I've used both Bluetooth with aptX via Audioengine B1 with much success. I've used wired analog straight from the headphone jack of the phone and laptop also. I can't say the minuscule improvement in quality with going wired analog over the Bluetooth solution's greater freedom of movement was worth it.

My suggestion is to try all the options available before spending much money. I've had two different Bluetooth solutions, the Audioengine B1 and something like this: The Audioengine B1 is highly recommended, the other not so much. The B1 stays connected at 2-3 times the range and thru a floor where the much cheaper solution drops connection if my hand blocks the path/line of sight...

u/KantoLiving · 3 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

Keep in mind the DAC on the YU4 is through optical, if you don't have an S/PDIF output on your mobo you'd have to pick up a budget audio interface, something like the Syba Sonic would be sufficient:

Feel free to PM me if you have any questions about the YU4!

u/5had0w5talk3r · 3 pointsr/linux_gaming

Don't go with internal sound cards. Your PC is hell when it comes to audio because of all the electricity going around to all the components. Internal solutions are completely outdated and will be noisier with lots of static.

If you have no need for any professional inputs (XLR, MIDI, etc.) I recommend either the Syba Sonic DAC-Amp on the cheaper end, or the Sennheiser GSX 1000 on the pricier end which does a lot the more "premium" settings other cards do on-board (no drivers needed) which is largely just EQ anyway.

u/SH4D0WxHUN · 3 pointsr/PS4

Cheap but not bad: FX Audio DAC-X6

Cheap with mic but never tried: Syba Sonic

Expensive but good: Mayflower ARC

u/pasimp44 · 3 pointsr/buildapc

> if enable the checkbox to hear your own mic in windows I hear the background noise too.

Enabling additional processing for stuff like this will always result in some unwanted noise/feedback, in my experience. I would recommend turning all that shit off. Unfortunately, mic loopback isn't included as a standard function when you use a non-gaming headset. It's something that's often built in to the usb soundcards or technology most gaming headsets come with. There is a cheap DAC/AMP combo that includes this feature though. It appears as an option under playback device properties in windows and works pretty well.

Also, having open back headphones helps lessen the need for mic loopback since you can naturally hear yourself talk a bit. Closed back or noise cancelling headphones give you that "ear plugs in" effect that makes it very hard to hear yourself without mic loopback.

u/clashtom · 3 pointsr/HeadphoneAdvice

Have you seen this one before?


Syba Sonic Amp/Dac

u/patsfacts · 3 pointsr/BuyItForLife

if you are just looking for good, inexpensive stereo bookshelf speakers that will last a while, I'd recommend these. You'll still need a receiver, but these speakers sound about as good as you're going to get for under $700, are well made, and can be found for under $100 for the pair quite often.

EDIT: They're $89 right now if you have Amazon Prime

u/Snydypants · 3 pointsr/hometheater

I went with these - heard good things for the price. They do alright....

Pioneer SP-FS52-LR Andrew Jones Designed Floor standing Loudspeaker (each)

u/muhaski · 3 pointsr/hometheater

Well it really does depend on your budget. If you're going the 3.0 route I would go with the Andrew Jones Pioneers ($250 a pair) with the matching center ($95). If thats a little too expensive you can get the bookshelf version for $99 for the pair.

There's this also this Fluance 5.0 set for $250 and while I've heard good things especially for the price, I haven't actually heard the speakers themselves.

Polks are fine if you can get a real good price, but there are better options out there. Check out Craigslist.

If you can spend a little more then these are susposed to be the best for your money right now Chane A1rx-c, but you'll be paying around $500 for a 3.0 setup.

u/dude_why_would_you · 3 pointsr/pcmasterrace

[You might like these too] (

Of course, I found a pair for $5 at goodwill but if I'd knew before hand on amazon I would probably still buy these bad boys.

u/mahonster · 3 pointsr/hometheater

Well, it's not quality, and it's not wireless, but it's what I have currently hooked up to my TV: a pair of Micca MB42's and a Pyle PCA3 amp, right around $110 for both. It's acceptable for what I paid for it, leaps and bounds better than the built in sound on the TV or most speakers marketed for computers.

At that price point you're going to have to accept some pretty severe compromises. You could spend $100 on a Jawbone or something like it, and have wireless (but not that great) sound, or spend about $100 on a setup as above and have decent quality sound, and no wireless.

BTW, I've owned the Klipsch Promedia 2.1's and the M-Audio AV30s, both have had some built in components fail at some point. Hence the recommendation.

Till I'm ready to drop about a grand or more on HT audio equipment, my little setup will do me just fine.

u/AthiestCowboy · 3 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

Ok... well... you have a very limited budget for something even "budget" audiophile grade. That being said, if you can get your hands on a used/hand me down amp... take a look at these.

Micca MB42 Bookshelf Speakers

I would ask friends/family if they have an old stereo amp or surround sound amp they would be willing to give you. From there your next purchase would be an amp.

Zeos review of Micca's

u/dakotaw7 · 3 pointsr/hometheater

Centers are most often way more important than surrounds. They produce the dialogue in movies, which is kinda pretty important. Surrounds cover the background sounds, which is less important. My advise is to invest in a matching center, cuz it's going to make a difference for movie-watching.

Here's a few links to check out
CV center $129 Cerwin Vega SL25C SL Series Dual Center Channel Speaker

Micca bookshelfs $59 Micca MB42 Bookshelf Speakers With 4-Inch Carbon Fiber Woofer and Silk Dome Tweeter (Black, Pair)

u/i_did_it_brah · 3 pointsr/battlestations

I got them off amazon. Pretty cheap. They actually have a mesh grill on them. I just took them off. Link

u/JohnCryptoRambo · 3 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

I would just get a reasonably priced used surround sound receiver from Craigslist and then add a center channel speaker and left and right front speakers. Most of the voices will come from the center channel and you will be able to hear them really well.

The Micca speakers would do quite well and be cheap.

u/primoface · 3 pointsr/vinyl

KC vinyl hunter reporting in :

Most of the cl postings linked here are over a month old and therefore are likely gone already. Here (like everywhere else I assume), about 80% of cl posts go unclosed even when they sell. It never hurts to check but just don't be surprised.

I also don't think any of the linked receivers would be much of a good deal, you could pick up a 90s receiver at one of the goodwill stores around town pretty easily (usually). The pioneer 780 is a good one, but I suspect it's no longer available. Not sure if its the same guy or not but I inquired about a SX780 in columbia a while back and just never got any response, might be worth trying.

In all honesty I'd consider taking a trip down to the hippy store "It's a Beautiful Day" by westport, in the back vinyl room they have a pretty significant selection of vintage audio stuff in solid condition. Most usually come with a replaced belt and a new cart, and I've seen some ok turntables there as low as $50 but they tend to have a few receivers in stock. The turntable guy isn't always there (Jason? I'm bad with names) but he has his name and number posted on the wall by the vintage equipment

If you want to go with a new turntable... Brothers music on Johnson drive had some (NIB) Uturn turntables last time I was there, you can get AT-LP120 at probably a few of the other stores in town if you want to go that route. Or obviously those can be ordered online.

Unfortunately we seem to be suffering pretty heavily from the vinyl boom here from a vintage equipment perspective as anything that's remotely a good deal on CL gets snapped up in less than an hour. For the love of everything that is holy, stay away from Vinyl Renaissance in westport... home of overpriced hipster bullshit.

For speakers the ole Andrew Jones Pioneers are pretty much a steal at their price of only $99

The store linked above in the West bottoms (this) might be a solid place to check, I've never been there. There's a few other similar small stores around but you can probably expect to overpay a little bit since they'll have done a little maintenance n the tables they have. There's one other store I knew about down there but I can't remember what the name was... I'll see if I can find it.

u/MikeyFiveBucks · 3 pointsr/vinyl

As always, I'll endorse the Pioneer SP-BS22-LR bookshelf speakers.

I own them and really think they sound fantastic for their price. Also they are incredibly highly regarded at their price point:

Right now they're on sale on Amazon for $100:

u/satansbuttplug · 3 pointsr/audiophile

Such a list is a bit of a waste of time. The number of combinations is far too great at every price point. It may be more productive to pick a price point and get recommendations.

I've got more than a few systems under my belt, having bought and sold more equipment than most people will ever hear. I am down to 3 (maybe 4) systems at the moment. If I were to recommend a "beginner" or entry level system, it would be one that gives bang for the buck, can be improved as funds allow, and that meets your current needs. That being said, I think it would be very hard to beat a NAD D3020 as the heart of a starter system. It only needs a digital source (i.e., your computer) and a pair of speakers. I use one in one of my systems with a pair of Dynaco A25XL speakers to great effect. A good beginning choice would be the Pioneer Andrew Jones series

u/nashswayze · 3 pointsr/hometheater

The BS22's floor standing brother, the SP-FS52-LR, is also on sale @ $86.99/each. This is the cheapest they've been since August 2013.

u/CoupleTryingGWout · 3 pointsr/hometheater

With your budget, if you don't want to go modular and add the pieces as you go along and get a 5.1 right away, think this seems like a decent package that you'll be very happy with for a good couple of years:

These Pionneer towers x2

And the surrounds

And center that go with the set

This sub seems very well liked around here

The amp you mentionned (I have had RX-V657 for years, very good) is also very good an will be plenty

rest on cables and stuff if you need, go to

All that should come in around your budget!

Cheers and have fun!

u/ordith · 3 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

For $250 you can easily get a pair of these: they are excellent tower speakers for the money

u/wilsondb2 · 3 pointsr/hometheater

Pioneer SP-BS22-LR Bookshelf Speakers are on sale for <$50/pair right now (never been this low). Grab 4 of those with the matching center and a subwoofer of choice and you’re off to 5.1 land.

u/BuddTX · 3 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

These have been getting some good user reviews lately and a nice price too, and a pretty small cabinet for a 6.5 inch woofer, 79.99 / pair: 2 Pack 6.5" Bookshelf Home Theater Speakers 100W RMS TP160S-CH DCM by MTX Audio

As for amp's I have two of these (on two different computer systems), Dayton Audio APA 150. This is a serious Class A/B design topology, but no frills, just a well built, serious, "old school" heavy amp. No remote, no DAC, no Bluetooth, but WOW, a really nice, serious, amp! Lots of good user reviews and recommendations all over the net.

A often recommended smaller digital amp S.M.S.L AD18. This one DOES have it all, remote, DAC, bluetooth, relatively small, great reviews all over the net.

If you are really on a budget, try something similar to Lepai LP-2020TI Digital Hi-Fi Audio Mini Class D Stereo Amplifier. Do some searches for tweaking this amp, a very simple way to improve this amp, is to buy a more powerful power brick. There are many versions of this type of amp, amazon, ebay, parts-express, look around.

The other two, often recommended, "great value" speakers that work well with a computer (but you will need an amp), are the Sony SSCS5 3-Way 3-Driver Bookshelf Speaker System (Pair). I have seen these on sale for well under 100/pair, from memory, in the 60's and 70's.

Another great value is the Pioneer SP-BS22-LR Andrew Jones Designed Bookshelf Loudspeakers(7-1/8” x 12-9/16” x 8-7/16” & weighs 9 lbs 2 oz). Again, search around, these do go on sale for well under 100.00.

I have both the Pioneer and the Sony, and I currently am using the Sony SSCS5 with the Dayton Audio Amp. Was temped to buy the DCM, but I have to stop buying "great value" speakers. If I ever want to upgrade my computer speakers, I should save up and buy the Ascend Audio Luna Reference Ribbon Mini-Monitor.

Good luck, have fun, and Enjoy!

u/ljoly · 3 pointsr/vinyl

I finally found a console table worth sharing with you guys.

I moved to a new place back in March and I haven't had anywhere to set up my turntable. I convinced my boyfriend that this wall was lonely and (since it's in our living room) it would totally get a lot of use. I know my collection isn't super huge, but it's great for me at the moment. I'm planning on actually plugging it all in this weekend at some point when I have more time, since this was the final piece of the "we have too many devices in our living room" puzzle.

Got the furniture from Etsy. Super smooth transaction, great shipping. It's all made by hand and I can't recommend it more. It's literally perfect for our space (the shop owner even customized the length for me). I'm in love with it.

u/Wail_Bait · 3 pointsr/diyaudio

The TriTrix is popular because it can be built in different configurations. The sealed enclosure is good for a center channel, but you'll probably want the vented or transmission line enclosure for your main speakers, depending on what you have space for. I'm not sure what the frequency response of the sealed design is though, so it might be fine for LR when paired with a subwoofer.

I'd probably start with a pair of overnight sensations and then see where that gets you. They're pretty cheap and easy to build, so you're not really risking anything. You can then read about how they compare to other designs to get a better idea of what some of those other kits sound like.

But at that price it's hard to recommend anything other than the Pioneer BS22. They're excellent speakers, and no DIY kit can compete with Pioneer's economy of scale. There's also a tremendous number of used speakers you can get for under $100, and depending on your luck it's often the best option for a low budget.

u/raeanin · 3 pointsr/hometheater

RIP fireplace.

Seriously though, was there no other option for TV placement?

Great choices on the audio gear though. One of the the best new speaker sets in that price range. Should sound great. When you start looking for a sub though, I would recommend looking at other models, the big box store brands like Pioneer typically make lousy subs(at least in their budget line). The Bic F12 is often recommended as the best new sub in the <$200 price range.

edit: PS, love the DW decor. We have the same Van Gogh tardis print in our living room = )

u/bacondavis · 3 pointsr/hometheater

A new amplified sub woofer might be a better deal in the long run, as it would deliver more bass than 50 watts can deliver.

A replacement driver could also work with better low level response etc. Here is a good source for replacement drivers

u/chidori5000 · 3 pointsr/dubstep

If you can save up get this. I have it myself and it shakes my house. Completely amazing with Dubstep.

u/SpartanG087 · 3 pointsr/hometheater


Center: ELAC C5

Sub: BIC F12

Receiver: Denon S510BT

Speaker placement can be hard to figure out, but that all depends on the space. 3.1 is fairly easy even in small areas. I had a small living room and this worked out great for me.

When a better idea of the space you have, I could give you a build on what I'd do based on your budget.

u/Portable_Calculator · 3 pointsr/hometheater

Benq w1070 Projector

Denon-1713 receiver

Jamo S426 Speakers

BIC F12 Subwoofer

3D TV Corp Glasses

Sony BDP-5100

edit: If anyone is wondering, 89" fixed screen. Picture doesn't really do it justice.

I absolutely love it. Could not be happier. Feel free to ask any questions.

u/mcwerf · 3 pointsr/Zeos

Hey /u/ZeosPantera,

I first wanted to say you are the fucking man. This subreddit has been so incredibly helpful in figuring out my audio system. Additionally, I was wondering if you could provide your expertise for me.

My fraternity is currently getting our house back in a few weeks, and we have money to spend on home improvement (in this case, an audio system for the large common room). I'm looking for a system that can double as both a home theater sound system as well as speakers for a large, loud party. I assembled a list of components and was hoping you can recommend any changes. This is the list so far:

Receiver -

Center -

Front speakers (tower) -

Rear speakers -

Subwoofer -

These are the ones you listed as being loud enough to play music on as well. Will these products fit the bill for my needs (home theater, large frat party)? Also, these extras to set up the system:

Banana plugs -

RCA cable -

Copper wire -

Is there anything I'm missing in order to set up the system? Thank you so much!!

u/PaulProteus42 · 3 pointsr/vinyl

The audio-technica LP-60 is a pretty good turntable. As far as something around a hundred bucks, this is a good bet.

u/georgenutmeg · 3 pointsr/vinyl

So about two or three years ago I asked for a turntable for Christmas, and I got an Audio Technica AT-LP60. I have seen that this is seemingly a disliked turn table on this sub (or in general), but I am wondering why. Will it hurt my records if I play them on it? Also, will playing records with a couple of scratches hurt the needle at all? Finally, how can I tell if the needle is damaged or not? I think that it isn't, but I would like to make sure, considering it has been so long.

Also, my dad is now seemingly into vinyl too, and he is thinking about getting a record player to use in the house. (Mine is in my room, hooked up to headphones) He wants something that is attractive and pretty well made, and is willing to spend money in order to get quality products, but we obviously aren't looking for anything that is crazy expensive. The RT80/RT81 look like good looking options, but I'm looking for suggestions. We would also need to buy speakers/a pre-amp, and these cant also be too expensive. I would say total budget is around a soft 400/450, maybe 500 absolute max, but anything cheaper would also be great.

Sorry for so many questions! Thanks in advance

u/rollingalong · 3 pointsr/audiophile

What: Integrated Amp OR Stereo Amplifier


  • Around $100
  • Vintage or new, I don't mind
  • Dedicated subwoofer output (preferably with a separate volume knob)
  • Around 100W per channel, but I could go lower since it's just a bedroom setup (for reference, I have these bookshelf speakers)
  • Headphone output (3.5mm or 1/4inch is fine, since I have a few adapters lying around)
  • Little to no DIY required

    Thanks in advance, and sorry for my ignorance. I am really new to this.

    Edit: This is what I have currently. I like it a lot, but theres no good way to hook up a sub.

    This is the first upgrade in a line of improving my set-up. After I get a good amp, I'll get an appropriate sub, then I'll upgrade my LP60 to something a little more customizable.
u/present_tense_ · 3 pointsr/radiohead

Just don't get anything with all in one built in speakers.

I Suggest an Audio Technica LP60

Or if it is in you budget go for the Audio Technica LP120

I started off with an Audio Technica LP120 and still use it to this day. It is about two years old now with no problems what so ever.
The thing to note is that you will need speakers to add to it with to start off with i just used computer speakers until I upgraded my speakers last year. But i reckon the LP60 would be great as well, audio technica are imo a great brand.

Maybe this could be of assistance

Then the fun addicting part truly begins once you have a turntable to spin all you favourite albums. Plus even though it is gimmicky and less superior to black vinyl (according to people but i see no major difference) there are coloured vinyl which range from all difference fantastic colours from pressing to pressing. They look so awesome!

Example here (from one of my fav bands King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard's album 12 Bar Bruise):

Anyway enjoy Hail to the Thief when you spin as it is my fav album ever and first record I ever owned : ) !!!

u/huggybear3 · 3 pointsr/lightsalot

I’ve heard good things about this guy:
I’ll be buying it one of these days.

u/cowbeef01 · 3 pointsr/gorillaz

They'll ruin your records after a while. If $100 is within your budget you can try the Audio Technica AT-LP60 . Its pretty much regarded as one of the best beginner tables.

u/SaviourCartridge · 3 pointsr/makinghiphop

For only $100 you can get a low end USB turntable. I have the Audio Technica AT-LP60 and it does a pretty good job. I just record my samples into FL Studio's Edison and go from there.

u/milesdaguy · 3 pointsr/gorillaz

Record player: Audio Technica LP120 ($250)

Speakers: Sonos Play 5 gen 1 (around $300 ish, not sure because it was a gift to me)


If you are just starting out with collecting, I'd suggest getting the Audio-Technica ALP60 ($89-120 depending on which version you get) with a nice pair of dual speakers, and then eventually upgrading to an LP120 (unless you want to hop straight into the 120 OR EVEN decide to stick with the 60). I suggest this because the LP60 is a great starters turntable, then once you get more experience, you upgrade.

u/DJSlambert · 3 pointsr/Vaporwave

I have this one. It's more than you'll ever need until you get super serious about the hobby. This with a decent set of speakers will hold you over for years.

u/jewfishh · 3 pointsr/vinyl

I'm considering getting a turntable setup. The turntable I'm thinking of has a phono pre-out so the receiver/amp wouldn't need a phono input. Check these out:
Mini Amp

u/iamactuallyalion · 3 pointsr/coheedandcambria

I'm assuming that you love your records and as such want to keep them in the best possible condition so you can enjoy them for years to come. With that assumption, I'm going to strongly urge you against taking VicTheButcher's advice. Crosley turntables are marketed towards people just getting into collecting vinyl. They use a proprietary ceramic cartridge with a heavy tonearm that will cause excessive wear and damage to your records. When looking for a turntable the general rule of thumb is to go vintage (actual vintage, not 5-in-1 combo stuff). I'm a huge fan of Technics turntables myself, but there are a lot of great brands out there. Head on over to /r/vinyl for some insight into what you should look for. If you aren't looking to spend a lot right now or want something to tide you over until you can afford a nicer setup, I would recommend an Audio-Technica LP-60, which is currently available for $89 on Amazon. It is a great introductory turntable and served me well until I upgraded. Also, check your local thrift shops for turntables and audio equipment, you would be surprised at what you can run across. I've seen a lot of setups put together for a fraction of what you would expect from people hitting up their local thrift stores. Trust me, once you get a decent setup it is all worth it.

u/Foxythekid · 3 pointsr/gorillaz

Amazon has one set for 100 bucks.


u/3karma9 · 3 pointsr/Blink182

I picked up an Audio Technica similar to this one (maybe a model or two higer) as a part of a special at a local record store. Turn table, amplifier, and speakers for $275. I couldn't be happier with my purchase. As a novice vinyl collector/listener it has offered everything I need.

I would recommend going into your local record store and asking them for a good recommendation for a starter turntable. Also see what kind of bundles they may offer. In my experience, most record store employees are more than happy to offer advice and excited to have another collector of vinyl. Of course I may just have had some great people. So if you have more than one local store, don't be afraid to shop around to find the best price. Hope this helps!

u/PolycountEr · 3 pointsr/vinyl

Sidebar links are a great starting point. You've got a good grasp of the beginning points.

I would recommend going with a setup that consists of a Receiver/Amplifier, Passive Speakers, and a Turntable. Yes I left out Phono Stage Amplifier, but I would personally pick a receiver that has it built in.

For a receiver if you want to go for new my two cheap but very well featured options would be the Onkyo TX-8020 and the Onkyo TX-8220. These do have built in phono inputs. Compare the features for yourself to see what seems good to you.

If you want to go used, check out eBay and do a search for "stereo receiver", You can go with anything you think is good as well as looking into the reputation of the brands/models, though it becomes hard to find reviews of old hifi equipment. Almost anything from mid-90s and before will have a phono input that will save you the phono stage purchase.

For passive speakers a very cost effective and something I use in my setup are the Dayton Audio B652 bookshelf speakers. These are decently loud and have great sound.

For a turntable going with new ones will be more expensive and you should look at the recommended ones from the sidebar as they explain it there best. If you're going used, look on eBay for "turntable" and find something that is claimed as working well and is also a recommended brand from the sidebar links. In general something decent is 100% going to have an adjustable tonearm weight, all these new bad turntables always lack this.

One last thing you didn't explicitly ask for, but you should be knowledgeable about is cartridges. You will most likely want to buy a new one for a used turntable. I would say the most cost effective cartridges are found in the range of $50 to $150, do thorough research on installing cartridges and setting them up correctly and you should be on your way to great sound.

u/TenderLovingKiller · 3 pointsr/vinyl

Dayton Audio B652 Bookshelf Speakers These will run ya a tad over $35 shipped via Amazon and are the best budget speakers I have ever owned. I still use em with my secondary setup. but for the price they will sound better than most cheap Bluetooth setups. Good luck!

u/jp1704 · 3 pointsr/vinyl

Hello everyone, so not too long ago I bought a turntable, pre amp and an amplifier. Recently my preamp died and I wanted to upgrade to something that includes both the amp and a preamp. I'm not very familiar with this kind of equipment so I was wondering if someone can point me in the right direction as to what to look for. Below I have linked all the equipment that I have. So basically I want to replace the amp and pre-amp with something that can do both. Also I'd prefer for it to have an aux chord option as well. Thanks for all the help!

preamp: amplifier: speakers:

u/jckh · 3 pointsr/bapcsalescanada

Stumbled upon these on

Looks like there is only one set left in stock and is sold by directly so it's legit. Back when I searched for these I could not find these anywhere in Canada.

These are some entry level bookshelf speakers that should be a big upgrade from "computer speakers". You connect them to the cheap Lepai amp (with speaker wire) and they will work for PC.

Edit: huh, now it says it's 10 left in stock.

u/Overlord1317 · 3 pointsr/audio

That Sony system sounds awful (on display at Frys). The Onkyo one I am not familiar with.

With a hard budget of 400, the Energy Take One system is out of reach as you won't be able to afford a receiver. THe lowest price on that is 370.000

Here is the speaker set I recommend:

I own it. I needed a "hard body" subwoofer as my two toddlers have a nasty habit of destroying speakers. It does pretty well with movies and explosions, a bit boomy and lacking in tightness for music. The subwoofer alone costs 125.00. I'm using the fronts at my office, they sound pretty good for jazz. The fronts and center are identical speakers. The surround sounds aren't good for much, I ended up cannibalizing them for rears that need to be wireless (used with rocketfish) and for a set I hung on the wall for the children's playroom.

I think the set is a fucking great value, even though the speakers range from average to moderately above average. If you don't need the 7 speakers, then get the sub as a stand alone:


and go with four dayton b652s, which is a huge value in speaker-dom.

If you go that route, the daytons have FAR less oomph than the onkyo set in terms of centers and mains, but they are more delicate and precise when it comes to most music. If this is for home theatre, I'd get the onkyo set.

As for a receiver, you have a remaining budget of 150.00-200.00, depending on which speaker set-up you went with. Here are several in that price range from companies I trust, of lines that I know represent quality products for the dollar (not audiophile receivers, but they aren't pieces of shit and the wattage ratings aren't complete shams)

Or if you stretch a little bit, here's one under warranty from Amazon for 225.00 that seems like a great deal:

u/lattiboy · 3 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

If bass is your thing, you want a pair of bookshelf speakers with much larger woofers. The ones I originally linked are 4 inch, these are 6 1/2 inch. The original speakers are better in most ways, but these will put out a fair amount more bass.

If you really want bass, you'd want to get a sub woofer, but your $140 budget would make that somewhat difficult.

Dayton Audio B652 6-1/2-Inch 2-Way Bookshelf Speaker Pair

Frankly, coming from a pill any of the solutions will provide infinitely more bass and sound quality then you are used to.

u/beige4ever · 3 pointsr/malelivingspace

I was pretty impressed by these when I had em in my old place.

u/Klaatuprime · 3 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

He can get them here.

u/barbief · 3 pointsr/BudgetAudiophile

They look like Dayton Audio knockoffs aside from the magnetic grille- the Dayton's don't have that. DA's are also cheaper at $39.80 but don't have free shipping at the moment, though that could always change.

edit- so on that note, if they're basically the same speakers- then go for it. The Daytons have a ton of good reviews.

u/msuts · 3 pointsr/buildmeapc
u/captain_joe6 · 3 pointsr/vinyl
u/AM_key_bumps · 3 pointsr/vinyl

Gratz on ditching the Crosley. If i might throw in a little:

  1. That vintage TT will likely need a new cartridge. As you are just getting going, this here is inexpensive but still decent, an Audio Technica CN5625AL. $20. (all prices assume you have Amazon Prime or know someone who does):

  2. This new (but discontinued) Sherwood amp is very reasonably priced. Plus it has sweet sound and a phono input (no phono pre needed then). While buying vintage is awesome (i do it myself) you'll be less likely to have it die on you. $100.

  3. Dayton B652 speakers. You will not find better sounding speakers (new) at this price point. Plus they are dorm-friendly in size. $42

    $162 total. With your vintage TT and this rig you will be kicking ass sound-wise. Folks with 5 times as much money in their setups will be impressed.

    If you want to squeeze a little more sound out of the setup (and get a little closer to $200), think about an Ortofon OM Cart at $45, or some Pioneer SP-BS21 speakers at $80. But that's up to you. You can Amazon those yourself, I am getting tired of pasting links ;-)
u/jbrown5217 · 3 pointsr/vinyl

About a month ago I decided I wanted to upgrade my system.

I was using the Monoprice 25 Watt Hybrid Tube amp hooked up to their 4-inch 2-way bookshelf speakers. I then had an av selector a friend gave me that allowed me to easily change inputs between a projector, for watching movies, and my TurnTable. The TurnTable was connected to a Behringer Microphono PP400 phono preamp and I was using a Kenwood KD-52FB TurnTable with a Sumiko Pearl Cart

My new setup (which unfortunately can't be ideally setup for listening to music) is now using the Cambridge Audio CXA80 integrated Amplifier, a pair of Amphion Helium410 bookshelf speakers, and a U-Turn Orbit Custom. My custom has the upgraded Acrylic Platter, the Grado Black Cart, and the cue lever, I also choose the white color to match the speakers. I am still using the Behringer Microphono PP400 phono preamp in this setup, but that will also be upgraded sometime soon.

One last addition that you see and is less relevant for this sub, is a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ which I wanted a housing for so I ended up buying this kit, which came with some other useful stuff so heh. On the Raspberry Pi I installed Volumio so that I can conveniently play all my digital music easily as well.

Anyway that is my new setup thanks for reading!

u/goldswimmerb · 3 pointsr/vinyl

If you plugged in the turntable to find that it wasnt loud enough chances are it doesnt have a phono preamp. Luckily there are some like This one that will run you about $20 and get the job done. (While there are better ones out there one like this will get the job done and let you listen)

u/TheShiftSmasher · 3 pointsr/raspberry_pi

Thanks for you input. So if I understand you correctly, I the setup will be: Turntable > Preamp (like this one?) > Behringer ACU202 Audio interface > Raspbery Pi > Sonos (in my case)?


Edit: its a present for my dad and I am trying to figure this out, please don't mind my ignorance :)

u/derek_j · 3 pointsr/scifi

Yamaha RX-V583 was $500 bucks

Fluance Signature Hi-Fi Towers $700

Fluance Signature Hi-Fi surrounds $250

Fluance Signature Hi-Fi center $150

BIC America 475w sub $160 when I bought it.

I originally had a Vizio 55" 1080p TV back in the day that I used with this that was around a thousand. I upgraded to a Sony 65" 4k, that I have since moved to a different room, and am currently using a Sony X900E 65".

Before I went with the higher end Fluance stuff, I went with their $250 surround in a box, and it was still light years ahead of going to the theaters. It was also drastically cheaper. I helped set up a buddy, and for the sound without the TV, he went with the $250 speakers, same sub for $200, and an entry level Yamaha 5.1 that was on sale for $300 and absolutely loves it. $750 for something that will blow away those little HTIB away.

u/rfsstn · 3 pointsr/audiophile

Since you didn't list a price range, I'll assume you either have infinite money or are on a tight budget.

If it's the former, get the JL Audio Gotham for $12,000.

If the latter, the Big America F12 is $200:

u/Olgaar · 3 pointsr/hometheater

Are you planning to use Surrounds? I can't help but feel surrounds would be a little awkward in your room. I'd recommend a 3.0 or 3.1 system. Here's some equipment to start taking a look at.


  • Hsu Research 3.0 package in black $519 - These are 8" deep--I know size is important to you. This is a quality setup, but probably doesn't allow budget for a sub.
  • Pioneer Andrew Jones Bookshelves + Center $230 - that price include the center and bookshelves. 7.1" deep. This frees up money in the budget for a sub.
  • HTD Middy Compact $267 - You'd use three of these speakers, one for left, one for right, one for center. 5.25" deep. Don't use these without a sub--in fact, make sure you buy a high quality sub if you intend to use these. Not neccaserily a sub that digs ultra deep, but one that can handle mid-bass well.
  • HTD Flat Panel Speaker $450 - These look like a 3-way version of the Middy's. You'd use and mount them same as the Middy's. Probably puts you back in a position of not having money for a sub, but these little guys might put out enough bass to keep you happy. Which is NOT to say they would output subwoofer-like bass... nothing replaces a true subwoofer. 4.25" deep.

    I've only heard the Hsu's and the Pioneers in person. Without going in to detail, I reccomend them both. If you're not a demanding listener, save the money and go with the Pioneers. If you are, I think the Hsu's are worth the extra cost. I haven't heard the HTD's but they might just be the right solution for you based on form factor.


  • Hsu STF-1 $315 shipped.
  • BIC F12 $200
  • Dayton Sub1200 $110

    That's basically the sub I would recommend at each one of those price points.


    I'm personally not a good source to reccomend receivers... just pick a 5.1 by a brand you like and at the price you can afford. Personally I've worked with Denon's and found nothing to complain about with them.
u/happyevil · 3 pointsr/buildapc

I just did all this work to show someone my computer which I named "Maelstrom". It wasn't exactly "unlimited" money but it's pretty damn close. I actually built it though.

Honestly, I spent so much time gathering the links to share with someone I need to post it more than once :P


The PC: