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u/SirSoliloquy · 65 pointsr/funny

Looks like they have it on Amazon. Can't attest to the quality of the merchant though. Overpriced and looks... fishy.

u/TheDenvermetermaid · 18 pointsr/Denver

You can, however with the cold temps the zip ties usually will fail fairly quickly. I'd suggest a light gauge wire for a more permanent solution.

However I would suggest this:

u/sourbrew · 18 pointsr/Portland

You want neither of those, and want a wheel lock.

None of the contractor trailers in town rely on tonguelocks for the reason that they are easily circumvented with bolt cutters.

Edit: Something like this:

u/TheWierdGuy · 17 pointsr/ValveIndex

Here is a pic of my Index and a link to the amazon carbon fiber vinyl wrap I used.

u/OfficerNelson · 16 pointsr/ColoradoSprings

>Are taxis shady?

Kinda. Could be worse. Yellow Cab handles most of the city. I think Uber moved in a little less than a year ago.

>Is Jesus gonna bother me on Saturday mornings? / Of particular interest is the influence of the evangelical christians on the makeup and actions of Colorado Springs as a city.

Nope. Springsians keep to themselves. We have the whole FOTF crowd but the culture is nowhere near as religious as most of the south, don't worry.

>What's the vibe there?

Tons of military. A lot of younger folk. The city is starting to pick back up after all of the industry leaving thanks to the tolerable rent (which is rising fast). There really isn't a ton to do if you're used to LA, SF, or SD. The drive up to Denver takes only an hour, two in traffic, so you can always head up there to do anything.

>What are the things you'd only know if you live there?

The northeast of the city is good. The more south you go, the rougher it gets, but the Springs does not have a ghetto in the sense of other cities.

This was made a few years ago but covers it.

If you've never been in a cold climate, you will want some things - a good coat (it can get below zero), a light coat (for when it's 80F but it'll drop down to 40F by quittin' time), snow boots, snow gloves, one of these, one of these, and one of these (kept in your car).

>What problems does Colorado Springs have that I should be aware of?

We have an alarming number of "homeless" like /u/RetiredFett noted. Most of them are bullshitting. For some reason a lot of people love to give them money so I don't really blame them for taking advantage of idiots.

Our road maintenance is (or at least was) complete garbage. The government can't figure out how it works, so much of the city is covered in potholes. Admittedly it's because of Colorado's odd weather - it can be below freezing at night but 80F and raining in the day, day after day, so the water seeps into the road, freezes, and destroys it. But you might want to consider a AAA membership in case you blow a tire.

Our public transport is for shit. I don't know if it honestly exists. You can get a cheap shuttle to the Denver airport for $50(?) if you don't want to park up there, but the economy parking is cheap enough that if you're going anywhere for less than a week and a half, it's cheaper to just drive and park.

u/VulvaDisplayOfPower · 15 pointsr/childfree
u/senfelone · 15 pointsr/politics

I wish I'd voted for the giant meteor he promised to "just end it already".

u/merreborn · 14 pointsr/BuyItForLife

I've worked in the amazon affiliate business for a decade now, and I don't see an affiliate code in there (ref=sr_1_1 is not an affiliate/referral code. It's just internal amazon click tracking garbage [as are most of the other arguments] -- I believe in this case it indicates OP clicked on a internal amazon search result)

But just in case,

Problem solved.

u/Rebuhl · 13 pointsr/atheism
u/eggoChicken · 13 pointsr/futurama

Science fish

I try to avoid Amazon so I’m hoping someone has a link to another vendor.

u/phab3k · 11 pointsr/atheism
u/veriix · 11 pointsr/Frugal

It's actually a self adhesive vinyl, I assume it's quite replaceable with a bit of goo gone if needed. Here's the exact product I ordered

u/Metalbolt0 · 10 pointsr/MechanicalKeyboards

Full list of parts + links + pricing:

u/engrsks · 9 pointsr/cars

You would use a brush. You could buy an ice scraper that's about a meter long, and on the other end there's a brush ( ~6" x 1").

Edit: here's a similar one to the one I mentioned.

u/Remixmark · 9 pointsr/teslamotors

Wow, I've never seen those.

It'd be super simple to get that same look with some carbon look viny.

u/PlasmaWhore · 8 pointsr/science

I got this one for xmas. I hope they find a fossil that looks like it someday.

edit: forgot the link:

u/CL_3F · 8 pointsr/preppers


To help secure the bag(to keep people from trying to take items out of it when you're standing in line, or whatever) affix one of these to the bag. Cut the plastic hooks off, leaving the loops intact and then use zip ties or whatever works for you. You can add clips and such to make it removable or able to get under it. The idea is to slow people down, not stop access.

You can add a tether to the bag itself to thwart people making off with it if you set it down to get inside:

Attach to bag and clip the carabiner to your belt. If someone grabs the bag and runs, he's in for a rude surprise.


FYI clif bars have about a 6 month shelf life. They get nasty if they get older than that.

u/poblopuablo · 8 pointsr/sffpc

You could always put the io at the back, put a vinyl decal to cover the bottom (now front) and add some feet with a 90° PSU cable connector.

$10 for vinyl wrap or a cut to size sheet of acrylic and some double sided tape.... Or leave it is is lol

  • if it was me, I'd do a sheet of acrylic and cover the whole front of the case down to the table so you don't see the PSU cable sticking out of the bottom of the case from the front view... Keeps it cleaner looking

    $10- Tall adhesive feet (could go shorter for cheaper, but you want them tall to fit the PSU extension)

    $3 low profile PSU extension (these are lower profile than what you'll find on Amazon... I spent a few days looking lol) Other super low profile connectors can be found on taobao and purchased through super buy

    So an additional ~$25 to make it work... But that's up to you if you want to go that route. :)
u/babyd42 · 7 pointsr/atheism

That's the one I got. It's probably cheaper elsewhere now.

u/DrMeatloaf · 7 pointsr/funny

If the alley has the parking marked for your company only, I would suggest your manager buy a car boot and make them pay to take it off.

PS - who knew you could buy one of those off amazon...

u/Jackibelle · 6 pointsr/actuallesbians

I think this is an atheist thing, not a lesbian thing. Not that you can't be both, of course.

u/kara_zor-el · 6 pointsr/RedditLaqueristas

I just got a license plate that says OF star STUF (star being the actual star symbol)! To go with it I got my science rocket fish and a bumper sticker with the Carl Sagan quote, "the Earth and every living thing are made of star stuff"

u/slacklantis · 6 pointsr/oakland

My car was swiped just last week. Second time this year. The club, it does nothing!

Looked into a few other options, including the Disklok & maybe even booting my own car.

Also thought about getting a little mini gps to stash in the car, which could help to track it down.

Pain in the ass. Fuckin' thieves!

u/desmando · 6 pointsr/DIY
u/Dr_Professor_MD_PhD · 6 pointsr/funny

It's not that hard to google things. You get one reddit wish, I hope you used it wisely.

u/DukeOfGeek · 6 pointsr/progressive
u/MsAnnThrope · 5 pointsr/pics
u/Harvir_K · 5 pointsr/cars

I brought this one

I got the manual one because apparently the remote control ones weren’t waterproof and stopped working.

u/Obeythelab · 5 pointsr/AskMen

I suck at drawing but I put this on the rear window of my car. For some asinine reason putting stick figure families on the back of your stupid minivan is a thing in the states so this is my way of giving them the middle finger!

EDIT: Grammar

u/troyproffitt · 5 pointsr/3Dprinting


  1. $9 - 4" PVC Pipe from Home Depot
  2. $8 - Bluetooth / Amp 50x50 -,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_52
  3. $16 (x2) - Speakers -
  4. $26 - Tweeters -
  5. $9 - Vinyl -
  6. $13 - LiPo voltage protection -
  7. $12 - 1800mAh 3s (12v) battery -
  8. $6 - Switch -

    If you just want to plug it in without a battery, you can just use a cheap 12 power source like this one:


    Total without lipo - $97, with battery power, add another $20. I bet if you get these parts of alibaba, you can save quite a bit of $$$
u/karabeckian · 5 pointsr/collapse
u/idwolf · 4 pointsr/atheism

Where can I find one of these? I want to buy one!

edit: it was disguised. Thanks Wapakz!

u/Fergi · 4 pointsr/atheism

I just bought a FSM logo and put it on my car. Only people who are in on the joke will understand it.

u/solidcopy · 4 pointsr/pics

I have this on my vehicle. Does that count?

u/grewapair · 4 pointsr/bikecommuting

If you decide to go cheap, you want a cargo net, not bungie cords. Will cost about $8.

u/duhalbs · 4 pointsr/SubaruForester

I would get a dash cam for starters. I personally like to keep my interior clean, aside from audio upgrade in the future, I only have all weather floor mats, collapsible cargo storage & cargo net for the trunk. However, I'm planning to do a lot on the exterior since I plan to do a lot of camping & off roading.

What it currently looks like right now:

ARB Awning 2000:

Awning Clamps:

Rola V-Tex Roof Basket:

u/SgtKashim · 4 pointsr/motorcycles

Lesse. The instinct will be to paint over. Spray paint can compromise the shell integrity and foam of a helmet. If you go over em, make sure you get paint that's safe for a helmet.

You might try vinyl decal stickers. I did my helmet with pinstripe tape, which is very similar in terms of construction. Try something like so - just cut a big stripe and run it up the middle of the helmet.

u/chhappy7 · 4 pointsr/ElectricSkateboarding

So something like this?

I'm just worried it may interfere with heat dissipation.

u/jba227 · 4 pointsr/childfree

Amazon has lots of them...this is the one I have on my car

u/skottysandababy · 4 pointsr/childfree
u/ipsedixit2 · 4 pointsr/XVcrosstrek

These are $37 and have been great so far.

CargoLoc Roof Top 2 PC. 46" Aluminum Cross Bars - Lockable

u/gaugasus · 4 pointsr/rav4club

Yep. I was surprised but the Skybox 21 fits quite nicely on my 2019. The hatch even opens fully by just a hair.


I went with OEM crossbars due to the price, these CargoLoc crossbars are great except for the wind noise while driving:



Hope this helps.

u/darks0ul56 · 4 pointsr/WRX

Do you mean using the Japanese standard holes for a license plate? If so I bought mine on amazon. It came with 2 screws and you place the rubber screw expander first then the screw and its super sturdy.

u/choose-Life_ · 3 pointsr/Whatcouldgowrong

Ice scrapershave a brush on one end to brush the snow off your car and (surprise) a wedge on the other end to scrape the ice off your windows. There's absolutely NO reason to just bang on the ice like a moron.

His ice scraper isn't the same as the one I linked but you can clearly see there is a wedge for scraping ice on it by the grip.

u/AwkwardTurtle · 3 pointsr/pics

You can get it on Amazon

u/dm86 · 3 pointsr/atheism

I'm active duty enlisted in the Air Force and I've had this on the back of my car for a year and a half and no one has said anything to me on any base. My supervisor, a lapsed Catholic, and a coworker, a biblical literalist, have actually said they thought it was funny.

u/zzing · 3 pointsr/WTF

What about this?

u/rollofcinnamon · 3 pointsr/Dear_Mr_Atheist

This is the link to it on Amazon if you want to buy it. There's only 12 left, but there's meant to be more coming soon!

u/fuckineverything · 3 pointsr/atheism
u/prophetjohn · 3 pointsr/bicycling

Here's the cargo net I'm using. It's great. It stretches out to be huge so you can fit really big stuff on it (like 162 diapers) or smaller stuff (like a soccer ball)

u/Godolin · 3 pointsr/pettyrevenge

Don't even gotta make your own. For under $200, you too can be a massive asshole.

u/OnTheClock_Slackin · 3 pointsr/GrandCherokee

Factory cross rails and rola rack from Amazon.

ROLA 59504 V-Tex Rooftop Cargo Basket

u/Dr_Oops · 3 pointsr/Trackdays

well then everyone else is SCREWED. mwahahaha

and I can wrap my tires and headers with this stuff right?

u/ShadowNinjah · 3 pointsr/Borderlands

Just saw this stuff recently at an autozone, maybe it'll help for future guns. Love your work!

u/proxy69 · 3 pointsr/Lexus

RR racing has a chip that came out last summer that adds like 15 horsepower (so they claim) that costs $350. Also, I love my K&N cold air intake on my 350, it's a throaty growl when you step on it and it supposedly added 12 horses. The intake system also improved mpg +2 on the highway. I also replaced all interior lights with LED's myself with a kit I found on eBay, very nice bright white light, it replaces side door lights and trunk lights too. Ummm I replaced my gear shift knob with a Lexus certified F Sport shifter and I also carbon fiber vinyl wrapped the door trim on my F-Sport. Also went with 15% tint. The only two things I want to do on mine is to powder coat my brake calipers F Sport blue and add a full catback exhaust.


Lexus F-Sport PTR51-53080 Shift Knob

3M 1080 CF12 BLACK CARBON FIBER 60"x12" Vinyl Flex Wrap

LEDpartsNow Lexus IS250 IS350 ISF 2006-2013 Xenon White Premium LED Interior Lights Package Kit (10 Pieces)

K&N 69-8701TP Typhoon; Short Ram; Polished

u/finitelement · 3 pointsr/subaru

3m stuff is the best and it comes in all sorts of colors and patterns (carbon fiber or wood). Installing it yourself isn't too bad. You can watch a video on youtube for it.
example of product:

u/streakybacon · 3 pointsr/MechanicalKeyboards

Not OP, but it looks like this stuff: 3M Scotchprint 1080 Carbon Fiber Vinyl Flex Wrap

u/Chill33 · 3 pointsr/Bass

If it's peel and stick its definitely not carbon fiber. It'll be some sort of weaved plastic with an adhesive backing similar to duct tape. 3m makes something like this, alot of people will wrap interior trim pieces in their cars with this because the weave makes it look like carbon fiber. Personally, i think it looks alright, but i also have fairly extensive carbon fiber experience, so my view is probably skewed from the norm.

No matter if you do the peel and stick or do carbon fiber you're gonna have some issues not getting wrinkles and air bubbles due to the shape. My suggestion would be cut out a front piece, a back piece, and a strip that runs along the edge. This will make everything much smoother, but there will be a seam.

If you want real carbon fiber....fair warning it will not come out looking as good as you hope. To get that deep clear coat looking surface that carbon is layed up against a polished steel mold of that surface so that the resin is perfectly smooth and clear. Without a mold like that it'll never looks as good.

What you could try is wrapping the bass in carbon and pouring the resin over it. Then polish and add clear coats until it looks good. If you're going to do this make sure you practice a few times first, once that resin sets you're never getting the carbon off.

Tl:dr - If you don't like the color of your bass my suggestion is to sand it down and repaint it.

Edit: here's the 3M stuff

u/lennoxonnell · 3 pointsr/longboarding You'll also need a sharp razor to trim it neatly. I'm assuming you have one on hand, if not just get one of those too.

u/TheLastMtnDew · 3 pointsr/mazda

TCBunny 3D Carbon Fiber Vinyl Film Wrap Black 12" x 60" Sheet
All of them are good i think but this is the one i used. Also a lot of people say 3M's is better but i think this turned out really well

u/ayyitsjameslmao · 3 pointsr/longboarding
u/adragonisnoslave · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Dunno if you're into makeup and nails and stuff, but I have a few things in that category. Here's everything I have under $2 (with shipping):

Zelda sticker, nail striping stickers, nail rhinestones, dotting tools.

u/Wetbung · 3 pointsr/Atlanta
u/Melorix · 3 pointsr/childfree
u/shinymiss · 3 pointsr/childfree

Oh that reminds me my husband got me one of these for Christmas and I still haven't put it on my car lol.

u/TerinHD · 3 pointsr/funny

Found it on Amazon, credit goes to my girlfriend.

u/Macky941 · 3 pointsr/SubaruForester

I got cargoLocs for $46 two years ago for our crosstrek and recently put them on our 19 Forester, great bars for the price. I coated mine with spray on bed liner and they have held up perfectly! They have held plenty of gear, logs, boxes, kayaks, people's the link:

u/theelampshade394 · 3 pointsr/XVcrosstrek

So you can’t see this but on the other side I have an awning attached. The crossbars that Subaru offers have 0 overhang so I wouldn’t have been able to attach my awning to the cross bars. They are cheap and affordable but really worked well for my build

Crossbars: CargoLoc 2-Piece 52" Aluminum Roof Top Cross Bar Set – Fits Maximum 46” Span Across Existing Raised Side Rails with Gap – Features Keyed Locking Mechanism

Roofbasket: Tyger Heavy Duty Roof Mounted Cargo Basket Rack | L47 x W37 x H6 | Roof Top Luggage Carrier | with Wind Fairing

u/----------_---- · 3 pointsr/fightsticks

The top layer is just the regular plexi, but I threw a cheap $10 vinyl wrap on.

The switches on the front are cherry rocker switches, which you can get here and here, although mine aren't connected since I don't really find the tournament lockout or LS/DP/RS switcher useful.

u/Allawipasha · 3 pointsr/typewriters

I used an adhesive vinyl leather like material to cover it. I bought it from amazon. Here is the link:

Make sure to clean the case very well so it will be easier for the adhesive to stick to the wood.

u/Ftpini · 3 pointsr/GolfGTI

I bought this one and its perfect. I can't recommend it enough. It has the added benefit of being able to simple reinstall the tow hook cover should my state come to their senses and ditch the requirement.

u/JudaiMustang · 3 pointsr/GolfGTI

I have this one coming in today. Heard good things about it. Will let you know how it turns out, but it's the only one I saw on amazon that got good reviews, and I had Amazon credit to burn.

u/crackindong · 3 pointsr/GolfGTI
u/wpcloki · 3 pointsr/WRX

quick google for 'wrx front license plate adapter' turned that up on Amazon. Looks like it should work

u/xDUMPWEEDx · 3 pointsr/subaru

Or you can just buy this and use the holes that are already there.

u/32F492R0C273K · 3 pointsr/WRX

Here is one.

But you can find more if you search for "Subaru front plate adapter" or something along those lines.

u/WakiWikiWonk · 3 pointsr/XVcrosstrek

I am pretty happy with this combination:

It did require some minor mods. I drilled the cover so it takes 4 screws instead of 2, used a dremel to make it so that the screws didn't stick out too far in the rear, and applied some JB weld around the nuts so that they wouldn't spin. A bit of work, but well worth it IMO.

u/Nietzsche_Peachy · 3 pointsr/politics
u/anonymousalex · 2 pointsr/Columbus

In my experience, we tend to not get huge amounts of snowfall like that very often; if we do, it's an anomaly, and things clear up on the roads pretty well. One thing to keep in mind is that, because Ohio does get snow during the winter to the tune of a couple of inches at a time, we're pretty well prepared to handle it. Roads are salted if it's known that snow/ice is coming, and plows are ready to go. As I said before, large snowstorms generally have everything non-emergency closed down until the roads get cleared.

I would highly recommend that you buy an ice scraper if you don't already own one. You'll get plenty of use out of it even on days it doesn't snow, and you'll regret not having one if you don't.

u/maverick117 · 2 pointsr/lincoln

It depends on what kind of car you drive and if you drive it much. 99% of people who park their car outside don't do anything at all. It does not get that cold here in Lincoln. Don't get me wrong it does get cold but not that cold. To have cold temperatures that would require engine heaters you have to go way north like North Dakota, Minnesota or Wisconsin and even then probably not. The only issue I know is diesel engines can benefit from a heater and that would only be occasionally. There will be ice and snow. It can be difficult for smaller cars to get around especially on side streets. You need to get a good window scraper. Something like this. You'll appreciate having the longer reach and brush to get snow off. I know way too many people who have something like this. It's hand held and can't get all your windows. They're the same idiots you'll see driving around with a tiny circle scrapped off that they can barely see through yet they're driving at regular speeds on icy roads.

u/tarun160 · 2 pointsr/onewheel
u/mini_tonys · 2 pointsr/maryland

This is what I usually do:

- Make sure to have a ice scraper (I like this one) and shovel

- Salt around your car before the ice sets in

- If you drive, at least go the speed limit

- Buy snow boots (I got mine at either walmart or kohls). If you can't get snow boots, put plastic grocery bags over your shoes before you go outside.

- Make sure to give your car a couple minutes to warm up before leaving

- Someone mentioned it before but I'll say it again: If you don't feel comfortable driving, don't. The less people on the road, the better.

u/melini · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

/u/Mynthe, make the snow go away.

Seriously, actually, please do. There is always snow here. You probably need this, but if you're used to snow, I hope you have one already. (Mine stays in my car year-round, as I have seen snow in every month but July.)

u/girkabob · 2 pointsr/StLouis

If you have a car, make sure you get all-season tires rather than summer tires, make sure there's anti-freeze in the radiator instead of plain water, and fill the washer fluid tank with winter-weight or all-season fluid to keep it from freezing.

Also, a good ice scraper/snow brush is handy.

u/VaginaDentata · 2 pointsr/atheism
u/FreeThinkingMan · 2 pointsr/PublicFreakout

Yes it was refuted. The Christian was having a hard time believing the video was real. Are you saying you also think the video was fake or that it is even possible? It isn't even debatable that it could possibly be fake... I wasn't saying what I was, as an argument for why the video was real. If you think this 16 minute video with a drunk Christian is fake you are an idiot. If you new how to construct an argument you should have made me aware of your dumbass position if this is what you were arguing for. Even the reason the person gave for thinking it was fake demonstrated stupidity and lack of understanding of the English language.

> That’s the original comment you replied to, how did you pull “rib of man” from that? It’s called a red herring. And you are called dense.

You were the child who first started calling people names with this statement here. We made four unnecessary comments to one another because you don't know how construct an argument for a position.

u/qualityquack · 2 pointsr/atheism

hate to say it, but if it has a fish on it, it must be a shitter. you might as well spruce it up and put a bunch of these around the fishy:

u/LadyDub · 2 pointsr/atheism

I live in the Bible Belt and I can't wait to get THIS!

Maybe less car damage?

u/snorch · 2 pointsr/atheism

I prefer a bit more subtlety in my blasphemy. My FSM car emblem gets the job done.

u/dereksurfing · 2 pointsr/atheism

Of course...FSM <---This is where I got it.

u/EmitStop · 2 pointsr/geek

I picked up this amazing piece of amazing a while back. Just need to get a car now.

u/Jigowatt · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

We've created a fish-themed theism vs atheism arms race of epic proportions. Soon we'll need to make bigger cars to contain the progressively larger fish eating each other on our bumpers.

What have we done?

Edit: Who can top this one?

u/zugi · 2 pointsr/atheism

I've had mine for 2+ years with no problems.

Seriously, compared to a Darwin fish with feet, FSM, dinosaur eating a fish, etc. I feel like a rocket promoting science is pretty non-controversial. I mean, who doesn't love science and rockets?

u/Eezyville · 2 pointsr/atheism
u/gamaliel64 · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

It might have been just my car/plate combination, but I didn't really care for it as much as I thought I would. I tried getting a steering wheel cover for my car, but the Prius has a smaller wheel than most, apparently.

So, seat covers, floor mats, and interior LED lighting are left on my list. I'd also like to get this, but I don't want my brand new car destroyed over it.

u/xeonrage · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I would say either this car stick on or this guitar wall mount

u/KPexEA · 2 pointsr/pics

I got one of those too but it was about 1/2 the price via Amazon

u/diggalator · 2 pointsr/atheism
u/ArtimusClydeFrog · 2 pointsr/atheism

It is made of plastic and there are 4 adhesive pieces on the back of it. I just got it on amazon.

u/PhillAholic · 2 pointsr/atheism cheaper on Amazon, Prime eligible fyi.

u/ashtong · 2 pointsr/mazda

They're usually called no show plates where you can have it up and showing and then when you want it flips down and hides under the bumper. First thing I bought for my car and bought it from Florida so it didn't have the holes drilled already. This is basically the same one I got

They also make a electronic one but it's not worth it. I had them install it for free when I was getting headlight work done the day I bought the car

Also here are some other photos I took earlier today that show the frame location and such better.

u/Mr_E13 · 2 pointsr/Audi

Show N Go License Plate Holder by Altec here try this

u/charlesca · 2 pointsr/Honda

I have the GROM and I do not like it. In order to switch input sources you have to hit the right buttons within a couple seconds of changing to CD. It's a PITA and I wish I would have never purchased it.

Consider getting a USA SPEC

For the license plate, options include or

u/pyro2927 · 2 pointsr/camaro

Should have gotten one of these.

u/Silenthunter87 · 2 pointsr/FocusST

Sto-n-sho bracket mounts to the underside of the bumper and is removable, but stupid expensive.

Ive seen some guys zip-tie the plate to the grill mesh.

Amazon has a few cheaper hide away front mounts like this

You can also add a tow hook mount to the crash bar and use it to mount the plate through the grill as well, but those tend to be more pricey than the sto-n-sho, but look great.

u/wcalvert · 2 pointsr/legaladvice

> as long as I keep the front plate in the glove box and present it if I am asked than I will be okay.

Almost certainly is not following the law and preferential treatment is given due to owning a high-end car.

First, I'm kind of intrigued as to what kind of car it is. You don't here about too many numbered cars anymore.

Second, you do have a few options. I also wanted to protect my bumper from drilling holes and I got a piece of foam and zip tied the plate to the grill. Can definitely be done in a way that doesn't look bad.

Your other option is to get something like this I've seen all sorts of these, and you can even get ones that will retract or extend from inside the car.

Companies also make front plate mounts that utilize existing holes in the bumper.

u/Meowface_McGee · 2 pointsr/bikecommuting

My unpopular opinion, especially if this is your only bike, is to go fixed. The bike is cheaper/tougher for the money, and less maintenance means better reliability. And for you the rider, it teaches/reinforces proper pedal stroke and ability to hold higher cadence, which translates to your ability to do 50+ mile rides after just a month or so of riding. Something like a Kilo TT Pro with a porter rack is a helluva city beater. I threw some flat bars on mine and its comfy as hell. And with the front rack you can bungee a regular waterproof backpack or whatever and don't have to buy actual panniers. Anyways, just my 2¢

u/AdamsHarv · 2 pointsr/motorcycles

Without actually speaking to your main question (as it would be entirely speculation and I don't know enough about you to make a judgement one way or the other), I will say that two bags doesn't sound like it would be too much (obviously that depends on the size of them).

If I were you, I would make sure that those two bags are fully waterproof before you try and commute on the bike. You might even want to ditch one of the bags and replace it with a dry sack (something like this).

I have a nice Kriega dry sack (which has its own mounting system) but you could easily get by with a cheap $10 drysack off of Amazon and a bungee net.

15km is nothing and unless you are either: a) absurdly weak (doesn't sound like it though since you are carrying athletic gear) or b) have some sort of medical disability that prevents you from carrying a load on your back; you should have no problem carrying a backpack for 15km.

After my bungee net broke on a long-distance trip, I ended up wearing my 40lb drypack-backpack for 650 miles, I definitely felt that the next day haha.

Also, if you are carrying a laptop/tablet/sensitive electronics in your bags, I would highly recommend that you carry it in your backpack on your back as opposed to tying it on your bike (particularly because you have a very short commute). Even with a perfectly setup suspension, your electronics will still be subject to very sudden jolts when you hit bumps and the human body does a good job of soaking them up.

u/09RaiderSFCRet · 2 pointsr/Fixxit

I have a bungee net for when I need to carry something, I’d imagine that would work fine for a helmet.

u/r_syzygy · 2 pointsr/skiing

For my pack that doesn't have any specific carry attachment, I use something like this motorcycle helmet net to attach it. It's not great, but it works just fine.

u/Quak89 · 2 pointsr/motorcycles


Best solution, in my experience. This one has plastic hooks which is better to avoid scratches.


Wrap it around the bottom of your passenger seat when not in use (like hook it to the passenger grabs, and have the net wrapped tightly against the wheel well out of the way). Then flip it around when you want to use it.

u/zaclolz · 2 pointsr/bikesgonewild

Here is what I'm using for the rack and for the [cargo netting I'm using a cheap one on amazon] ( The rack has been great so far but I'm not 100 on the netting juuusssst yet

u/ericdavised · 2 pointsr/atheism

Let me know where you buy it. The one on Amazon I found has the stupid TM.

u/bigb1tch · 2 pointsr/zombies
u/awkwardlittleturtle · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Happy, happy birthday! :) Are you feeling 22?

<$5 Earrings (Cosmetics WL)
<$4 Pens (Nursing School WL - under more buying choices)
<$3 Eye Shadow (Cosmetics WL)
<$2 Sunflower Seeds (default)
<$1 Decal (default)

Thanks for the contest! You are aweΣ!

u/mostawesomechic · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This is $1.35 and free shipping. I would sing for a klondike bar and make every ones ears bleed in the process. Quack Quack!

u/relish1922 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

$1.15 plus free shipping. You know, to get ready for the zombies.

u/piffer76 · 2 pointsr/XVcrosstrek

Both the "Subaru Ambassador", and the Kansas sticker.
I ended up with a "Zombie Outbreak" on mine.

u/Chiotdufromage · 2 pointsr/pettyrevenge

Buy one of these. Charge them a hundred to remove it.

You're merely subletting the space at a premium rate. Notify them that electricity is fifty extra.


u/Abel408 · 2 pointsr/KLCherokee

No Problem! Here is everything I've done so far:

Rola 59506 Roof Rack

Cross Bars

Black Trailhawk Wheels

BFGoodrich KO2 Tires 245/65/17

LED interior lights

LED license plate lights

LED Fog Lights

[Ultra Canbus HID kit 35W.9006.4500K]

Etsy Hood Decal

I also plastidipped the roof, roof rails, crossbars, and the part of the trunk that overhangs above the back window. Let me know if you have any questions.

u/AdversarialPossum42 · 2 pointsr/cruze

I somehow managed to score the Rhino Rack for $152.71 on Amazon, which is about 1/3 the original cost. I'm pretty sure it was a return or scratch-and-dent because the package was partially opened and there was a 4" gouge along the bottom of the rear cross bar. I just used some black enamel paint to cover it up.

Rhino Rack 2016-2017 Compatible with Chevrolet Cruze Including Limited 4dr Sedan Vortex RS 2500 Sport Roof Rack Black RS215B

The ROLA Cargo Basket was $119.59 which again, I somehow managed to get at 30% off. I guess constantly scouring Amazon eventually pays off. The basket is pretty well constructed and very strong, but it's also heavy thick steel. I would have preferred aluminum to save weight.

ROLA 59504 V-Tex Rooftop Cargo Basket

I also got the ROLA Cargo Net that fits the rack. I figured it was best to get the matching one in case any of the other random ones on Amazon didn't fit correctly. Also very strong and has just enough stretch to accommodate about 8" of cargo in the basket.

ROLA 59200 Flat Strap Cargo Net

Finally, I ordered a two pack of Cruze logo stickers off eBay and rubbed off the ROLA logo to put that in its place. Adds a nice custom touch.

2X CHEVROLET CRUZE logo sticker vinyl decal

u/thejohnnyfive · 2 pointsr/GolfGTI
u/cmreigle · 2 pointsr/XVcrosstrek


BRIGHTLINES 2018 Subaru Crosstrek & 2017-2018 Impreza Aero Crossbars Roof Racks

ROLA 59504 V-Tex Rooftop Cargo Basket

u/Anstigmat · 2 pointsr/XVcrosstrek

I bought this one

I paid a little less than the sticker price because one was available "used" for $100. Really the only thing used about it was a damaged box.

u/FRNLD · 2 pointsr/Volkswagen

How long have you had it?

The Rola is one of the ones I have been looking at.

Looks like a nice low profile. Easy attachment to the crossbars?

u/UnderlyVerbose · 2 pointsr/Jeep

It's a Rola roof rack, with the 18" extension.

u/FRDV · 2 pointsr/subaru

Thank you! It's a rola basket with the extension to make it a lil bigger and a yitamotor 34 inch curved Led bar. The curve of the bar matches the curve of the basket almost perfectly. I wrapped the basket where it attaches together with FiberFix just for some extra strength and also the back half of the basket is suspended over the roof without support from a cross bar so it needed the reinforcement.

u/Menver · 2 pointsr/4Runner

Thanks man, loving it so far and it's a absolute beast off the pavement. Stock tires Nito Grappler 32s (if I remember right). Rola cheapo rack from Amazon.

Fixed link

u/CtrlZThis · 2 pointsr/galaxys10

I know this isn't everyone's bag, but I bought a sheet of 3M carbin fiber vinyl wrap 60"X 12" for under 25 bucks and made my own.

Its extremely easy to do really. Precut your size, score your camera edge and the edge of the frame with your nail or a plastic score tool and gently cut there with a fresh xacto.

Fits perfectly, exact same material that you're getting from any skin distributer and there's a plethora of patterns and colors. Yes I said plethora!

3M 1080 CF12 / CFS12 Black Carbon Fiber 60"x12" Vinyl Flex Wrap

If anyone is curious I guess I could do a quick pic demo and links for tools. I'm a sculptor and have this stuff already but it's easy to get and do. And you'll have plenty of material left to use on other devices in the future!

u/DazedGuru · 2 pointsr/BMW
u/cps425 · 2 pointsr/hoggit

After seeing what /u/SgtDwightSchrute1 built the other day, I wanted to give it a go as well! I took most of the parts he used and linked in his thread, but I went with a few more switches as well as a set of POV buttons that have a mode switch to switch them from POV directions to an X-Y axis. The Green button is for the POV mode, and I also moved the Mode LED to the face of the box so you can tell what mode it is in.

I also added some vinyl carbon fiber wrap to give it a nice finish!

Parts links which are the same as /u/SgtDwightSchrute1 for the most part:

Button box:

Control board:

Push buttons:

Toggle switches:

Carbon Fiber Vinyl Film:

The LED is a 5mm Green 18mcd with a holder I had around, but any LED would work, just don't go super bright!

Original inspiration here:

u/chunkukdo · 2 pointsr/thinkpad

I cut mine from this wrap that I had lying around.

u/Jabrono · 2 pointsr/Moto_Z

It's actually the backplate that came with the phone, I just bought a roll of carbon fiber vinyl, applied it with the help of a space heater, and then "trimmed" the edges, which was almost more like shaving off the excess. Worked way better then I expected TBH.

Amazon link to carbon fiber roll:

u/SilverBackGuerilla · 2 pointsr/electronic_cigarette

[Here is what I have ]( XPO Black Snake Skin Leather Vinyl Wrap Roll with Air Release Technology (1ft x 5ft)

Click on the amazon link. They have leather thats not snake skin too.

Carbon fiber

u/KittenAnne · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon


Greetings and welcome back :)

u/Nwfistere · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I have Prime so I don't know if you get free shipping too on this but might as well post this anyway, FLUFFY

u/leeroyjenkinsboy · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Jeez, congrats on 400 gifts that's a milestone most won't reach!
This would be my choice. Congrats to whoever wins!

u/RowieMonster · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Congrats on the job offer. :) I like my ability to really understand younger children.

And, Here's a super cool decal I found for my car. :)

u/ComicallySolemn · 2 pointsr/vinyl

It's a gold, shiny vinyl decal. It was super easy to apply and can peel right back off if I want to remove it. The pics really don't capture how reflective the decal is, here's a video that shows that a little better.

u/RapeMobile · 2 pointsr/pics

Found it: $5 Amazon Here

u/StraightBars · 2 pointsr/halloween

I could only find zombie ones but I thought this was funny

u/PCBreakdown · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Snow, snow, go away

This plus this = $20 exactly.

You are so very pretty :)

u/chizzle91 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I don't deserve a gift because I accidentally hit a bird today :( I'm not sure if it lived or not, but I think it did. Either way it probably had a heart attack.

Like I want anything from YOU.

u/muchocacao · 2 pointsr/autolepra
u/unicorndanceparty · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Linky linky

Bubbles :)

Thanks for hosting!

u/purrImacatpurpur · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

a used book, valued at $5 or less

$4 or less if you look at the other options

$3 or less

$2 or less

I give up, I can't find the last one haha... happy birthday!

u/MercWi7hAMou7h · 2 pointsr/roanoke
u/Lolomelon · 2 pointsr/business

Put a reddit snoo sticker on your vehicle!

u/EadDutch · 2 pointsr/subaru
u/JennyJoyO · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Make Good Art

Congrats on the painting

Good morning and thanks for the contest. Have you even had coffee yet?

u/waltermittyslife · 2 pointsr/funny

No idea. I saw it on a random car.

Edit: did a quick google search and found it on Amazon:

u/cgduncan · 2 pointsr/tdi

This is what I got on Amazon a few weeks ago. I haven't used them with the "J" shaped racks yet, I only put one 15' canoe on top, face down, but I had no problems, and they are very affordable compared to alternatives. $50
My review hasn't showed up there yet, but I'm very pleased with them.

CargoLoc 2-Piece

u/lawyeroftheland · 2 pointsr/JeepRenegade

If you're cheap like me:

Bought them last summer and used several times for camping trips with Kayaks up top.

u/phatjaydawg1313 · 2 pointsr/tdi

CargoLoc 2-Piece 52" Aluminum...

This is what i bought for my 2012 jsw tdi. I use them for my kayaks, easy to install and lock in place with a key so they are harder to steal. Only thing i don't like about them is they whistle while I'm driving so i take them off until i need them. Hope this helps and nice looking ride!

u/xraytech631 · 2 pointsr/XVcrosstrek

CargoLoc Roof Top 2 PC. 46" Aluminum Cross Bars - Lockable

So far so good. One trip today no issues. Can’t beat the price either

u/Sirvini · 2 pointsr/JeepRenegade

Which rails are you talking about? The crossbars or the actual rails themself?

I got a decent set of cross bars off of Amazon and I so far they work great. I'll try to find the link and add it for you.

Edit: CargoLoc Roof Top 2 PC. 46" Aluminum Cross Bars - Lockable

u/TPrimeTommy · 2 pointsr/JeepRenegade

I have these bars on my Trailhawk (along with bike racks) and I have no complaints. I do get some wind noise at highway speeds, but I'm not sure if that's from the bike racks or the crossbars.

Installation was straightforward for just the crossbars, maybe 20 minutes, basic hand tools, and a step ladder.

u/idokamaroq · 2 pointsr/XVcrosstrek

You're gonna be happy, this basket looks great on our car!

I got 46" CargoLoc crossbars. I already wouldn't recommend them, the channel on the bottom of the bar that lets you adjust their width whistles loud above 45mph. Solved it temporarily with some tape until I can get a fairing to go below the basket or an LED bar. Something to block the wind. I should've just spent the extra money to get the OEM aero bars.

Also something to note with this basket, the sides stick down ever so slightly below where the mounting hardware is. No problem, as this just means the weight of whatever is in the basket is sitting directly on my straight crossbars instead of on the plastic part of the mounting hardware, and it's still rock solid (I can rock the car hard with the basket with no wiggling). It's just kinda weird that it's gripping under the bar in the middle, and the top of the bar at the edges. It wouldn't do this with slightly curved bars like the OEM ones.

u/Computerknight54 · 2 pointsr/buildapc

Could make a carbon fiber cover for the red parts, it just sticks on so it shouldn't void your warranty since you can just peel it off.

u/cumboyadvance · 2 pointsr/fightsticks

I used this:

But they have other colors and finishes. The material is nice, kind of like a rip stop fabric you’d find on a tent or something. Maybe not the best description. It is textured because it’s the carbon one, I imagine the others would be smooth. I’ve really liked the finish, it feels better on my hands and doesn’t get hot or tacky.

u/Silentowns · 2 pointsr/ElectricSkateboarding thats the one i got, its a tad thicker and still cheap. Hopefully it works ok. The problem with the wrap i have now is the adhesive sucks (also probably because i have silicone around the wire)

u/drastic778 · 2 pointsr/mazda3

Yeah, it's this one: I got the smallest one, 1 ft x 5 ft. I would really recommend ordering one of the squeegee smoothing cards also. I didn't have one, so I improvised with a card and it didn't work too well. I bought these for my next attempt:

u/SimpleJoint · 2 pointsr/NZXT
u/Namtuo · 2 pointsr/mazda3

So I just pulled the trim off by looking up some YT videos and then took the glossy trim out and then wrapped it with a basic 3M style vinyl wrap (link below). To pull the trim be careful not to pull in a odd angle, can crack or rip out the plastic tabs.

I used a hair dryer to heat up the wrap and then pressed it to the plastic. You can use a heat gun as well if you'd like. I recommend using a wrap that has micro perforations so the air doesn't get trapped easily.

Sorry I took so long to reply :) If you have more questions just let me know! Also it is a 2014 Mazda, so not many videos on this year or later, mainly vids for '13 and earlier.


u/B0Pstar · 2 pointsr/GolfGTI

Its great! It was cool because the dealer asked me if I wanted them to drill into the bumper or not. I said no thanks and picked up this

u/Rmj512 · 2 pointsr/Volkswagen

So my state requires me to have it on as well which is pain; dealer never drilled holes which I'm fine with so I went right on amazon and found a $30 one. It's knock off and it works...but honestly I wish I spent the money on either the platypus plates or the one from US Milworks is really really good.

I went the cheap route and it's not the best but it does it's job

u/Snaisa6 · 2 pointsr/GolfGTI

Thanks. The mount is from Amazon, the Platypus Tow Hook mount. Bought it at $79, it's now $93. Pricey but one time purchase.

The Platypus License Plate Mount for Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk7 2015-2018

u/memerson3996 · 2 pointsr/subaruimpreza

I believe this is what you're looking for:
grimmspeed license mount

Aren't there already holes in your front bumper? If so, you can use this mount which has expansion fasteners sized for those holes. I've been using a kit like it for 20 months now without issue.

u/Foghorn225 · 2 pointsr/XVcrosstrek

So MannyCoon already answered the part about the spacing of the existing holes, but here you go. This license plate actually uses these holes.

u/Sp3nt93 · 2 pointsr/WRX

I have this bracket, and it works great.
License Plate Adapter Kit for Subaru

Will definitely need to fold down the back seats to fit 4 tires.

u/Agamoruso · 2 pointsr/XVcrosstrek

Got it on Amazon. Seems to work ok. Got it so I could mount my light bar behind the rear grille and shine through.

u/DastardlyCabbage · 2 pointsr/subaru

Well you don’t need one for the back plate, and with this you won’t need to drill new holes for the front plate:

u/pheesh · 2 pointsr/subaru

Great looking Impreza.

Dumb question, what are the front license plate mounting holes like?

I have a 2016 Forester and had to get a special mounting bracket because the holes are Japanese style. I have an 2017 Impreza on order was wondering if I needed the same thing.

If I zoom in the front bumper, it looks like there are two little button-ish things?

u/OreoStallion · 2 pointsr/WRX

fold seats + move passenger seat in the front up / lean it forward if you want it to be as smooth as possible without scuffing stuff

hood scoop i check every time I wash it for misc stuff but i've had 2 leaves get in there the past year... it's uncommon for the most part in my experience



no drilling easily done took me 5 minutes

u/traverlaw · 2 pointsr/SubaruForester

If you are in a front license plate State, this is nice and it is better than drilling holes in your bumper Tell the dealer not to drill the bumper when you order the car.

u/WRX2017 · 2 pointsr/WRX

My dealer told me that I don't want them to drill into the bumper when I picked it up. Ended up picking up a JDM adapter plate on amazon:

It's a simple plastic backing with expanding rubber fasteners. I stabilized it with some foam weatherstripping to ensure it doesn't wobble. I also got a recessed chrome frame from a local auto shop.

A center mounted plate looks better imho, asymmetry is not my thing.

u/moordzieK · 2 pointsr/WRX

There is an adapter kit that will fit a US plate with the JDM holes.

Just got this for my wife's Forester, works great and looks good.

u/Fiech · 2 pointsr/de
u/kaidomac · 1 pointr/IWantToLearn

Depends on if you're dealing with snow or ice. I'd suggest investing in 3 tools:

  1. A scraper/brush combo
  2. A windshield snow cover
  3. De-icing spray

    I have a very simple scraper/brush combo:

    You may need a longer model (they sell extendable versions) if you have a tall car, like a van or SUV. They sell a thing called a "snow broom" for pulling the snow off more effectively; this one telescopes out to 28 inches:

    I have a windshield snow cover, which includes side mirror covers:

    You just peel it off when you're ready to leave! Pretty nice. Also, they sell de-icing spray to help kickstart the process, if things are really iced over:

    You can also get it as a windshield wiper fluid, or alternatively, get a year-round version:

    This is the general idea for clearing off your car:

  4. Get outside early to allow yourself sufficient time to prepare your car before leaving for work/school/errands/etc. Set an alarm if you have to. Make sure you have a good pair of thick winter gloves, so your fingers don't freeze! You may want to invest in a remote-start system to help the car warm up easier, because then it can start the melting process without you have to leave your home or office. The modern remote starts can be operated indoors from your smartphone, over a wifi or cellular connection, so you don't even have to get close & aim it!
  5. Get the car started & turn on the heat to the front & rear windows. This will help in melting the snow or ice & also warms up the engine, which helps melt the ice & snow on the hood of the car.
  6. Start by brushing off the roof of your car. The top-down approach is easiest because the snow & ice can fall off the car first, preventing double the work later if you were to start with the car's body or the glass. Also, in my state, it's a $120 fine if they catch you driving without clearing off your roof.
  7. Scrape off all of the windows next: the front windshield, the rear glass, the side windows, and the side mirrors. In my state, it's a $92 fine if you are driving around with an "obstructed view". If you skip scraping off most of the windows AND don't clean off your roof, that's a $212 fine total if you get pulled over (not to mention being unsafe!).
  8. Finally, clear off the body with the brush. The engine will have helped warm up the hood, so the snow & ice should be easy to slide off. The biggest thing to realize is that you want to use the scraper on the GLASS and the brush on the PAINT. Sometimes you'll have to crack some ice on the body to get enough to grip to scrap off, but see if you can use your fist to crack it first, that way you don't risk scraping the paint itself.

    If you live in a slippery area, get some YakTax. It's basically a slip-on spiderweb design that fits over your existing shoes & has coils that act as snow cleats so you can walk on ice & snow: (plus you don't have to wear boots to school or work!)

    I'd also suggest keeping a few spare items in your trunk:

  • Spare wipers, in case they break
  • A small shovel
  • Some kitty litter or a bag of salt for traction, in case you get stuck
  • A blanket, in case you get stuck

    Parking outdoors in the winter isn't too bad if you're prepared - leave enough time to get everything warmed up & scraped off and do a good job & clean off your entire car so you can see out of it & so that pieces of snow & ice aren't flying off & hitting other cars. Try not to use the scraper on the paint either, just the brush!
u/terciopelo · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Brace yourself. And don't be like me and skimp on the snow scraper. Don't buy one for 50 cents at the thrift shop and expect it to do for you what this does. You might, just might, be relegated to using a credit card as an ersatz ice scraper, and then you may lose street cred.

Bonus points if you get some of these, in an icy winter, you will be the only one not slipping onto your hip and dinging yourself up. With them on, you can walk at almost normal speed without fear of eating dirt.

u/Imafuckingmechanic · 1 pointr/4Runner

Its for snow. Theyre on the back end of a lot of ice scrapers. Like this

u/TheJokersChild · 1 pointr/AskMen

Here's your scraper. Get ALL THE SNOW off ALL THE CAR. Brush the car, scrape the windows. Let the defrosters do a few minutes of the work for you.

You've heard that the snow blows off into the car behind you...but so does ice, which could break windshields and rearview mirrors if it comes off your car at the right speed and trajectory. That's why some areas fine you for not clearing snow off your car. Also make sure you're topped up: too little gas (under 1/4 tank) and your tank might freeze.

Got a closet? A coat tree in the hall? Put your coat there. A jacket might be too lightweight for the polar vortex you may experience soon. You should have designated places at work to hang your coat. Check near the exits. Don't let it drip all over the floor while it's on your office chair.

Walkways: do you live in an apartment? Maintenance should have you covered there, although you'll still need a shovel for your parking space. Older neighbors? Check on them and offer to shovel their space while you're doing yours. There's a fuckful of weight in wet snow and the extra effort it takes to shovel it could give them a heart attack if they're too zealous about getting rid of it. If you own a house, don't shovel the snow back into the road - it'll come back to haunt you later. Use nearby space in your yard to pile it up.

u/BluSyn · 1 pointr/atheism

I have the FSM emblem on my car. So far I've only gotten positive reactions to it.

To be fair, I do live in SF...

u/YashinNashi · 1 pointr/atheism

It's gotta be based on the car emblem. Which makes sense if kids have seen it and copied it but have no idea what it is.

u/LucentPhoenix · 1 pointr/atheism
u/Teajaz · 1 pointr/atheism

I wanted to get an FSM emblem (like this: ) for my car, but I didn't, exactly for this reason :-(

u/lurking_fox · 1 pointr/AskReddit

on every car I own for the rest of my life

u/iminurinternet · 1 pointr/atheism
u/Borealismeme · 1 pointr/atheism

You can usually spot his disciples by their car adornments.

u/Stephasaurus89 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
u/RichOfTheJungle · 1 pointr/AskReddit
u/CeleryMonster · 1 pointr/atheism

Bought mine here. I'm sure there are other places that sell it as well.

u/JaySleazzzy · 1 pointr/atheism

this one? T-rex I have that on my camaro in the buckle of the bible belt. All I've ever got from this has been socker moms taking pics of my bumper whilst scoffing.

u/scratchfury · 1 pointr/atheism

Here's an Amazon link for anyone brave enough:

u/pookiemccool · 1 pointr/atheism

I got mine from Amazon.

Edit: Made link visually appealing.

u/unique616 · 1 pointr/atheism
u/Coollow13 · 1 pointr/BMW

I'm in Texas and a front plate is "required" I just ordered one of these, it flips under your body work. I just hate anything that detracts from that lovely carbon pack.

u/hipst · 1 pointr/AskLEO
u/Nhartley84 · 1 pointr/Corvette

This is how I beat the issue here in CA:

Looks better than the wonky factory ones IMO.

u/tofuflower · 1 pointr/sanfrancisco

When this happened to my friend, he put on a no-drill detachable front license plate holder for inspection at the DMV, then took it off. Check out audi car forums for your model - other owners who had this issue probably came up with temporary fixes for the correction.

You could also install something like this for a more permanent fix to flip up every time you park.

I have a theory that LA is more lenient / cheaper ticket because there are more people that care about front aesthetics of the car. My brother doesn't have a front plate either and got stopped at LAX while circling with just a warning.

u/rico_wore_a_diamond · 1 pointr/mazda3

It's the Show N Go License Plate Holder

u/hamtonp · 1 pointr/teslamotors

I've been driving in my current car for over 11 years and haven't been written up for a ticket... yet. I've been stopped for other things: expired registration, speeding, no full stop at stop sign but not for front plate. Maybe because the car is black and they don't notice.

My wife car on the other hand I was stopped for no front plate. I put the plate on and went the court house with a picture. There was a minimal fee. I think it was $10. Her car is white.

I plan to drive plateless until I get caught. If I do, I plan to either install the tow hook plate or the sliding under bumper plate. See here:

u/BubblestheKhan · 1 pointr/Citibike

Probably something like this should suit you! I'll probably snag one as well. Those "baskets" are ridiculous.

u/AnonamousSuomanona · 1 pointr/HondaRebel300

I’ve been attaching this cargo net to my bike by attaching it to my saddle bag mounting points.

It takes a little bit of adjustment to get it fitted right, but I like the ability to put all sizes of things under my net. Like this.

u/temporarycreature · 1 pointr/Goruck

Something like this

They have a wide variety of sizes and are low profile so you might be able to just wrap it around the bag if you can't feel it when it's on your back then np, wrap the shoes up in it.

u/Shadowkyzr · 1 pointr/Ducati

I lost mine within the first month of getting my bike. Now I just opt for a cheap helmet net I got at the motorcycle store.

Cons: if someone wants to steal your helmet, it's really no hassle. Then again, if someone really wanted your helmet, a thin wire probably wouldn't stop them. My insurance against helmet theft is a cheap helmet no one wants to steal.

Pros: securely fastens helmet to bike, can throw a helmet under there while riding (couldn't do that with wire cable), can also use net for holding other stuff while riding, like groceries.

u/ecouter · 1 pointr/veilance

I have a porteur front rack (basically a little platform that mounts on my front wheel).

If I'll be on a particularly bumpy road, I'll use this: PowerTye 50152 Black 15"X15" Cargo Net featuring 6 Adjustable Hooks & Tight 2"x2" Mesh

Otherwise, if the road is smooth and the pack is pretty light, I'll just loop the Nomin straps around my handlebars so it rests on the platform lengthwise.

u/adamjackson1984 · 1 pointr/motorcycles

Looking at photos of the bike, a tank bag would be pretty hard. I'd start by getting a backpack w/ plenty of storage. Get some "Rok Straps" and mount the backpack to the tail of the bike w/ a bungie net for extra safety. Avoid standard bungies with metal loops, they will scratch the paint off your mount points so straps are much better.

Saddlebags are a good idea but I think strapping the backpack down will be best.

u/PaxilonHydrochlorate · 1 pointr/bicycling
u/DullestOrphan · 1 pointr/AdviceAnimals

Dude bungee net! Put that shit on your rear fender or something. It's the first thing I buy all my friends when they get 2 wheels! Get the one with the adjustable hooks like this one

u/Firinmailaza · 1 pointr/motorcycles

Not OP, but I got this net from amazon and have been very happy with it. (I had gotten a cheapie net for half the price before this one, but you can absolutely tell the difference.)

u/just2quixotic · 1 pointr/atheism

I need this!

Actually, what I need is an Ictheus, a Darwin fish, (I'll just skip the 'Truth' fish,) the Science Rocket & This: the What The Fuck alien.

Then I can put them all in a row, sort of like an evolution -> exploration ->discovery collage or diorama.

u/atticusalien · 1 pointr/atheism

I have this one on my car.

u/dangoodspeed · 1 pointr/atheism

I bought mine on Amazon a few years ago. I used black sharpie to get rid of the annoying "™". It looks good. I like it.

u/OfMonstersAndSuicide · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

DAVE! Get me my lawnmower! We got a shambler

A journal for planning your zombie survival strategy!

A sticker, maybe use it to decorate the box?

I've always wanted to try doing this stuff, I've just never had the chance! Best of luck with your stuff :D

u/klrailey · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I'm Ron Burgundy?
car decal for $.89 with free shipping.

u/toxictodd · 1 pointr/motorcycles

got the sticker here

u/spaghettibeans · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
u/Vylanius · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

One item and add on.

Why do I want these two? I'll need the gift card to combat the cashier zombies during the inevitable viral coupon outbreak! Gift cards are their only weakness! Don't leave me stranded! :(

Schmad on my add on

Sounds rediculous, but I tried. xD

u/ladyhallow · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Zombie decal. Good times.

u/Both_Of_Me · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

$4 tier

$3 tier

$2 tier

Ty for the contest!

u/sbslater · 1 pointr/pics

Or you could to the opposite and put a trailer boot on it. A-hahaha! Watcha gonna do now buddy?

u/ToNIX_ · 1 pointr/subaru

Looks like the Yakima Loadwarrior. IMHO, it's too tall. I much prefer the Rola roof basket. Slimmer profile, killer look.

u/chap1stick · 1 pointr/GrandCherokee

That’s ok I’ll look some more. I found this , dose yours look like this with a front plate?

u/Dipsy30 · 1 pointr/SubaruForester

Rola makes a decent one that won't break the bank. I ran one until I could do a "better" rack that really wasn't any better. It comes disassembled and you have to put together. The only thing you'll want to do is seal the joints with silicone as you assemble, keeps it from getting water inside.
ROLA 59504 V-Tex Rooftop Cargo Basket

u/snotnosedlittlepunk · 1 pointr/SubaruForester

It’s a Rola basket.

ROLA 59504 V-Tex Rooftop Cargo Basket

u/TheSandMan208 · 1 pointr/Crosstrek

ROLA 59504 V-Tex Rooftop Cargo Basket

Make sure you if you get this, use wd40 to get the rubber covers on because without it, it's a pain.

u/incrediboy729 · 1 pointr/subaru

I got this for our Outback:

Plus this:

It's a HUGE rack and half the price of Thule or Yakima. Highly recommend. I believe you'll need to purchase the crossbars for it though.

u/SlipperyFingers · 1 pointr/4Runner
u/Ham_Damnit · 1 pointr/4Runner
u/sera_bear · 1 pointr/FiestaST

Here ya go! It's this one. I've really liked having it so far! Also, I totally have that ice chest lol.

u/TheThirdStrike · 1 pointr/DIY

Honestly, I think you should have gone with a carbon fiber vinyl wrap.

I guess technically, you still could.

u/scottevil · 1 pointr/motorcycles

I bought it from amazon, this roll i bought allowed me to screw up completely twice before i got the hang of it. The amount you would need for an entire bike would depend on how much surface you have to cover and also account for messing up a few times.

u/ElvisDimera · 1 pointr/fordfusion

Would one roll of this do?

Also is this the same stuff you used for under your windows?

u/TheNargrath · 1 pointr/Luthier

Found it. As I was hoping, it comes in three colors. Laminate up with a nice, thin stripe of a different color in the middle and give it an angled bezel. That'd be pretty slick.

u/JesusClausIsReal · 1 pointr/motorcycles

What everyone else is saying is right, with normal wrap material, especially glossy, that would actually make the imperfections in the plastic more noticeable probably. But they do make this carbon fiber wrap material, here is an example on amazon, that stuff is more of a satin finish and the texture of the carbon makes it very effective at hiding imperfections in the material below. And it looks pretty badass too boot, that would work to cover your fairing I think, just not sure if you want your bike to be black carbon fiber.

Also keep in mind, that it will not be easy to do. Especially if this is your first attempt at anything like wrapping or vinyl work. I myself work full time in a vinyl shop and pretty often wrap full vehicles at work, and I wrestled for hours getting the plastic trim pieces on my bike covered in the carbon wrap. It is absolutely doable though, just make sure you clean the fairings well and have a hair dryer handy to help you stretch it around the curves. If you do end up going the wrap route you'll definitely want to take your fairings apart so you can wrap them much easier than trying to do it on the bike. Plus with them off you can leave a little extra wrap around all the edges and wrap it around the edges and stick it to the back, so that no edges will be exposed and possibly start peeling up.

u/LesZedCB · 1 pointr/MechanicalKeyboards

just get a fake carbon fiber wrap like this.

u/RainbowCrash · 1 pointr/MechanicalKeyboards

I just bought some 3M 1080 instead of the Di-Noc. I am going to be doing a vinyl wrap on my Das as well.

Did I make a mistake?

u/BoostedFL4T · 1 pointr/subaru

3M actually makes it, got my roll from amazon

u/Banjerpickin · 1 pointr/paintball

If anyone else wants to have a go at this I wrapped with some 3M Scotchprint vinyl:

Very easy to work with and forgiving.

u/TheOnlyCorex · 1 pointr/mazda3

A lot of people on here use this Carbon Fiber wrap. Having also used it I highly recommend it

u/ThatOneComment · 1 pointr/MINI

The one that I bought is currently unavailable on amazon. But I did have some difficulty with application. Id rate the product 7/10. That or I just suck at using it.

Buy whatever has the best and most reviews on amazon.

u/Rafi89 · 1 pointr/LARP

You could buy black plastic plates and use something like this to make them look like they're made from carbon fiber.

u/smayonak · 1 pointr/SteamController

Really nice work!

It's probably a bit easier to use a vinyl wrap or a gun grip. You can find cheap carbon fiber textured vinyl wrap and gun grip on Amazon. I'd recommend gun grip as it's designed to be held with sweaty hands.

u/theox6 · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

amazon i just got a vynil wrap thing they use for cars and yes I did cut it to size

Edit: [heres the link to which one i got] (

u/draginator · 1 pointr/MechanicalKeyboards

I made a carbon fiber side table out of this stuff and some mdf.

u/CrazyNeon99 · 1 pointr/gaming

These are the steps that I took

  1. Sand the board and apply a thin finish on the bare wood.

  2. I got some carbon fiber wrap of amazon for $7ish and applied that to the deck, trimming off the excess that was hanging off the edges.

  3. Taped the whole board with masking tape

  4. I used a website called ( to print out the logo onto multiple pieces of paper so i could get the correct size I wanted.

  5. After taping the logo on, I used a raser to cut out the logo, going through all 3 layers down to the bare board.

  6. Now that I had the logo cut out of the carbon fiber with the tape covering it I used a flat white spray primer to prepare the areas of paint

  7. After the primer was dry I applied the blue paint in a couple light coats to ensure it sprayed on evenly

  8. When that was dry I removed the masking tape off of the whole thing and sprayed on a couple coats of a glossy clear coat.

  9. For the trucks I just lightly sanded them and applied the paint with a clear coat

    Carbon Fiber wrap ~~
u/weatherseed · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
u/Toribaybay · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

this because everyone needs car stickers! <3

u/maibuddha · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Here's a few choices....



u/OkamiRyu · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon





u/HahahahaWaitWhat · 1 pointr/childfree

Didn't realize they were so common. I've never seen one on a car before. Looks like they're on amazon, too:

u/stopkillingcarmine · 1 pointr/WTF
u/erikivy · 1 pointr/funny

Only $3.95 on Amazon with free shipping! How can you say no to a bargain like that??? I know I didn't. :)

u/planeray · 1 pointr/exmormon

I've seen a couple around town like this chainsaw one, as well as one which is a single figure, sticking his finger up and saying fuck off.

u/andersce · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

My under $2, under $3 and my under $4. :)

This is fun!

u/WhiskeyandKittens · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon





u/LanDew · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Reddit Sticker

Go Stingrays!

u/RaoulDuke209 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Reddit Window Decal

Thanks for the contest! I love these lil cheap ones! Excuse to get ma decal! lol

u/BMK812 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

How about a Snoo Decal? (You can get someone else one also! they are only $2.24 :) )

u/heyheyitsteytey · 1 pointr/tampa
u/invdevm · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Since you want to spend $50, why not gift someone a very good book which one can cherish and value for a long time.

Amazon recently opened its stores (online) in India. You can check my wishlist as my flair on this subreddit. (Prices on Indian site are cheaper in case of books).

Anyway, here are some of my suggestions (you can also gift used products available on Amazon to save some money):

Invisible Ink Marking Pen & LED UV Light, Sharpie Type Marker and Flashlight (

Alpine Swiss Men's Leather Wallet - Euro Traveler style with Center Flip ID Window - Black Comes in a Gift Bag (

Samsung HM1100 Bluetooth Wireless Headset (

Universal PC/Stereo Gaming Headset - Yapster TM-YB100A – Black (

Business Card Holder (Leather) (

Bicycle 1800 Vintage Series Playing Cards by (BLUE) (

Reddit Alien Car Window Vinyl Decal Sticker 4" Tall (Color: White) (

Belkin USB 2.0 4-Port Ultra-Mini Hub (

Ewatchfactory Men's 56109 Disney "Vintage" Mickey Mouse Watch (

Alpine Swiss Leather Card Case Wallet Slim Super Thin 5 Card Slots - Thinnest Front Pocket Wallet in the Market (

Here's my complete wishlist:

u/Dadapwee · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon


u/carissakayb · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I don't know how you can go wrong with bacon and I mean it would make perfect sense just to have a reddit alien sticker.

u/Rowdy293 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon


Also, I am cool with giving you my address.


u/obsa · 1 pointr/Michigan

Buddy at work has this one on his car. I call it an acceptable exception.

u/axxiomatic · 1 pointr/childfree

I have that sticker on my car too! Got it on Amazon.

u/bosephus_lives · 1 pointr/infertility
u/TwistedEnigma · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

yay for gifts

I would love this!
Thanks for the contest!

u/NoooMonicaaa · 1 pointr/XVcrosstrek
u/mountain913 · 1 pointr/XVcrosstrek

I have the Thule 91725 flat top which I managed to carry 4 pairs of skis or 2 pairs of skis and 2 boards quite easily. Also if you are looking for crossbars, these ones do the job just fine.
CargoLoc Roof Top 2 PC. 47" Aluminum Cross Bars - Lockable

I also recommend a wind fairing as it gets noisy and degrades the MPG a bit.

u/CatintheHat122 · 1 pointr/SubaruForester

These are the cross beams:

CargoLoc 2-Piece 52" Aluminum...

It’s an inexpensive set up, but I’m honestly very satisfied with the build quality. I wouldn’t hesitate to drive cross country with this set up.

u/HighManatee · 1 pointr/XVcrosstrek

I bought these bars for my 2018 based on feedback from the Crosstrek forums. Cheap and work great. There is a channel on the bottom that can be is noisy at high speeds but an easy fix, just put some aluminum tape over it.

u/Estirico · 1 pointr/XVcrosstrek

CargoLoc Roof Top 2 PC. 46" Aluminum Cross Bars - Lockable

u/jamescrawford1 · 1 pointr/XVcrosstrek

CargoLoc 2-Piece 52" Aluminum...

I don't recommend them though. They whistle like crazy. The culprit is the track along the bottom where the mounts slide back and forth to make them universal. I covered them with duct tape to fix it and now the noise is gone but it looks like crap

u/Oshkosh_Guy · 1 pointr/Subaru_Outback

I don't own them, but my neighbor does. He moves them between his outback and a his van as needed :

u/Anarki764 · 1 pointr/XVcrosstrek

I picked up the following and so far they've been great.. a little noisier than I would've liked but for that price I can't complain:


u/jaynone · 1 pointr/rav4club

I bought these cheapo ones on Amazon and they're great so far!

u/fadecomic · 1 pointr/XVcrosstrek

I've got budget crossbars and budget j-racks from amazon. The crossbars are CargoLoc, and they have a decent set of reviews on Amazon. They fit nicely. I'm not sure I 100% trust the locking mechanism that clamps the bars to the rails, so I tie them off to the roof rails to be sure. The bars themselves are extruded aluminum and are fine. If you tie a loop of good rope around the rails as a backup, well, that's not that different from the plastic strap that holds expensive Timberline towers onto the rails. The kayak racks are kayak racks. They're just metal bars and some bolts and plates that hold the racks to the crossbars. The ones I got are budget, but they also have very good reviews from users. They're functionally identical to more expensive racks.

I know some will disagree, and I probably would, too, if I used them more regularly. The CargoLocs certainly are not pretty.


Lots of Crosstreks in the crossbar reviews.

u/genietreks · 1 pointr/XVcrosstrek

They are these, Cargo Loc painted black!

u/rehpotsirhc123 · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

It's just called vinyl wrap.

u/Derfwins · 1 pointr/GolfGTI
u/388859 · 1 pointr/LosAngeles

I had this issue with my volkswagen and I use a mount that's connected to my tow hook.

u/VTCHannibal · 1 pointr/Volkswagen
u/Mind_If_I_Joe · 1 pointr/GolfGTI
u/Anton-LaVey · 1 pointr/GolfGTI

I have the CravenSpeed Platypus, it sits flush on my bumper (I added a strip of weatherseal to the back to disallow chafing). Goodluck, /u/porktube

u/tuck3r53 · 1 pointr/GolfGTI

You can always use something like this. Which is probably what I would do if I had to have a front plate.

u/SubtleSalmon · 1 pointr/XVcrosstrek

My dealer also drilled the holes. This is the bracket you need to put a US plate on the Japanese holes, fits perfectly, and covers up the dealer holes.

u/gnvrys · 1 pointr/WRX

Or a way cheaper version:

I used to like the off-center look but quickly wore off since everyone seems to have it nowadays. That and the fact that the rod connects directly to the frame making a fender bender potentially cost way more than it should.

u/coke_can_turd · 1 pointr/WRX

It's to prevent obstructing air to the FMIC. WRX is top mount, so it's just for aesthetics, or to avoid drilling the bumper even though these exist.

u/jaaypeee · 1 pointr/XVcrosstrek

I used a bracket off of Amazon and it has worked great.

u/-Aaron- · 1 pointr/XVcrosstrek

The bumper on the car comes standard with the Japanese mounting holes and then two "dimples" on the plastic just above the Japanese mounts. The "standard" way Subaru mounts the plates for the US is to screw the license plate directly into the dimples in the front of the car. This puts holes in the plastic, only connects the plate at the top two screws and is kind of a crappy way to mount the plate. I think the official Subaru plate just gives you a metal backplate to screw through, you still are drilling into the bumper plastic.

A cleaner solution is to ask the dealer not to drill into the bumper at all. Then get an adaptor like this:

It screws into the Japanese molded holes in the bumper with expanding screws and provides a flat plastic plate with four mounting holes for your plate, centered on the bumper. It avoids needing to drill any bumper holes and mounts the plate nicely.

u/gethsolar · 1 pointr/XVcrosstrek

Also, might I suggest this front license plate bracket. It's much thinner and better looking than the OEM one, isn't crooked, and doesn't attach with any goop.

u/TheMantelope · 1 pointr/funny

I'm rocking the bumper sticker right now. Converted it to a magnet.

u/Pallis1939 · 1 pointr/politics

Giant Meteor 2016! How dare you go negative against our savior Giant Meteor.

u/un_theist · 1 pointr/atheism

Giant Meteor 2016

Just end it already

u/Sarcasticorjustrude · 1 pointr/PoliticalHumor

In one of the other 945 posts of the same thing in the last few months.

Or here.

u/DRUMS11 · 1 pointr/magicTCG

[[Shivan Meteor]] --> [[Meteorite]] --> [[Meteor Crater]]

EDIT: for those missing the reference: "Giant Meteor 2016"

u/100AcidTripsLater · 1 pointr/funny

Driving around, re-post from a month ago:
"Authentic Original" creator/seller on Amazon guess I'll shill for:
Sure stops both Hillary or Trump hacks from hassling me. Worth it.

u/kornbread435 · 0 pointsr/Knoxville

Well then, I for one have always thought bumper stickers are tacky. However, I just ordered a Darwin fish. Considering I live in a county that wont allow beer sales on Sunday, I will bet it will offend someone.

I doubt they would know about the flying spaghetti monster. :(
Here have a link for lovely bumper stickers!

u/ironyinabucket · 0 pointsr/ottawa

I've seen some of these in Rockland, they're a pretty cheap find on Amazon

u/OneAndOnlyJackSchitt · 0 pointsr/AskReddit
u/FapFlop · 0 pointsr/battlestations
u/Gonji89 · 0 pointsr/pcmasterrace

I'm a fucking computer-building noob and I guarantee you I could build this in a day. Some of this carbon fibre vinyl wrap, some strip LEDs and solderless connectors, mounting hardware, and the computer parts is all you would need. Too easy, man. This guy is not only incompetent if it took him 100 hours, but he is definitely not Master Race.

Edit: Forgot to say, the board it's mounted on and the acrylic sheets for backing the hardware. Just buff the acrylic and put the LEDs behind it, makes it glow like that.

u/xxSutureSelfxx · -1 pointsr/bikewrench
u/Tactless_Atheist · -2 pointsr/AskReddit
  • Purchase a wheel lock like THIS $163.

  • put horrible bumper stickers on their car that promote racism, rape, incest, pedophilia etc.

  • Buy a fish and tuck the fish some where under the hood or under neath the car where it wont fall.

  • Purchase a some rats or mice and get some peanut butter slather the peanut butter underneath the care and hope for the rats make a new home.

  • This is probably going to far but hear me out some times people need to be made an example of ... Loosen his lug nuts, cut his break lines, and carefully fill the care with Nitrous Oxide. This way he will become disoriented lose control of his car and get into a serious auto accident. Then murder his entire family and feed them to him while his favorite band tells him he is a loser and a cry baby.